10 Best Blue Yeti Mic Stands for the Money in [year] – Reviews & Guide

December 5, 2019
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In this world of podcasting, YouTube videos, Twitch stream, and music recording, you need to have the best equipment for the job.

A Blue Yeti mic stand is one of the crucial tools to help you produce high-quality sound. You stand to gain more if you invest in the right type of equipment to compliment your talents.

One of the advantages of a microphone stand is offering the best height for you to work effortlessly. The second one is providing a platform to produce top-quality content by filtering out noise from the work you are doing.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks for Blue Yeti Mic Stands

  1. InnoGear Mic Stand OVERALL BEST
  2. InnoGear Suspension Mic Stand RUNNER UP
  3. Blue Compass Premium HONORABLEMENTION

Pop filter features are a must-have if you are seriously thinking of venturing into music and vocals recording as well as radio broadcasting.

This is because the windscreens filter out the unnecessary noise allowing you to remain audible enough throughout the recording sessions.

Reviews Of Blue Yeti Mic Stands:

Without much ado, we have a list of the best Blue Yeti mic stands in the market to assist you in choosing the best stand suitable for your career.

1. Microphone Stand with Sturdy Swivel Mount by InnoGear | Overall Best

Microphone Stand with Sturdy Swivel Mount by InnoGear

One of the top microphones stands in the market, and that’s why it is on this list.

It has several amazing features that will surely transform your recording sessions.

It is highly durable due to the high-quality material of the stand. It has better compatibility and can hold a maximum weight of 4.4lbs.

Therefore you can attach heavy-duty microphones as well as light ones.

The microphone stand is stable enough and will not bounce up unexpectedly and can be balanced in any position due to its adjustable range.

Another fantastic feature of this mic stand, is the spring built-in balance system, making the stand look even more professional than the stands with an exposed balancing system. It also makes the stand look elegant in its fabulous design.

The scissor arm stand can extend a maximum of 19 inches and can also be rotated through 30 degrees.

It can reach 38 inches and 33.5 inches, horizontally and vertically, respectively. We have seen dozens of YouTubers use this exact mic stand.

2. Microphone Suspension Stand with Screw Adapter by InnoGear | Runner Up

Microphone Suspension Stand with Screw Adapter by InnoGear

This microphone stand has a foldable armband. This makes it easy for you to carry around and also enables straightforward folding.

This adjustable arms feature also allows you to adjust and set your preferable height and angle of the Microphone to produce your best voice.

The screw adapter included in the whole package perfectly suits the blue snowball. The microphone clip diameter is exactly 1.10 inches.

The top-quality steel structure makes it durable for use for quite a long time, giving you excellent service.

The ultra-powerful spring, which comes with an extra positioning screw, makes it suitable for heavy-duty carry. It is designed to hold weights of up to 1.5 kilograms.

After purchase, you might notice that your Yeti mic might have a slightly larger mounting hole than the industry standard.

This shouldn’t worry you as you can use the included thread tape to screw it on the shock mount. You will have increased the thickness of the mounting screw.

You can’t go wrong if you decide to buy this unique microphone stand. It will not only provide you with superior sound quality but will also help keep your workspace clear.

3. Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm by Blue | Honorablemention

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm by Blue

The unique boom arm is a great asset to have. It offers so much more, not just microphone attachment tasks.

The design is elegant while also retaining the professional look and feel. It has a premium all-tube with a magnificent built-in spring design and is compatible with the Blue Yeti Pro.

That’s not the only brilliant unique feature that comes with it. The hidden channel cable management is just superb, saving you from the annoying tangling with cables.

The boom arm is specially designed for Yeti and many other professional broadcast microphones.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with almost all standard shock mounts, which will significantly enhance your flexibility at the workstation.

It offers smooth and quiet adjusting due to the hand-tightened friction hinges.

We have also seen this mic stand featured on a few podcasting episodes and various Twitch channels. It is perfect if you use your microphone for gaming.

If you are hunting for a stylish boom arm for your Yeti mic, but still want to retain that all-important professional look, then you cannot go wrong with this blue compass boom arm.

