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November 19, 2019
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If you going to be vlogging or making youtube videos you need an excellent lighting setup.

We took a deep dive into some of the best vlog lightings and hand-selected the following products. Whether use a ring light, softbox, or umbrella light, lighting is very important.

The world’s best and most expensive camera is useless in a completely dark room. Conversely, photos taken by a cheap camera in good lighting are awe-inspiring.

Using natural lighting for photography is limiting; when the sky is cloudless, the sun becomes a hard source of light; thus, your photos will have very sharp shadows.

However, when there are clouds (natural diffusers), the sun becomes a soft source of light. In case you are looking to buy a lighting kit,

I have thoroughly analyzed the top eight lighting equipment I would recommend giving pointers on how best it will work for you

1. 18″/48cm Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light

The 18″/48cm Neewer Ring Light Kit is a perfect lighting setup. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to start vlogging, portrait photography, or shooting beauty videos because it gives terrific even lighting.

The kit comes with a 61″/155 cm light stand that consists of a durable aluminum alloy; therefore, you do need to worry about your camera or iPhone falling.

It has a soft tube with 240 LED lights, which enhances free light rotation, thus achieving the optimum position.

The kit comes with two color fillers, white and orange, that have steady color temperature and high light transmission plastic.

Additionally, it has a smartphone and camera holder.

Its lighting has a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, which is similar to that of natural light.

What I like most about this LED ring light is that it offers the user a wide dimming range of 1% -100%.

Moreover, it is portable, and the installation process is straightforward.

The fact that it’s dimmable is a huge plus for this lighting kit.


  • This lighting kit happens to be the perfect option for any beginner. 
  • Made from Aluminium Alloy, this lighting kit has a robust stand. 
  • This kit has a color temperature similar to that of natural light.


  • Setting up this Lighting equipment can be a little tricky. 

2. ESDDI 20″X28″ Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

This lighting kit comes with two softboxes that allow you to manipulate your lighting setup; if you need hard lighting, you can use one softbox.

However, to reduce the harsh shadows, use the two softboxes. The softboxes have a silver inner face to minimize light loss and maximize light spread.

The black exterior prevents light from spilling out and bouncing back in the studio.

The kit has E27 sockets that you can connect to any adaptable bulb to produce light.

It provides continuous uniform lighting with an output of 800 watts, which is very impressive.

In spite of the high wattage, the kit will save energy up to 80%; thus, you need not worry about your electricity bills. It has a life span of approximately 8000 hours.

It comes with a robust adjustable lamp holder that can adapt to diverse shooting needs and facilitate various shooting angles.

The kit provides a lighting temperature color of 5500 kelvin, which is similar to that of natural light.

Additionally, it is light and highly portable.

In case you need to reduce the light intensity, use bulbs with a lower wattage.

This unit is easy to set up and ideal for portrait photography and video shooting.

I have come across many YouTubers and youtube channels using this exact lighting equipment.


  • Since this Kit has E27 sockets, you can connect it to any adaptable bulb. 
  • This Kit produces consistent lighting with an output of 800 watts. 
  • With this lighting kit, you will be able to save up to 80% energy.


  • Some people face difficulty with the delivery of this product. 

3. The UBEESIZE 8″ Selfie Ring Light kit


The UBEESIZE 8″ Selfie Ring Light kit is an ideal option for vlogging, YouTube videos, live streaming, and portrait photography.

It comes with a robust, stable, and upgradable tripod stand that can extend to any length between 17.5 inches to 51 inches.

The ring light features three lighting modes: warm light (3000 K), cool white (4500 K), and daylight (6000K).

The reason this kit is high in my list is that each of the three lighting modes has 11 brightness colors that are easy to set.

This ring light has a spring-loaded phone holder that can extend up to 3.6 inches to accommodate your phone.

Additionally, you can easily rotate the phone holder to any angle.

The ring light is compatible with most devices that support USB ports, and on its cord, you will find four buttons that are effortless to use.

In case of any quality issues, the seller provides you with a 3-year replacement warranty.

If you shoot beauty videos, I would recommend ring light kits because they offer an even lighting setup, thereby reducing any unflattering shadows.


  • The Tripod stand of this lighting kit happens to be robust and stable. 
  • The ring light of this lighting kit comes with three various lighting modes. 
  • This kit comes with 11 different bright colors that are rather easy to set.


  • There are better options on this list. 

4. LimoStudio LMS103 600 W lighting kit

LimoStudio LMS103 600 W lighting kit

This lighting kit is an excellent option for YouTube videos and portrait photography. It provides continuous lighting of 6000 Kelvin, which is close to that of natural light.

