What is a Brand Account YouTube & How to Create One? (Guide)

July 20, 2020
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A brand account is a special account for your brand. This is not your Google Profile directly.

When a channel is connected to a brand account, many people can use their Google Account to manage it.

For using a Brand account to manage YouTube channels,  you do not need a different user name or password.

You can link to a brand account for your YouTube Channel if:

You want to access your YouTube account for others, but not your Google Account.

You do not want your name or address to be displayed by the viewers. Your Google Account is not a public relationship with your brand account.

Moreover, here in this article, you will learn all the important terms related to this as we will discuss them in detail.

Hope that after reading this guide you don’t have to question anything!

In this guide we have,

  • Difference between youtube account and channel
  • Youtube red
  • What does it offer?
  • Cost and how you will get this?
  • Are there any original shows available on youtube red?
  • List of originals by youtube red
  • A brand account on youtube
  • Setting up the brand account on youtube
  • Adding managers to the new account
  • Adding managers and owners to the brand account
  • Customizing the channel of youtube
  • Details and description of your channel
  • Channel icon and channel art
  • Advantages of having a brand account

Difference between Youtube Account and Youtube Channel

YouTubeMany people are curious to know that is there any difference in both of them?

Well yes, obviously there is a huge difference between both of them. YouTube channel is only a Creator-controlled and managed channel.

To manage a channel, the Creator needs an account that is usually a Google account. A lock is a channel and key for YouTube channel entry.

In addition to this, a youtube channel also charges a sufficient amount to have access to the exclusive content.

It is approximately $4.99 per month as a channel membership.

The distinction between a brand channel and a personal channel, while only one person can handle your own brand channel, is how multiple people can manage one brand channel.

Then you’re good to go as long as you have a Gmail account. 

Youtube Red

Youtube Red

It is basically a subscription service which you will get monthly by youtube which amazingly removes all the advertisements from the videos that you watch.

First introduced by the Youtube music key that allows you to stream music and music videos without advertisement on youtube.

That is why it is separate from youtube and has given a separate name by google YOUTUBE RED.

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What does It Offer?

With the help of youtube red, you can have multiple things to cherish as in no advertisement on youtube whether using on a mobile or TV except the paid content like paid channels, movie purchasing etc.

You will still see ads in such content on youtube.

Moreover, here are a few things that youtube red does for you, below is the list of devices on which you can enjoy ads-free youtube videos with the help of youtube red,

  • Supported smart tv’s
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku LT,1 2,2HD and so on
  • Streaming stick
  • consoles: Xbox 360 and one

These were some of the examples of the devices on which you can easily enjoy ads-free youtube videos with the help of youtube red.

Moreover, it is not available for amazon fire TV so keep this thing in mind in case you want to use it in that.

amazon fire TV

In Addition to this, it has some other interesting things to offer to its users. Like watching videos offline or listening to them with the screen off.

Yes, you heard it right with the screen off!

Isn’t that perfect!

This is the most annoying thing when you want to use it with your screen off but you cannot but youtube red can let you enjoy that very conveniently. 

Further, there are additional features for youtube like youtube kids and youtube gaming applications which can be used by both android and iOS users very easily.

Moreover, you can download any youtube video which will remain for about 30 days on your phone or tablet so that you can enjoy it even when you don’t have the internet connection.

Apart from all of this you cannot comment or like a video when you’re not online as this feature is not available.

In addition to this youtube red has made it super easy to listen to your favourite music on youtube while doing something else with your screen off.

Which is a very huge benefit for all the users as they tend to complain about this a lot.

Now they can listen to whatever they want through headphones or speakers while their screen is off very conveniently. 

Back in 2016, the subscribers of youtube red started receiving access to new members that too in original movies or shows which are at the top of youtube.

New content creators can start new channels and display over the red, but youTube is currently focusing on current stars.

Last but not the least, with the help of youtube red you get the free subscription of google play music per month, which is normally about $10.

Isn’t that a great deal? In case you have already subscribed to google play music then you will get the access of RED for free.

What is the benefit? Well, you no longer need to pay separately for both of the services. Worth it right? 

Cost and How You will Get This?

CostThe cost of youtube red is about $10 mentioned earlier too.

But just to let you know that this service is available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Korea currently. 

As far as it is concerned about how you will get it? Then you can get a free trial for a month before you use it.

Just sign in to your google account at the youtube red landing page. In addition to this, you can also get google speakers if you want to.

