10 Best Drones for YouTube Videos in 2021 (Review & Guide)

Let us have a look at some of the remarkable options when it comes to the best drones for the YouTube videos making process.

We are sure that these suggested drones are going to fine-tune your aerial photography skills. Furthermore, these drone cameras are easy to use and offer high-quality video definition.

Moreover, they are upgraded and installed with the latest video transmission as well as image transmission technology. So, are you ready to grab these drones for YouTube?

These suggested models offer optical flow positioning and high-resolution results to the user. You can capture all kinds of aerial moments with the help of these drones.

Have a look at their reviews and see which drone model is suitable for your YouTube channel:

10- DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

You might be wondering why to buy this DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone, here you can know lots of best qualities about this one of the reviewed drones for YouTube.

Before you use this drone, make sure to read its user manual so that you can correctly use it. Most importantly, this model gives you a 720p HD real-time view and this view can easily be seen right there on your mobile phone.

You can check out and see the live image streaming of your captured images and videos and this is the attractive part of this model.

If you feel like buying this one of the ideal drones for YouTube, then that is a great decision. Most noteworthy, it has got these GPS assisted flight features.

With the help of these features, you can well focus and concentrate on the job of capturing videos and images only. This drone camera flies safely, that is why you can surely grab it for your video making needs.

Talking about the other features of this one of the reliable drones for YouTube, you can use its Point of interest feature, Follow Me feature, and also Waypoint modes.

You need to know that this drone camera can fly all up to 25 minutes. It comes and is packed with an intelligent battery.

The package comes with other extensive range of accessories as well. Like, you will get 1 battery and charger as well as a full set of propellers. 

This package has a radio controller too.

What We Like:

  • It gives you great images.
  • It is included and packed with an intelligent battery.
  • It can fly almost up to 25 minutes.

9- Dragon Touch Foldable Drone

Want to know the best part of this Dragon Touch Foldable drone, here you can explore the features of this reviewed drone model.

No doubt, this is one of the wonderful and useful drones for YouTube videos making jobs. Most probably, this drone can meet your requirements as it is made by a reputed brand.

It is installed and accompanied by a 1080P HD camera. Its camera offers 120 degrees ultra-wide-angle and that is the unique selling point of it.

You can capture all kinds of stunning and amazing scenery with the help of this reviewed drone camera. It is its air pressure altitude hold feature that allows this drone to hover precisely and stably.

Through this exclusive feature, you can always take clearer and high-quality videos and pictures at your end.

This one of the experts suggested drones for YouTube shows and offers a transmission range of 328 feet. You can share its captured videos and images on platforms like YouTube and Facebook at any time.

Individuals love such drones for YouTube videos making jobs because superb features are infused in it. Like, this drone has a built-in GPS and is composed of a smart return to the home system.

This one is a foldable drone and it automatically returns to you whenever it runs short off the battery. There are intelligent flight features infused in it.

Go and give this drone camera a try!

What We Like:

  • It has a built-in GPS.
  • It has intelligent flight features.
  • It runs on app-assisted operations.

8- HAOXIN Drone


Then we have this HAOXIN drone that is ideal for making YouTube videos. It is surrounded by a 720P HD camera, and that is the stunning quality of it.

In addition, it is one of those drones for YouTube that allows and permits gesture photographing. It offers you with Wi-Fi transmission job and runs on the selfie mode as well.

Besides, it is infused with a choreography dance mode and air route planning mode. You will be amazed to know that this one of the recommended drones for YouTube consists of 15 fixed dance programming features.

This respective drone is an optimal flow positioned. It all means that it is going to remain stable and balanced during its flight mode.

It is further embedded with 2 control modes and composed of VR split screen. Individuals have given thumbs up to this model because it supports the mobile app and too remote control operating modes.

If you are going to make a V gesture sign or you are going to make an OK gesture sign, then this drone will be able to capture aerial photos automatically.

Moreover, through these signs, it can record videos right after the time gap of 3 seconds. Hence, get hold of this one of the best drones for YouTube and share with us your feedback.

What We Like:

  • It has VR split screen.
  • It allows optical flow positioning.
  • It offers a long flight time.

7- Cheerwing Drone

Cheerwing Drone

How about trying this Cheerwing drone! It will be great if you buy this drone camera for your YouTube channel video making tasks.

This product has dual cameras and comes in the forms of a 1090P HD front camera and also 720P HD bottom camera.

Most certainly, you may find this drone as one of the highly useful drones for YouTube. It promises to give you a fluent and crystal-clear live video feed transmission job.

This is the kind of drone camera that offers worry-free flight time to the user. Besides, it comes with a GPS positioning trait.

