Choosing the Best Flash for Sony A7III: 5 Top Choices

May 28, 2024
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If you own a Sony A7III camera and want to enhance your photography skills, finding the right flash is essential. A flash can elevate your image quality and make your subject stand out, especially in low-light situations.

Choosing the best flash for your camera can be challenging with so many options. In this post, we’ll explore some top flashes compatible with the Sony A7III to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to discover the best flash for Sony A7III!

1. Godox TT350S Flash for Sony Cameras

The Godox TT350S Flash is a standout option for Sony camera users who are serious about their craft. This compact, high-performance speedlite flash is designed to augment photography with its powerful and consistent lighting. It’s a perfect fit for a range of Sony DSLR and mirrorless models, including the A7 series and A6000 line. This flash unit is a game-changer for professionals and serious enthusiasts, providing them with reliable and adjustable lighting options.

Key Features of the Godox TT350S Flash

  • Compatibility and Performance: The flash is compatible with many Sony DSLR cameras and supports TTL autoflash. It offers a guide number of 36 (m ISO 100) for powerful lighting.
  • Versatile Exposure Control: This flash is equipped with an Exposure Control System that includes TTL Autoflash and Manual Flash, allowing photographers to precisely control lighting in various conditions.
  • Wireless Functionality:It features optical transmission for even illumination and stable output, and 2.4G wireless transmission that extends up to 100 meters, providing advanced features and flexibility in placement.

Design and Usability

  • Compact and Portable: The Godox TT350S is compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal addition to a photographer’s gear, especially for those who work on location.
  • Advanced Functions: The Godox TT350S Flash is packed with features that cater to the needs of professional photographers. It includes overheat protection, 22 stages of power output, and custom C. Fn settings. These settings allow for precise fine-tuning of flash functions, enabling you to adapt your flash to suit specific shooting scenarios.

Performance and Functionality

  • Powerful Output: Delivers consistent and powerful lighting that can dramatically improve the quality of the photos, especially in poor lighting conditions.
  • Extended Wireless Capabilities: The ability to control the flash wirelessly allows for more creative lighting setups without being tethered directly to the camera.


  • Battery Life: Some users have reported that the flash power can diminish quickly, suggesting potential issues with battery life or power management in intensive shooting conditions.

Is the Godox TT350S Flash Right for You?

The Godox TT350S Flash is an excellent investment for photographers using Sony cameras who require a reliable, powerful, and versatile flash unit. It offers significant lighting control and flexibility improvements, essential for both studio and fieldwork. The compact design and robust wireless capabilities make it highly adaptable for creative photography. 

However, potential buyers should consider the battery life and plan accordingly, possibly with spare batteries, especially for long shooting sessions. Overall, this flash unit is a top choice for its range of features and compatibility with Sony cameras.

2. NEEWER Z1-S TTL Round Head Flash Speedlite for Sony Cameras

The NEEWER Z1-S TTL Round Head Flash Speedlite is a powerful, versatile flash explicitly designed for Sony DSLR cameras. 

Offering advanced features and high performance, it provides photographers with the tools to create stunning, professional-quality images.

Key Features of the NEEWER Z1-S Flash

  • High Power and Performance: This flash delivers robust lighting with a power output of 76Ws. It supports TTL auto, manual, and stroboscopic flash, making it versatile for various shooting scenarios.
  • Advanced Lighting Control: The circular Fresnel head ensures even light distribution from center to edge, producing natural lighting effects with a softer falloff at the edges. The flash head can be adjusted both horizontally (0° to 330°) and vertically (-7° to 120°) for maximum flexibility.
  • High-Speed Sync and Multiple Modes: Supports high-speed sync (1/8000s), flash exposure compensation (FEC), flash exposure bracketing (FEB), and optical slave modes (S1/S2), providing comprehensive control over lighting.

Design and Usability

  • Wireless Q System: The 2.4GHz Wireless Q System includes 4 groups (M/A/B/C), 32 channels (1-32), and 99 IDs (1-99), allowing the flash to be used as a Master/Slave flash. This system is compatible with Q-S/QPro-S TTL transmitters (not included), enabling seamless multi-flash setups.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The flash, equipped with a 7.4V 2600mAh lithium battery, offers 480 full power flashes and a fast recycling time of 1.5 seconds, ensuring consistent performance during extended shoots.
  • LED Modeling Lamp: Features a 10-level LED modeling lamp for better pre-visualization of lighting effects.

