How to Become a YouTube Partner and Make a Living with It!

July 15, 2020
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When it comes to entertainment platforms Youtube is one name that never slips our mind.

The interesting part is that you can earn so much with YouTube after becoming a partner. It can enable you to make a proper living out of it. 

Youtube is one of the latest video platforms in the world and it provides the users a chance to monetize their content and earn money from it.

Certainly, there are some guidelines that you need to follow and requirements that you need to fulfil.

But overall you can become a partner with Youtube and earn a living from it. 

Want to learn some interesting stuff about it?

In this review, we will go over all the information about the ways to become a YouTube Partner and make a living with it.

You will have information on the partner program and what will you get access to after signing up for being a Youtube Partner. 

We will provide you with a proper way to signup for the Youtube partner program. All the details will be in a step by step process to make you understand everything.

It will make sure you know all the ways to become a YouTube Partner and make a decent living with it. 

So, let’s get started with the fun stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your precious time we will head straight towards the best accumulation of information to become a youtube partner.

We will make sure that you know every way to become a youtube partner and make a living with it. 

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Overview:

YouTube Partner Program

It is pretty easy for anyone to upload a video on YouTube and you need internet access only.

But imagine being able to make money with these videos. And with the help of YouTube Partner, your content can generate revenue.

It was once possible to become a YouTube Partner by applying only and requiring approval.

Or if you got a personal invite via Google but things change with time.

Your account needs to be in good standing today if you want to be a YouTube Partner. You allow YouTube to place ads around or in your videos.

The views these ads get let Google make hefty money. So the partners can then earn a certain percentage through the AdSense account.

The sum of money can vary from partner to others or depends on various factors. According to YouTube, there are over a million channels in the Partner Program.

YouTube takes an estimated 45/55 share of the generated ad revenue. If you want to earn money via YouTube then this program is your optimal choice.

YouTube partner Program or YPP. The program grants access to the creators to YouTube features and resources.

So all the basic information like criteria for joining, application checklist, and features.

In short, all crucial aspects are here so you can also make money.

What Do YouTube Partners Earn From Advertising Revenues?

Advertising RevenuesFrom the advertising revenue, YouTube takes about 45% slice. Whereas the CPM charged to advertisers varies.

Often the partners earn between 0.30$ to 2.50$ CPM. Yet there are exceptions to this rule as some big YouTube players earn $10 CPM.

At this point, the factors like location and content type do have an impact on the earnings.

A point to ponder is that if the views are monetized only then creators will get paid.

There are some mobile views blocked by AdSense or ads are off, such won’t count. If you get around 50k views then 50k are not monetized.

The top 1k channels make about $23k by advertising per month. Yet again these average close to 900,000 monthly views on the video.

Being popular these channels are likely to generate more CPM rates.

What do You Get?

In this program, you can get these below-listed items:

  • access to Creator Support Teams
  • access to Copyright Match Tool
  • Complete access to Monetization features

All of these accesses will help you understand the ways to become a youtube partner and make a living out of it.

It will excel your skills in creating content and making it legit. It will also make sure that you know all the monetization features properly. 

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Signing Up for the YouTube Partner Program:

Signing Up

When you have created and established your YouTube channel, it is high time to register for YPP.

All you need to access the functionality to your channel is access to YouTube.

Then sign in using the Google account info you used while creating the YouTube channel.

Afterwards, simply follow these steps and you would be all set.

  • First of all, at the top-right corner of your screen, there will be your Profile Picture or Username. Click on that.
  • Then the YouTube menu will appear, click on the Settings option from the menu.
  • On the YouTube Account Settings screen, there will be a Monetization option and click on it. This option will be on the left side of your screen under the option of Channel Settings.
  • Next, from the Monetization screen click on the button Enable My Account.
  • Afterwards, a pop-up window will appear with the Monetization Agreement on it. At the lower-left corner of this pop-up window, there would be three checkboxes. Add a checkmark to these boxes that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • To continue, click on the I Accept button.
  • A new pop-up window will appear labelled as Monetize My Videos. This offers 3 options along with the checkbox.
  • TrueView In-Stream Ads, Overlay In-Video Ads, and Videos Contain a Product Placement. These are the options shown with checkboxes. On the right corner of the window will be Monetize button, click on it to continue.

After you turn on the functionality and choose to monetize your videos. The banner ads will begin appearing on the Channel page automatically.

These displayed ads are often relevant to the content of your videos. Or based on the description and tag that you associate with the file.

Being a YouTube Partner you won’t be able to control which ads appear. Sometimes there are public announcements also displayed or shown.

These can appear in concurrence to the videos or you can’t have a say relevant to the content/message.

All this is under the control of Google and do at its discretion.