Are there any Original Shows Available on Youtube Red?

Well, of course, there are several original youtube red shows available which you would love to use.

The very first show was Red Members was released back in 2016. In addition to this here are a few interesting shows which you would love to see,

  • Bad internet
  • Broke
  • Dance camp
  • Fight of the living dead
  • Dan and Phil- the amazing tour is not on fire
  • Escape the night
  • 12 deadly days
  • A trip to unicorn island
  • DanTDM Creates a big scene
  • Alexander IRL
  • Hyperlinked
  • Kedi
  • Foursome
  • Good game
  • King of the dancehall
  • Gigi gorgeous
  • Ghostemates
  • Fruit ninja a frenzied force
  • Jingle Ballin
  • Me and my grandma
  • Mind field
  • Kings of Atlantis
  • Lifeline
  • Prank academy
  • Lazer team
  • Lindsey Stirling- brave enough
  • MatPat’s GAME LAB
  • The keys of Christmas
  • The paranormal action squad
  • Single by 30
  • Scare pewdiepie
  • Sing it
  • Rhett and Link are a buddy system
  • Ryan Hansen solves crimes on television
  • Squad wars
  • Run, BIGBANG scout
  • Vlogumentary
  • We love you
  • The thinning
  • We are savvy

You must be wondering that’s it!

But just to let you know these were some of the red originals and you must be surprised to know that youtube is investing millions of dollars on red originals.

That means there is something exceptional about them which made youtube invest such a sufficient amount.

Well, you will get the answer by watching them such originals.

Your company has a unique online presence separated from your profile with the Youtube Brand Account.

Although a YouTube Brand account is an individual agency, it is available through your personal channel for exposure and management.

A Youtube channel is an immense business asset, particularly for trends in marketing.

There are several benefits of creating content that will engage the audience and the brands or your clients very effectively.

It has about 90% of the content that is shared online.

YouTube provides a platform specifically for brands and its design team to make life much better for brands.

In this blog, I will explore how you should set up your company account on YouTube, its features and the benefits it provides for your business and for any team.  

A Brand Account on Youtube

A Brand Account on Youtube

The distinction between a brand channel and a personal channel, while only one person can handle your own brand channel, is how multiple people can manage one brand channel. 

Then you’re good to go as long as you have a Gmail account. A youtube brand gives your brand or business its own recognition and presence.

Keep this thing in your mind clear that it is different from your personal account that uses the name of your company or brand even though it is accessed by the personal account.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the privacy issue of both the accounts.

As they are separate from each other and kept private from each other and most of all that they won’t be visible to viewers so you don’t need to get confused here.

It all depends upon you whether you run the accounts by yourself or assign it to the management team that you are comfortable with and to whom you trust. 

 The initiative to have a channel manager is a good choice and one of the awesome features.

That you can cherish that will help you in differentiating the brand account and personal account easily.

This will help you a lot as it is not that easy to stay focused on both and also a crucial step for the growth of your channel brand.

We would suggest adding a manager for your brand account without sharing the google password.

As having multiple management teams can spill everything and you cannot post the content more frequently or dividing the responsibilities equally.

So that no one gets offended and also keeping the charge on the channel to keep on growing strongly and engagingly whether someone is ill or any other uncertain situation. 

Setting up the Brand Account on Youtube

ChannelIt’s not that difficult to access the brand account or to set up the account. All you have to do is sign in via entering your personal credentials.

In case you don’t have a google account then you can sign up from creating a new account by going to the setup screen of google and creating one.

Once you’re done with the new accounts process now login to youtube and select the appropriate image avatar at the top right corner of the screen and go to settings.

Then select the option of creating a new channel at that particular screen appearing in front of you.

Select an appropriate name for the youtube brand account and select CREATE, to begin with, further functionality.

Moreover, here are a few things which you must take into consideration before selecting the brand name,

  • Keep this thing in your mind that selecting an engaging name is necessary as it will reflect your business and that will help to gather more audience and the name that will help to grow your business. Make sure you do not choose a random name or anything like the username of your email account.
  • Make sure that the name is short and engaging enough to be remembered by your audience. And the most important thing is to avoid numbers and other characters in your business account’s name.

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Adding Managers to the New Account

Adding ManagersAs mentioned earlier too that having a brand account is a huge asset you can have for your company or business.

