Creating Powerful Vlogs Using Your Smartphone: Equipment, Apps, and Techniques

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Smartphones have become an essential tool in our daily lives, and their powerful cameras and capabilities have opened up new possibilities in the world of vlogging. With the right know-how, gear, and techniques, you can create visually captivating and high-quality vlogs using just your smartphone. In this comprehensive guide from Looxcie, you’ll discover a wealth of insider tips, practical advice, … Read More

Looxcie | Look-See

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What is Looxcie? Looxcie is here to share ideas, inspiration, and gear with vloggers, YouTubers, and other video makers. We’ll help save you time and money by providing quick answers and quality products for all of your video creations. If you stumbled onto this site hoping to find the elusive Looxcie video cameras, then you may have better luck at … Read More

Action Camera: A is for Accessories

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With a plethora of accessories, action cameras are among the most versatile tools for vloggers, YouTubers, and videographers. After spending hundreds on a new action camera, you may be tempted to settle for cheap accessories which can bring ruin to your vlogging ventures. Cheap accessories can lead to damage or even a complete loss of your action camera and all … Read More

Best Action Camera: GoPro and Alternatives

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Aside from your cell phone, action cameras provide the easiest way to capture your life. From vlogging and YouTube, to your next vacation video, the best action camera can easily keep up. Using customer reviews, pro guides, and personal experience, I hope to help you choose a better action camera than I recently did. After buying the GoPro HERO10, I … Read More

Cheap Cameras for Vlogging and YouTube in 2022

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Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber on a budget, or a seasoned vlogger wanting to add some sweet new angles to your videos, finding high quality cheap cameras for vlogging and YouTube can feel like navigating a minefield. There are countless numbers of low cost cameras that would be decent for vlogging and YouTube, but many are not any good. To … Read More

6 Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners – Best of 2021

A friend recently asked me if he could get a good camera for his wife as a Christmas gift. With plenty of great mirrorless cameras for beginners under his budget of $1000, it could take quite some time to sort through the piles of options. It seems that most people new to cameras get stuck on the wrong questions and … Read More

Top 10 Best Digital Camera Under $200 In 2021- (Complete Review)

Best Digital Camera Under 200

If you’re all done with backpacking, there is one thing that’s missing. The best digital camera under 200 will make sure to click the perfect moments of your life. Now, if you are not gonna use it much then I’d suggest you buy something under 200. WHY? Because you can lose the camera during the trip. Or you may end … Read More

10 Best Action Cameras Under $100 In 2021

Best Action Camera Under 100

We have this amazing list for you that is related to the category of Best Action Camera Under 100. But before reading on, check out the best action cameras for 2022. These recommended action cameras have a touch screen and also presets scenes installed in them. Furthermore, they are integrated with two modes and they are automatic and professional. With … Read More

Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Videos [A Buyer’s Guide]

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For the most up to date list of cheap cameras for YouTube, check out our article, Cheap Cameras for Vlogging and YouTube in 2022. Some of the best cameras for YouTube can be over $1000! And can be before adding in other necessary equipment like camera lenses, lighting, etc.  But do you really need a DSLR or quality mirrorless camera … Read More

Top 10 Best Low Light Video Cameras to Buy in [year]

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Let us have a look at the list of best and ideal low light video camera models that we have reviewed for you. These models are a must-have to be bought in 2020. Furthermore, these best low light video camera models offer high-resolution mode and constantly give ultra-detailed imaging results. These versions guarantee to capture and take consecutive images automatically … Read More

10 Best Waterproof Vlogging Cameras Review in 2021 (Complete Review)

Best Waterproof Vlogging Cameras

Let us have a look at the best waterproof vlogging camera options. We are sure that you are going to find this list interesting. To all bloggers out there, it is time to get a handy and waterproof camera in your hands. You can try out these recommendations. Furthermore, we have reviewed them honestly for you. And if you are … Read More

15 Best Action Cameras (Review)

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Here we have shared the Top 15 Best Action Camera of 2018! Now let us be honest we don’t want to carry those professional bulky cameras when we are going hiking or skating or skydiving. Boy, we definitely don’t want to strap them to ourselves. So one might wonder what the solution can be and the answer is very simple. … Read More

The Best Vlogging Equipment Essentials for Beginners

Best Vlogging Equipment

Welcome to the first step in your future, and hopefully successful, Vlogging experience. Today we’ll be reviewing some of the high-quality vlogging gear out there, including full-on kits that have all your essentials included, as well as cameras and the ever-popular ring lights. There are so many choices when it comes to what technology, what brand, what model to use … Read More

The Best GoPro For Vlogging, A Vloggers Dream Camera

Best GoPro For Vlogging2

GoPro Cameras are some of the most versatile cameras on the planet. Vloggers love them because of their excellent sound, something traditional cameras often struggles to achieve. Vloggers tend to place a high place on 4K resolution, an area many GoPro cameras never disappoint. [amazon_table] [/amazon_table] The most significant advantage of GoPro cameras over traditional cameras is the former’s size … Read More

10 Best Video Cameras for Filming Sports Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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If you want to capture and share the exciting action of your favorite sport, you will need a video camera that can keep up  To make your videos stunning and stand out, you need the right kind of camera to capture all the action, as well as a bit of practice to edit together an engaging highlight video. In today’s … Read More