Performance and Functionality

  • Color Stability: Maintains a stable color temperature at 5600K (±200K), ensuring reliable color accuracy across different shots.
  • Firmware Updates: Supports USB firmware updates, allowing photographers to keep the flash’s software current with the latest features and improvements.


  • Pairing Challenges: Some users may need help pairing the flash with remote controls or triggers, which could affect its ease of use in wireless setups.

Is the NEEWER Z1-S Flash Right for You?

The NEEWER Z1-S TTL Round Head Flash Speedlite is an outstanding option for Sony camera users who need a powerful, flexible, and reliable flash unit. Its advanced features, such as high-speed sync, multiple flash modes, and extensive wireless control, make it suitable for professional and serious amateur photographers. The robust build and high-capacity battery ensure it can handle demanding shooting conditions, while the even light distribution and adjustable head provide creative lighting possibilities. 

However, potential users should be aware of the pairing challenges with remote triggers. Overall, the NEEWER Z1-S offers excellent value and performance for those looking to elevate their photography with superior lighting capabilities.

3. Meike MK-MT24S 2.4G Wireless Macro Twin Lite Flash

The Meike MK-MT24S Wireless Macro Twin Lite Flash is a high-performance lighting system designed for Sony mirrorless cameras. It offers remarkable flexibility and precision, making it an excellent choice for macro photography enthusiasts who must achieve detailed and well-lit close-up shots.

Key Features of the Meike MK-MT24S Flash

  • Wireless and TTL Capabilities: The 2.4G wireless flash functionality allows the twin flashes to be positioned up to 15 meters away at any angle or up to 100 meters in an open environment. TTL (Through-The-Lens) mode ensures accurate and consistent lighting, adjusting to the camera’s aperture settings.
  • Optical Trigger Slave Mode: The optical trigger slave mode enables the flash to be triggered by any other flash unit, making it versatile and compatible with various flash systems.
  • Multi-Channel Support: With four channels and three groups, this flash system allows photographers to set different flash powers for up to three groups of flashes, providing comprehensive lighting control similar to Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS).

Design and Usability

  • Flexibility in Positioning: The twin flashes can be positioned flexibly around the subject, providing optimal lighting angles for macro photography. This is particularly useful for capturing intricate details and achieving desired lighting effects.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The flash system is designed to be easy to use, with straightforward controls and settings that facilitate quick adjustments during shoots.

Performance and Functionality

  • Accurate TTL Mode: The TTL mode precisely controls lighting, delivering consistent results even when aperture settings change. This precision is essential for macro photography, where slight lighting variations can dramatically affect the image quality.
  • Versatile Lighting Options: The ability to control the power and positioning of the twin flashes independently allows for creative lighting setups, enhancing the quality and detail of macro shots.


  • Lens Compatibility: The flash system works best with specific lenses, which may limit its versatility for photographers who use a variety of lenses.

Is the Meike MK-MT24S Flash Right for You?

The Meike MK-MT24S Wireless Macro Twin Lite Flash is an excellent investment for Sony camera users specializing in macro photography. Its advanced wireless capabilities, accurate TTL mode, and flexible positioning make it a powerful tool for capturing detailed and well-lit macro images. 

While the need for specific lens compatibility might be a limitation, this flash system’s overall benefits and high performance make it a top choice for serious photographers looking to enhance their macro photography skills. If precise, versatile, and user-friendly lighting is needed, the Meike MK-MT24S is a highly recommended option.

4. NEEWER NW635 TTL Camera Speedlite Flash

The NEEWER NW635 TTL Camera Speedlite Flash is a highly versatile and powerful lighting solution designed for Sony MI Hot Shoe Mirrorless cameras, except for the A9II model. This flash unit is suitable for various photography scenarios, offering a range of modes and adjustable settings to achieve precise lighting effects.

