10 Best Action Cameras Under $100 In 2021

January 28, 2021
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We have this amazing list for you that is related to the category of Best Action Camera Under 100. But before reading on, check out the best action cameras for 2022.

These recommended action cameras have a touch screen and also presets scenes installed in them.

Furthermore, they are integrated with two modes and they are automatic and professional.

With the help of these great cameras, you can well record in Continuous Loop and Slow Motion.

They provide the user with excellent sensitivity and most of them come with a 2-inch touch display.

Moreover, these action cameras allow and let you scroll with much ease and convenience. For the sake of doing the quick shooting and playing footage as well as quick previewing, these are ideal suggestions for you.

If you are already using the Best Action Camera Under 100, then you can share with us your experience about it.

Another great quality of these recommendations is that they do distortion correction.

They have the tendency to detect and even neutralize any of the involuntary movements. You can check out the rest of the details now:

Best Action Camera Under $100 Reviews:

10. Dragon Touch Action Camera

Dragon Touch Action Camera

If you are looking for the Best Action Camera Under 100, then you can try out this brand of Dragon Touch. You might be wondering why we have suggested this camera to you, here you can check out that!

This one is a 4K Action Camera and it is accompanied by the property of 4X Zoom.

If you want to grab a kind of action camera that shows Professional 4K/30FPS and 2.7K/30fps and also 1080P/60FPS video, then this is an ideal recommendation for you.

In addition, this recommendation offers you 16MP photo resolution and allows you to capture and take some excellent quality photos at your end.

This same camera is featured with this zoom range property and you can zoom your photos from 1.0X to 4.0X.

As you can see that this camera is installed with a Wireless Wrist Remote Control element! You just have to place this remote control on your wrist and control the operations of this camera with ease.

Its Wireless range reaches up to 10m (33ft), but you need to keep in mind that this remote control does not carry waterproof property in it. We recommend you order and have this Wi-Fi Action Camera as it comes with a 2” Screen.

All photos that you are going to capture and take, that you can store and keep on your tablet by using App XDV.

You need to remember this important element that the WiFi signal range offered by this camera is up to 33 feet.

It is with the help of its 2” screen that you can preview the video right there in your action camera. So, do you want to buy this Best Action Camera Under 100, you should be?

What We Like:

  • It shows a zoom range right from 1.0X to 4.0X.
  • This one is a 100FT Waterproof Camera.
  • You will be getting Free Accessories.

9. CAMPARK Action Camera

CAMPARK Action Camera

Want to know the ideal part of this Best Action Camera Under 100, here you can check out that. This CAMPARK action camera is one of the reliable suggestions that you can order.

Most importantly, this is an Upgraded Series of Campark ACT74 camera category. The best part of using this camera is that it allows you to record videos all and completely in 4K/30fps.

You can even take and ideally capture photos at 20MP. It is in the fantastic resolution mode that you can capture photos with the help of this expert’s suggested action camera.

The unique selling point of this product is that it runs on the EIS Anti-shaking Function mode. You can see that it is installed and packed with built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

You are free to call it an ideal sports camera because it successfully gives out stable and clear video recording time no matter you are under the fast speed movement times.

Note down that the package is included with a wireless 2.4G remote. With this element, you can start and stop the video recording time any manner and any time you want to.

All photos and videos that you have captured by using this action camera, you are permitted to download and share them by using Wifi and APP connection.

We have given our extensive love to this Best Action Camera Under 100 and you can do the same for sure.

Most noteworthy, this upgraded helmet camera manages to support the element of an external microphone.

Through this microphone, you can capture and record sound from all of the possible directions. No doubt, this action camera, and its external microphone is the name of giving an excellent sound experience.

What We Like:

  • It gives stable as well as clear video recording time.
  • It supports an external microphone.
  • It comes with an improved waterproof case. 

8. AKASO Action Camera

AKASO Action Camera

How about trying this AKASO Best Action Camera Under 100, you can give it an immediate try as it works professionally.

The highlighting part of this product is that it gives out 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 1080P/60fps videos.

Furthermore, it delivers 16 MP photos and captures all of your golden moments with crispiness and sharpness. In addition, this camera is the name of giving unparalleled clarity time to the user.

If you are searching for an action camera that carries an intuitive design, then try this suggestion. It is packed with Ultra 2 inch IPS touch screen and provides you with photos and videos that are surrounded with crystal clearly.

This reviewed camera has easy to change settings and injected with switch shooting modes. You can preview your recorded videos and even go on having a playback footage process.

No doubt, this Best Action Camera Under 100 has become one of the popular models because it carries the property of electronic image stabilization.

This property helps you in achieving smooth and 100% steady looking professional videos each time you use this camera.

