10 Best Blue Snowball iCE Mic Stands in [year]: Reviews & Guide

December 6, 2019
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If you are using the Blue Snowball iCE microphone then you need to pair it with a quality mic stand.

We will review mic stands for the Blue Snowball iCE, which is a necessary piece of equipment to get the most out of your mic.

A high-quality mic stand with a pop filter will enable you to produce professional-grade recordings.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks for Blue Snowball iCE Mic Stands

  1. InnoGear Upgraded Microphone Suspension Stand OVERALL BEST
  2. Suspension Mic Stand With Boom Scissor Arm RUNNER UP
  3. Neewer Desk Mic Stand HONORABLE MENTION

Reviews Of Blue Snowball iCE Mic Stands:

That said, you should not purchase a mic stand without going through our list of the best mic stands for a Blue Snowball.

1. InnoGear Upgraded Microphone Suspension Stand

InnoGear Upgraded Microphone Suspension Stand

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If you are looking for a top-of-the-range microphone stand, the InnoGear is a must-have.

With its foldable armband, it makes it easy to carry around and store correctly.

It is effortless to fold in its suitable angles and has an adjustable height that suits you.

Therefore you can produce you’re your voice at a perfect quality level producing optimal sound quality at every angle.

It is a perfect fit for almost all families and a wide range of studio recording businesses, not forgetting broadcasting and TV stations.

This is because of its 5/8”-27 male to 3/8”-16 female screw adapter that makes it suitable for a Blue Snowball.

It also comes with a 1.10″ long diameter microphone clip.

It is highly durable due to its heavy-duty steel structure with ultra-strong springs, which have an extra positioning screw.

The microphone stand is highly compact, making it excellent for heavy-duty carrying.

You are sure to find this product perfect for your everyday needs, and it will give you excellent service for an extended period.

A quick note, we do recommend getting a longer USB cable so it can wrap along the arm and stay out of the way.


  • The armband of this Mic Stand happens to be foldable. 
  • This Mic stand comes with an upgraded Desk Mount. 
  • This mic stand happens to be one of the sturdiest options on the list.


  • When it comes to longevity, there are better options available. 

2. Suspension Mic Stand With Boom Scissor Arm For Blue Snowball

Suspension Mic Stand

The Neuma microphone stand is another fantastic mic stand that will give you one of the best services in your recording sessions.

It comes with a folding body design, which is easy to fold.

This feature makes it easily portable and for efficient storage.

It has two adjustable arms providing additional folding points, increasing its storage, and portability advantages.

You need not worry about it easily breaking as it comes with super durable material.

The durability is signified by the high-quality material and strong spring structure.

Therefore you can carry out your heavy-duty work hassle-free.

The head swivels easily yet holds its position once in place.

This microphone stand has multiple protection clamps in addition to a durable rubber mat at the clamp top.

Also included is a sponge mat on the washer, which means that you will never destroy your furniture in the studio or at your home.

If you would like to increase the width of the mounting screw, then you may easily do this by wrapping a thread tape on the shock mount.

This will also allow you to maintain the actual screw thread.


  • This Mic Stand comes in two different color options. 
  • This Mic stand securely positions the mic for optimal results. 
  • The Tripod stand of this Mic Stand has folding legs.


  • None.

3. Neewer Desk Mic Stand With Non-Slip Feet

Neewer Desk Mic Stand With Non-Slip Feet

If you are looking for a light mic stand to carry around your home or workplace, then this stand is for you.

It is suitable for home use, lectures, podcasts, and any meeting, live interviews, and broadcasts.

You can easily hold it while doing your recording sessions in the lecture room or conference room and it will help assist with quality audio every time.

It is robust enough to give you long service as it is made of durable iron construction.

Therefore you can be sure you are making a very viable investment.

The tripod design is excellent as it makes a stand stable to hold low-profile instruments and equipment.

The non-slip foot is a fantastic feature for this mic stand. It can offer reinforcements for kick drums and amps.


  • This Mic Stand makes for one of the best options for its versatility. 
  • This mic securely positions the mic for music. 
  • The Tripod of this mic stand features a stable design.


  • The size of this mic stand is smaller than other options. 

4. Aokeo AK-35 Microphone Stand Desk Adjustable Boom Scissor Arm For Blue Snowball iCE

Aokeo AK-35 Microphone Stand Desk Adjustable Boom Scissor Arm For Blue Snowball iCE

This mic stand is definitely for enthusiasts. Made of sturdy materials, it is much more durable than most mic stands in the market.

It comes with anti-rust properties meaning you can use it in humid conditions without damaging it.

It has a modern design feel to it, with the adjustable arms making it easy to move your microphone at any angle that best suits your needs.