It comes with One 28-inch studio top light stand, 45W photo CLF bulbs, three bulb sockets, a set of two 86-inch high output shoot-through umbrellas, and a flash strobe light stand.

The kit uses E26 and E27 standard screw base, and it offers a maximum saving energy of up to 80%; so, you don’t need to be worried about the electricity bills.

The 33-inch white umbrella reflector consists of high-grade nylon that provides an excellent lighting solution in your studio.

You can set the two umbrellas in countless combinations or add a third light (accent light) to achieve the ideal lighting setup.

However, to regulate the light intensity, you will have to change the bulbs. On rare occasions, the kit produces a mild burning scent, which is typical.

If you have the space for it, I highly recommend this vlog lighting setup. This lighting kit is very popular with most YouTube Channels.


  • This lighting kit happens to be a great choice for YouTube Videos and Portrait Photography.
  • This lighting kit offers a maximum energy saving of up to 80%. 
  • The umbrella of this kit is made from High-grade nylon.


  • The quality of the stand of this Lighting stand is not good enough.

5. The 18-inch Diameter LimoStudio LED Ring Light

The 18-inch Diameter LimoStudio LED Ring Light

The 18-inch Diameter LimoStudio LED Ring Light is ideal for facial beauty photography, YouTube videos, or when taking selfies.

The kit weighs about 0.32 ounces and is portable. It comes with a sturdy tripod that you can easily adjust as desired.

The ring light measures about 18 inches and has LED bulbs around it for even lighting.

You can use the dimmer control to adjust the brightness to your liking. It has a lighting temperature that is close to that of natural light.

Additionally, the kit comes with a cell phone holder that is compatible with any cellphone, and you can adjust the holder up to 360 degrees as desired.

I would highly recommend this unit to beginners mainly because of its efficiency and ease of use.

In case you need more lighting for photographs, it comes with a camera shoe mount adapter allowing you to add a flash unit; besides, the installation process is straightforward and fast.

This vlog lighting setup makes it perfect for close-up vlogging such as makeup tutorials.


  • This equipment makes a perfect choice for facial beauty photography. 
  • Since this kit is very lightweight, this kit happens to be highly portable. 
  • This kit happens to be highly compatible with any cellphone.


  • The material quality of this kit is not as good as it should be.

6. Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System

Background Support System

This unit is ideal for taking good quality professional photographs and videos.

However, if you are looking to upgrade your home studio, this is the kit to buy.

It comes with two high-quality silver umbrellas, 24×24 inches softboxes, muslin backdrop (black, white, and green), backdrop clamps, 2.6mx3mx10 ft background stand support system, carry bag for the background support system, and lighting kit.

The two translucent white umbrellas soften and broaden any hard light while the softboxes diffuse the lighting resulting in even lighting.

The unit has E27 sockets that you can directly connect to light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash to offer continuous lighting of 800 W.

There an innumerable number of light setups that this unit will provide, thereby enlarging your scope as an artist.

Its lighting has a color temperature of 5500 kelvin, which is similar to that of natural light.

The muslin backdrop will come in handy when shooting television videos or taking professional photographs.

Besides, this light equipment is easy to install and manufactured by Neewer.


  • Installing this lightning equipment is rather simple. 
  • This Lightning equipment can offer lightning similar to natural light. 
  • The Muslin Backdrop makes it a great choice for shooting Television Videos.


  • You will need to get some additional Parts that don’t come added in the kit. 

7. The EMART-600W Continuous Lighting Kit

The EMART-600W Continuous Lighting Kit

If you are looking to improve lighting for portrait photography or vlogging, the Emart 600W Continuous lighting kit is what you need.

It weighs about 11 pounds; therefore, it might be cumbersome when traveling.

It comes with four reflector umbrellas (2 black/ silver and two translucent white) measuring about 33 inches.

The umbrellas diffuse and broaden hard light, consequently reducing the harsh shadows in a photograph.

In case you need to capture an in-depth texture of an item,

I would recommend using hard light. This lighting kit uses three energy-saving CFL bulbs to produce continuous lighting of 600W with a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin that is similar to that of natural light.

Adjusting the light intensity in the Emart 600W Continuous Lighting Kit might pose a challenge;

However, I would recommend changing the bulbs to suit your needs or buying additional modifiers.

There are numerous ways you can arrange this unit to produce the ideal light setting for your photographs or videos.


  • This Vlog Lighting setup has features which make it a great fit for portrait photography. 
  • The Umbrellas of this setup Diffuse and broaden hard light. 
  • This Lightning kit uses Energy-saving bulbs which means reduced bill costs. 


  • This Product weighs about 11 pounds which make it harder to carry. 

