How to Be Successful On YouTube: 15 Proven Tips

March 17, 2020
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YouTube has moved from being an entertaining platform that is full of funny videos to the LARGEST search engine in the world after Google.

A lot of people started with only a camera and a laptop and have been able to grow up to millions of subscribers to become the celebrities they now are.

While the platform has grown over the years, a new content creator can also build a successful YouTube channel from scratch, especially with the improved smartphone technology.

YouTube is no longer a strict platform of funny videos and film geeks and boasts of more than two billion video views that are monetized every week.

Today, lots of people are earning money via YouTube by creating videos.

The YouTubers are making a living or an extra income out of YouTube revenues. Different from Twitter and Facebook that take a significant share of ad incomes without sharing with the individuals who upload content, Google divides YouTube ad revenues with the video creators.

But similar to most things in life, you need to put in the effort and planning to be successful on YouTube.

If you want to be successful on YouTube, then Segway into the following tips, and if you follow these, you will be on your way to success as well.

So, let’s take a look at our no. 1 tip, which is:

1. Pick A Niche and Become an Authority in It:

You should follow your passion and start a channel that is dedicated to your particular interest. This one you will know off by heart.

For example, if you are asked what your channel is about and say it is about travel, beauty, and vlogging, then it’s about too many things.

Eliminate all the ‘hands’ and stick to one specific topic.

Like you might know about MKBHD, his channel is all about the latest gadgets, and technology.

Tech Specific Niche Channel

When you start a YouTube channel, you should appeal to a particular audience.

It is easier to focus on one item and be an expert in it than just making random YouTube videos about anything.

When you go small, you will have an easy time finding your audience. For instance, rather than a YouTube channel dedicated to a broad niche of food, some video creators get exceptional success by concentrating on one specific category.

Once you have frowned your channel and you already have millions of subscribers, you can share a variety of content wherever you want.

However, when starting your channel, the audience is only interested in your content, and they don’t have any investment in you.

2. Create A Schedule and Stick to It:

To be successful on YouTube, you need to have a steady video upload schedule so that the viewers know when to come back for more new videos.

People will be most likely to follow you if you regularly publish new content and the YouTubes algorithm rewards channels that periodically post.

This does not have to be a daily upload or a weekly upload, but if you state new videos every Monday or the first day of every month, you should stick to it.

Like MrBeast, he uploads a new video every single week.

Upload Videos with Consistency

However, information has indicated that YouTubers that post more than once a week are doing much better and getting more endorsed views.

If possible, try and post a YouTube video about three or more times each week, particularly when starting and making efforts to build a broad audience.

Making a consistent timetable with numerous posts every week can increase your channel in the search algorithm quickly.

3. Write Meaningful Video Descriptions:

Video Descriptions

YouTube likes videos with exciting titles and good descriptions. It allows you to write a description for each video, take the time to fill this out thoroughly.

You need to reflect on the video content accurately and describe to viewers what to expect.

YouTube’s algorithm has an easier time ranking your video based on the text than what’s actually in the video.

The starting lines of your video description are essential because they are visible when the viewers go through the search results on the YouTube page.

You should hence make it super valuable that is full of metadata and also teases the viewer into watching the video.

Use as many keywords as possible in the description but ensure to maintain high quality.

Adding timestamps to your video will provide you with another opportunity of getting YouTube views as your video might end up on Google Search.

You can also feature your collaborator’s name in the tags, title, and description to promote more viewing.


  • Use keywords to describe the video.
  • Link to relevant information.

4. Engage with Your Audience:

Engaging with Audience on Social Media

YouTube platform likes it when the YouTube community is giving feedback to your YouTube videos.

This involves intermingling with your new followers in the comments section and sending out photos and polls on the community page of your channel to commence a discussion.

The more comments, likes, and interactions a video have with the community, the more likely it will climb the rankings.

Ask for user feedback, ask your viewers questions, and be sure to follow up with answers either in the comments or in the following videos.

It is essential to try as much a possible to make time to engage with your viewers.

Ensure to share treats on your life on major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

It is also beneficial to go through and respond to all comments, tweets, and other feedback messages that you receive on all these channels.

Your audience does not only need to like your content, but they also need to like you and the general experience that comes with your channel, and these kinds of interactions will help create a sense of online camaraderie and community with your audience.

Engaging with your audience will inspire you to continue despite the challenges of sustaining and growing your channel.

You can also gain new content ideas that may get their attention.


  • Ask users questions.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Ask users to share and like your video.
  • Offer prizes for comments.