This feature is made possible by the presence of super spring support. The movement of the arms is stable and smooth, making this mic stand fantastic to use.

It has multifunction capabilities as the universal boom arm stand can suit your studio tasks perfectly.

It comes fitted with a threaded screw adapter, which makes it possible to fix any personal microphone you might have.

You don’t have to worry about the kind of mic clip that your microphone has since it will be catered for with the stand.

You can attach your Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball iCE to this mic stand.

It can hold a max load of three kilograms, and it is excellent for youtube and Facebook recording, TV stations, battle stations, stage performances, and voice-over recording.

If that’s not enough, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and a three-month return policy.

They provide quality assurance and are reachable to provide support if you encounter any issues.


  • This mic stand is made from sturdy materials. 
  • This mic stand has anti-rust properties which means that it is prone to damage in humid conditions. 
  • Featuring a modern design, this stand happens to be one of the best.


  • Few Users find the Stabilizing Peg Chintzy.

5. Luling Arts Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

Luling Arts Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

From the name, you can already guess the quality of this mic stand. It is excellent for radio and music recording.

It is because it comes with a pop filter.

Pop filters help reduce air blasts from your mouth, plosives,  allowing for high-quality recordings.

Forget worrying about producing hissing sounds while pronouncing the letters.

You can also do away with the air blasts when pronouncing ‘b’s and ‘p.’

It has strong compatibility and applicability with the Luling arts mic providing attach ability to Blue Yeti, Snowball, or mount.

As long as you have standard-sized microphones, you are sure to like this stand. It has maximum weight support of 2 kilograms, making it possible for you to attach the most valuable equipment in the studio.

It comes with fantastic shock mount effects due to the width of the microphone clipping.

It can be altered by using the adjustable O-rings on the shock mount.

The suspension shock mount can isolate the studio microphones from vibrations and regular noise.

It is designed for heavy-duty carriage as it is made of zinc alloy and covered with an anti-scratch protective pad.

You can, therefore, mount heavy microphones for a long time.


  • This mic stand happens to be one of the most premium options. 
  • This product comes with a pop filter. 
  • This Happens to be one of the most compatible options.


  • This mounting system cannot handle desks with beveled edges. 

6. InnoGear Microphone Stand with Sturdy Swivel Mount

InnoGear Microphone Stand with Sturdy Swivel Mount

If you are a voice-over artist or are into video podcasts such as those you see on youtube and Facebook, then you can invest in this unique piece of equipment.

This sturdy microphone stand comes with a lot better compatibility without having to mount heavyweights.

It has an adjustable arm that makes positioning in the home or studio quite easy.

It is workable with both light and heavy microphones since you can either choose between large and small versions depending on your needs.

The excellent feature of having the spring inbuilt for balance is also advantageous as it makes the equipment have a more professional look and feel.

It can carry loads not exceeding 3.5 lbs. The arm length of the scissor arm is fourteen can be rotated all around in 360 degrees.

The maximum horizontal width of the arm is 28 inches while it is 27 inches when adjusted horizontally.

You can invest in this mic stand as it is affordable for making podcast videos right from your studio or home.

Check InnoGear’s official website for warranty information.


  • This microphone happens to be one of the sturdiest options on the list. 
  • The stand of this microphone allows the users to mount heavyweight mics. 
  • The stand of this microphone comes with an adjustable arm.


  • The only movement you can make is on the arm. 

7. Ammoon MS-12 Mini Foldable Desktop Mic Stand

Ammoon MS-12 Mini Foldable Desktop Mic Stand

This microphone stand comes with an elegant foldable design that makes it easily portable and storing.

The three feet design, which is non-slip, gives it exceptional strength making it possible for you to mount the necessary equipment to it.

The rubber feet are also great, as you will not scratch your table or desk. It has a clutch that comes in handy when locking the stand, therefore, making it more stable.

Then outer material is made of plastic, metal, and rubber, therefore, offering it maximum durability for use for an extended period.


  • The stand of this product is one of the best. 
  • This product happens to be one of the best options on the market. 
  • This product features a very sturdy design.


  • Some people have complained about missing two rubber feet. 

8. Eastshining Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Arm

Eastshining Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Arm

This Eastshining mic stand has an ultra-modern feel to it. This is because of the adjustable design and the material used in its construction.

It is very stable when using it as it has dual suspension springs on every boom arm.

This prevents the microphones from shaking or dropping suddenly and, therefore, making noise.

Another fantastic feature that adds to the stability is the one table mounting clamp, which comes fitted with soft rubber to protect your tabletop or desk.

It is very durable as it made from all zinc alloy in its construction and is therefore suitable for heavy-duty carry. Made from high-quality steel, the scissor arm can hold up to 2 kilograms of weight making it possible for you to attach the necessary equipment needed when recording in the studio.

