How Do You Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners?

January 27, 2023
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Suppose you want to start your career on YouTube. Looxcie is here to help! Let us guide you through this integral process to make your channel successful and fun!  Take a Looxcie!

How do you start a Youtube channel for the first time?

Buffer provides a three-step guide on making a Youtube channel:

  1. Go to Youtube and sign in: Once on the Youtube homepage, click “sign in” on the top right corner, then log in using the Google account you want your channel to be associated with. (Note: if you do not have a Google account, you will have to do that first.)
  2. Head over to your Youtube settings: Go to your profile icon in the top right corner then select “create a channel.” 
  3. Create your channel: Before doing anything, Youtube will prompt you to determine if your channel will be personal or business affiliated. After deciding, you can start the fun stuff! This includes naming the channel, uploading a profile picture, writing a description, and creating your channel link to promote on other platforms. Make sure these things are unique to you but also eye-catching for viewers.

What should a beginner Youtuber do?

That BackPacker shares ten tips for beginners on starting their first YouTube channel:

  1. Have a posting schedule: A posting schedule for your potential subscribers to follow is very helpful for establishing a relationship with your viewers. This also allows you to practice more in the realm of recording and editing. From there, you will keep improving.
  2. Don’t be afraid to delete content: When editing, it is okay to delete certain clips to make the video much better. Repetitive or bad-quality footage make the video less attractive, so keep the best clips!
  3. Refrain from comparing yourself to others: There will always be creators with more experience and subscribers, but that should not discourage you, – especially if you are just starting out. If anything, use them for inspiration. Do not copy exactly what they did, but it does not hurt to be inspired. You will not move forward with your Youtube journey if you doubt yourself.
  4. Study movies, tv shows, and videos that inspire you: It can be beneficial to find new techniques or ideas to enhance your content by looking at things that encourage you.
  5. Remember to do SEO on your videos: Along with creating great content comes how to learn YouTube’s algorithm. Hence, viewers see your videos on their recommendation list and know you exist. Ways to achieve SEO are by using descriptive titles (a one-sentence summary of the video), tags, and a description under the title to explain further what is happening in the video.
  6. Start small and work your way up with equipment: As long as you have good quality and sound, you are golden. All that matters is that you can use the camera correctly and transfer the footage once you complete that video. Don’t worry about buying the fanciest camera on the market!
  7. Be aware of audio: Make sure the audio on every video is good. If you have to, you can silence clips and insert background music or a voiceover with the editing software using a quiet room.
  8. Use simple editing software: Avoid overwhelming yourself and use editing apps or sites you know are easy to use and still give you the basics to make good videos.
  9. Don’t be shy; collaborate! Try to make friends with people in the Youtube community to help with content and build relationships.
  10. Brush off potential negativity: You can not please everyone in this world. Try to ignore the hate and focus on the people who do support you. Continue doing what you love for the people who give you love.

How to get paid for the Youtube channel?

Shopify lists seven ways to start getting paid for your content:

  1. Join the Youtube partner program: You must do this independently (follow the steps on Shopify’s website). It is a great way to potentially make some money off your Youtube through them slipping a few ads into each of your videos. Make sure the monetary policies fit your needs.
  2. Sell your brand: As your channel grows, consider selling items. That way, people will represent you and your brand. On top of that, you are making a profit!
  3. Crowdfund: Putting money aside for better equipment or towards respected people to promote you is a good way to capture your audience’s attention by using something or someone new.
  4. Let your audience support you: Similarly to crowdfunding, your viewers can help you! If the audience likes you enough, they would be willing to donate if needed. They care about your mission and want to do what they can to keep the mission going. You can also reward some audience members for their contributions.
  5. License your content: If your videos are popular enough, you can sign your content into famous social media platforms or tv outlets, resulting in high revenue.
  6. Work with brands: With a broader fan base, brands may reach out asking to send you their products to advertise on your platform. Afterward, the company will pay you.
  7. Become an affiliate marketer: You’ll make a commission off of promoting products or services made by other brands. You can advertise the products however you want!

As a beginner, we hope this article answers all your questions, and you feel confident in starting your YouTube journey. After you officially make the channel and need a first video idea, reference Looxcie for more information on how to make an introduction to your channel!


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