5. Collaborate with Other Channels:

Collab Videos

The easiest way to grow your channel is to share subscribers with other YouTubers.

Once you get going as a YouTuber, you should begin making videos with other YouTubers to help enlarge your audience and get your work to be seen by their audience.

Feel free to reach out to larger channels and ask for a collaboration.

People are strongly influenced by social proof.

When a YouTuber collaborates with another Youtuber, it acts as an endorsement to their audience.

Most people often forget that YouTube is a social network, and some of the biggest creators became popular by working together and cross-promoting each other.

However, you can just team up with anyone.

You should find collaborators with similar audiences but different content to ensure the audience does not get a repeat of your topic matter on the third channel.

Ultimately, everybody has multiple interests, including your audience; hence any channel you find to collaborate with is an excellent opportunity for growth.

Your collaborations do not have to be a two-person deal; you can come together with multiple creators and create videos for more extensive exposure to various audiences.

6. Add Links and Related Content to The End of Your Videos:

End Screen

Towards the end of your video, you have a chance to engage the user again by recommending and linking to another one of your videos. Use this opportunity to keep the user on your channel or get them to subscribe.

Create annotations to add links to other videos to engage every watcher.

Adding the links at the end of your videos ensures that you do not overdo it, resulting in an impeded user viewing experience.

A single video has a lot of potentials when it comes to adding navigational options. Check out which of these options would make the most for the growth of your channel and take advantage of them.

7. Create Quality Content:

People do not create viral content just like that. Unless it happens by chance, the video content must be gripping and well thought out.

This is why you should mainly focus on creating high-quality video content to help build genuine relationships with your audience.

Put time and effort into your videos.

To be fruitful on YouTube, you should stick to your brand and design and create engaging, informative, and digital content that is useful to your definite audience.

You are better off producing one high-quality video a week than trying to put out ten low-quality videos a week.

Once you establish yourself as a trustworthy and credible source of information from your quality video content, other people will begin following your site with time.

Nobody will share a video with their friends if they do not have quality content that they really care about.

Also important to state, you need to keep your videos short. Otherwise, unless you are fully aware of what you are doing, you will not get away with videos that are longer than a maximum of five minutes.

When starting, most of the viewers do not know you, and they have to decide whether to click to watch the video or not. Most viewers will not bother to click if they see a long video regardless of your content quality.

8. Use Other Social Media Platforms to Cross-Promote:


Creating high-quality content is the tough portion. Once it has been created, blast it across all social platforms to get your users to your YouTube channel.

With relevant and built-up social media accounts, get your video seen by more and more people.

After all, social media serves as another way of achieving larger marketing goals, such as driving sales and increasing traffic.

Social media platforms can serve as an alternative creative way of directing your YouTube viewers to your other platforms.

Let your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter users know there has been a new video posted and include a screenshot or eye-catching image with it.

Now that Google+ also joined YouTube, you can easily reach out to a potential audience who might want to like your content.

9. Design Eye-Catching Thumbnails for Your Video:

Eye Catching Thumbnails

YouTube video thumbnails are as significant as the video itself.

Although the YouTube search index uses video description and tags, on the results page where you are competing with other video results, your thumbnail and title are what matters here; hence your thumbnail should stand out from the rest.

You should oversaturate your thumbnail colors to give them more pop when they are compacted in size. You can also use thumbnails to tease a video story and entice people to click to view the whole story.

Another tip is using face and designing simple images with few elements that pop off the page.

When you are through with making a thumbnail, always take an objective look at it and see if you would click it yourself as an audience.

If you cannot probably click it, then viewers are likely to click it. The final tip is that you should not use the suggested thumbnail images that YouTube offers when one uploads a video.

Always design the thumbnail images by yourself. If you are not a graphic artist, hire someone on Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

10. Just Do It and Stick to It:

Too many people overthink it or worry that the space is too crowded or come up with hundreds of excuses.

The best way you will if this is for you is to do it.

If you’re new, your first videos or going to suck, but you will learn from it and be better next time.

Analyze what you can advance about your YouTube video creation and stay keeping your YouTube video channel page fresh with new and more videos.

Analyze your performance using the YouTube built-in analytics tool to understand what works and what does not work.

Here you will gain insights on search keywords that your YouTube videos are ranking for and the fundamental interests and demographics of your audience.

This will help you fine-tune your videos and keep doing what you are doing.

11. Add Playlists, fill out your Profile with more Details, and Link to your other Social Media Accounts:

Add Playlists

What tends to be the biggest mistake youtube channel owners have just begun their careers with youtube happens to make is that they forget to build up a playlist of their videos.