It comes with two adjustable legs making a stand extendable to 70cm. You can, therefore, adjust the microphone to a height that is comfortable for you to produce the best work.

The Eastshining mic stand is universally graded, with a standard 4.5cm ABS mic clip diameter, and can, therefore, fit most Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti.

This is a must-have mic stand if your interests are in YouTube or Facebook videos, radio broadcasting, stage performances, and TV stations.


  • This mic happens to be one of the most comfortable options. 
  • It comes with two adjustable legs
  • One of the most versatile and compatible options on the list.


  • None.

9. InnoGear Microphone Stand With Adjustable Boom For Blue Snowball iCE

InnoGear Microphone Stand With Adjustable Boom For Blue Snowball iCE

This is another stand from InnoGear Microphone stands. It has excellent features that make it appear in our list of the top microphone stands in the market.

The material used in its construction is among the top features that make this stand a must-have for most people.

The all zinc alloy mounting clamp is robust to hold the weight attached to the stand. The ultra-strong springs prevent the mic from dropping or vibrating.

The double screen pop filters are another fantastic feature to have in this mic stand.

The hissing sounds and air blasts are adequately taken care of by the first screen, therefore leaving only pure music or voice recorded.

The design is also fabulous as the cable ties that have self-locking fasteners are strong and durable, making them easy to handle and prevent snagging.


  • Adjusting this product is rather simple and easy. 
  • Unlike many other options, the setting up process is simple. 
  • This product offers great value for money.


  • The Pop Filter of Mic is not good enough. 

10. Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Studio Boom Arm and Pop Filter

Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Studio Boom Arm and Pop Filter

This mic stand had to be on this list. Its features are elegant and at the same time, robust and durable.

It is suitable for video podcasts, recording vocals and music, gaming, and much more.

It has a fresh two-condenser capsule design that makes it look professional enough and also sturdy.

The retro compact design also makes the USB microphone exceptional while at the same time performing the task at hand with minimum fuss.

It has a significant pop filter feature that takes away the air blasts and hissing sounds when broadcasting or recording.


  • This Snowball iCE Mic Features a high-quality USB Mic. 
  • This Mic Features a Cardioid polar pattern. Due to this reason, the sound quality is very good. 
  • The Included Boom Arm makes it easier for the users to make use of this product.


  • This Mic Picks up a lot of background noise. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mic Stand:

Best Blue Snowball iCE Mic Stands

There are various things you will need to think over before you make a decision on which microphone stand you end up buying.

The most basic include;

  • If you want a boom arm or not.
  • This is a very crucial element to consider, as it will influence the kind of stand you purchase.
  • If you are a lecturer, then it is not necessary to have a boom arm, and you can settle without it.
  • A boom scissor arm stand is suitable for podcast video makers as the swivel feature comes in handy as you grab it and start recording when the mood sets in.
  • Will you screw it on the desk or mount it to the wall.
  • You must also consider your working station and where the stand will be located.
  • If you are into video making, you are likely to be sitting at a desk, and therefore, you should go for a mic stand with table and desk clamps.
  • It should have rubber fittings to protect your desk from scratches.
  • If you are into music recording, then it is advisable to have one that is mounted on the wall.
  • You are most likely to engage your vocals when standing rather than sitting.
  • Therefore you should look for a stand that is durable to withstand swivels and constant adjustments.
  • The portability of the stand will heavily influence what type of position you end up buying.
  • If you want it to be portable, the tripod mic stands will be a great choice.
  • You can move around with it, from one meeting to another.

Drawbacks of the Blue Snowball Mic Stand:

Blue Snowball Mic Stand

Everything has its good side and bad side likewise blue snowball iCE mic has.

Although blue snowball iCE stands for your microphone is decent a decent choice but they got some cones.

Let us see what are the major drawback of these mics are.

Size and weight:

One of the disadvantages of using a blue snowball mic stand is the size and weight them.

Due to their short size the user needs to position themselves to come closer to their mic.

They have no extensions that mean we cannot adjust them easily.

By adjusting I mean that you cannot move them toward and away these mics from you certainly.

In short, we can say that these snowball iCE mics are too short to adjust and offers you no extension.

Due to their small size, they are only using desktops and not on stages and other areas.

Next, we look at their size, this is another drawback of them that they are quite heavy in their existence I am not judging them by appearance they actually are heavy.

The weight does not matter actually if you work inside the studio but if you are a traveler then the weight actually matters and these mics are heavy. 

Snowball Mic Stand Are Sensitive To Vibrations:

Another con of these snowball microphones stands is that they are sensitive to vibrations.

