How Do I Grow My YouTube Channel?

February 20, 2023
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You finally have that Youtube channel you have wanted for a long time. You build the courage to post content on that channel, but there is one problem. The videos are getting fewer views than you hoped for. Now, you are trying to figure out how to grow your Youtube channel. In that case, you came to the right place. Read more for tips on how to grow in the Youtube world.

Why is my Youtube channel not growing?

First, you must think about what is going wrong to fix those mistakes in hopes that more people will watch your content. 

Tasty Edits shares a few reasons why some people on Youtube are not growing:

You don’t have a niche.

The most successful YouTubers have a particular focus or goal pertaining to their channel. However, some creators scramble around, which looks unorganized and indecisive. Having one direction can impact the channel positively as the viewers know what to expect and enjoy that content each time, ensuring future growth for the Youtuber. Make sure this focus is something you are genuinely interested in because the viewers can tell if you are truly passionate about it.

The content is low-quality.

Having a Youtube platform with subscribers is crucial to post high-quality content consistently. Otherwise, you will lose supporters. By posting a few times a week, you are more likely to appear in Youtube’s algorithm and in other peoples’ recommendations. Overall, a posting schedule you know you can stick with and quality, unique content can attract viewers.

You don’t have Youtube SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Youtube has the world’s second-largest, behind Google, with fourteen billion monthly visits. It is essential to do keyword research and adjust titles or descriptions to gear toward what the audience would like and is searching for.

You have not created a brand for yourself. 

You need an aesthetic, creative font for logos, an ingenious headline or channel banner, and an attention-getting routine opening and closing sequence. These make you look more professional and put together. This results in showing up in peoples’ search results or recommendations. Build your brand to attract people. 

When growing a Youtube channel, you need views to make revenue growth. This next section will discuss ways to gain more viewers within a reasonable time frame to help grow your Youtube channel faster.

How can I increase my views fast?

HootSuite has provided great tips on how to increase your viewer count:

Make sure your Youtube channel is up to date.

Make sure your channel front page has a consistent and creative visual, an informative “about you” section, and up-to-date contact information so that potential brands can get in touch with you.

Create goals most relevant to your audience.

You must try to increase your marketing strategy by being selective about your goals and think how your content can help reach those goals while staying within the needs of your audience.

Try to improve your SEO.

Make sure to look into what other people are searching for on Youtube concerning your content ideas. Then, make your title and descriptions match those keyword searches, so your videos can be at the top when people search for a certain category.

Learn from competitors and algorithms.

Take a look at the most popular videos in your niche and some of your competitor’s most popular videos. Youtube wants successful channels to stay so they can disperse their advertisements throughout the videos. The YouTube algorithm considers what the users have watched in the past and videos that may relate to the user based on what they have searched. When making a title for your video, you should include the overall topic to give viewers a clearer idea and potentially watch that video.

Have creative thumbnails consistent with the video’s topic.

Standing out with your thumbnail helps with attention-grabbing. Do not go overboard, but do not be boring, either. The thumbnail should consist of an accurate depiction of the video and its title. Do not mislead as this will result in losing trust and viewers from people who watched your content before.

Create playlists.

It is a good idea to have playlists to keep video categories organized and as a way to guide them to the next video.

Use cards and end screens.

These are also tools used in the algorithm. Cards are clickable icons used in videos to get users to go to another link or video. Make sure it is relevant to the content, not something unrelated. End screens are visuals that motivate the user to continue watching your videos. This makes your other videos accessible and convenient for viewers looking to watch more.

Go beyond the ordinary.

Step outside the box to make good content that connects to the viewers inspired by your researched keywords. People like this idea of “newness” in their life, and this is your chance to give them that.

Build relationships with your viewers.

Making videos to encourage interaction between you and your viewers or other brands and creators is a great way to build relationships. People will stay loyal to your channel in this case since they get a sense of realness and sincerity from you.


People enjoy collaborations, especially if they are unexpected or between a few of their favorite creators, so why not do that? Of course, when planning collaborations with other creators, you want to make sure they match your interests and values to guarantee things will run smoothly. 

Promote your Youtube videos on social media platforms.

Post a short teaser to your video on all platforms along with a link to get people to watch. Let’s take a movie, for example. People see trailers across all platforms and may seem interested, so they will take time to watch the movie. The same concept applies to Youtube. Why not get yourself out there for others to see on multiple platforms?

Add in “subscribe to my channel” for each video.

The more people that are subscribed to you, the more likely you are to pop in the Youtube algorithm, along with an increase in viewers, especially if they keep their notifications on for your channel. This is a great way to develop a personal relationship with viewers who come to you however often you post a week. One tip for gaining some is by saying “like and subscribe” at the end of each video.

Enable embedding. 

Embedding can help get more people to view your videos, which can gain new subscribers. To enable this, go to Youtube Studio, click “content,” select a video, tap “edit,” select “embedding,” then toggle on. 

Make people want to keep watching.

It can be easy to get views, but can you get them to stick around for the entire video? If so, Youtube will see you post quality content, and it will appear in more peoples’ recommendations. 

Transcribe your videos.

Having captions for videos can help the hearing impaired, people who keep their phones muted, or people who just like having them. This is also great for international viewers since it serves as a translator. Many people do not think about this, but it is quite important.

Post your video at the time scheduled. 

Have a consistent posting date and ensure it is convenient for your subscribers, especially globally. That way, people will be online when your video goes live and can see it immediately.

Overall, to grow your Youtube channel, you must grow a fanbase. You can get on the right track using every method mentioned in this article. 

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