4. Blue Yeti Microphone Suspension Mic Clip by Earamble

Blue Yeti Microphone Suspension Mic Clip by Earamble

This microphone suspension mic clip offers great service at the workstation. If you decide to purchase this mic stand, you will enjoy stable and easy mounting.

The microphone mounting is removable, meaning you have the option of using the one you’ve been using.

It offers the advantage of table mounting without depending on any other accessories; therefore, it’s great to work on your desk.

The feature that makes this mic stand an exciting item is the three types of mounting on offer.

You can choose between 360 degrees, 180 degrees, or fixed positions depending on your preferences. It also comes with a soft mat underneath, ensuring that your furniture is safe from scratches.

It can carry a maximum of 2 kilograms. Therefore, you can mount all the required accessories for a transforming session.

It is durable enough due to the high-quality steel structural frame, and yet the manufacturers still give you a one and a half years warranty.

That added with antirust properties means you will be very confident while using this mic stand. It is perfect for any USB microphone.

This particular mic stand is popular with most podcasters.

5. Upgraded Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand for Blue Yeti by InnoGear

Upgraded Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand for Blue Yeti by InnoGear

This microphone stand is upgraded with a durable metallic base, fixed with non-slip cotton, meaning you can move it quietly and without scratching the table or desk surface.

It comes with a bigger base diameter while the overall weight is approximately 836 grams, which means that it can’t be knocked over easily.

The height is well taken care of as it is extendable from 10.6 inches to 15.4 inches.

This stand comes with a screw-in style stand, meaning that the stands will always be tight and safe while in use. Therefore the height remains the same with no sliding whatsoever.

The product is very durable due to its high-quality metal and is compatible with the blue snowball, Yeti Microphones, and many more.

The Microphone is portable, and you can quickly move around with it in the lecture room, conference hall, church, or other public areas.

Because of its portability, we highly recommend this mic stand for those who use their microphones for ASMR recordings.

If you are looking for portability as the main factor, then this is the stand for you.

6. Large Sturdier Microphone Stand by Neewer

Large Sturdier Microphone Stand by Neewer

This mic stand is also packed with excellent features designed to take your breath away truly. The design is meticulous and also stylish without losing the practicability.

It comes with a superior support weight, capable of carrying loads of up to 1.8 kilograms. It is ideal for all kinds of microphones, both heavy and light.

Therefore you can use it at any particular stage you find yourself in.

The stand is of a high-quality guarantee since it is made from aluminum alloy and backed up by a much sturdier metal structure.

The 0.5 inches square tubes provide a fantastic user experience. The Blue Yeti Pro fits nice in this mic stand.

The stand is exceptionally stable, capable of being positioned at any angle. It will not bounce unexpectedly, even when a heavy object isn’t suspended.

The spring balance system is hidden inside, giving the stand a much-needed professional look and feel.

The audio wires are also protected, meaning you will not be distracted by tangling wires when performing. Check the Neewer website for warranty information.

It can be used for various instances such as broadcasting, voice recording, stage performances, concerts, and so much more.

If you purchase this stand, you can be sure to take your talents to the next level due to the added confidence it guarantees.

7. Adjustable Mic Stand with Dual-Layered Mic Pop Filter by InnoGear

Adjustable Mic Stand with Dual-Layered Mic Pop Filter by InnoGear

This stand comes with the items that you are likely to use for studio recording ad live performances. This includes a microphone stand, a one-pack windscreen, and a pop filter.

The stand has high-tech acoustic foam material suitable for Blue Snowball. The material is also of high quality making it possible to use for many years.

If you are a hyperactive person during performances, then this stand is definitely for you as it has good elasticity, and the pop filter is sure to filter out all background noises, plosives, and popping sounds.

It has universal compatibility with most mics and is durable with the super-strong springs that shield the Microphone from vibrations, drops, and producing unnecessary noise.

It also has the option for table clamping with possible to mount on a desk or table that is 2 inches thick. With a protective layer of sponge, you can rest assured that your furniture won’t be destroyed.