When the battery of this drone gets low, then it returns to its home accurately, seamlessly, and precisely.

To make the best use of this one of the competitive drones for YouTube, you should use its Follow me mod and gesture control settings.

Through its Follow Me mode, this drone is going to follow you wherever you are going to move and travel. On the other hand, by making gestures, you can operate your drone on the palm control mode.

Its landing functions, one key take-off features, and also altitude hold features, they are easy to operate. All kids and beginners can hassle-free use and operate this drone.

It offers you with around and about 18-minutes flight times. As this drone is packed with double batteries, it means you can well enjoy a longer flight time.

What We Like:

  • It offers 180minutes of flight time.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It allows follow me and also gesture control.

6- Holy Stone Foldable Drone

Holy Stone Foldable Drone

Holy Stone drone is the kind of drone camera that offers image stabilization every single time you use it. Most importantly, this one of the top-most drones for YouTube videos making a job is ideal for all beginners.

It consists and contains a 4K UHD camera and this camera is accompanied by a shock absorption holder.

With the help of this holder, it will be easy for you to shoot at the highest resolution range. We are sure that with this drone, you can take excellent photos and videos from all angles.

This model is embedded with a 90-degrees adjustable lens and you can adjust this lens in any manner you want to. The presence of GPS assisted intelligent flight features is never going to lose this drone of yours.

As it has an intelligent battery embossed in it and you can run this battery for about a time frame of 26 minutes on each full charge. Furthermore, the induction of brushless motors consumes power on low notes and prolongs the life of your battery.

We think that you are going to give your support to this one of the popular drones for YouTube as it offers simple operations. It is equipped with these multi-sensors and keeps your drone stable under all kinds of flying environments.

What We Like:

  • It serves simple operations.
  • It has a considerate controller.
  • It is installed with multi-sensors.

5- LBLA Headless Drone

LBLA Headless Drone

The next recommendation that is part of the best drones for the YouTube list is this LBLA drone. First of all, you should know that this drone is equipped and packed with a 720P HD camera.

You can take amazing and jaw-opening photos and also videos with the help of it. Even more, you can live to stream your images and videos.

The presence of altitude hold function is going to allow this drone to keep on hovering and flying at its current and present height. This is an easy to use drone camera and ideal for beginners.

It has a headless mode and you can conveniently control the settings of this drone with the help of its attached remote control.

This drone will not ever get lost by you because it has a one-key return feature and in case of low battery, it shall return to you on its own.

Most of the beginner-level YouTube video makers are going crazy after this drone because it can conveniently orbit around and also fly from all angles.

Hence, it is time to capture some beautiful scenery and polish your aerial photography skills by using this one of the recommended drones for YouTube videos making a job.

What We Like:

  • It can run on headless mode.
  • It has a one-key return feature.
  • It has a 720P HD camera.

4- SNAPTAIN Foldable Beginners Drone

SNAPTAIN Foldable Beginners Drone

Besides, you can get your hands on this SNAPTAIN drone. Most noteworthy, this one of the highly-praised drones for YouTube manages to capture HD videos and images.

It allows 5G Wi-Fi transmission and comes with a 110-degrees wide-angle. Moreover, its camera lens is fully and wholly adjustable.

You can always take clearer photos and record crystal-clear videos with the help of this drone because it hovers stably and accurately.

This drone flies at your will and orders. In other words, use its Follow Me mode or avail its drawing a Route mode so that you can instruct this drone properly.

It can circle as well and offers a double flight time. Discussing some of the other features of this drone camera, it offers altitude hold, a one-key takeoff feature, and an emergency stop feature.

This drone comes with 2 modular batteries and supports the flight time all up to 30 minutes. So, when you are going to shop for such drones for YouTube?

Do try this model and share your reviews on it. You are going to like it as it makes your photography and video recording job more exciting.

What We Like:

  • It helps you take clearer images.
  • It has a gesture control feature.
  • It is ideal for newbies and also for beginners.

3- Amcrest Drone

Amcrest Drone

The next recommendation that you can try out is this Amcrest drone. It successfully guarantees to give you HD first-person view.

We suggest you try out this one of the best drones for YouTube as this is an appropriate option for beginners, kids, and also for adults and professionals.

The best features of this drone are this auto-calibration and too trimming feature. Through the help of them, you can keep this drone at the exact place wherever you want to!

Moreover, with the utilization of a built-in altitude hold function, you can allow this drone to detect and identify air pressure and be able to maintain its steady and smooth altitude.

Lastly, talking about its flight time, this one of the reviewed drones for YouTube offers maximum flight time!