8. Mountdog 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

Mountdog 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

This unit is an excellent option for vloggers and photographers. If you are looking for efficient yet straightforward lighting equipment, this is the one for you.

It comes with a durable tripod stand that consists of premium aluminum alignment with 1/4 screw mounting on top to suit different users.

The light-stand has a height range of 27 to 80 inches.

Its softbox has a silver professional reflective film that softens hard light, hence eliminating harsh shadows in photographs.

The softbox measures about 20X28 inches and its exterior is black to prevent lighting from bouncing in the studio.

It produces light of 1350 watts and a color temperature of 5500 kelvin.

The light kit has E26 or E27 sockets that can fit any compatible bulb as a source of lighting.

With its adjustable lamp holder of up to 210 degrees, you will get suitable light at multiple angles.

This lighting equipment has only one light source, thus limiting your lighting setup.

However, you can always add more light or buy a reflector.

Additionally, it is portable, and the seller provides a six months warranty.


  • This Product happens to be one of the most portable options on the list. 
  • The Manufacturer offers a Six Month Warranty on this product. 
  • The Tripod Stand of this Lightning stand is highly durable.


  • This setup only has a single light source.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lighting Equipment:

Vlog Lighting for YouTube


The first factor to consider is the portability of the lighting kit. Studio-based photographers or artists can work with less portable equipment.

However, if you are a photographer, vlogger, or you tuber and are always on the move, you need relatively light gear.

When it comes to portability, you should also factor in the charging options available.

Most of the lighting equipment uses USB chargers.


Different lighting kits have different prices; however, pricey does not always mean better.

It is easy to identify the lighting equipment within a budget, thus purchasing the one that most satisfies your needs.

Types of Lighting For Vlogging:

Vlog Lighting for YouTube

Continuous Lighting:

It refers to light that stays on throughout as opposed to flashlights. It is useful in still photography and videos.

I would recommend this lighting for beginners because what you see is what you get in the photos.

Nevertheless, you will require an adjustable power to facilitate the manipulation of light intensity.

The three main types of continuous lighting bulbs are; fluorescent, tungsten, and LED.

Speedlight Lighting Kit:

It is an external flash unit and the most common source of lighting in photography. They are faster than the usual flashlights and are lightweight, thus portable.

Most of these kits are not strong enough and, therefore, may not work efficiently in direct sunlight.


Strobes are more potent than the Speedlight kit, and when used with a softbox or umbrella, they produce high-quality photographs and videos.

They require a power outlet; nonetheless, some strobes come with battery packs. You can control the strobe’s intensity by adjusting the settings.

Or you can use a lighting modifier such as an umbrella or softbox.

Light Wattage:

Different sources of light have varying strengths. If you need bright light, a lighting system with high wattage will work best for you, and vice-versa is true.

Nonetheless, a higher wattage does not always mean better photographs. Harsh sources of light result in hard lighting, which produces sharp shadows.

A lighting system with 500-700 watts should be efficient.

The Temperature of the Source of Light:

The temperature of the light source is in Kelvin.

Natural light has 5500 Kelvin, and it is the best lighting for photography; therefore, when buying a light kit, make sure that its temperature is close to that of natural light.

Light Intensity:

Light intensity will highly determine the quality of the photographs.

Before you purchase any lighting equipment, you must have a clear understanding of how to manipulate the light to your liking.

Strobes have a switch that regulates the lighting; however, you might need modifiers such as softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and gels when dealing with other lighting sources.

Space Availability:

If you have plenty of space, you can accommodate any lighting equipment.

However, if you are dealing with limited spaces, you will require lighting gear that will fit comfortably.

Different Types Of Lighting Equipment:

Lighting Equipment

1. Softbox Lights:

Softbox lights come in different shapes. For frontal lighting, it is the best vlog lighting for youtube.

It lightens up the area where you placed it due to its wide coverage.

It generates light that is the same as natural light.

For indoor shoots, you can use softbox lights. They need a setup to work properly.

In a single area, you can use more than one light.

You can use Softbox lights in those videos in which diffused light is the main need.

2. Umbrella Lights:

Umbrella lights are portable vlog lighting for youtube. When you fold it you can take it anywhere you want.

Its price is affordable and produces a more controlled light than a softbox light.

For a single-person indoor vlog, only one umbrella light is enough. It gives a unique shiny look to your videos.

Its surface comes in three colors white, gold, and silver. You can set up umbrella lights without any effort. 

 There are two types of umbrella light

  • Reflective umbrella – reflectors manage the light direction.
  • Shoot-through umbrella – used to produce the soft light.

With any style of light, you can use Umbrella vlog lighting for youtube.