With the added double-layered pop filter, you are sure to lockout background noise as well as the annoying hissing sounds and air blasts.

The blasts are easily contained, producing some excellent audio recordings.

If you are looking at producing high-quality voice-overs or recordings, then you need to add this stand to your shopping list.

It’s compatible with most Yeti USB microphones.

8. Microphone Arm Stand, Mic Suspension Scissor Stand Boom Arm by DuaFire

Microphone Arm Stand, Mic Suspension Scissor

This is a technically adept mic stand that offers both versatility and professional touch. It is specially designed for all types of microphones but is uniquely suitable for blue Yeti and blue snowball.

It is smoothly adjustable and highly flexible, making it easy to fold for carrying and storage. It can be adjusted to any position or angle, making it very comfortable to use in the studio or station.

It can reach 37.5 inches in both horizontal and vertical extension while it can be rotated the full 360 degrees.

With this feature, it is best used in broadcasting, home video making, TV station use, and studios.

It is also very durable and robust as it is made from high-quality steel with an iron base and can support weights of up to 1.3 kilograms.

You can be super confident with each piece of equipment you’d require for your recording.

It is easy to dismantle and install, therefore, to save you precious during the whole process.

It doesn’t occupy too much space making it the best if you have a small studio at home. It doesn’t slip or sag, and once you set the height and angle, you won’t need to keep adjusting.

It has everything you might want to look for in a microphone stand. It also makes for a great place to put your headphones while it’s not in use.

You will also see this microphone stand featured in numerous youtube videos.

9. Adjustable Mic Stand for Blue Yeti with Boom Scissor Arm Stand by Yotto

Adjustable Mic Stand for Blue Yeti with Boom Scissor Arm Stand by Yotto

This is also another one in our list that comes with everything you might need to do some quality recordings.

The whole package includes a mic scissor arm stand, one pop filter, one microphone windscreen, a table mounting clamp, one standard microphone clip, and three cable ties.

It is made of high-quality material that gives a robust frame and strong compatibility.

It has a perfect choice of metal screws, unlike other traditional stands that have plastic screws. The screws are of international standard size, the usual 5/8” screw mounting hole.

It is possible to mount it on a desk and table with a thickness of 5cm.

The soft padded bottom will ensure that your furniture isn’t damaged in any way. It also increases the stand’s grip on the table, therefore, preventing it from falling.

It is suitable for a wide variety of needs from broadcasting, to music recording and talking.

The Mic Foam Cover ensures that this is efficiently possible. This is one of the greatest Blue Yeti accessories you can purchase.

10. AK-35 Microphone Stand with Adjustable Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm by Aokeo

AK-35 Microphone Stand with Adjustable MicrophoneAK-35 Microphone Stand with Adjustable Microphone

This mic stand is the best for making YouTube and Facebook videos, stage performances, and radio broadcasting.

It comes with a mountable table clamp making it best for office, studio, and home use. It can be mounted on any desk or table that is up to 10cm thick.

It is durable and has antirust properties; therefore, the next time you think of making a voice-over in humid conditions, you shouldn’t worry.

It is multifunctional as the boom arm stand is universally standardized and will be ideal for all your recording tasks.

It can hold up weights not exceeding 3 kilograms, and that is sure enough to cater to all necessary items.

The super spring support comes in handy, making movements remain smooth and solid.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Microphone Stand:

There are a few things to consider before finally buying a mic stand. They are very crucial things as they will determine how best you utilize your new stand.

The first vital factor to consider is whether or not you want a boom arm or not. This will be influenced by the kind of flexibility you need from your stand.

If you move around a lot in your chair while talking, then you are best suited to working with a boom arm.

The second factor is where you will be placing it, on the wall, or the desk or table. Check around your home, studio, or station, and see where to fit your stand best.

In a home studio, the desk is excellent, and therefore purchasing a stand with a table clamp will be ideal.

Portability is the last factor to consider. If you are in a profession where you move a lot, you will need a light stand, which is highly adjustable to make it easy to dismantle and fold.

