Top 10 Best Youtube Audiobooks In 2021

January 29, 2021
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Reading is the most important habit as it improves your reading ability and you can understand what the writer is exactly want to say.

There is a low chance that you forget what you read. Reading helps you to think creatively and enhance your knowledge.

It is said that if you want to improve your lifestyle or want to change something. You should read the book. I

t builds confidence in you to think more.

It includes the element of creativity in you. But to read something, you need to sit in a quiet place so that you can focus on what you read.

Also, you need a proper time for it that you can get in this busy life. To remove all these problems, there are audiobooks.

With the help of an audiobook, you can listen to your favorite topic easily. You do not have any need to sit in a quiet place.

Also, you have more focus on the story even in a crowded area. It is also said that what you listen goes directly to your brain. That’s why listening is also important in reading.

In this article, the best youtube audiobooks are discussed. Each has a different genre to keep you interested by providing a good variety.

What is an Audiobook?

What is an Audiobook

A book recording is called Audiobook. Not all books are recorded. Usually, the book that is credited is read out loud.

If you do not want to read the whole story you can listen to it anytime. In an audiobook, a person completely read the book so that you can enjoy every part.

You can get audiobooks on different sites and youtube channels. Some audiobooks are available free and for some, you have to pay money.

Mostly, the audiobook is read by artists or people who love listening to stories. There is not a specific genre in Audiobook.

It can be horror, dramatic, history, comedy, and romantic depending upon the topic that you select. You can also find audiobooks in music shops, libraries, and schools.

The trend of recording books starts in the 1930s and still going strong due to the availability of social media.

Listening helps you to understand things better rather than reading. You can create different scenarios in your mind and can imagine what is the situation.

To boost your imagination or thinking ability some audiobooks have images to describe the story.

People of any age can listen to audiobooks. Especially, aged people that can not read the book due to weak sight and the people who do not find time to read the book.

Format of an Audiobook:

The format of an audiobook is mp3 but if you listen to it on Youtube. Then it is available in  mp4 format. For mp3 format, the best Youtube audiobooks are available in CD form. With the help of a CD, you can play the audiobook in a car during traveling.

You can buy the audiobook at a cost and without paying any cost. It depends upon the source from where you get the CD. Just make sure, your player on which you want to play the CD supports this mp3 format.

Some reasons to have an mp3 format are:

  • You can store only 80 minutes of the audiobook on one standard CD. 80 minutes mean 200 pages.
  • To store the complete book, more than 1 CD’s are required. Almost 5 to 6 CDs are used
  • Due to the small size, you can easily transfer an mp3 file from one device to the other like mobile, computer, and iPod

When You Should Listen to an Audiobook?

You can listen to an audiobook anytime. When you get free from work or have nothing to do you can listen to an audiobook. There are many benefits of an audiobook.

Like it increases your thinking ability and provides you information about the different topics.

Unlike a book, you do not have to sit in a quiet and relaxing place to read the book.

You can listen to it anywhere on your mobile. Just use your hand frees so that no one gets disturbed by the noise.

Here are the scenarios in which you can listen to the audiobook.

  • In traffic jams
  • During a long trip
  • During exercise
  • In the queue
  • When you are cooking

Top 10 Best Free YouTube Audiobooks:

The audiobook is also a great source of entertainment if you are a story lover. If you are new to it and confused between the topics then you are in right place.

We have gathered the best Youtube audiobooks for you. All are available free you do not have to pay for any audiobook.

Also, if you do not want to buy the audiobook, you can simply listen to it on Youtube.

But we prefer you to download it because for listening on youtube you need a good internet connection all the time.

While when you download it you can easily listen to it offline.

All the audiobooks have different genes so that you can select the audiobook according to your interest.

The first audiobook that we select for you is Frankenstein. Its genre is horror. Moreover, this novel gets a lot of appreciation, and the name Frankenstein becomes the best name for horror.

After reading the novel name, many people got the frightening feels. In the audiobook, some words like being, vile insect, creature, fiend, monster, it, and wretch refer to the term monster.

All the terms are acceptable.

If you love science fiction stories then this novel is undoubtedly the one for you. You will enjoy listening to it.

It is a good time pass as you get a good piece of entertainment.

To know more read the complete description below and also look at the other best Youtube audiobook to listen to amazing stories.

1. Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is also known as The Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley is the writer of this novel.

