Top 10 Most Famous Vloggers that You Should Follow in 2021!

July 10, 2020
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If you love to vlog and you often check out different and interesting vlogs, then we are sure that this piece of writing will give you more jaw-opening details.

Here we will tell you about the most famous vloggers. And the surprising part about them is that they are taking the vlogging world all by storm.

They create and make highly amazing videos. They are not involved in text-based communication.

They have got an immense number of subscribers and extensive earnings every single year. Moreover, they are kings of vlogging world.

Some of these vloggers have separate channels ad a few of them have collaborative and combined channels.

It is true that this exclusive term and the word vlogging”, it has managed to widen the scope of video streaming right on YouTube and other social media platforms.

If you know how to make self-made and first-person videos, then you can become a successful blogger.

These vlogs can either be available in the form of live-stream or you can have them in pre-recorded form.

Moreover, in vlogs, the vlogger speaks and chat directly right into the camera.

Most Famous Vloggers:

Now, let us all check out the details who are those famous and talented vloggers:

1- Roman Atwood 

Roman Atwood VloggerRoman Atwood is one of those vloggers who is really taking the world of vlogging by storm.

For the information, Roman Atwood creates and makes some of the amazing and interesting vlogs.

In those vlogs, he depicts and explains his life to his followers and fans. In his channel, you are going to find lots of movie-length vlogs.

Initially, he used to make prank videos and that was the major and main reason for his success.

His old prank and funny videos are given the name of “my old dusty channel” – RomanAtwood.

This channel of his has managed to attract around and about 10.6 million subscribers.

It was in the year of 2013 that he managed to become and Vlogger and till now, he is ruling in this world of Youtube.

Most importantly, he makes family-friendly and also kid-friendly vlogs.

He constantly keeps his fans informed ad updated regarding all the progress that is personal and professional life is making.

So, far Roman has hosted two successful channels. He is by far the second YouTuber who has managed to receive and get two Diamond Play Buttons.

Roman Atwood’s YouTube!

2- Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell VloggerThen we have Daniel Howell vlogger for you. You must have remember him and his videos with the name of Danisnotonfire.

Now, his Youtube channel is marked and identified as Daniel Howell. Most noteworthy, he is a British YouTuber.

It is since the time of 2009 that he has been uploading and posting videos.

Regarding his side channel, it is given the name of Danisnotinteresting.

It is on this channel that he usually and generally uploads some of the bonus footage extracted and taken from his videos.

He has got a partner Phil Lester as well, he is his game-playing video partner and together they operate and run a gaming channel, it is named as DanAndPhilGAMES.

This channel is now graded and ranked as YouTube’s fastest and quickest growing channel. Giving you a little bit of information about Daniel

Howell studies, he got his education in law from the University of Manchester in the year of 2010 but he left his studies in the middle of the road.

He then pursued his career in the field lines of radio broadcasting as well as professional blogging.

Daniel Howell YouTube!

3- Amazing Phil

Amazing PhilHis YouTube Channel is named and identified as AmazingPhil. We all know him with the name of Phil Lester.

As we have already mentioned to you, his frequent collaborator and partner are Daniel Howell.

In addition, this vlogger is an English YouTuber. He used to be a former radio personality. No doubt, he is also ruling in the zone of vlogging.

It was in March 2006 that he posted and uploaded his video on YouTube for the very first time.

That we still know and remember with the name of Phil’s Video Blog.

He call his life a strange life. And he invites his followers and subscribers to catch up a glimpse with his strange life.

All of his vlogs, they are extremely sweet according to his fans.

By checking out his posted videos and uploaded vlogs, you will be able to look at the life perspective in a lighthearted manner and also in a positive way.

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This vlogger has the tendency to cheer his fans up or if they are stressed or feeling down.

We are sure that once you are going to check out his vlogging channel, then you will love the verbal sparring happening right in between Phil and Dan.

Other Most Famous Vloggers Who Are Taking the World by Storm!

AmazingPhil YouTube!

4- Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes Pointless BlogNext, we have these Alfie Deyes Pointless Blog Vlogs.

You need to check out PointlessBlogVlogsright now. He operates three YouTube channels.

By profession, he is an English YouTuber and property investor, and also an author.

It is three times in a week or four times in a week that Alfie Deyes post and share vlogs on his channel.

Most of the time, you will be able to see the vlogs related and linked to Big Family Summer BBQ time ad Having Another Dog for the Day.

Furthermore, this great and talented vlogger has released and penned down three books.

They are titled as The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2, as well as The Pointless Book 3.

Alfie Deyes Vlogs YouTube!

5- Tyler Oakley 

Tyler Oakley VloggerHave you ever watched and seen the vlogs of Tyler Oakley, if not, then you must have a look at his vlogging channel.

He is taking his vlogging channel by storm too. Tyler Oakley vlogs are named as Day in the Life videos.

He does not limit and restrict his self with the definition of vlogging. He has given a new meaning and angle to vlogging.

