Action Camera: A is for Accessories

March 26, 2022
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With a plethora of accessories, action cameras are among the most versatile tools for vloggers, YouTubers, and videographers. After spending hundreds on a new action camera, you may be tempted to settle for cheap accessories which can bring ruin to your vlogging ventures.

Cheap accessories can lead to damage or even a complete loss of your action camera and all your precious photo and video content. Losing your footage will cause your followers to become unbelievers as you tell them tales of the YouTube videos that could have been.

Not to worry, dear reader. There are plenty of high quality action camera accessories to give your creativity ultimate flexibility.

Quality Accessories are Important

I recently lent my GoPro and a cheap all-in-one accessory kit to a couple for their honeymoon video. Unfortunately, the cheaply built selfie stick fell apart, plummeting my GoPro into the ocean. Thankfully they were in the shallow end.

Action Camera accessories such as batteries, memory, and screen protectors are the building blocks to having a good experience. You should have peace of mind when pushing your action camera to it’s potential and feel freedom to create without worry.

BatteryChargerMemory CardHousingScreen and Lens Protectors
GoPro HERO10
DJI Osmo Action
Insta360 ONE R and ONE RS
Insta360 ONE R
1-Inch Edition

Action Camera Batteries

Batteries may not seem like the most important accessory to some. Unfortunately, there are lots of cheap batteries. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a dead camera during an important shoot.

If you’re a vlogger or wedding videographer like myself, you’ll quickly learn the importance of dependable batteries. It’s best to buy the recommended batteries for your action cameras. Be sure to have 2 or more batteries on hand.

Additionally, an external battery charger capable of charging 2 or more batteries will save you time. Plus they can be charged on the road, in the air, or anywhere your sports camera demands you to go.

SD Cards for Action Cameras

Good SD cards are extremely important for action cameras. I’ve had a number of cards fail over the years, and I find it good practice to replace them regularly to avoid losing data.

When buying memory cards for action cameras, it’s important to have the right SD card for your camera. Using the wrong cards can leave you with errors, slow writing speeds, or loss of data. Always carry 2-3 extra cards for backup.

Having the right card will level up your action camera, unlocking all the capabilities of it’s hero like features. Remember to back up your memory cards regularly to avoid loss.

Protecting Your Action Camera

From batteries and memory cards to tripods, mounts, and cases, we rely on nearly every camera accessory to provide some level of safety and protection for our cameras and memories.

Action cameras are typically tough by design, yet some people need superman-like protection. The most basic camera accessories are often overlooked until we get the bill for the easily avoided damage.

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors for action cameras can be easily overlooked until you get a scratch or crack your screen. These low cost accessories can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The best way to protect your camera’s screens from scratches and other damage is to apply screen protectors right away.

Action Camera Cages

Give your camera more possibilities than Batman’s belt with an action camera cage. Your “Cam of Steel” may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but it may have a better chance against a locomotive.

Action camera cages provide additional protection, while turning your camera into a compact and portable studio. A good camera cage opens more possibilities to mount microphones, lights, batteries, and other accessories. Cages give vloggers, YouTubers, and filmmakers a fully customizable action camera rig to work for their needs.


Investing in basic good quality accessories like batteries, memory, and protection ensures that you’re always ready for action. Action camera accessories such as grips, mounts, mics, and lights give you more control over your photos and videos, giving you confidence and peace of mind to capture every adventure.


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