Do you know what it means?

It means that these are going to detect all of the extra noises or sounds that you do not want to add.

They are highly sensitive that they can easily capture the noises coming out of your desktop, the vibrations of the keypad, and stuff like that.

As the mic stand is meant to be on your desktop so to avoid this con you should avoid tapping on the desk but it stills captures the voice of typing. 

Though these mics are the choice of many and many people consider them over many others but this sensitivity of these mics makes them not worth buying.

Poor Sound Absorption:

Next, I am going to tell you about another disadvantage of snowball mic stands that is poor sound absorption. 

As already stated that they capture all the unnecessary noises like desktop tapping and typing noise for this reason it does not absorbs or captures the actual sound which we really want to record with the help of these accurately and then the user of it faces problems.

To overcome this problem you need to sit and record the sound in such a place that is calm and free of noise that is generally hard to find.


Although they are tiny in size but bulky and takes a lot of space when installing these snowball mics iCE.

These are available in the same size for your mic and are small which causes a problem in adjustment but on the same side of the spectrum, they are also bulky which means they need more space for their installment which also another drawback of your snowball mic stand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put a blue snowball on a mic stand?

YES, you are allowed to put your blue snowball microphone on a mic stand as you do not have to worry about what kind of clip your microphone has because it would be catered for with the stand, so there is a free hand for you to easily attach your Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball iCe to the microphone stand with ease to capture the best audio vocal for your video, on the other hand, you can easily do streaming with this as if you have a gaming channel or you are about to discuss something to your viewers.

Is the Blue Snowball mic good?

YES, they are quite impressive microphones that are from the manufacturing company Blue.

These microphones are well-performing in the recording sector because they come with quite an impressive recording technology these Blue Snowball microphones are most of the preferred choices of Youtubers as they come in handy with a stand.

Which gives you a free-hand look these are the quiet facts that a streamer or a Youtuber with a gaming channel would desire so they can enjoy recording their foremost best gameplays while recording in their audio.

There are amazing features that are offered by the snowball microphone by Blue these features consist of three different recording styles. 

In short, these microphones are qualified in doing their recording work with ease.

Which is better blue snowball or blue snowball ice?

Which of the microphone is better, that purely depends on you but the fact that the blue snowball is referred to as a professional level microphone with more features than the blue snowball ice which is referred to as a basic is real. 

As there’s a quiet difference between the pricing as well the normal blue snowball microphone is about £15–£20 expensive than the blue snowball ice.

The reason is that the blue snowball consists of more features than the other version noted as blue snowball ice, some major features of the blue snowball are that it comes extra polar patterns that refer to both cardioid and omnidirectional functionality whereas, the blue snowball ice only has the cardioid feature. 

Do I need a pop filter for blue snowball?

We consider using a pop filter for a blue snowball microphone only in this case scenario when you are using your blue snowball microphone close to your mouth which would help you all the way to prevent the pop sounds you would make while speaking into your blue snowball microphone.

Rather than this, your pop filter won’t do much work when you have a house set up of a studio or your desk where the microphone is set feet or two away from your mouth it would not help you in this case because the official work of the pop filter is to absorb the popping sound which is created while the user speaks into the microphone but in this case, your mic would be kept a little far from your mouth so you won’t be directly speaking in it.

There’s this situation as well, where you would not rather want it to place your microphone near you, it would help you in absorbing the additional sounds where the pop filter would help you record clean. 

How do you put a blue snowball on the stand?


After you are done with the unpacking of both the products, the blue snowball microphone and the stand or boom arm you have bought for your microphone, unscrew the blue snowball’s own stand if it is attached.

We also suggest that you fix your boom arm stand to the surface where ever you would set it up later because it would give you a superior grip while you would fix your blue snowball microphone.

It is handy to have it sturdy and mounted while attaching the snowball.


Now if you place your snowball microphone directly on the stand, you would find out it is widely loose and would not have any grip on the stand as the hole is extensively wide and loose, which makes it insecure for your snowball, now here’s the trick now look underside the hole of the snowball the plastic lip underneath is actually removable 


After you place it upside down on the arms stand, you would find that it is the perfect size you were looking for in the stand.

Now after screwing your blue snowball microphone up on the stand, you can easily use it by attaching the USB cord to use it for recording. 

Final Verdict!

From the above list, you can easily see the clear distinctions between the stands and the work best suited for each.

If you are a journalist or lecturer, the tripod mic stand is best since it offers excellent portability advantages.

From a recording studio to podcast video makers, then having a position with a boom arm will be ideal for your flexibility-oriented sessions.

That said, you should think about all factors before deciding on a microphone stand, and any from the list provided above will surely get you the best service possible.


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