In every single week, he makes sure that he releases and upload a couple of a number of videos.

Moreover, in those vlogs, he covers topics like that of product reviews, helping LGBT youth, videos on social issues and health care and too on education, and suicide prevention.

Tyler Oakley YouTube!

6- Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat VloggerThe next vlogger we have for you, he is this Casey Neistat.

His YouTube Channel is popularly known as CaseyNeistat. Most probably, you may have known that he is an American YouTuber.

By profession, he is a filmmaker, vlogger. He founded creative space, 368.

Regarding the details of his popular YouTube channel, here you can check out and see different videos.

In this Vlog section, you are going to come across 490 videos. His vlogs remain to stay and categorized as short day-in-the-life videos.

We suggest you have a look and watch out his inspirational videos titled as Draw My Life – Casey Neistat.

It is from that video that you are going to see how he transformed his self from teen dad and also high school dropout, there he showed how he lived in a caravan park and how he turned out to be a successful video maker.

Casey Neistat YouTube!

7- Vlogger Jon Olsson

Vlogger Jon OlssonNow, we have vlogger Jon Olsson.

His YouTube Channel is also named Jon Olsson. Moreover, he is a professional freeskier.

He shares his life in the form of daily vlogs. Regarding his birth, he was born in Mora, Sweden.

He had this passion for skiing and he was into racing too. He participated and took part in both of the Alpine World Cups as well as in the  freestyle events.

He received and won nine X Games medals.

It is on his daily vlog section present on his YouTube channel that you are going to be shared the glimpses of his active life.

Right now, he is living in Monaco. Do you know that this vlogger designed a supercar named and titled as the Rebellion R2K?

Jon Olsson YouTube!

8- Vlog Brothers

Vlog BrothersWe know that you must have heard and known about these Vlog Brothers.

They have got the utmost famous and popular YouTube Channel, it is named and identified as vlogbrothers.

You will be surprised to know the mission and exclusive purpose of their Youtube channel.

It is they want to transform nerdy people out there powerful and strong enough.

Moreover, this channel was actually and specifically created and it was hosted right by the Green brothers, that we knew with the names of John Green and Hank Green.

It is since the time of 2007 that these brothers have been regularly sharing and posting videos.

These brothers made a massive collaboration in the time of 2007 with the project popularized as Brotherhood 2.0.

Here in this project, they managed to put a full stop to all text-based communication and they communicated and talked to their fans through daily vlogs.

On the other hand, Brotherhood 2.0 lasted and survived up to the time frame of 2007.

Vlog Brothers YouTube!

9- Superwoman Vlogs

Superwoman VlogsThis vlogging channel sounds quite amazing and interesting.

Yes, we are talking about Superwoman Vlogs.

In this channel, you can have the glimpse of video diary belonging to Lilly Singh. This channel motto is“hustle harder every day”.

Most importantly, you must know that Lily is a famous and talented Canadian YouTube personality.

By profession, she is a vlogger, author. She is also an actress. Regarding her main channel, it is identified as IISuperwomanII.

This channel has so far got 2 billion views and it has got 13million subscribers.

By the time of August 2014, she made a habit and practice to upload and share daily vlogs. Her channel’s popularity and fame are growing day by day.

Superwoman Vlogs YouTube!

10- Fun For Louis- Louis Cole 

Louis Cole VloggerWe have this famous and highly talented vlogger, his name is Louis Cole. He makes daily vlogs.

In his vlogging zone, he makes sure to depict his life in a genuine manner.

Most of his videos show how he makes new friends ad buddies.

In addition, he shows to his fans how he looks for opportunities for experiencing excitement and fun and also to inspire others.

By profession, he is an English film-maker. He has an extreme and massive passion for documenting and showing his travelling spark.

Moreover, he has always urged and requested his fans to “Peace out and thus enjoy life.

Louis Cole YouTube!

Other Vloggers that you should Check Out!

Here we have this Logan Paul vlogger! He is marked as a humorous YouTuber. Though, 2018 year was a bad year for him.

Still, his fame and popularity scale is not going anywhere.

He posted some of the offensive videos and this act of him made his subscriber count to fell to almost under 19 million.

But with each passing out the day, he is making a return and managing to rule this world of vlogging one more time.

PewDiePie is a Swedish gamer by profession.

PewDiePie Besides, he is a YouTuber.

You need to know that he has got more than 84 million subscribers right there on his channel of YouTube.

Likewise Logan Paul faced the controversy, he also faced and experienced that same controversy.

But when one gets success, then they always remain ups and down. In last year, he got more than $15 million.

Hence, none of the obstacles are stopping PewDiePie to be the rule of blogging. Moving on to more details, we have JackSepticEye!

We have seen that his channel subscriber count pales and reduces in comparison to the Youtube vlogging channel of PewDiePie.

However, he is marked as the top YouTuber so far in Ireland. Do you know that Ireland is his home country, yes it is true.