3. Ring Lights:

The ring light is the first choice of most YouTubers due to its charismatic effect. It is very cheap.

It removes dark shadows by creating a shiny halo light.

It is also a portable vlog lighting for youtube. Ring light setup takes less time. You can set the light in front of the object.

To start the ring light you need to plug the wire into a socket.

Instead of using many softbox lights, you can use only one ring light to remove dark shadows. It focuses on a certain object.

The ring light is the popular vlog lighting for youtube. It is mostly used by beauty bloggers because it illuminates their faces.

4. LED On-Camera Lights:

It is much smaller in size and more portable than the other vlog lighting for youtube. It is mounted on the top of the camera.

It contains almost hundreds of led bulbs.

The led light is rechargeable. It is best for outdoor vlogs.

Most travel bloggers use this light during shooting. You can also use it for indoor vlog shooting using a tripod.

Place your camera on a stand and start shooting your vlog. It is available in only a square and rectangle shape.

Also, it has some effect as softbox lights produce but have less size.

5. Natural Light:

Natural is the free vlog lighting for youtube. No other light source can beat the perfectness of natural light.

You have to make a little effort to get full benefits from the sunlight.

Adjust your camera angle to capture videos. Try to avoid the shady area. For vlog shooting, the best time is when the sun is at its peak level.

Keep in mind, you can use more than one light source for shooting according to your requirements.

Umbrella vs Softbox vs Ring Light: Which One is Right for Your YouTube Videos?

Umbrella vs Softbox

All three lights are the best vlog lighting for youtube. They all have different features and produce unique results.


In structure, Umbrella, Softbox, and ring light are different. As the name says, Umbrella light has an umbrella structure.

Softbox has many structures like squares, rectangles, octagons, etc.

The ring light has a circle shape.


The ring light is highly portable due to its structure. If we close the Umbrella light we can take it anywhere. Softbox light is the least portable than umbrella and ring lights.


Umbrella lights require less knowledge to use it. Softbox lights are not easy to use. Much knowledge is required to use them efficiently.

Before you start recording the video. you must practice it. The ring lights are also very easy to use.


All three lights generate the best output depending upon their qualities.

Softbox produces directed soft white light which also gives diffused effects.

Umbrella lights produce shiny white light which is the same as window light.

The ring light gives the same diffusing soft light as Softbox produces and is used in vlog lighting for youtube.

You might be wondering:

What is the Difference between Softbox and Ring light?

There is the only difference between the softbox and ring light.

To focus on center objects more than one softbox light is needed.

But only one ring light is enough to create that result.

According to your requirement, you can use any vlog lighting for youtube.

How to Use Your Lighting Kit?

Lighting Kit

Select the Location:

Before shooting a vlog, you should select your location. Go to natural locations where there is enough sunlight for the camera.

For outdoor shoots, keep checking weather updates. To tackle the weather, you must have enough lighting sets.

Lighting sets are important in vlog lighting for YouTube.

Select the Right Lighting Option:

Depending on your vlog requirement you can use any vlog lighting for youtube.

You can use umbrella lights and LED On-camera lights for outdoor shoots. For indoor shoots, softbox and ring light is best.

Set up 3 Point Lighting:

Three points lighting consists of:

  • Key Light – provides bulk light to the subject.
  • Fill Light – eliminates shadow caused by the key light.
  • The Backlight – from the background it separates the subject.

Choose the Right Light Color Temperature:

Depending upon the filament in the bulb, on-camera lights appear cooler and warmer. Instability will be created if the light colors mix.

That’s why it’s better to keep separate different temperature lights. Try to select different vlog lighting for youtube.

Look Out for Glare:

If you wear glasses during a vlog, the light will reflect on them. Try to keep the camera angle high to avoid this issue.

Why Lighting is the Main Reason Your Videos Look Crappy?

Lighting is the basic need for a camera and vlog lighting for youtube. Our eye is more light-sensitive than a camera. It needs enough light to record something.

The camera has different light sensitivity levels. In a dark area, where there is not enough light, it increases the light sensibility.

Due to increased sensibility, it starts capturing things and produces bad results.

Provide your camera enough light, that keeps its sensibility low during recording.

Even for indoor shoots, keep your windows open to get enough light from the sun.

Final Verdict!

All the vlog lighting equipment mentioned above is of exceptional quality, and your choice will highly depend on the set budget as well as preference.

It is crucial to note that most artists prefer soft-lighting to hard-lighting; this should not mean that hard light source is undesirable.

In case you need an in-depth texture of an item,

I would recommend using hard light. Conversely, portrait photographs use soft light sources.

You may purchase the best lighting equipment, but without the proper lighting setup, your photographs and videos will be flat.


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