How Does Youtube Pay You – 8 Ways to Make Money

July 30, 2020
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When you are on Youtube then either that is your passion or for some that are a profession. But in both cases, you would love it when you are earning some money.

Well, in this article I will talk about some effective ways and tricks that you can apply to earn money from Youtube.

Youtube is a platform that has grown since the 2000s and till now it has been the perfect platform to show your talent and now.

There are various opportunities that have established this platform to be an earning hub for most content creators.

There are several factors and options through which you can earn money and I know many people who have even left their permanent jobs just to pursue their careers on Youtube.

And now they have been earning more than anyone.

And yes we will talk about that also in this article but foremost my main objective is to tell you that some effective ways that you can use to earn money on Youtube.

8 Ways to Make Money on Youtube:


Here I will discuss specifically 8 ways through which you can easily earn money on Youtube and you can make Youtube your permanent job platform.

So, by these ways that I will discuss you can easily understand the Youtube criteria to pay you, and on that basis, you can easily earn through this platform.

And trust me these ways that I will discuss are the best and are currently being used by several big and top of the game Youtubers.

Here are some effective ways to earn money on Youtube:

#1: Adsense:


There is no such concept of getting or earning money from either like, for favorites, or even for the subscribers that you gain.

Trust this that when you are on YouTube then you don’t get paid for each and every view that you get.

The way through you get paid is when any one of your viewers engages and interact with any one of the ads displayed.

Suppose either they can click on the ad to open the redirected link to the ad, or they are intrigued by the ad and watched it completely,

They can even watch it for more than 30 seconds if the ad is a clickable one.

Or this could happen that your audience gets a display ad on the sides of the video and if that ad is intriguing then they might click on it.

That is the single way through which you can earn because this is when YouTube is getting paid by the advertisers.

After that Youtube splits the share of that income with the content creators. And the split is usually 55/45 ratio.

That means 55% of the income or share we should say goes to the creator and 45% share goes to Youtube. 

#2: Products:


Here I will give you more tips on how you can earn money through this channel of earning money. You can endorse products or you can even sell them.

Present your product and put them on display in videos and mention the buy link in the description of your store to sell them. 

For instance, you can have video courses, what type of video courses you might wonder?

Well, these video courses can be of anything and most content creators take this opportunity and create courses on how to gain or up your subscribers from 0 to 10,000 just in 12 months.

Yes: through this, you can sell your own product but you have to be cautious because you don’t want to put your product out there in front of your viewers frequently because that can disturb them and bore them. 

They won’t be evenly intrigued by your product placement each and every time.

In the past recent years, this niche is considered to be the best-grossing niche that can help you earn money faster and better.

Yes! This is a niche that can be extremely profitable and can help you establish a proper name and brand through it. 

#3: Consulting:


Continuing with the previous method this is called consulting. There are various new or old channels that need reviews to get a jump start.

You can charge for that as there are various Youtubeers who will pay you for evaluating their videos and channels giving it reviews and much more.

This can be minor earning but let’s be real earning is earning.

#4: Brand Deals:

You can also do any brand deal on your channel. Such as you have seen me and other YouTubers talking about softwares such as FameBit’s and VideoBlocks.

So, all I have to do to make sure that these brands that I have made deals with are sponsored on my channel.

To make them sponsored I have to use their product and use that product in any of my videos. 

That can make the viewers intrigued and they will be more into the product. But be sure that the product or any software should be in subtle display.

As if the product or anything is a part of your video. 

Brand deals nowadays have enhanced the play on YouTube and they have made sure that all the YouTubers who are creating a video on it are getting a profitable sum of their endorsed product.

That can only add up-te earning through YouTube. 

#5: Speaking Opportunities:

Speaking Opportunities

If you have a channel that can inspire either it can be anything that you want but somehow it inspires people then you might want to make sure that you get a job as a speaker.

How? Well, there are businesses and companies that host various events and even some of them make sure that a speaker is a part of their event.

Basically, they would hire you to speak in their event and that will get you paid.

Either that is a motivational event or it can be any training program any company or business hosts.

Speaking opportunities can be extremely vast as you can get several opportunities to speak openly and widely on your page. 

#6: License Content:

You can also have a license on the videos that you create so that you can claim the copyright of that content.