If you want to shoot and capture pictures of fast-moving objects, then we suggest you have this action camera.

It is completely waterproof and this camera remains unaffected even if you deep dive up to 131 feet.

Hence, if you are into water sport activities, then go with this action camera option and share your views on it.

This is a highly suitable camera type for activities like swimming, surfing and too for diving, snorkeling.

Lastly, this camera has an adjustable view angle. Like, if you want to set the camera at a super wide-angle, medium, and narrow view angle, you can do that easily.

What We Like:

  • It carries a 2 inch IPS touch screen.
  • It allows you to record smooth videos.
  • It has an adjustable viewing angle.

7. Neewer Action Camera

Neewer Action Camera

 Neewer action camera is the next recommendation from our side. If you think that it is tough to find out the Best Action Camera Under 100, then you can have this product.

Most probably, this action camera will meet your expectations. The kit is included with an action camera, waterproof housing, and a protective backdoor.

Furthermore, you are going to get a back clip, battery and USB cable and handlebar and also Bandage Tether Strap,

It is claimed by this brand that the package comes with a Lens Cleaning Cloth, one Adhesive Mount, and Ribbon. Customers will get a Wire Cable and Switch Support.

We have positively reviewed this Best Action Camera Under 100 because it gives professional results. It shows 16MP photo resolution and is embossed with the presence of high-tech sensors.

Each time you use this action camera, you can well capture and constantly record exciting moments at your end. Some of the users have called this camera as one of the top-notch Wi-Fi sports cameras.

You just have to install this XDV App right there on your iOS or Android phone and then you need to connect this app with your action camera. Through this process, you can control the operations of your camera remotely.

Keep in mind that this camera runs and functions in multiple modes. You can set it on the driving mode or on the continuous shooting mode.

Moreover, you can set this camera on time-lapse mode or on the loop recording mode.

This is an exemplary camera model for you because it is applicable and can be used in a variety of conditions and environments.

As this camera has a large display, for the reason that it gives impressive and highly vivid looking results.

What We Like:

  • It runs on multiple modes.
  • It comes in waterproof housing.
  • It is lightweight and portable.

6. HLS Action Camera

HLS Action Camera

You can order this HLS action camera as it is designed on excellent and ideal notes. This recommended camera withstands all sorts of extreme environment times and that is the highlighting property of this Best Action Camera Under 100.

It supports 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, and also 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS. Talking about other important qualities of this product, it gives 20MP Image Resolution and is packed with a 170° Super Wide Angle Lens.

If you wish to get a skip-free HD video time, then feel free to try this suggestion. It helps you in capturing epic looking views with much ease.

Moreover, this camera gives and serves excellent waterproof performance. No matter, you immerse this camera in 100ft (30m) of water, it will not get damaged.

Taking photos while you are cycling, hiking, and while you are driving, diving, and even surfing, skiing, then use this action camera right now.

Just use its wireless remote control and you can professionally control the functions and operations of this camera with convenience.

You can note down that the Wi-Fi signal range of this Best Action Camera Under 100 manages to reach up to 33ft.

Lastly, this suggested camera shows EIS Anti-shaking Functioning. It is all due to the advanced and modern electronic anti-shaking property that this camera offers professional usage time.

Now, you will no longer get shaky videos and enjoy having stable and smooth picture results with the help of this reviewed and strongly praised action camera.

It is promised by this brand that this camera never and ever loses its image quality. At the same time, it is versatile and easy to use.

This camera is featured with multiple functions and runs smoothly on the driving mode, time-lapse, and loop recording mode functioning.

What We Like:

  • It gives an ideal waterproof performance.
  • It is easy to control.
  • It is Versatile and Easy Use.

5. REVIEW XP Action Camera

REVIEW XP Action Camera

This REVIEW XP action camera has made a breakthrough revolution this time. It has got a handy design and that is why this Best Action Camera Under 100 has become so much popular.

Besides, this is a budget-friendly suggestion that we have identified for you. It gives Ultra High definition results and comes with a combination of other super amazing qualities.

Upon using this camera, you will see that it is packed with the most advanced and highly latest features. It shows a much higher resolution and works in an ideal way as compared to using traditional HD cameras.

This camera shoots at 4K at 24 fps and provides you with a loop and time relapse recording phase. In addition, it has the ability to detect motion and brings special effects to your pictures.

You can see that this camera comes with a long-lasting and reliable 1050mAh Li-ion Battery and offers you 90 minutes of recording time.

Its promising quality is that it runs on anti-shake technology.  If you want to become a true and professional photographer, then this Best Action Camera Under 100 can help you immensely.

This anti-shake property makes it possible for you to keep your projected images completely smooth, steady, and shake-free.

