When is the BEST Time to Upload to YouTube? (Complete Review)

October 28, 2020

You might be wondering and thinking what’s the best time to upload to YouTube is. 

Well, here we have some interesting details for you that give elaborated answers to this piece of questions.

If you plan to post your video at the best time, then it starts to get more and more views eventually.

Furthermore, you should be posting your video on your YouTube channel during the time when your audience is highly active or before prime time.

So, let us jump on the details that are about when is the best time to upload to YouTube, see the details:

How to Find When is the Best Time to Upload to YouTube?

How to Find When is the Best Time to Upload to YouTube

First of all, we are going to tell you a specific number of steps and an in-detail guide that helps you in finding and planning for the best time to upload to YouTube.

1. Access to YouTube Studio:

Access to YouTube Studio

Most importantly, to get these respective information, you can access the YouTube studio in this regard.

If you want to know when your YouTube channel viewers check out this platform, then this YouTube studio can give you this required piece of information.

Simply go to YouTube studio, access analytics, and hit on the option of audience. You need to keep in mind that this is an experimental feature and it is still at the development stage.

When you access this YouTube studio zone, then you get this relevant data that when your concerned viewers visit and see the videos posted on YouTube.

This is how you can check and know about the best time to upload to YouTube. If you fail to get this report, then you can follow some of the general guidelines as mentioned on the platform of YouTube.

But make sure that YouTube studio zone is only meant and designed for YouTubers who have 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch time, and getting more than 100 views in a day.

This report can only be generated if you fulfill these requirements and demands. For beginners, they cannot see this report until and unless they meet this requirement.

2. Know the Best Time to Upload to YouTube by Looking at the Darkest Purple Bars:

Know the Best time to Upload to YouTube by Looking at the darkest purple bars

To get an idea of when viewers visit this platform most of the time, you can keep an eye and look at the darkest purple bars. These bars can give you an extensive idea of the best time to upload to YouTube.

Most importantly, it is these light purple bars that convey this information that viewers spend a few of the hours on this social media site.

These dark purple bars tell us that when many of the viewer’s sign into this platform of YouTube. You have to carefully read this report as valuable and authentic information is entailed in it.

You should only post, publish, and upload your videos when your viewers are present on YouTube. If they are not there, then there is no point in posting videos.

At times, the best and ideal to post videos is Sunday and at times, it can turn out to be Monday or Tuesday.

For entertainment channels, the best time to upload to YouTube is usually and generally Sunday. And if your channel is all business-related, then try posting your videos on Wednesday, Thursday, and also Friday.

These are the general stats that we have provided and served to our readers, rest you have to follow a practical approach while posting videos on YouTube.

3. Publish and Upload your YouTube Video 2 Hours Before the Starting Phase of Prime Time:

Moving to more details on the best time to upload to YouTube, you should post your videos 2 hours before the running of prime time.

It is not recommended to upload your videos during this prime time and we have a sufficient number of reasons and justification regarding why we are saying so!

If you publish your video exactly and accurately at prime time, then there is a chance that you may miss out on views. Furthermore, it becomes difficult for the platform of YouTube to index your video.

Posting videos on prime time may hinder YouTube to analyze your video properly and completely. 

It is commonly marked as the sweet spot when you publish your long or short videos before prime time.

4. Upload your YouTube videos and then publish after taking a time gap of a few hours:

Upload your YouTube videos and then publish after taking a time gap of a few hours

Your uploading and publishing time should not be the same. Most importantly, when it comes to the best time to upload to YouTube, then you have to understand when to upload your video and when to publish it.

It is advised to upload your YouTube videos in private and then you can publish them on the public level after a few hours.

During this uploading process, you get enough time to write the title of your video and be able to upload 4K videos as well.

Moreover, the difference in uploading and publishing time gives enough space to YouTube to process your videos all from SD format to HD format.

Those channels that are monetized, then need longer time to publish their videos because YouTube has to check the ad-suitability factor of that specific video.

5. What is the best day and time to upload to YouTube if a YouTuber publishes more videos in a single week?

If any of you publish more than one video on YouTube, then you should know what is the best day and best time to publish those videos.

It is advised not to post on consecutive days if you publish more than one video on your YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can take a single day gap in between your videos publishing time.

Now, you know what the best time to upload to YouTube is!