It is in last year that he earned and got around and about $16 million. He earned this whole amount just by vlogging related to the content of video games.

Jeffree StarJeffree Star, by profession, he is a makeup artist.

Most certainly, you must have known and remembered that he is a musician.

He is ruling the vlogging world and marked as a famous vlogger as he has got more than 12 million subscribers.

It is planned out and expected that sooner he will be launching and coming up with his own makeup line.

It was reported and penned down by Forbes that he managed to earn $18 million last year.

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Extended List of Famous Vloggers!


We have Markiplier, he is a Gamer and vlogger by profession. By profession, he is racked up and packed with more than 23 million subscribers.

He posts and shares videos about video games. Furthermore, he makes and creates comedy sketches as well as animations.

He came up with a line of “athleisure” that is all exclusively and targeted at gamers.

You can just have a single glimpse of this Youtube vlogging channel and see how amazing he works!

Next, we have Vanoss Gaming! This channel of him is extremely and much popular because of his gaming videos.

All of his content is featured and marked with original and genuine artwork. In addition, he is into the creative commentary.

His channel has got and grabbed more than 24 million subscribers. He opts for a music career and also initiated merchandise line.

Thus, we can say that he is much talented. He is a super amazing guy who is into so much and wide number of career lines.

Dude Perfect, he is marked and called as one of the quintets of vloggers.

He uploads and shares sports tricks and this is the main reason that gave him so much success and fame in the world of vlogging.

His channel has more than 38 million subscribers. And it is too according to Forbes that his channel earned $20 million in the previous year.

More of Bunch of Popular Vloggers

The last section of this piece of writing will be able to give you an extended and further lost of famous vloggers.

Check out the details and you need to share with us that which of the vloggers you were already aware of and which one of them are still unknown to you.

We know that all of the vlogs shared by these popular vloggers, you will find them interesting:

DanTDMWe have this DanTDM, he is a vlogger gamer. Most importantly, his channel has more than grabbed 21 million subscribers.

He is raked in $18.5 million. His channel main and primary focus is Minecraft. Moreover, the rest of the vlogs, they are about Fortnite. 

So, have you ever watched his vlogs?

If not, then just catch up on the view of his channel and share your views on it.

We are confident that this vlogger is going to impress you a lot. Jake Paul, he is Logan Paul’s younger brother.

His channel has got and received nearly 18 million subscribers. You must have been aware that this famous vlogger has got a comedy-music channel.

He earned more than and approximately $21 million. Next, we have Ryan ToysReview. You will not believe that he is just and only 7 years old.

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This kid has so far earned and made bucks of $22 million in the year of 2018. His channel has got a gathering and audience of more than 18 million subscribers.

His line and focus of attention are about his toys. All of his fans and subscribers are eager to know what this kid has to say about his lovely looking toys!

HolaSoyGermanHolaSoyGerman, his real name is Germán Garmendia. And he is also famous and recognized with the name of HolaSoyGerman.

He is identified and rated as a top YouTube vlogger. In addition, his channel has more than 37 million subscribers.

Even more, he has a separate channel and that channel is exclusively and wholly dedicated to gaming.

All of his vlogs are related and linked to funny sketches. He gives suggestions and piece of advice as to how to get a job.

Lele Pons vlogging channel has more than 13 million subscribers. Can you believe it, yes it is true!

Her vlogs are included and packed with lots of funny sketches. Her videos are immersed and embossed with jokey songs and also lots of interviews.

Have you ever tune in and check out the Youtube channel of Zoella, or it may appear as Zoe Sugg!

This channel has around 12 million subscribers and this is the catchy and popular thing about it. In this channel, you will be shown with haul videos.

The vlogger talks and share her experiences in shopping acquisitions. She also talks about pizza and too “day in the life.”

Lastly, she has build up and created an empire and line of merchandise.

Vegetta777 youtube channel is quite popular of all. She is a Spanish gamer. Her channel has than 25 million subscribers.

Here you are going to see lots of and a wide number of gameplay videos.

Whindersson NunesThen we have Whindersson Nunes. For your information, he is a Brazilian YouTuber. His channel has 32 million subscribers.

Sky Does Everything, this vlogger has more than 11 million subscribers.

We have Bethany Mota, she is a young YouTuber and got around 11 million subscribers.

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is quite popular on YouTube and consist of more than 8 million subscribers.


So, what’s the bottom line?

This is all about the lengthy and extensive list of famous vloggers.

If you know about some other popular vloggers, then share your experience with us.

Moreover, let us know which one is you favourite vlogger?

Youtube has become a fun platform all because of these fun and excited vlogs.

You can pursue this career line as well. If you have passion, then you can become one of the top vloggers who possess and packed with millions of subscribers.

This profession of vlogging let and allow you to earn millions of dollars every single year.

Keep connected with us, we will share more details on famous vloggers who are right now getting and receiving the most attention.


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