Best DSLR Cameras With Video [year]

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The best DSLR for video cameras are manufactured with the largest type of image sensors, giving you that detailed and sharp quality. If you are looking to up your game and increase the quality of your photos and videos, then DSLR is most certainly a viable option. At A Glance: Our Top 10 DSLR Cameras for Video Canon EOS-1DX Mark … Read More

Best Camera for Bloggers, An In-Depth Review

Best Camera For Blogging5

It is beyond doubt that photography is taking over the blogging world. Quality cameras are the epitome of good photography. Shopping for the perfect camera, however, is overwhelming. So many technical terms are used, leaving most people somewhat confused. I have therefore decided to break some of these terms for you in simple language. If you are looking to buy … Read More

Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen [Buying Guide]

aesthetic 80D vlogging camera

Imagine, for a second, that you are using a camera without flip screen. At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks for Flip Screen Cameras: Canon G7X Mark II  Canon EOS 80D Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Unless you’re paying perfect attention, it’s easy to misjudge your positioning and the angle of the camera. You don’t want to be someone who spends 30 … Read More

Best Live Streaming Cameras [year] [Complete Guide]

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More and more users have been watching live-streamed videos as video content gets more popular on social media sites like Facebook. At A Glance: Our Top 3 Live Streaming Cameras: Further, research suggests that the live streaming video market may be worth a staggering $70 billion by 2021. Needless to say, you may be missing out on quite a bit … Read More

Top 9 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $300

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Being on a budget when starting a new project is normal, however, it does mean that more caution is needed when buying equipment. For more recent low cost vlogging cameras, check out Cheap Video Cameras for Vlogging and YouTube. At A Glance: Best Vlogging Cameras Under $300 It is important to understand that the features that a camera comes with … Read More

Best Cameras for Music Videos [Ultimate Guide]

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Want to get your music out there? One of the best ways to do that is by making high-quality music videos. At A Glance: Our Top Cameras for Music Videos In order to get film really good music videos, investing in a best music video camera is an absolute essential. There are so many cameras available on the market, and … Read More

Best Cheap Webcam

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A webcam is a small front-facing camera that is attached to the computer. It is mostly used for video calling purposes such as Skype. Many laptops have built-in webcams. However, you can also buy an external webcam and attach it to your computer. If you are planning to purchase an external webcam, then we recommend that you buy one that … Read More

Best Vlogging Cameras Under $100 [Complete Guide]

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Getting started as a vlogger doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with the abundance of platforms available today, it has never been easier. At A Glance: Our 5 Best Vlogging Cameras under $100 There are really only two things that you need as a vlogger: a vlogging camera, and something to talk about. In today’s guide, we are going … Read More

Best Nikon DSLR Cameras for Video and Vlogging

Nikon Lens Aesthetic

Nikon is well known for it’s cameras being extremely good at photography. At A Glance: Our Top Picks: Nikon Cameras for Video But, what about videography? In the past few years, Nikon has worked on video features and so far, we are impressed with the results. Turns out, there are a number of Nikon cameras that perform amazing for vlogging … Read More

Best 4k Vlogging Cameras For YouTube

Best 4k Vlogging Camera1

For the most up to date 4k vlogging cameras, check out our newest articles: Best Action Cameras, and Best Mirrorless Cameras. At A Glance: Our Top 5 Best 4k Vlogging Cameras for YouTube Let’s start our 4k vlogging camera talk with a little test. Take your smartphone (or a camera) and make a video in 720p. Then watch that video … Read More

Best Instagram Camera [year] [Ultimate Guide]

best camera for instagram guide

Instagram commonly abbreviated as insta, is a social networking service whose Android version was released in 2012 and today it has emerged as the most influential social media platform. This social networking service is owned by Facebook and was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. It allows photo and video sharing. It has changed the way people take pictures … Read More

Best Webcam for YouTube [TOP 10 Buying Guide]

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While some of the most famous YouTubers out there may have production budgets in the thousands of dollars, the vast majority of them started off from humble beginnings. At A Glance: Our Top 10 Webcams for YouTube Whether you’re looking to get started on YouTube for the first time or you simply need a new camera, you don’t need to … Read More

Best Camcorder for YouTube and Vlogging [Buying Guide]

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We all know that the most important piece of equipment you need is a camera. We also know that finding the right camera is time-consuming and sometimes annoying. At A Glance: Our Top 8 Camcorders For YouTube and Vlogging That’s why we reviewed 8 of the best camcorders for YouTube, in 3 different price ranges: But wait, why would you … Read More

Sony Video Cameras for Vlogging [2021]

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We can’t really say that Sony is underrated, because it isn’t. Sony is dominating the mirrorless camera market and has some really good cameras in the compact market. At A Glance: Our Top 10 Sony Video Cameras for Vloggin That is because they are successfully packaging amazing tech specs in a small camera body while keeping a reasonable price. In … Read More

Best Mirrorless Camera for Video

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For our most recent Mirrorless Camera reviews, check out: 6 Mirrorless Cameras for Begginners. At A Glance: Our Top 10 Mirrorless Cameras for Youtube Videos They challenge the idea that a small camera can’t offer professional video features or be as powerful as a bulky DSLR. Recent trends in the video cameras industry suggest that more and more videographers and … Read More