Why Getting A Mic Stand For Your Blue Yeti Is A Great Idea?

Blue Yeti comes with a stylish stand that some people might not want to buy an extra stand for it.

It contains all the features that normal people might want. But these features are not enough for professionals.

They surely need some additional features to record good quality sound.

Also, to avoid the issue of the Blue Yeti mic stand professionals use an external mic stand.

Here are the drawbacks of a mic stand that comes with Blue Yeti. 

  • During recording, you cannot move it.
  • You need a person that does this task for you.
  • Microphones receive background noises more than your voice
  • You might bend over to talk.
  • This is not a good practice for your voice and your back.

To overcome all these issues, an external mic stand is the only solution.

The best stand now available in the market is the boom arm stand.

What You Should Know About Blue Yeti Boom Arm Stands?

Blue Yeti Boom Arm Stands

The most recommended mic stand for podcasters and vloggers is the boom arm stand.

Because it is easy to shoot with the boom arm. 

After recording, you can fold the stand to keep it in a safe place.

Many other microphones provide you the facility that they can fit on any stand. But this is not the case with blue yeti.

It is a bit tricky to use an additional stand with blue yeti because

It is difficult to find a stand that can place blue yeti in it

The weight of blue yeti is quite heavy that a normal stand can not bear it

If somehow you placed blue yeti on the stand then your mic will fall because the stand can not handle the weight.

After that, your mic will not remain in the condition that you can use it.

So to avoid such a situation select the right mic stand for it. You can use the following stands with your blue yeti.

1. InnoGear Stand

InnoGear Stand


  • It is designed in a way, that can hold the weight up to 4.4 lbs.
  • It has a total arm length of 19 inches.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Horizontal reach is 38 inches and vertical reach is 37 inches.
  • Maintain a balance without any load.

InnoGear is the most stylish microphone stand. Its built-in springs help the stand maintain an attractive look. It comes in both sizes large and small.

This microphone stand is flexible that can hold a weight of 2kg. You can rotate the stand 360 degrees.

Without the microphone, the stand can balance at any position.

It does not bounce up, for this reason, it can fit with many versions of the microphone. Here are some important features of the InnoGear stand.


  • You can tie a wire along its long arm.
  • Built-in springs to maintain a stylish look.
  • Square tubes of 0.53″.
  • It also offers desk support.


  • Takes time to loosen up.
  • Due to its stiffness, it lacks good movement control.

2. Aokeo AK-35 Stand

Aokeo AK-35 Stand

It is a low-budget stand that can fit with Blue Yeti. Aokeo has a classic look. Its structure is made up of steel and you can easily adjust it.

Aokeo stand becomes portable when you fold it. With the help of its screw adapter at the mount, you can multiple microphones with it.

With its improved grip, it can attach to any device. You can also adjust the angle by rotating 360 degrees. The maximum load that Aokeo can bear is 1.5 kg.

If the weight is greater then the stand will break down. But it can easily bear the 1 kg weight of Blue yeti. It offers a warranty for a lifetime.


  • Best to fit blue yeti.
  • Easy to adjust the microphone.
  • Capabilities of bearing good load.
  • Affordable price.


  • For some user, arm length is short.
  • The disintegration of foam pads.

3. The Blue Compass Arm

The Blue Compass Arm


  • It has a dual mount.
  • It has a 32″ arm reach.
  • Rotation of 360 degrees.
  • Bear the maximum weight of 2.4lb.
  • Attach to the desk with C-clamp.
  • To fit the pop filter it has an area on the shock mount radius.

The blue arm is a stylish-looking boom arm for the desktop.

For clean lines, it has a built-in cable system. You can use a blue compass arm with a variety of microphones.

The most interesting features of the Blue arm are:

The Blue Compass Arm blue yeti with it easily. The only limitation is that the weight of a microphone should be equal to less than 1 kg.

You can use the blue mount for multiple purposes such as voice-over, vlogging, YouTube, podcasts, and many more.

It is a fact that Blue yeti has a stylish desktop stand. But this design does not fulfill the needs of all users.