Adding managers is a smart initiative taken by the account owner as you cannot do this with your personal account.

In addition to this, you can easily add or remove managers, edit the business information or to remove any list, responding to reviews and managing the videos etc.

Managers who will have the access to the account can do everything mentioned above except adding or removing a manager or removing any list on your account.

We have discussed this earlier that having multiple managers with equal responsibility can help your business to grow firmly and can affect the workflow processes of your business.

This will also help the individuals to have less load on them and they have to perform less managerial duties assigned to them. 

Adding Managers and Owners to the Brand Account

This is another beneficial step for your brand account and to do this you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below,

  • Sign to your youtube account that you have created with the personal account to access your brand account
  • Select the chosen image avatar of yours at the top right corner of that appearing screen and then select your brand account or channel from the list given to you.
  • Then you need to again select the image avatar to open the settings gear icon in your channel’s account settings.
  • In the managers, area select the option of add or remove the manager to go further with the procedure
  • Then you need to hit the manage permissions button
  • Lastly, select the invite new users icon appearing at the top right corner of that page.

Customizing the channel of youtube

Customizing your youtube channel can help it to grow faster and easier for the customers when they try to find your channel.

Obviously, you have to make it specific and unique from others so that your customers can recognize you.

Here are a few things which will help you in the customization of your youtube channel,

Details and Description of Your Channel

DescriptionBefore starting with the details and description of your channel don’t forget to unlock the customization options under the channel art option.

You will see an option of channel settings popping at your screen.

You need to enable the option that says customize the layout of your channel and then doesn’t forget to save that setting with the help of this.

You can have access to the additional options just like, home, channels, videos, playlists and about.

Here you will select the option of ABOUT so that you can edit the details of your channel.

At the description section use engaging and simple words to describe your brand and what you do.

Make sure that you use some sort of keywords too in the description so that it will be easy to find your channel.

And most importantly don’t forget to add your contact and email details in that section.

In addition to this, make sure to add your social media links as well as they will also be visible to the viewers and would be available at the channel art section.

Many of your connections will lead to a favicon, however, you can see the link title on the first link in your list, so you can take advantage of these 30 characters.

The first link will also show the link title.

Moreover, on the right side of the screen, you will see the option of a featured channel which allows you to feature other channels owned by your brand or managed by the employees of you.

It may not be useful at the time but as soon as you expand the youtube channel then you will notice the change!

Channel Icon and Channel Art

Channel art

Adding appealing channel art is another effective way to showcase your brand and get more audience.

An emerging way to gather the audience and create a powerful impact on them. It should be about 4MB and approximately 2048×1152 pixels. 

But for better quality results it is recommended by youtube to have about 2560x 1440 pixels.

Then it comes down to the channel icon. Well, keep this thing in mind that it will be linked to the brand profile photo.

In order to change it, you need to follow the details by youtube to update the brand account.

It is recommended to have 800×800 pixels of the photo be it a non-animated GIF, JPG, PNG, OR BMP. 

You have to make sure about the size of the photo as it will be used in various aspects by youtube so keep it small in a circle or square crop so that it is easily visible and fitted in the icon.

Advantages of having a Brand Account

AdvantagesThere are several advantages of having a branded account on youtube.

Like with the help of a branded account you can easily manage your channel and the best of all is to assign the tasks to your managing team without sharing your password.

So that they can access it anytime and you will have a relaxing mind so that you can focus more on other important factors.

By dividing the tasks can help you in so many ways and you can work without any pressure on several other things and can save your energy plus time.

Although it is a bit risky too when your brand starts to grow in good terms and you feel the urge to add new managers in order to assign the tasks like uploading videos,

Writing descriptions, adding thumbnails etc so that you can have your focus where your attention is required the most. 

Keep this thing in mind that your account is connected to all other google accounts of yours like Gmail, google sheets, google docs.

So be careful with this in order to share the login identity and password.

As a business owner of a running brand, you don’t want to face such uncertain situations.

With the help of a brand account of the youtube channel, it is easier for your brand or business to expand in an effective way.

Setting your Youtube Channel’s brand account is a useful tool for business expansion.

When it comes to uploads or other channel management issues, you don’t need to think about sharing your personal login credentials or about keeping up.

When you grow your company, you and your company will find these features extremely helpful.


Having said that, the guide to have a brand account on youtube came to an end.

We hope that we were able to educate you with all the important aspects related to this.

For more details, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback!


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