The main topic of this novel is about the creature that is created as a result of an unorthodox scientific experiment.

The novel writer started this story when she was 19 years old.

And the story was completed and published when she was 21 years old. In 1818, the first edition of the novel is published by an anonymous person in London.

The writer’s name is published in the second edition in France in the year 1823. Most of the story takes place in Geneva. For this Shelley lived in this area.

The theme of conversation between the writer and her fellows was occult ideas and galvanism topics. The best Youtube audiobook starts with a dream.

There were four people John Polidori, Mary, Lord Byron, and Percy.

They started the competition of writing the best story. The genre of the story was Horror. Due to this competition, Shelly starts brainstorming to write the best horror story.

After some time she came up with a story of a scientist that got horrified by the life that he created.

Then shelly wrote the novel, Frankenstein. She took some Gothic novel elements to use in it. Also, the romantic moments were considered science fiction early examples.

To consider this story, as the first science fiction story Brian Aldiss argued a lot.

The main reason behind the argument was that the previous stories lack scientific elements.

But in this story, the main character took decisions and perform experiments in the lab to produce results. Because of this novel, many improvements are made in the field.

2. 1984 – George Orwell

The second best Youtube audiobook is 1984. It is written by George Orwell 70 years ago. The main idea of 1984 is the chilling prophecy of George about the future.

It leaves a great impact on American’s due to its vision. 1984 is also nominated by PBS as The Great American Read.

The reason for this nomination is its popularity. It is loved by many readers. To satisfy the Ministry of Truth demands Winston smith toes the line

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

The hate of Winston against the party increase with the lie that he writes against them. The main reason for the hate is that the party uses power for its sake.

Moreover, whoever goes against the party or commit their crimes, party persecutes them.

But when Winston thinks about himself, he can not deny the fact that he is always watched by big brother. In the novel, there is a complete world of imagination.

And with every line, you get attached to this imaginary world because it is convincing.

The power of imagination increase as you listen to the novel. After the release of the novel, there is no other writer who published a novel with a good imagination that can beat the level of 1984.

The main purpose of the novel is to show the haunting and startling vision of the world.

The story is powerful that’s why it convinced many peoples. No one can beat the imagination power of 1984 as many writers come and go but Gorge well remains in the first position in writing the imagination.

His legacy increase with time.

3. The Devine Comedy – Dante Alighieri

The next best Youtube audiobook is The Devine Comedy. It is the most famous Italian poem. The writer of the divine comedy is Dante Alighieri.

It is a classic audiobook and the main story surrounds Dante. He describes his travel through hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.

The book has high importance as it is included in the syllabus of literature. In many countries, students have to read this book to pass their national level exam.

Because of this, it has high popularity among students rather than adults.

But this book is recommended to all those people who want to get quality information. This book is considered the first big achievement of the Renaissance.

On the other hand, if you look at the history of literature this book is the last great work of the Middle ages.

By listening to this audiobook, you will get a view of a new world where we will go after death.

The main subjects of this book are Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell. Each subject contains 33 canti.

In the beginning, there is a complete introduction of the poem and it is not considered in the first cantica.

The total numbers of cantos of this book are 100 because the introduction is separate from1st cantica.

You will get to know about the complete journey of the writer in the afterworld. There is also an English version of the poem.

This translated version is created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The topic that the writer chooses is of serious nature. But he explains in such a good way that it becomes interesting for the Listeners.

By reading this book you will get both entertainment and knowledge. You can listen to this audiobook on both Youtube and free of cost.

4. The Art of War – Sun Tzu

It is the most famous book of all time. The majority of book readers have read it but if you do not know about it yet.

Then do not worry, you can get the best Youtube audiobook The Art of War on youtube and amazon free of cost.

It is about the Chinese military.

It describes the situation of war during autumn and spring, around 746 to 771 m. Pr. m. e. The authorship is distributed to philosophers and warriors.

The book consists of 13 chapters. Each chapter discusses the different phases of the war.

Also, the tactics and strategies that military officers use. In both East Asia, and China, the art of war has an important impact.

Moreover, on politics, western War, and strategy military art has a significant effect. This novel is inspired by many political and historian textbooks and novels.

This audiobook has a number 1 rank in Chinese history books. People of any age can read this book.

As a teenager, you will get to know about the military tactics. But as an adult, you will learn how to live an honorable life.