It manages to stay in the air up to the time frame of 7 minutes if you fully charge it. The package is included with a drone battery and it takes 90 minutes to fully charge itself.

What We Like:

  • It can detect air pressure.
  • It offers maximum control to the user.
  • Its communication range for long distances is maximum

2- Potensic Adjustable Wide Angle Drone

Potensic Adjustable Wide Angle Drone

Potensic drone is another fabulous recommendation from our side. It gives you a wider and clearer worldview.

This drone is installed with a 1080P HD camera and this camera runs on Wi-Fi settings as well. Furthermore, its camera is fully and wholly adjustable.

You can prefer shopping for this one of the top-notch drones for YouTube as it allows you to capture and take HQ videos.

Its unique selling point is that it can well capture and seamlessly take high-speed pictures and videos at the same time.

The induction of GPS and Glonass positioning system is going to position this drone accurately. When the battery of this drone gets low or when it loses its signal, then this drone returns to you with the help of its GPS mode feature.

This same model is encompassed by headless mode and altitude hold feature. Moreover, it offers easier operations and you do not have to worry about its orientation and positioning part.

It is one of those kinds of drones for YouTube that offers farther control of the distance and runs on VR mode too.

Lastly, it can go up to 300 meters and allow you to enjoy the maximum and wider worldview.

What We Like:

  • It offers altitude hold operations.
  • It is easy to ascend and descend.
  • It gives you a wider view.

1- EACHINE Drone


Coming to the last recommendation of this list, we have this EACHINE drone. Most certainly, you may find it as one of the best and top-class drones for YouTube.

It is infused with an adjustable angle camera and also composed of an altitude hold function. This camera comes in the form of 4K high-definition and world-class cameras.

With the use of its Follow Me mode, you can allow and instruct this drone to follow your moves. It can take complex photos with much ease.

This drone offers a hands-free flying experience. Apart from that, its flight time is up to 17 minutes.

If your battery is fully charged, then you can even allow this drone to fly for a longer time.

Besides, if you are going to draw a path right on its app interface, then this drone is going to follow that path precisely and accordingly.

This one of the reviewed and suggested drones for YouTube is further embedded with a low battery alarm feature, LED lights.

To see the best use of it, you should download its app and then control and operate this drone. We guarantee you that you are going to get real-time and professional videos and photos capturing experience.

Lastly, this recommendation has got a foldable design. This is a portable drone camera and available in the form of palm size.

What We Like:

  • It has this Follow Me Mode.
  • It carries a user-friendly design.
  • It has a low battery alarm feature.

Best Drones for YouTube Videos – Buyer’s Guide:

Drones for YouTube

Offer Intuitive and Powerful Flight:

Firstly, you should shortlist those kinds of drones for YouTube that gives and deliver intuitive flight time to the user.

Moreover, it needs to reliably and stably move in the air. If your drone camera is packed with powerful and responsive motors, then that is great.

Accurate And Built-in GPS:

You need to hunt for drones for YouTube that have a built-in GPS feature in them. Furthermore, high-quality drones are packed with one key return feature.

These properties keep your drone device secured and do not get lost at all.

Easy Operations and GPS Follow Me Mode:

You can prefer buying that respective drone camera that offers easy and App-assisted operations. Its settings should be adjustable and easy to set by kids and beginners.

Apart from that, premium drone models have GPS follow me mode incorporated in them. This way, your drone camera will go along with you wherever you travel and move.

Presence of Custom Flight Path Feature:

A few of the top models linked to the category of drones for YouTube, they have custom flight path mode present in them.

With the help of this property, you only have to draw a simple flight path and let your drone to follow and move on this path automatically.

Induction of Surround Mode:

You can try buying those drone cameras that have a surround mode.

This way you can allow that drone to move and fly in a circle.

Anti-Wind System:

You need to choose that drone equipment for your YouTube videos making process that runs on an anti-wind system.

Those drones that have a streamlined design, they usually possess this property. Such a design reduces and brings down air-resistance.

Moreover, this drone design increases and boost its overall flight time as well.

Long and Extended Battery Life:

You have to keep on searching that drone camera version that has long battery life. Its flight time should be maximum up to 18 minutes on each full charge.

Besides, your selected drone model should not take a long time while charging itself.


So, it is time to upgrade your drone camera collection! You can try out any of these suggested drones for YouTube and get back to us with your reviews.

Furthermore, these drones are here to polish and upgrade your aerial photography job. If you do not have prior experience in aerial photography, then just try out these drones for YouTube.

You can take great photos and videos with the help of these top-notch drones. These models are the name of sophisticated functionality and ease your job further.

Keep tuned with us.

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