Especially, for vloggers and podcasters, this stand is not useful.

Also, there are some drawbacks to the Blue Yeti mic stand due to which professionals find it difficult to use.


  • Easy to install.
  • Hidden springs inside its structure.
  • Hidden system of cables.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • Friction hinges create issues.
  • Yeti weight complaints.


Drawbacks of the Blue yeti Mic stand are:

1. Too Short:

While recording, users make sure that their mouth and head remain close to the mic.

2. Sensitive to Background Noise:

The standard blue yeti mic is very close to the desk that’s why it captures more voices from the desk. The voice of keyboard typing is also recorded in the shooting.

3. Direction Issues in Voice Pick-up:

It is a side-address mic that’s why it records voice from a parallel direction. It picks up most of the voice from the front and back but not from the mic head end.

For this reason, the blue yeti mic is small and does not match the user mount level.

To remove all these drawbacks professionals might want an extra mic stand. So that they can record peacefully without any external noise.

Other Accessories For Further Audio Greatness:

Best Blue Yeti Mic Stands

For better sound quality, you can also add some extra accessories to your Blue Yeti. These accessories are.

Blue Yeti Shock Mount:

A shock mount is used to reduce the low vibration sound that comes from your desk.

This sound is produced when the mic stand hits your desk, and when you move the stand.

This sound is so low that you can not hear it at the spot but when this sound is recorded your video quality reduces. It leaves a bad impact on your listeners.

To remove this sensitive issue you should use a Shock mount.

Moreover, you can not buy any shock mount for your microphone. First, make sure that it fits with your Blue yeti then buy it.

Here are some examples of Shock mounts that you can use with blue yeti.

Blue Radius II:

It is the official brand of Blue that you can use with Blue microphones. It comes in white, black, and silver colors.

Blue radius II is easy t use with blue yeti pro and pro. You can use it in any orientation. It will work properly and gives better sound quality.

Blue Radius III:

It is the latest release of Blue that is better than Radius II. Blue introduced it in the year 2018.

Radius III is a low profile and also has a low weight.

It makes your experience better with Blue yeti. You can use Radius III with blue yeti in both conditions. No matter camera is off or on you can fit it.

Auphonix Aluminium Shock Mount:

If you do not want to spend more money to buy a shock mount for blue yeti then Auphonix is the best option. It also produces the best sound quality but at a low price.

Auphonix Aluminium is not the official Blue product but you can use it. It comes in a specific shape that can fit with Blue yeti.

Also, less effort is required to start the recording.

Pop Filter:

A pop filter is used to reduce the sound that comes when the air from your mouth hits the microphone.

It is an unpleasant sound that comes when you pronounce some words. The poping sound is annoying when you listen to it.

Here are some options for pop filters that you can use with Blue yeti.

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter:

Blue itself introduces a pop filter for blue microphones. It is made up of metal that gives a nice weight to Pop.

It is a little bit costly but gives the best results. A blue pop filter is a good investment if you are a Vlogger or podcaster on YouTube.

WindTech PopGard 2000:

It is the other option for your Blue Yeti. You can fit it with the stand with the help of elastic bands.

The best thing about WindTech Pop Gard is that it sets up in a short time. It adjusts with the blue yeti and other microphones with ease.

Auphonix 6-inch Pop Filter For Blue Yeti:

If you do not want to invest in the branded pop filters then the Auphonix pop filter is for you. It is available at low prices that you can get it easily.

It is large enough to cover the capsules of blue yeti.

Moreover, its double mesh screen does not allow annoying noise to goes through it.

That’s why you get amazing sound quality by using the Auphonix 6-inch pop filter.

Professional Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti:

It is one of the pop filters that you can use with blue yeti. It comes in different colors and easily fits on the microphone.


There you have it, and if you are thinking of purchasing a new mic stand for your home or work, the above list will guide you to pick the best one.

Be careful when choosing one and make sure all necessary factors are considered so that you get the best equipment for the job.

The most important thing to remember is to compliment your talent with the best kit to produce fantastic works.


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