Best Ideas for Vlogging Content

May 16, 2023
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Wanting to vlog but are unsure what specific videos to make? This article will introduce some new ideas you can use for content and share how to make those ideas great for your videos. It is good to go outside the ordinary sometimes and be innovative when it comes to creating content online. People will want to check out new things and may enjoy them even more than the old. It is not bad to take the chance and see what happens because you never know what could happen or what good can come out from doing it.

What Should I Vlog?

To post consistently, you need plenty of ideas to work off from. Here is a list of ideas inspired by Vlogging Pro

Ideas For A First Video

Introducing Yourself

This is a great starter if you are vlogging for the first time since it gives people a chance to get to know you and what you are all about.

Your Why

In the first vlog as well, you can discuss your reason for doing this. Clearly, there is some goal in mind and you want people to know what inspired you to start vlogging or even content creating for that matter.

Your Plans

Inform people on your purpose of the channel and what content you will be creating. This gets people to see what type of creator you are and what to expect from you.

Ideas Moving Forward

Open Up

Everyone has their ups and downs in life. Do not be afraid to share some of those downs to show the viewers your realness and it gives them a chance to relate, connect, or give you advice.

Life Goals

Everyone’s path is different. Let your viewers know what you are thinking to do with yours. Again, this shows the realness everyone craves from content creators. By talking about your life goals, you can mention how you will achieve those goals and why those goals are important to you.

Create A Bucket List

Everyone has certain things they want to do in your life. For this video, you could make a bucket list while talking about what is on your bucket list and why.


You could show people your home or bedroom. They like to watch these types of videos to see what kind of person you are and get some potential ideas or items for their own house or bedroom.

A Morning And/Or Night Routine

Making a video on just these specific parts of the day gives the viewers a little insight into your life. Like I mentioned before, people could get some potential ideas or items to buy to make their own routines a little better.

A Day In My Life

Not only could you do a specific part of the day like morning and night, but you can also do the entire day. Show people what a typical day looks like for you. Some days are different than others, so try to make a video on one of the days where you do the same things as most days. People get entertained by these videos and again can be inspired by some of your ideas and do the same.

Draw My Life

These videos illustrate your life story through drawings with a voiceover in the background, describing each part according to the drawing that is being created as you go along. This is a unique way to tell your story and can bring engagement since people are waiting to see what happens next.

Fun Facts

To approach this, you could simply do a sit down or a task while sharing facts people never heard. It makes you look real to the viewers and lets them learn more about you.

Story Time

People love a fun story. Why not share a story you have that is funny, adventurous, or even bad. As you share more about yourself through methods like this, people will know more about you and your experiences. Opening up can show viewers how real you are and even encourage them to open up.

Initiate A Conversation

If something happened in your life that you are passionate about, speak on it as it allows you to express yourself and opinions while letting others share their own once they finish watching the video. Again, the realness shows here.

Favorite And/Or Least Favorite

Pick an exact topic you want to talk about relating to this video idea and share why you do and do not like certain categories within that exact topic. This shows people what interests and disinterests you.


Search around YouTube to see which pranks do well. Then, pick someone you love to play the prank on. These videos get a lot of viewers and it makes them much funnier when being done to someone you are close to.


Research a list of popular challenges. Grab some friends then run to the store for the items and do the challenge. Not only will your viewers enjoy it, but you will also too. A lot of YouTubers say they had fun doing that challenge at the end of the video, so the same may apply to you.


Post on social media to ask your viewers what they want you to react to. Not knowing what you will expect or what they will expect for you, makes the video that much more fun to film.


Show people your trip as it holds a memory for you since you will have that video to look back on and it lets viewers see an experience you enjoy, which may inspire them to want to go on that same trip. A lot of users enjoy traveling videos, so this is a great way to reach your audience.

…and so many more!

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