Moreover, if you listen to this audiobook after 50, you will have another type of attachment to this book.

In short, this is a good quality audiobook. If you love the soldier then you should listen to it. It will tell you every single detail about military life in 13 different chapters.

Also, it will teach you many good things that play an important role in life.

5. The Martian Chronicles – Ray Bradbury

If you love to watch movies then you will surely see the movie The Martian. It is completely based on the science fiction book The Martian Chronicles.

But if you do not watch the movie yet, you can listen to the audiobook. This audiobook is available on multiple platforms including and YouTube.

The story of the book revolves around an astronaut who stays on mars for more than 1 year.

He only has his wisdom to survive on the mars. To create such a masterpiece- a deeply intelligent character, the author uses all his wisdom.

Life on Mars is different from what we have on Earth. The mars nature, climate, food, things, and even creature is different.

If a person from mars goes to Earth, he can not live. Similarly, if someone from the earth goes to mars he will not survive.

In this audiobook, you will learn the basics of Mars life.

The people on Mars have small heights and pale blue eyes. Their skin is different from people on earth to bear the Mars climate.

No matter, if you are wise on Earth if you go to mars all will go in vain.

The atmosphere changes your thinking ability. In starting days, you feel sick and the stamina in you decreases with time.

Life on mars is so hard that you will want to die rather than live. Hats off to the writer, he starts the story with grace and creates suspense with every line.

If you start listening to this best Youtube audiobook, you will not leave it until it finishes.

The whole story is engaging, you can pass your extra time by gaining so much information and entertainment.

For all age groups, this audiobook is recommended.

6. Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

One of the most famous love stories is Romeo and Juliet. These are not just the names. Whenever these names are heard, a feeling of love occurs.

This is the best Youtube audiobook love story written by William Shakespeare. Most people refer to him as Shakespeare.

He has a very good reputation in the writing industry. There is a huge fan following of him. Especially youngsters read Shakespeare books or the people who still believe in true love.

This play is tragic, youthful, timeless, and amazing.

During listening to the audiobook, you will get the amazing energy that two youngsters have. For a long time, the story is interpreted, read, and played by many people.

But still, it gives the same vibe as you get when you listen to it the very first time.

The story is written in 1595 and tells the story of two young people who fall in love at first sight. But they can not live together due to their family conflicts.

They try to convince their family members but its results in hate, brutal conflicts, and blood massacres.

Also, at the end of the story, the lovers do not end up together. The play is usually acted in theaters and schools when there is no digital cinema.

But now there are many artistic, literary, and musicals works are available on digital platforms.

You can get the novel from both the physical and online market. But if you do not want to spend the money, you can listen to the audiobook.

These audiobooks are available on Youtube and Amazon. On these platforms, you can get the audiobooks for free without paying any cost.

7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

In the list of best Youtube audiobooks, rich dad and poor dad is a wonderful audiobook. The writer of this book is Robert Kiyosaki who beautifully explains the importance of a father.

In this life race, everyone is working hard to earn well.

Some have their support systems while some work alone to fulfill their needs. The half of population does not have a good earn rate.

The reason is that they work in low-level jobs or do not have the appropriate education to work in a good place.

This is our society, that only focus on the good and neglect the normal people. But if you analyze as a responsible person, you can see that both work equally but the opportunity is the main thing that creates the difference.

Because in the end, all that a person is needs is to earn a good amount of money.

In this book, the writer beautifully depicts the reality of society.

The main actors of the book are two fathers who try to run their home without having any difficulty.

In this audiobook, the writer introduces a creative way to make financial models that helps you to grow.

The rules of the management model based on daily life. Also, the mistakes that you made in your daily life related to money are highlighted so that you can avoid them.

This best Youtube audiobook is for adults who want to learn about financial management and grow in a short time.

Moreover, if you are a student of business administration, you should listen to this book. It is a true motivation to all the people who work really hard in daily life.

8. The Invisible Man – H.G. Wells

Invisibility is the one superpower that everyone wants to get. So that they can do whatever they want and no one sees them.

The Invisible man is the best Youtube audiobook that is based on science fiction. For more than 140 years, this book fantasizes and bother the mind of readers.

Because it uses all physics theories. From the beginning of the book, the writer tries to capture the focus of the reader. So that he can create his own imagination and enjoy the story.

After that, this invisibility factor is added in many theaters, movies, and tv shows to entertain viewers.

