Best Question Games: Ask Better Questions in 2022

January 6, 2022
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I love a good question game. Question games are the best way to connect with people, whether you’re in person, vlogging, using Zoom, or running a live Q&A. My mom often tells me that I came out asking questions. As a little kid, I would ask anything from, why the sky was blue, to where do seat belts come from.

This article includes some of the best free question games as well as some question card games that I really enjoy. Playing question games will help you create more meaningful relationships with friends, families, strangers, and even yourself. These games will also help you to be more present as you genuinely listen to others answers.

What is a question game?

A question game is a form of entertainment in which one or more people take turns asking questions with intent to connect and learn more about others or oneself. They can be played anytime, anywhere, with or without rules and points, though I don’t suggest trying during the middle of a wedding ceremony.

The variations of question games are unlimited, but we’ve included 20 fun and playful question games in this post that will help you connect more honestly in 2022.

Why play question games?

A really good, well placed question can take you on quite a journey through someone’s life, whisking you around in time and space. From reliving past memories, to thinking about the future of humanity, space exploration, and beyond, I’ve found myself in some of the deepest and most connected conversations because of a good, and well placed question.

Learning to ask better questions is something that takes practice and I hope that these fun question games will help inspire you to start asking deeper, better questions in your every day life.

Making Videos With Question Games

Whether you are a vlogger making a video for Youtube, or recording a video reel of your family, question games can make great entertainment from connecting with viewers to preserving unique details and stories of loved ones.

For fun, genuine, and engaging Youtube, vlogging, and Q&A videos, try playing these question games live or mix and match your favorite questions from each game to create a your own question game.

If you are filming a video using these games, you can invite friends, family, or other YouTubers on for a collaboration. Family and long time friends may help your audience learn some funny and intimate details about your earlier years.

Be genuine and vulnerable with your audiences. These videos create great opportunity for you and your guests by bringing new viewers to each other’s channels.

20 Best Question Games for Connecting With Others

Every one of the question games listed can easily be adapted to make fun and engaging videos for YouTube. These games are a blast to play with friends, family, and even strangers. There are lots of free question games that you can start right now listed here, as well as a variety of question card games to bring you closer to others than ever before.

1. 21 Questions: The Game

21 Questions has been around for a long time. It is a fun and popular game that will help your friends and family get to know you better.

The 21 Questions game is a simple and straight-forward game to play. As with any question game on this list, the 21 question game is a perfect ice breaker to help even strangers open up about themselves.

Gameplay is simple! Take some time to think of 21 funny, embarrassing, personal, and deep questions to ask one another. If you are having a hard time thinking of good questions, try out this list for more inspiration. Next, take turns asking one another your questions.

Feel free to skip a question, but remember that the person that answers the most questions wins (that is, if you’re keeping score). Otherwise, have fun learning about each other.

Questions can range from surface level ice breakers to deep diving hard hitters to get each other further into your feelings. The best questions tend to be personal questions that allow others to open up and dig a little deeper.

The goal of 21 questions is to get to know others as much as possible through asking only twenty-one questions. For more details check out 21 Questions Game: Best Questions to Ask.

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2. Big Talk Card Game

I first heard of Big Talk years ago when I watched a Ted Talks, and by the end of the show, I had my own Big Talk ordered and on it’s way. Big Talk is a great game to carry with you everywhere due to it’s tiny size. I often carry several cards in my pocket to ask people at random. It is safe to play at home with grandma and grandpa or at the office.

It’s simple questions are meant to push through the small talk to help make it easier to connect with others. Big Talk even has an app, so that you’re never without a good question.

3. Truth or Drink Card Game

My gf got this one for me on Valentine’s Day and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. It has plenty of questions from easy, feel-good one’s that you can ask any friend, to cringe-worthy extra dirty questions that are sure to make you squirm a little as you try and answer them honestly around mixed company.

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Truth or Drink can be played one category at a time, or the decks can be mix and matched for a you- never-know-what-kind-of-question-you’ll-get kind of experience. There are four category decks: happy hour, on the rocks, Last Call, and extra dirty. The “with a twist” deck can be used to ad a little strategy to your game play with cards such as “you choose someone else to answer as you,” etc.

Though the game is called Truth or Drink, it is certainly not necessary to drink while playing and can easily be enjoyed just for the questions and game play.