Further Steps Signing Up for the YouTuber Partner Program:

YuTube Partner Program

Afterwards, the next window that pop-up gives a brief intro about how to monetize your videos.

As for now you can click on the Got It button and continue.

By now your YouTube channel is all set up and you are now registered with the YPP.

All these steps need to be only done once. Further, the step comes to turn on the ad features for every video that qualifies.

Now, this you will need to do for each of your videos and then link your Google Account to the AdSense account.

Again the linking process will be also done one time only. So once you are down with these steps, voila you can make money.

Things to know:

  • Before you start anything relevant to YPP or only YouTube, you need to know this. If you are selected for the YPP then you can for sure make money.
  • To ensure the standards you channel will undergo review so that good creators get the reward.
  • The channels remain under continuous check to ensure it meets all guidelines.

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Eligibility Requirements to Join:

Before you make up your mind about joining the YPP, you will need to take a look at eligibility requirements.

  1. Follow the YouTube monetization policies

You will have to follow all these policies. These policies are a collection allowing you to monetize your YouTube. The agreement will include YPP policies requiring consent with these policies. Only then you will be able to earn some money via YouTube.

  1. Then another criterion demands you to be in a region or country where the YPP is available.
  2. You need to have in the last 12 hours over 4k valid public watch hours.
  3. You need to have over 1k subscribers to be eligible.
  4. At last, you need to have a linked AdSense account.

YPP Application Checklist:

Application ChecklistIf you meet the threshold you can also apply for YPP.

But you will have to meet some guidelines and below is a checklist.

The list will provide you with a detailed guide of the whole process.

Make Sure Your Channel Follows the Policies and Guidelines:

PoliciesFirst, when you apply you will go via the standard review process.

The review will check if your channel meets YouTube’s guidelines and policies.

Once if your channel met these requirements then you will get accepted.

After that, your channel will remain under constant review to keep a check on policies.

Have at Least 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Valid Public Watch Hours:

SubscribersNext, the assessment of your channel for YPP access is about context. Once you reach this verge, it means that you have plenty of contexts.

This gateway aids in deciding the channel meets the requirements.

If you have reached this number of subscribers and public watch hours you are all good to apply.

Sign YPP Terms:

You can choose to get notified when you reach the required threshold.

Once reached, you can follow these given instructions:

  • sign in to YouTube
  • on the top right side, click on Profile Picture then on YouTube Studio
  • on the left menu, click on Monetization
  • if you are below the threshold then click on Notify me when I’m eligible so you can get an email on 1k subscribers
  • if you have met the threshold already then click on Start and the Review Partner Program terms
  • once you are all done with these terms, the setup is marked with a green Done sign on the card

Make Sure You Only have 1 AdSense Account:

This process will need you to connect on an AdSense account so you get paid.

So ensure that you have only 1 account with these steps.

  1. First, on the Sign up for Google AdSense card click on Start
    1. If you have an AdSense account already then you can use the already approved one. With this single account, you can link as many channels as you want.
    2. Yet if you don’t have an account then you need to create one by following the instructions.
  2. When you connect the account, it will get marked with a green Done sign on your card.

Get Reviewed:

ReviewedAfter you are through the terms and account process, next comes the review.

So your channel is then put in a review queue.

The automated system alongside human reviewers does so on the content of the channel.

They will check if your channel follows all the necessary guidelines.

  • if you are accepted in the YPP then congrats and you can now enable monetization, set up ad preferences, and more.
  • if you are rejected in the YPP then no worries, you can apply again within 30 days of rejection.

Eligibility Requirements to Turn on Monetization Features:

Apart from the basic eligibility requirements to join, here is something else.

You will need to fulfil another set of such requirements when it comes to Monetization.

The reason behind this is the local legal requirements. So below is a list of these criteria:

Requirements Ad Revenue:

  • At least be 18 years old, if not then have a legal guardian above 18 years so they can tackle AdSense and payments.
  • You must create such content which meets the guidelines of advertiser-friendly content.

Channel Memberships:

  • Again be 18 or above
  • Need to have above 30k subscribers

Merchandise Shelf:

  • Be 18 or above
  • Need to have 10k subscribers

Super Chat & Super Stickers:

  • Be 18 or above
  • Need to be in a region or country where Super Chat is available

YouTube Premium Revenue:

YouTubeAt last, create such content that a YouTube Premium subscriber watches.

It will bring authenticity to your content and provides you with a better approval set.

This will make sure that your content is legit too.

Eventually, you will be making a good sum of money in revenues. 

Ways to Make Money In the YouTube Partner Program!

Now that you have become a part of the program, you can make a great sum of money out of it.

Here are some of these amazing features that will help:

Advertising Revenue:

Let’s you get revenue from the overlay, display, and video ads.

