Today, we’re going to be answering the question: What camera does David Dobrik use?

At A Glance: David Dobrik’s Camera Equipment

David’s a twenty-two-year-old vlogger and he’s one of the world’s most popular vloggers and internet personalities.

He’s found a few moderately-priced, high-quality items that serve all of his purposes:

Canon EOS 80DCanon EOS 80D
DSLR Camera
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Canon EF-S 18-135mmCanon EF-S 18-135mm
18-135mm Lens
f/3.5-5.6 aperture
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Sony DSCHX80/BSony DSCHX80/B
Point and Shoot
1080p Full HD
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David Dobrik’s Camera: Canon EOS 80D Camera

canon 80D






  • 24 Megapixel APS-C SMOS Censor featuring Dual Pixel autofocus
  • 45-point autofocus system
  • 1080/60p high definition video capturing
  • Tough polycarbonate outer
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Also Used By: Casey Neistat, Jenna Marbles and Tanner Braungardt




Canon EOS 80D camera is one of the highest-quality consumer YouTuber cameras on the market, and it’s surprisingly affordable for what it offers.

The most impressive thing about this camera is Canon’s patented Dual Pixel autofocus system.

It can autofocus on subjects with lightning fast speeds and creates ultra-smooth transitions. This means that you have to keep re-taking photos and waiting for the perfect focus.

This is made possible by the 80D’s enhanced sensor.

It’s a 24 Megapixel sensor that can accommodate a dynamic range of shooting situations including continuous high definition video capture or low-light environments.

Its ability to track faces is very impressive as well.


David Dobrik’s Camera Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Canon EF-S 18-135mm






  • Focal length: 18-135mm
  • Lens construction: 16 elements, 12 groups
  • Filter size: 67mm
  • Close focus distance: 1.5ft




The Canon EF-S IS lens is a versatile lens that offers the perfect combination of range, size, features and overall compatibility.

It features Canon’s new Nano USM motor which works with the camera to provide incredibly smooth autofocus even in fast-paced environments.

The 4-stop image stabilization also works very well to fine tune each picture to appear the way it was originally intended, despite small fluctuations in hand movement and picture angle.

The first thing you’ll notice about this lens is how sturdy it is, which is a nice feature to see.

It has a durable metal mount, a hardened polycarbonate outer casing, and a rubberized turn grip which allows you to smoothly adjust the lens millimeter-by-millimeter.

Finally, this lens features a close-range focus distance of only 1.5ft which makes it perfect for vlogs which feature close-up images of products, selfies, or anything else that you might want to snap on the fly.


David Dobrik’s Old Vlog Camera: Sony DSCHX80/B

Sony DSCHX80






  • 30x optical zoom
  • Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens
  • Retractable OLED viewfinder
  • 3-inch LED display
  • Ultra-close focus range




This is the camera that David used when he was starting out.

At first glance, the Sony DSCHX80/B doesn’t seem much like your typical vlogging camera.

It’s slim, ultra-lightweight, and looks like something you’d expect a tourist to be walking around with.

Once you turn this little camera on, though, you’ll be blown away by its close-up abilities which make it especially great for vlogging in particular.

The screen tilts up 180-degrees which gives you live feedback as you’re filming your vlogs, and the camera provides 18.2 Megapixel image quality thanks to the high-tech Zeiss lens.

It features Sony’s famous 5-axis image stabilization and an Exmor R low-light sensor which allows you to create a steady, clear, high definition video no matter where you are.

NOTE: Check out similar cameras to this one on our post about cameras for vlogging under $300.

About David Dobrik

david dobrikDavid Dobrik is one of the most well-known vloggers on YouTube.

If his twelve million fans and subscribers aren’t enough to convince you that he’s got some pretty good content, then his Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year and his Streamy Award for Breakout Content should.

Over the years, he’s gotten some blowback over Twitter for some offensive comments that he’s made, but his fans have supported him all the way.

They almost seem to feed off of his naturally comedic energy and blase attitude towards life.

Love him or hate him, though, you can’t help but respect the following that the Slovakian immigrant has built over the years. His current net worth is estimated to be almost four million dollars.


As you can see, it’s a fairly basic setup.

David Dobrik’s main camera – Canon EOS 80D is the most expensive item here.

His old vlog camera is just under $400 and he used it when he was starting out.

We are not sure what microphone he uses, so make sure to check out our post on microphones for vlogging and YT.

If David Dobrik can get millions of subscribers using simple equipment, then you can too.


David doesn’t mention equipment he uses, so we can’t guarantee that he is still using these items at the moment, 80D was used in 2017 and 2018, but it’s possible he is using other cameras as well that we do not know of.



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