Because the brands they would want resources to either finish their commercials or any video that is for promotion.

So, what will help them your content, to finish their video or commercial they use your content and put them in their commercial.

This is how you can also get paid. And they would pay you a little yet sufficient amount for your content that they will be using for their advertising campaign.

By this, you will own the content that you create and if someone wants your content then they have to get the copyrights and eventually paying you for that.

Now: this can also be a source of income through YouTube. 

#7: Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing!

When you create video or who must have watched it that other YouTubers talking about something that is not part of their channel or out of the video.

That is when they are doing affiliate marketing.

No! They don’t get paid just for talking about them they get paid when you click their specified link provided in the description to buy that specific product. 

Suppose there is a tech YouTuber who reviewed a GoPro, well, you loved it and want to buy it.

He/she has provided a link in their description to make sure you buy it from that link. When you buy that GoPro from that link then that YouTuber gets as a commission.

#8: Patreon:


Now: coming to a Patreon there are several YouTubers who have such page and you the viewers support them on that.

This is when the viewers and YouTubers connect properly.

IF you get their Patreon then as a viewer or their subscriber you will get different perks from that specific YouTubers which can’t be availed by other subscribers.

And a meetup session once a month so that YouTubers make you feel special.

How Much Money a Youtuber Make?

Money a Youtuber Make

Here is a schematics that will show you how much exactly you can earn on Youtube.

How Much Money Youtuber Makes on Views?

How Much Money Does a YouTube Make Per View?

how much money does a youtuber make per viewAre you asking or googling on how much does a Youtuber get paid for one view?

In top review Youtuber can make between $0.01 to $0.03 this is on a view that has clicked or viewed their ad, or I should say AdSense. 

But this creates a whopping average of $0.18 on a view.

Although if you worry about how much YouTube will pay you then that depends on some factors such as:

  • The number of views your video receives
  • The number of clicks an ad receives
  • Ad quality
  • Adblockers
  • Video length

How Much Money Does a YouTube Make Per 1000 Views?

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, the money can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views.

When we corresponded to a Forbes article then we knew that a famous and well-known YouTuber can make $5 for his/her 1000 views on their videos.

I hope you could understand the proper rate is which YouTubers can earn because this has been a topic of conflict since the emerging days of YouTube. 

Other than that, if you are thinking to create a YouTube channel that can be a perfect side job that you do.

Though it requires a hassle to work with if worked properly then it can be a perfect side work that you can do in your free time.

And if you have the talent to engage a large audience then it can be an ideal place for you.

How Much Money YouTubers Make on Videos?

Money YouTubers Make on Videos

When it comes to YouTubers earning and making money through YouTube then that is completely based on various factors and the different opportunities that they get.

For example, the number of views on a video and the number of google ads is displayed on that video to accumulate the earning ratio on that video. 

According to Forbes, the pay rate of a YouTuber is $5 on 1000 views on a video. And if a YouTube video hit 1,000,000 views then the YouTuber might earn $5000.

That’s why most jobs especially modern-day jobs seems lucrative in front of YouTube job. All you need is struggle and effort.

Through a survey and study by several marketers, they determined that by 2021 or 2023 there will be an increase in the social video ad expenditure by 44%.

That is approximately a $14.89 billion increase.

How Much Money Youtuber Earn Per Subscriber?

Money Youtuber Earn Per Subscriber

When you are starting YouTube you should know that YouTube will never pay you on the basis of subscriber rate of your channel.

What is a subscriber, he/she is a person who follows your channel because either he likes you or he is gaining something from you.

In both ways, he wants access to your latest videos easily and quickly.

So, whenever you post any video then that video will be automatically displayed on their home page of YouTube. 

But don’t think subscriber doesn’t play a role in making you a content creator because of them you have enough like comments and shares on your video.

They are the ones who will click on that YouTube notification of your video and watch it first. And they will even like, share and comment on it as well.

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FAQ’s about How Does Youtube Pay You


Here are some frequently asked questions by several people.

I thought it might help you clear your cloud of judgment towards earning on Youtube and creating content.

How Can I Make Money on YouTube without ads?

Essentially to answer this I will give you three ways that are completely AdSense free.

That means you will not use ads in order to earn money on Youtube.