It allows you to provide ads from the AdSense for the viewers of your video.

Channel Memberships:

The members make monthly payments in return for bonuses you offer them. 

Merchandise Shelf:

The official merchandise showcased on your watch pages will attract fans. Hence they would buy branded merchandise.

Super Chat & Super Stickers:

To get their messages highlighted in chat streams, fans will pay you.

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YouTube Premium Revenue:

YouTubeYou can get a part of the YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee if they watch the content.

Each of the above-listed features comes with its eligibility requirements.

These further depend on the subscriber and view count, etc.

If any of your videos doesn’t seem to be eligible for the reviewers, you won’t get a specific feature.

There are 2 major reasons behind these thresholds.

  • First, YouTube meets legal requirements in all the areas where features are available.
  • Next, YouTube wants to reward only good creators. So it needs to ensure that the context on the channel is enough.

As the channels are always under review so you always need to keep the line clear and have good content.

Why You Should Look Beyond Ads for Revenue?

Ads for Revenue

Recently YouTube faced a lot of backlash because of being more transparent.

The transparency and content qualifying as advertiser-friendly content.

Also, many creators feared that they would lose out revenue due to the content’s nature.

If any of these listed aspects would be a part of your content, YouTube would exclude it.

  • Content including sexual stuff, partial nudity, or humour.
  • Any sort of violence, violent extremism, display of severe injury, etc.
  • Language being inappropriate, harassment, vulgarity, profanity, etc.
  • Promotion of any drugs relevant substances, selling, or abusive use.
  • Sensitive or controversial subjects/events like war, disasters, political issues, conflicts, or more.

Since 2012, YouTube has demonetized the content not meeting its standards.

This is an automated process that without any warning demonetizes the content. Even sometimes the creator remains unaware of the happenings.

Today the situation is different as creators get notified if the content is flagged.

Also, it can litigate if they feel the video excluded was mistakenly from the network.

Even though advertising is a common source of passive income. YouTube gets a 45% share of the total ad revenue which is the trade-off here.

In other words, YouTube must explore some other options or revenue streams to endure YPP.

Perks of being a YouTube Partner:

YouTube Partner

Though some people have grudges against the YPP of YouTube, it supports some plus points.

Hence to clear the misconceptions and proving that being a Partner is beneficial. We have jotted down some major advantages.


MonetizationThe major and biggest perk is monetization on your videos.

If your videos fulfil all the community guidelines, then voila.

Then YouTube will add targeted ads to the videos uploaded by you.

Even these ads won’t cause any interference in the videos.

Yet the content will help each ad to receive more clicks meaning more money.

Upload Outside YouTube:

YouTube Partners don’t need to stay on YouTube only. As the Partners include a non-exclusive agreement.

So you have an option to even upload the content on any other network. Whereas the monetization benefits will remain the same.

Worldwide Audience:

AudienceBeing a worldwide video community, you can get a global reach via YouTube.

If you do some extra promotions with various ad programs.

And if these run on other websites, as well as offline, you get extra benefits.

YouTube performs more promotions for you so you are free to create videos so grow the audience.

Developmental Tools and Programs:

Along with other features, YouTube also provides you with special tools. These developmental programs can boost the content of your videos.

Along with that partners have access to analytical tools and community to learn from.

YouTube teaches you how to create better videos and then helps in boosting the fan base. This ultimately boosts the revenues for you and the site.


CopyrightAs a YouTube Partner, when you upload any original content.

All the copyrights and distribution rights are reserved for you.

But if your content or anything you upload is not original.

You will first need consent from the 3rd parties before using them.

These include getting permission to use any sort of music as background in those videos.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, a Partner also gets access to extra customization.

This includes various features like customizing the entire page so it matches the brand.

Or you can even create your skin so the channel page stands out from the rest.

Doing so will be helpful in 2 ways as you get something that perfectly fits your niche and helps with fan-base.

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Wrapping It All Up!

These are all the perfect ways to become a YouTube Partner and make a living with it.

They will help you by making sure you perform all the steps perfectly. 

I am sure that you will love the contents of this article to the extent of your heart.

The reason behind it is that it contains all the information which is essential and extremely helpful.

All the content is well researched and organized for the readers which makes it authentic in every term. 

We hope that after gaining all the information you need to know about the ways to become a YouTube Partner your doubts would be cleared.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to fret about it at all. 

We will analyze all your queries and provide you with proper and bible solutions to every part of your problem.

It will enhance your understanding of a great deal and provide a better way to earn a living. 

In the end, we just want to have a great experience in becoming a YouTube Partner and make a living with it.

Until then stay with us for more enthralling updates ion the topics that you love the most. 


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