When is the Best Time to Upload to YouTube if You Do Not Have the YouTube Report?

Apart from that, if you do not have the YouTube report, then we can guide you on the best time to upload to YouTube.

To see this report, you need to have enough and sufficient views beforehand. Like, your channel should be getting at least and around and about 100 views days to get this report!

In addition, you can take help and guidance from the relevant trends. Here we have mentioned a few of the broad trends for your guidance, have a look at them:

For all business linked YouTube channels, you should post videos during the weekdays time. This is marked as the best time to upload to YouTube. 

And the powerful days on which you publish and post your videos are Tuesday and Thursday.

For the rest of the channels, it is suggested to them to post their content from Friday through Monday. These are identified as the best and recommended spots from the team of the YouTube platform.

Recommended Times to Post on YouTube:


We can give you this general idea that what the recommended and best time to upload to YouTube.

If you are posting from Monday through Wednesday, then the best time frame is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Besides, if you plan to post your videos on Thursday and Friday, then try posting them in between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm time bracket.

In addition, these are just general timings and all these stats and facts also depend on your channel.

Like, you need to know who your target audience is and then plan out what should be your video posting timings. As an example, if your target audience is European, then these timings will be different.

And if your niche market is Asian, then different timings are going to be followed by YouTubers.

These are some of the important details that you have to consider concerning what the best time to upload to YouTube is. Rest, you can take help from a real-time activity card that is present in the YouTube studio.

This zone can further guide you about these timings.

What is Important and What is the Least Important?

Why Does this Publishing Time Influence Your Views, Subscriptions as Well as Revenue?

One has to give a lot of importance to the area of the best time to upload to YouTube because this aspect greatly and immensely influences your views, subscriptions, and revenue.

When a YouTuber makes it a habit of posting videos on the right day and right time, then his channel starts to get maximum views.

Generating high views brings more ad revenue for your channel and the chances of having monetized channels get more and more.

Why Do Consistent and Regular Publishing Schedules Fail to Influence and Affect Viewership Habits?

This constant and consistent publishing schedule does not affect these viewership habits. It happens because of a specific reason.

You have to keenly and thoroughly understand this fact that the YouTube platform does not work and run like traditional television.

It may happen that the best days and best times to post videos might not be ideal in the next six months. You have to keep on checking the report provided by YouTube in this regard.

Individual preferences for days and times keep on changing, that is why there is no need to follow a consistent and strict publishing schedule for your YouTube channel.

Most noteworthy, you can consider and keep in mind the viewing habits and also the preferences of your viewers. This can give you a rough idea when they sign into this social media site.

Hence, it is important to hone this skill regarding what the best time to upload to YouTube is! When you become perfect in analyzing and assessing these stats, then your channel will start to grow immensely.

For Fresh YouTubers, Posting Time Does not Matter at all!

All those who are fresh YouTubers, they do not have to give much importance to posting time.

Like, if you have just started your channel and it cannot generate more than 100 views in a day, then there is no need to follow this posting schedule.

For fresh YouTubers, they do not have enough data in their hands, that is why they cannot clearly determine when the best time to upload to YouTube is!

Moreover, beginner level YouTubers fail to see the algorithms stats.

So, to all fresh individuals who have recently started their channel, it is suggested to them to use their guts and intuition and decide which is the best uploading and posting time on YouTube.

What you can do is upload daily or you can strengthen your content strategy. According to experts, fresh YouTubers should take a space of one day at least.

And beginner level YouTubers need to focus on making and creating amazing videos rather than focusing on the fact what the best time to upload to YouTube is.

When you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time, then you can make a change in your strategy and start to give importance to the best days and time while posting videos,

Once you understand the strategy on the best time to upload to YouTube, you should also have a clear idea that how more views can be generated and collected on YouTube.

Sooner, we are going to discuss this area as well.


This is all about the end of the discussion on the best time to upload to YouTube! If you have any questions, then you can pen-down over here and we will reply to you.

As you have understood that for beginner and fresh level YouTubers, the best time to post videos does not matter.

Their focus should be on creating and making excellent videos. On the other hand, old and professional YouTubers, they have to give keen attention to the aspects of posting videos on the best day and best time,

If you have a YouTube channel, then you can share with us which days and timings you avail for posting videos and what basic strategy you follow.

Keep connected and tuned with us and know more details on the best time to upload to YouTube.


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