These are the most effective ways to.earn money without displaying any ads on your YouTube videos. 

#1- Affiliate Marketing:

This method is one of the best and most common ways to earn money through YouTube.

In Affiliate marketing, you will be able to sell different people or companies products that will sponsor you and you will get a fair share of commission through selling that product or service via a special URL that you will provide to your viewers in the description of your current or relative video. 

How to do that? Well, that is easy to sign up to the Amazon market place and find anything virtual which you don’t have to deliver.

Thee you can create a special link that can make you a commission out of it. Then you will be able to easily affiliate that product.

#2: Selling Your Own Products:

Till now you have understood the game of affiliate marketing and advertising. As YouTube will pay you a fraction of money and the rest will keep to itself.

But if you go through Amazon then it can give you a large amount of share cut in that sales. But tell me you always wanted to do that?

No right! You want to earn 100% revenue from that product that you sell. Well, to do this you have to get your own product in the line and make sure that you promote it properly.

For instance, take a training program course and suppose you are the one created it and now selling it for $50, right?

Now: what you will do is you will create a video talking about that course and you will talk about its immense details that can help you pitch that video to increase the value of the course. 

#3: Consulting:

Apparently when you see the fastest way to earn money through YouTube then you would know that it is when you give value to someone.

Value about anything that you want or what you felt, through this, you can earn a ton of income through YouTube.

When you are done attracting your targeted audience on YouTube and when I mean attracting that means attracting them gradually and slowly.

And when you are done with that, you will pitch them the consulting service that you are providing them to get more value than you already are. 

Basically, your goal should be to talk with your audience and make them understand or we shall say think that,

If I’m receiving a large amount of free value on free YouTube videos, then what you’ll receive from paid one on one consulting program.

Is it Hard to Make Money on YouTube?

Now: this question is tricky I would say no it isn’t hard but it is. What I mean is that when you are out there dreaming of earning a little bit through Youtube.

Because that is what you love doing then you will be motivated through your work and that motivation will lead you to have quality content. 

The key for earning on youtube is that you should have a strong base of following and then several doors of opportunities will open to create out your way to the top.

So, earning is easy but reaching the earning point is hard thus earning becomes hard if you know what I mean.

As I have told above that reaching a point of earning is hard and that can be extremely frustrating because you reach that point after a lot of struggling.

How Much are 1,000 Views Worth on YouTube?

I have discussed it in the previous heading and I have mentioned this in vague details so that you can easily determine where you should start your Youtube career.

Yes, there are stages from where you should start and where you should end. 

There are several YouTubers who stop their content or start repeating their content because it is hard to manage all the fame and attention that you get.

So, it is important to know the start and the finish point of every game. So, I have discussed this in the previous heading on how much you can earn on 1000 views on Youtube.

How now you have an idea of how much 1000 views matter on a video to go viral. This is an initial step for a video to progress and viral. 

Who is the Highest-paid YouTuber?

You want to know who is the highest-paid Youtuber then take that Youtuber who is extremely famous and has most subscriber and view rates of all time.

But still, if you want me to mention a particular name then there is not a particular name to mention but there is a list of top 9 and here it is:

  1. Ryan Kaji – $26 million
  2. Dude Perfect – $20 million
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million
  4. Rhett and Link – $17.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star – $17 million
  6. Preston – $14 million
  7. PewDiePie tied with Markiplier – $13 million
  8. DanTDM – $12 million
  9. VanossGaming – $11.5 million

As you see Ryan Kaji remains the highest-paid Youtuber of all time and then comes the other YouTubers who have given everything they got to establish a proper and professional career out of Youtube.


If you are still making your mind to create a Youtube channel then don’t.

If you want to make it then make it and put your heart out in order to provide your subscriber quality content and make sure that you have checked all the ticks in order to gain followers. 

Because if you have a strong base of followers then and only then you can earn money on Youtube.

But if you have joined Youtube for fame then there is no use your motto should be pure content creation that all.

You should make sure that that you have a clear mind to create content and in no time you will be earning from Youtube. Now I hope you have understood the game of YouTube.

And this can be beneficial for those who are just thinking to start a YouTube channel and they can progress their channel accordingly. 

I know I have made it easy for you to understand the game and now anyone can get his/her video viral or get enough subscribers so that they are able to earn money.


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