Thus, what are you planning now? Do you want to buy this camera, you should be! It shows a 4X zoom option and is injected with an adjustable angle lens.

All actions that you are going to capture in your camera, remain crisp and sharper looking.

This camera has a fixed and wide-angle lens and helps you record a better and excellent view of your surroundings.

What We Like:

  • It has got a handy design.
  • It runs on anti-shake technology.
  • It has an adjustable angle lens.

4. PIWOKA Action Camera

PIWOKA Action Camera

PIWOKA action camera is assigned the fourth recommendation. This is a full HD 1080P action camera and it is highly budget-friendly as well.

To all beginner level photographers out here, they can get hold of this Best Action Camera Under 100. It has a 2*zoom wide-angle lens and gives out 1080P video and even 30 fps quality.

The kit is included with tons and an immense number of free accessories and that is the popular selling point of this product.

This whole product comes in the 30m/98ft waterproof case and keeps in mind that this is a great quality waterproof case.

As this is an underwater camera, it means you can dive up and take this camera into the water up to 30m/ 98ft and keep on recording and capturing your lifelike and real water sports moments.

Apart from that, this camera has a long-life rechargeable battery and this is the kind of battery that gives you constant and hassle-free recording time.

If the battery is fully charged, then you can use this Best Action Camera Under 100 for around and about 90 minutes.

You will be happy to order this product as it has a 2 inches LCD screen and gives powerful results to the user. No doubt, this is a compact camera and it makes your moments more special looking.

This reviewed camera runs on a wide number of shooting modes and is installed with a wide lens. It is high time to tell and display your life story in the form of captured photos and recorded videos.

And you can interestingly do that by trying out this action camera!

What We Like:

  • You will get free accessories.
  • It comes along with a 30m/98ft waterproof case.
  • It has a Long-life rechargeable battery.

3. ANDOER Action Camera

ANDOER Action Camera

There are many photographers who have loved using this ANDOER action camera. You can order it too as this is marked to be the super best 4K Ultra HD Action Camera.

This Best Action Camera Under 100 runs on high technology and infused with Novatek 96660 chipset. It makes use of this IMX078 CMOS sensor and is infused with the element of a 170 degrees HD wide-angle lens.

It is guaranteed by this camera that you will always be able to capture high quality and top quality of all photos and videos. In other words, you can assume this fact that this camera is the name of high definition, high fidelity.

Regarding its shooting modes, you can operate this Best Action Camera Under 100 on the loop recording mode. It displays Gyroscope (video) or Anti-shake (photo) function.

This functioning shall make it easy for you to get clearer and crispier looking pictures all the time. Hence, there are many great features that are present in this camera.

You can buy it now and explore its features and all specs on your own. It gives dynamic results and that is why this action camera always stands out!

The last important quality showcased by this camera is that it remains waterproof if dive up to 100ft/ 30meters.

It means that while you are having your underwater sports time, then do not forget to take this camera along with you.

What We Like:

  • It carries a 170 degree HD wide-angle lens.
  • It shows the high definition and also high fidelity.
  • It gives maximum photography resolution.

2. WonVon Action Camera

WonVon Action Camera

WonVon brand is known for making budget-friendly action cameras and here we have reviewed one of their top models. This respective camera it marked as the Best Action Camera Under 100.

It shows super wide angles and it is one of the main reasons why people have fallen in love with this model. Concerning the video resolution quality of this camera, it gives 1080P Full HD 1920 x 1080 30 fps and 1080 p video shooting time.

You can use this camera for 2.5 hours if it is fully charged. Furthermore, it is always fun to use this action camera.

It supports the element of a high-capacity TF memory card and this memory range is expandable up to 32 GB.

We have come to this verdict that this is the super reliable and Best Action Camera Under 100 that you should be buying. Though it is of mini size, it is extremely powerful to use.

It gives 120-degree high-resolution and comes in the form of a perfect combination design. It is convenient and simple to use no matter you take this camera to whatever condition and environment.

Moreover, it has a Built-in 1/2-inch and low-noise, a super high-quality photosensitive element so that you can constantly capture and take ultra-clear pictures at your end.

Along with that, this camera package comes with a built-in microphone. It is included with a built-in vibration motor and also vibration prompt work status.

This is a suitable camera model for outdoor sites because it has an Aluminum alloy waterproof design.

Just order this model because you never know when this action camera runs out of stock.

What We Like:

  • It shows great video resolution.
  • It is of mini and compact size.
  • It has got an Aluminum alloy waterproof design.

1. EKEN Action Camera

EKEN Action Camera

The last action camera that is praised from our side is this EKEN action camera. It runs on a NEW Live Streaming function and that is the USP and main quality of this Best Action Camera Under 100.