This audiobook contains a story about a man who visits a West Sussex village inn.

His face is covered, and he has a long cloak. When he entered the pub he did not talk with anyone.

Basically, he is the scientist who tried to change the refractive index of the body.

So that it gets absorbs in the atmosphere and does not reflect. For the first time, he tried the procedure on himself and gets successful.

But when he does the reverse process, it did not work out well. Because his partner betrays him. The scientist decided to kill his partner and leave the area.

Back to the village, the night is very strange, as man is moving with some lab apparatus and chemicals. Things in the village started to change.

The whole story is engaging.

You can not leave the audiobook in the middle because of the suspense.

This story is suitable for all age groups. Especially for people who like suspense, crime, and thriller this audiobook is the best choice.

9. Moby Dick – Herman Melville

Moby dick is considered as the American literature’s best works. It is also known as Whale. The writer of the book is Herman Melville.

When the book was published it was not a big hit or you can say it is a flop story. But during the 20th-century the tables turn.

When D.H. Lawerence called this book the most powerful and strangest book in the world. Also, the greatest book on the sea that is ever written.

After that people start liking this book and made it the best work in American literature.

The story is about Ishmael, who is a young teacher. To walk across the sea, he sits on the surfboard called Pagodas. Ahab is the captain of the ship.

To take the old revenge, he takes the whole crew for the hunting of a mysterious white whale.

At the same time, the story deals with romance and with the whale that is quite interesting. Also, the writer puts a lot of effort into writing a story that has two genres.

When the story is in the development stage, its name was a whale.

But when the publication time occurs. The writer changes the book name from whale to Moby dick. It is the name of the whale in the story.

Ahab wants to take revenge on moby dick because, on the previous voyage, the whale destroyed the ship of Ahab and also bite his leg to the knee.

This is a combination of both romantic and adventurous genre. You can spend your extra time listening to this audiobook because it is entertaining.

Also, the story about the ocean is amazing.

No other writer can beat this level in explaining sea life.

10. Around The World in 80 Days – Jules Verne

Around the world in 80 days is written by Jules Verne a French writer.

It is an adventurous novel that becomes the best Youtube audiobook. It revolves around the person that earns well but live simply and want to go on a world tour.

Around the world in 80 days is considered one of the best works of Jules Verne.

It will energy in you to travel the world no what is your age and what you earn.

You can live your life with full energy and excitement. You should invest your time in listening to these kinds of audiobooks that promote how to live your life.

Also, you will learn about the specialties of different cities and their cultures. By living in the same place, you can visit the whole world in your imagination.

No matter what your hobbies are you will love traveling after listening to this best Youtube audiobook.

To visit the world, you do not have to spend a lot. You can get this audiobook for free on Amazon and Youtube.

Enjoy your free time by gaining useful information.

What is the Duration of a Usual Audiobook?

Usual Audiobook

The duration of an audiobook depends upon the story and book pages. As a rough estimate, it will take 5 to 7 hours to read a book with 200 pages.

To record the book, In one hour a person can read almost 30 pages. But there are some factors like the number of words per page, and reading speed that affects the duration of the audiobook.

To lessen or speed up the reading speed, many listening tools are available that you can use.

In one hour, you can listen to 50 to 60 pages of an accelerated book. In this article, we discuss the audiobooks of Youtube and Amazon.

All of them have a different time duration.


These are the best audiobook that you should read. But there is also a huge variety available on the digital platform.

After listening to these best Youtube audiobooks you can select other ones from both Amazon and youtube.

Audiobooks work best for the persons who love to read books.

But they do not have time to read it. Also, due to the low budget, people do not want to get new books or novels.

To remove the time and budget problem they should go for audiobooks. They are available free of cost and you can easily access them.

Due to the huge variety, you will not get bored listening to audiobooks. There is no need to listen to the full audio if you do not have it.

Because you can pause the recording and can resume it when you get free. It is considered better to download the audiobook.

Because if you listen to it online, you require a good internet connection until the book ends.

But in downloading case, you just need an internet connection to download the audiobook.

After that, you can listen to them anytime without having an internet connection.

Just like you can read the book anytime when you buy it. You get multiple benefits from listening to audiobooks. Like your thinking and imaging ability increases.

Also, you get knowledge about the genre that you like. It is recommended to listen to audiobooks in your free time but without spending the money.


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