Why is your best friend actually your best friend?

In this best friend challenge, you will go through list of quiz questions to figure out:

How well do you know your best friend?

Let’s find out!

How To Play BFF Tag Game

best friends

For starters, you obviously need 2 players, your best friend and you.

Decide who is going to ask first, and track how many questions are answered correctly.

Because there is total of 70 questions, you can split them 35-35 or if you don’t have as much time to do the full challenge, just pick 10 questions each.

You can make a bet and have an award for the winner.

And, make sure to have fun, that’s the whole point :D.

List of Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

best friend tag

  • 1. Tell me, if I have favorite place to visit every year?
  • 2. Do I want to have lots of kids and why?
  • 3. Do you remember when we first met each other?
  • 4. What was your first opinion about me and why?
  • 5. Please tell me honestly if you liked me on our first meeting?
  • 6. Do we have the same favorite singer? If yes, who is he/she?
  • 7. What is our favorite memory that we share?
  • 8. What’s our favorite movie we have seen together?
  • 9. Have we ever done stupid things together?
  • 10. Have you ever hidden truth from me?
  • 11. Between two of you, which one is better learner?
  • 12. Do I have closest friend beside you?
  • 13. Between two of you, which one is better at sports?
  • 14. Between two of you, who had more dates?
  • 15. Between two of you, who is better looking and more attractive?
  • 16. Which one knows more languages?
  • 17. Which one is taller and by how many inches?
  • 18. What you love about me the most?
  • 19. Do you know about each other’s dream jobs?
  • 20. Do you know each other’s parents and what do you think about them?
  • 21. Have you regretted being my best friend because of my behavior?
  • 22. Have you ever tried to hide from me when I called you?
  • 23. Have you ever laughed about me behind my back?
  • 24. Have you ever secretly wished dating my girl/boyfriend
  • 25. What are the weirdest habits that your best friend has?
  • 26. What’s the weirdest thing that you best friend have done?
  • 27. Do we have the same favorite comedy movie?
  • 28. Have we ever loved the same person?
  • 29. What’s the name of your best friend’s crush?
  • 30. Please tell us, what’s your favorite thing about your best friends face?
  • 31. Please tell us honestly, what is your best friend good at and why?
  • 32. If we could go anywhere together, where would it be?
  • 33. Please tell us honestly, do your friend has favorite singer? Who is he/she?
  • 34. Do you remember your best friend’s childhood nickname?
  • 35. Which is my dream university to study and why?
  • 36. What’s your favorite habit about your best friend?
  • 37. What’s the worst habit your best friend has?
  • 38. If you had time machine, would you take your best friend with you?
  • 39. Do I love going to cinema or theatre?
  • 40. Do you remember if your best friend cried of happiness
  • 41. Is your best friend happy with his/her life?
  • 42. Which is your best friend’s favorite TV show?
  • 43. Which is your best friend’s favorite food?
  • 44. Which is your best friend’s favorite color?
  • 45. Which is your best friend’s favorite season? And please tell us why?
  • 46. What is my favorite movie and what do I love about it?
  • 47. Do I love travelling and what I love about it?
  • 48. Which parent is my favorite and why?
  • 49. Am I going to be a business mogul and why do you think so?
  • 50. Do you know, when your best friend cried last time?
  • 51. Would you die for me?
  • 52. Have you ever been jealous of your best friends look?
  • 53. Do you know my original birthplace?
  • 54. What was my first car?
  • 55. Do you remember the color of my first car?
  • 56. Do you know my grandfather’s name?
  • 57. Do you know my grandmothers name?
  • 58. Do you know my favorite place to eat?
  • 59. Which pizza I love the most?
  • 60. Which sports do I admire the most?
  • 61. Which I prefer, basketball or Hockey?
  • 62. Which is my favorite comedian actor?
  • 63. Do you know my favorite book and why I love it?
  • 64. Who is my favorite writer and why?
  • 65. Do I love ice-cream and why?
  • 66. Which chocolate is my favorite and why?
  • 67. Do you remember my first crush?
  • 68. Do you know the first time we said the same thing at the same time?
  • 69. Do you know my favorite song and why do I love it?
  • 70. Which do I prefer, rock or rap?

None of this questions are too intimate, so best friend tag can just be a comfortable conversation between friends.

You don’t need to do this with your best friend (if you don’t know if someone is your best friend), as long as it is a friend you are close enough with, it’s good!

BFF Tag Videos


That’s it for best friend’s game challenge.

If you have any suggestions or your own cool questions you want to add, please leave them in the comment below.

You can also record a YouTube video (make sure to get a good camera for that) and we will add it to the section with best friend tag videos!

Also check out other challenges we got:

Thanks for reading and have fun!



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