Furthermore, this camera allows you to stream worldwide by using any of your accounts on Facebook and YouTube.

It carries a 2 inch LCD FHD Display. As this camera is injected with a High-quality display, that is why your videos and pictures will turn out to become of super high quality!

This camera brings a full spectrum of colors to your photos and allows easy setting adjustments. You can have this 4K waterproof action camera as it has Built-in WiFi.

This Best Action Camera Under 100 gives out HDMI output and lets you edit and share your memories with ease. It is its housing that makes this camera waterproof all up to 100 feet.

The waterproof case of this reviewed action camera withstands and tolerates all kinds of extreme environments.

Along with that, its helmet camera is completely wearable. It is even mountable and allows you to capture photos while you are surfing, diving, biking, and driving.

The package is included with free of cost action camera accessories. You will get an action camera tripod and 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries.

Customers get remote control too. Keep in mind that the mounts are compatible and can be made to fuse with a large number of action cameras.

What We Like:

  • It has a 2 inch LCD FHD Display.
  • It is packed with a Built-in WiFi and also HDMI output.
  • The package is included with 14 action camera accessories.

Best Action Camera Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Action Camera Under 1001

Gives smooth video resolution:

Firstly, you can have the Best Action Camera Under 100 that gives smooth video resolution time. Like, if your camera comes with 4k/30fps video resolution and lets you capture photographs right at 20MP, then that is amazing.

Always make an effort to have an action camera that captures all your special and exclusive life moments of yours with ease.

It should not give you a tough time no matter whether you are vlog recording, swimming or you are diving, snorkeling, or even skiing, skating.

Fully Waterproof:

It is highly important for you to at least look for a 40M Underwater Waterproof Camera.

All top-notch and the Best Action Camera Under 100 models, they are usually accompanied by waterproof housing.

This housing gives a secure and safe environment to your action camera. Furthermore, such cameras can be taken underwater.

Versatile and compact:

Hunt for those action cameras that are versatile and compact. Select that model of action camera that is featured and embedded with multiple functions.

High-end cameras display functions like driving mode, image rotation and time-lapse, loop recording. They show the features of slow motion, drama-shot, and exposure and white balance.

It is because of these features that your action camera becomes more versatile and more applicable on all conditions.

Electronic Image Stabilization:

According to experts, they have advised them to shop for the action camera that delivers professional image stabilities.

It is because of this EIS technology that your camera will be able to counteract and tolerate any bumps and shakes or withstand camera tilt times.

High-end cameras give stable results no matter you use them under the roughest conditions.

170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens:

Avoid buying that action camera that does not have a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens.

If a wide-angle lens is present in your Best Action Camera Under 100, it means you can always capture fantastic and memorable pictures of your life moments.

Built-in WiFi and also Remote Control:

Lastly, it is suggested to pick out the action camera that has Built-in WiFi and also Remote Control.

The incorporation of built-in WiFi helps you connect and link that camera by using the app right on your phone.

And with the use of a 2.4G wireless remote, you can conveniently use and handle your action camera while you are traveling, hiking or carrying out other outdoor sports.

This is the buying guide that you have to keep in mind while shopping for a top-notch action camera for your personal or professional use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best cheap action camera?

The best cheap action camera can be from the brands like Apeman A100, GoPro Hero 7 White.

Furthermore, you can have Kaiser Baas X450 and Akaso EK7000, and also Akaso Brave 7. You can even go with the options of Crosstour CT9900, Akaso V50 X, and Akaso Keychain camera.

What is the best knock off GoPro?

The best and reliable of all knock off GoPro options are Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and Yi 4k +. This is marked as the Best and Budget-friendly GoPro Alternative that you can go for.

In addition, you can have Sony FDR X3000R GoPro Alternative and Akaso Brave 7 LE or Garmin VIRB 360.

Is there a cheaper alternative to GoPro?

The cheaper alternatives to GoPro are Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera, Campark ACT74 and Akaso EK7000 4K and too Eken H9R Action Camera, VTech Kidizoom Action Cam.

We have seen that Akaso Brave 7 LE is one of the best and trustworthy alternatives that you can opt for. It is even included with a remote control so that you can make your recordings with ease.


Do let us know when you will grab your most favorite and Best Action Camera Under 100. We will be happy if you try out our recommendations.

These action cameras are highly waterproof and that is the main USP of them. In addition, they are a perfect option for you while you are skiing and surfing and diving, and snorkeling.

No matter, you are on a scenic road or you are on the most adventurous trip, these action cameras will let you record some of the best and high-quality photos.

They give you HD 4K video recording time and constantly give you sharper-looking results each time you take pictures and record videos by using these action cameras.

If we come across some other Best Action Camera Under 100 models, then we will let you know about them.


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