Due to the drinking aspect and content of some of the cards, Truth or Drink should only be played by adults.

4. We’re Not Really Strangers

We’re Not Really Strangers is a really cool question and connection game! This game makes an incredible challenge game for Youtube as you challenge strangers and acquaintances to explore connecting through questions and fun activities.

There are 3 levels of questions and wildcards that will help you gain deeper connections in your relationships as well as cultivate new ones. Those levels are perception, connection, and reflection.

We’re Not Really Stranger’s unique game play will carry you through a journey of feelings as you get to know friends and strangers in exciting new ways.

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This game, however, carries a warning: FEELINGS MAY ARISE.

5. Couple Connect Game

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Couple Connect is the perfect game for you and your partner to connect on a deeper, meaningful level. Created by a psychologist, Couple Connect provides you with 155 cards to initiate deeper conversations and fun, thoughtful activities. Between the conversation cards and the different activities, Couple Connect has a truth or dare kind of feel.

Whether you are in a fresh new relationship or wanting to keep the spark alive, this game is sure to strengthen your relationship. There are 15 different life categories including love & romance, childhood, finances, spiritual, dreams, mindfulness, and more.

This game can be used to create special moments every day, any time. Play Couple Connect on road trips, while camping, for a date night, or as a challenge video. This game will keep you close. Just remember, this game comes with a 17+ age rating due to the content of some cards.

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6. {THE AND} Card Game by The Skin Deep

The Skin Deep started as an interactive documentary video project between two people connecting through intimate conversations. The Skin Deep continued their project with the interactive card game {THE AND} Card Game brings you these questions Game night like never before.

One thing I really like about this game is that there are actually 11 versions of the game each for all of the relationships we carry in life. Each deck contains 199 questions: that’s over two thousand questions if you get all the decks.

Another tidbit I liked about The Skin Deep is their dedication to donating 3% net profits to charity!

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7. Actually Curious

Actually Curious is a fantastic question card game to play with anyone from a room packed with strangers to an intimate group of your closest friends. This game helps friends and families listen and get curious about each other.

There is a competitive edge using a point system, but it removes the ego by asking players to level up together. There are four levels on the Curiosity Edition. These levels represent different levels of intimacy, from value and background questions, to difficult topics to help us learn to listen to one another.

The card game, Actually Curious helps everyone get seen and heard. It opens up a safe place to allow people to share and connect in more intimate ways.

Game play is simple. Starting with a room full of strangers, blue cards will begin to break the ice. Play progressively gets more intimate as you play your way through the decks to the most intimate red cards.

8. This or That Question Game

This or That is one of the easiest question games to play. I’m fairly certain my teachers called it school work in elementary school. Who knew I’d be writing an article about it 30 years later telling adults that it’s fun.

This or That is an incredibly simple to play question game that compares two objects, topics, people, places, or literally anything you want, and asks the players to choose what they would prefer. Here are a few examples off the top of my head:

Laptop or cell phone?

Hands or feet?

Walls or floors?

Vintage or new?

Camper or bouncy house?

Boots or barefoot?

You get the point. These examples are great, as you may have been thinking, “do I have to choose floors over walls because without them, I’d be touching the earth.” The answer is yes, you have to choose or you’ll lose This or That.

Play until you can’t think of any more, or make up the rules as you go. Try rapid fire and go back and forth as fast as you can with a friend or have your YouTube viewers call out This or That topics. If you need more examples, try checking out more This or That questions here.

9. Trivia Question Game

Everyone has played some sort of trivia question game during their lives; whether that was during a game of Trivial Pursuit or that moment when you realized school was just a giant trivia game practice.

Trivia questions can be created from everything around you, and it can be a lot of fun to test each others knowledge of fun facts, personal relationship history, or literally any other topic. Trivia questions are cool like that.

For a fun and easy trivia question game, gather a few friends together and take some time to write down a few trivia questions. It’s up to you to decide what topics to use, but I really like trying to make personal trivia when you’re in a group with friends or family. You can write down a question about you or your friends, or make it about the science of toilets.

Personal trivia question prompts could include:

  • How old was I when…
  • What did dad say when he saw the…
  • Grandma was 12 years old and living at the farm when she…
  • What place do I want to visit most in the world?
  • Which one of these 4 countries have I not been to?