Key Features of the NEEWER NW635 Flash

  • Shooting Modes: The flash supports multiple shooting modes, including Manual, TTL (Through-The-Lens), and Multi flash modes, along with optical slave modes (S1 and S2), providing flexibility and creativity in lighting setups.
  • Power Output Adjustment: With 22 output levels, photographers can easily adjust the power to match their desired lighting effect.
  • Quick Recycle Time: The flash boasts a recycle time of 3.5 seconds and can deliver up to 230 full-power flashes with 2500mAh nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

Design and Usability

  • Guide Number and Zoom Range: The flash features a high guide number of 58m/190ft, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios. The flash head zoom range can be adjusted automatically or manually from 24-180mm.
  • Overheating Protection: The built-in overheating protection ensures the flash remains safe during extended usage, enhancing its reliability.
  • Compact and Lightweight:The flash, lightweight at approximately 14.11oz/400g, enhances portability, making it highly convenient for photographers who are constantly on the move.

Performance and Functionality

  • Battery Requirements: The flash operates on 4 x AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries, which are not included. It provides efficient performance with up to 230 full-power flashes on a single set of batteries.
  • Flexible Positioning: The flash unit can be rotated horizontally and tilted vertically, allowing for multiple-angle shots and versatile lighting setups.


  • Compatibility: The flash is incompatible with the Sony A9II model, which could be a limitation for users of that specific camera.
  • Battery Exclusion: The package does not include the required 4 x AA batteries, necessitating an additional purchase.

Is the NEEWER NW635 Flash Right for You?

The NEEWER NW635 TTL Camera Speedlite Flash is an excellent choice for photographers using Sony MI Hot Shoe Mirrorless cameras who need a powerful and flexible lighting solution. Its multiple shooting modes, quick recycle time, and high guide number make it suitable for various photographic scenarios. The lightweight design and flexible positioning enhance its usability for amateur and professional photographers. 

However, users of the Sony A9II model will need to seek an alternative, and those purchasing should be aware that batteries are not included. The NEEWER NW635 offers significant value with its robust features and performance capabilities.

5. Godox V860II-S Camera Flash Speedlight for Sony

The Godox V860II-S Camera Flash Speedlight is a premium lighting solution designed for Sony digital cameras. It combines high performance, versatility, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for photographers who need reliable and powerful lighting for various shooting scenarios.

Key Features of the Godox V860II-S Flash

  • 2.4G Wireless X System: The built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system offers all-in-one functions and allows a maximum transmission distance of up to 110 yards. This feature provides photographers extensive control over their lighting setup, whether on or off the camera.
  • High Guide Number and Zoom: With a GN60 high guide number and a 20 to 200 zoom flash coverage, this flash delivers impressive lighting effects and precise control over flash output, ensuring optimal lighting in any condition.

Design and Usability

  • Versatile Usage: The Godox V860II-S can be used directly on a Sony camera hot shoe or as an off-camera flash, making it suitable for various photography styles, including portrait and event photography.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The flash is designed for easy operation, allowing photographers to adjust settings quickly and efficiently to achieve the desired lighting effects.

Performance and Functionality

  • Quick Recycle Time and Battery Life: Featuring a maximum recycle time of 1.5 seconds and the ability to deliver up to 650 full-power pops, the V860II-S ensures consistent performance and minimizes downtime during shoots.
  • Advanced Features: The flash supports TTL (Through-The-Lens) and HSS (High-Speed Sync) up to 1/8000s, providing flexibility and precision for lighting and shooting scenarios.


  • Battery Requirements: While the flash offers impressive performance, photographers may need extra batteries for extended studio sessions or long shooting durations to ensure continuous operation.

Is the Godox V860II-S Flash Right for You?

Sony camera users highly recommend the Godox V860II-S Camera Flash Speedlight for its versatility, power, and reliability. With features like the 2.4G wireless X system, a high guide number, and quick recycle times, it excels in on-camera and off-camera settings.

This flash unit enhances the capabilities of high-performance cameras, providing photographers with precise control over their lighting in various shooting conditions. Although extra batteries might be necessary for extended use, the overall functionality and ease of use make the Godox V860II-S a top choice for professional and enthusiast photographers.

For those looking for the best flash for the Sony A7III, several excellent options exist. Depending on your needs and shooting style, you might want a flash with versatile wireless capabilities, a powerful macro twin lite flash, or a lightweight option with quick recycle times.

Ultimately, the right external flash depends on your preferences and shooting scenarios. However, any of the flashes highlighted in this article would enhance your photography experience with the Sony A7III.


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