Let’s suppose that you made up content that was absolutely loved by the audience, and they asked you to come up with similar content in your next video.

Now for the people who were connected with your Youtube channel might be aware of the second part, but for the people who have just visited your channel, it would be quite difficult for them to sort out your videos in series. 

Hence, making up a playlist of your videos would help users to get along with your content without any trouble, and would reflect a positive image of you and your channel on your viewers.

In addition to this, whenever viewers love content, they become even more desperate to know everything about that particular channel, and ofcourse about the owner.

Hence, according to us, you should provide each and every short detail about you and your channel in your profile so that whoever reads that detail eventually starts liking you a bit more and keeps subscribing to your channel immediately!

With that being said, don’t forget to provide your viewers with the link to your all social media accounts, as people nowadays love to follow their famous content creator over social media.

12. Optimize Your Videos for Search and SEO:

On the off chances that you haven’t heard about what SEO is, then SEO stands for search engine optimization and plays a vital role in making your content come in visual observation of the people who are surfing youtube and would also tend to be helpful to make your video ranked on youtube so that you get more views on your video.

Now, you must be confused about how you are supposed to make your video to get ranked on the search engine of Youtube, but don’t worry as we have got you covered in this regard.

Just like Google, whenever someone searched something on Youtube, to make sure to provide accurate and profound search results to the users, Youtube runs an algorithm and hence generates results that best match with the keywords of the user.

Now in order to make your video ranked, while uploading your video, you need to add certain keywords in your video description that are used by the people to search for the videos regarding your niche.

The more SEO-based video description and title you would be putting in your video, the more it would come in visual observation of the people, and similarly, you would be able to get more views on your content.

With that being said, don’t forget to add the touch of the SEO-based trending hashtags, once you add a hashtag that’s in trend, there are more chances of your content appearing in front of the people whenever they search for something related to that hashtag.

Hence with optimizing your videos, the result you would be receiving would simply be incredible.

13. Upload Videos Regularly:

Upload Videos Regularly

No matter how motivated you are for initiating with a Youtube channel of your own, there may a phase come where everything would seem to fall apart, you won’t be getting views that you have always dreamt of, you won’t be finding the thrill and the fun you used to have while

Making up the content for your Youtube channel, you may witness the new content creators get ahead of you by getting more number of subscribers but here is the deal, no matter what happens.

You should not stop uploading your videos regularly.

People these days love to surf their free time on youtube, scrolling through the channels of their favorite YouTubers, but what makes a YouTuber stand out of the crowd is his consistency of posting content on a daily basis on his channel. You are not getting enough views?

Let it be, just don’t stop posting your content, as you never know which content of yours clicks with the humor of the people and members out there!

Strive hard, put in all your hard work and dedication towards your content, stay motivated, upload your videos regularly and we assure you of the fact that you would be able to make your Youtube channel stand out from the other average ones within no time.

14. Ignore All the Negative Comments:

Ignore All the Negative Comments

As we live in the big world, you may come across people on the channel that would give away positive reviews to your content and will provide you with positive suggestions on how you can make your content even better, or they can suggest you the topics for your next video.

But since there are positive people on the platform, you may come across some people who would laugh at you for posting lame content, they would curse you for not being able to produce content like a pro, even you may witness that some of the people would be giving slangs in the comment section as well.

However, you really don’t need to give any attention to the negative review and should simply ignore them.

Giving these negative responses your attention would not only hinder your content’s quality but also be the biggest reason behind your lack of motivation to post the content on your youtube channel with consistency.

Hence, just ignore the negative comments, keep working with dedication and hard work, and eventually, you would be successful in the end for sure!

15. Plan Your Content:

Plan Your Content

Most of the people who are just starting off their careers on Youtube happen to be enriched with content, but still lack the attention of their targeted audience?

Want to know why? Because they didn’t plan their content out.

They start uploading their videos in an abrupt manner, which isn’t a thing viewers love these days.

According to us, you need to sit down and plan out a whole schedule on what content you need to post on a specific day. In this way, your videos would be linked to each other and it would be easy for you to create a playlist of your videos.

Hence, planning your content happens to be the real key that would surely lead you towards success.

Bottom Line:

We hope these brilliant tips on how to be successful on YouTube will help you to grow your YouTube channel.

Use them to set up your channel, optimize it by creating quality content to get your video ranked, and gain more subscribers.

These will make a good start and set you up to be successful. Start your YouTube channel now and watch it grow using these tips. 


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