This trivia question game can also be a lot of fun for YouTube videos. Collaborate with another YouTuber, or give your viewers the opportunity to ask you trivia questions live. However you decide to play trivia question games, you will leave having gained more knowledge about the world and your friends.

10. Most Likely To Question Game

The Most Likely To question game is a fun and simple game to lighten up any party or get together. First, gather together some friends or family. Have everyone write out a set number of Most Likely Questions and put them in a bowl.

Take turns drawing questions and say them out loud. You can either have people submit their answers on a piece of paper or blurt them out. The most difficult part is coming up with your own Most Likely To question. If you’re having troubles coming up with your own, try these ones to get you started:

Who is most likely to…

  • Play this game to the end?
  • Eat a boiled egg in the middle of the night?
  • Quit before starting something?
  • Walk barefoot outside?
  • Be on the cover of Time Magazine?
  • Win a belly dancing competition?
  • Spend a night with the homeless?

If you need some great ideas, check out this list of Most Likely To Questions.

Try making a collaboration video by getting others together on a split screen and playing Most Likely To. This is a great way to reach and engage with a broader audience.

11. Question Tag Challenge Games

Besides being an English grammar rule, Question Tag is a popular style of video question game on YouTube. Question tag challenge games are a great way to help your audience get to know the person behind the camera.

These question games are simply a series of questions to help friends, family, and your audience get to know you better.

Below are some different versions of question game:

  1. Couple Tag
  2. Get to know me Tag
  3. Husband and wife Tag
  4. Sibling Tag
  5. Twin Tag
  6. TMI tag
  7. Accent Tag

Even if you’re not making a video, these questions can be used to get to know anyone. I always like to have a few really good questions ready to get to know family, friends, and even strangers where ever you are.

12. The Question Game

The Question Game is as a fairly simple game to play. Players take turns going back and forth answering each other by only using questions. The questions will go back and forth while players do their best to avoid making a statement, pausing, or repeating a question. If you do, you lose.

An example of gameplay might be:

  • Can you help me with my homework?
  • What kind of homework?
  • What kind do you think it is, Tina?
  • How should I know, Phil?
  • Will you just do my work for me?
  • Can I have a pencil?
  • Do you know how to write?
  • Will you teach me?
  • I would be happy…(Phil would clearly have been a loser in this case)

Try awarding a bonus if you can use the words who, what, where, when, and why in one conversation. Mix things up, make up your own rules, and improve your improve skills while playing The Question Game.

If you find yourself bored, looking to have a laugh with some friends, or making a hilarious challenge video, The Question Game will fill your need.

13. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is another old question game that goes back to my middle school days. It’s easy to play and similar to This or That in the way you compare two different circumstances.

This game can lead to hilarious possibilities as you get more creative in your comparisons. I tend to take it a weird direction and ask questions like, “Would you rather climb a plastic tree or fill your head with nonsense?”

Unlike my example, try to make your two circumstances challenging, to make your victims, or players, have to think hard about the fate they’d prefer to meet.

Here are a few examples off the top of my head to get you started:

Would you rather…

  • Eat a turtle, or be eaten by one?
  • Sing on Broadway, or act in a Hollywood film?
  • Create division among people, or cultivate healthy conversations?
  • Take a warm bath, or a cold shower?
  • Play Pokémon professionally, or be a professional poker player?

If you need more suggestions for Would You Rather, click here.

14. Twosome

Though Twosome is not exactly a question game, it does get a lot of good conversation started, especially when you don’t know each other well. Whether you’d like to know a little more about a partner or a group of friends, Twosome is a great choice.

Its gameplay is quick, simple, and fun. The game compares two skills, quirks, and, or other talents and asks players to decide who is best at each. Players flip their cards and count points as a team. If each player answers correctly, a point is awarded.

My girlfriend and I have had a lot of fun playing this the past couple weeks when we had a little time to kill over the holidays. Twosome is mostly made for two players, but can be played with up to 8 players. It is only available from Target.

In Conclusion, no matter if you play one of these question games to pass some time, or all of them, you will find yourself filled with laugher, connection, and tears. That is to say, if you allow yourself to be real and open with people, question games will provide you with lots and lots of deep meaningful moments of laughter and happy tears.

Cheers 🙂


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