How To Find Deleted Youtube Videos In 2021 – Complete Guide

Have you ever came across a video on YouTube that you like very much and can’t get over? You like the video so much you keep watching it over and over again until you can’t.

The Video gets taken down by the owner or the Streaming platform for not following the guidelines that had been prescribed by it. 

Whether it be a how-to video, a music video song, a movie, or something else that you have been looking for a long time and matters a lot, it comes off as rather infuriating to see that video is not there anymore.

If you are looking for a way on how to find deleted Youtube Videos, then you have come to the right place!

This article consists of two different methods that can be used by anyone with the basic knowledge to operate a computer to keep their favorite video online or save it with them for as long as they want. 

We are sure that you have already scoured the internet and haven’t come across anything that is a sensible way of recovering a YouTube Video. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost, as MiniTool Software is here to save the day! 

How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos Easily Two Steps:

Find Deleted YouTube Video Online

As there is already mentioned in the passage above that there are two possible ways to get this done, let us dive in further to find out about those. 

YouTube is without question, the most renowned streaming service on the internet right now, and nearly 2 billion subscribers of the Streaming service further confirms the statement.

For anyone interested in making money, they can understand that YouTube is a very viable option and can be used to generate stronger revenues. 

According to an online Financial Platform Named “Fortune” The Streaming giant is still going on strong and is growing with each day passing. 

Issues of YouTube…

Many people see the opportunity put in front of them, and jump on the train of YouTube helping people make money. Now, a lot of these people and streamers experience problems when it comes to the management aspect of your channel.

Some of these problems include a person mistakenly deleting a video in a scenario where he wanted to delete something else. Trust us, mistakes happen. 

One more issue that people concur on the platform is that when they find out that their favorite video is missing, out of the blue. 

This leaves both the YouTubers and the streamers leave wondering whether the video can be recovered? One of the most searched google results were “How to find deleted YouTube Videos.” This should give you the idea that you are not alone. 

One more disadvantage to YouTube is also the fact that this streaming service, despite being vastly used and vastly being famed, doesn’t provide convenience to it’s registered content creators in terms of back up.

When you upload a video to YouTube, and you don’t make back up of the videos before making them go online, you are likely to suffer and be one of the people that search “How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos”. 

But, How to Find deleted YouTube Videos? 

Well to answer the question “How to Find Delete YouTube Videos”, there are two possible methods of getting this done. These possible solutions are further talked about in the description below.

These solutions were very tested before writing this article and have been known to work in the favor of the person looking to retrieve their lost videos. 

The first of the two methods is to find YouTube Videos Online, The latter option is to restore the originally uploaded videos to the YouTube Channel and download and store them on the storage of the computer. 

1. Find Deleted YouTube Video Online:


Find Deleted YouTube Video Online1

The Online Way:

If you are not in the favor of downloading additional software to recover the lost videos, then this method is the perfect one. Finding a deleted YouTube video is just hard as much as it is easy.

There are a lot of sources on the internet that can mislead you and trick you into downloading software or a virus that is malware or a virus that can prove harmful for your computer. 

Dangers of the Downloaded Software: 

This is one of the worst things about the internet and the people that are unaware of this very fact stand to lose a lot in terms of their privacy and their personal information. Some hackers even trick you into downloading their misleading software.

It will usually say one thing and once you download, it will ask for things that it will not need to. For example, the software might prompt you to give the software permission to download additional software or some additional files.

The additional software and file are further stored in the directory of the folder of your Operating system, corrupting your data in a lot of cases. As a new different cyberattack, these download files and software will compress all the data on your computer with an uncommon file extension that cannot be decrypted.

This software and file will leave ransomware stored on your computer, telling you to pay money via transfer wire in return for your money. There is no guarantee that they will return your money. 

What now?

So now that we have established that using downloaded software for your work is not safe, we should further continue telling you about the online method.

If you are looking for a way to resuscitate the lost videos on YouTube, You can use this Powered YouTube Video Finder. This Platform goes by the name “Internet Archive Wayback Machine”.

This is an online platform that can be categorized as a non-profit digital library. This library consists of numerous music videos, movies, books.

As this is a non-profit organization, people such as researchers, historians, and scholars reap benefits from the print disabled view of the website. This website also allows free access to the general public. 

This Website will allow you to find the deleted YouTube videos and store them on your computer. These Digital library products offer over 20 million products, 4.5 Million Audio Recording, 4 Million Videos, which definitely come of use. 

2. Restore the Original YouTube Videos on Computer:

Restore the Original YouTube Videos on Computer

If you lost the video and have your own reasons for not considering the online platform, Then you should stick with the downloaded software. After all, when you are using online platforms you are prone to a lot of risks online. 

Dangers of the Internet:

When you are using online websites and platforms to fulfill the purpose that you seek, you are at a big risk from hackers, especially if you are not using a private network. Public networks don’t have any assigned securities at all. This makes it very easy for hackers to access your device and riffle through your phone. 

This will put your data at risk and this will likely make it easier for the hacker to keep and hold your data for ransom. The hackers have also been known to hold your data and use it later for blackmailing you into giving you something or getting something done through you. 

What about VPNs? 

This is a very dangerous aspect, which is why we recommend you use VPN software to keep you protected. VPNs are the best-known tool for misleading hackers as they encode your device’s IP Address and ping your location to some other part of the world or the country. 

This makes the experience of a person very secure as well as protects them from a lot of dangers. When using a VPN, the hackers are not able to narrow in on your location. This keeps them twisted and they will eventually give up trying to get through to your device. 

This is why, If you travel a lot and stay at the mercy of the public wireless networks, then it is imperative to buy a VPN. 

Benefits to Using Downloaded Software:

Speaking about the downloaded software, Using offline software will protect you altogether! This will cut down your costs as you wouldn’t need a VPN or anything extra to operate the software.

However, since you are going to be looking for a downloaded video ONLINE, then it is vital to have an internet connection. If you use a private network, the risk automatically drops to minimal as these networks are good at offering more security than the opposite Public networks. 

These networks are encrypted usually with WPA / WAP protocol which makes it a lot harder for the hacker to break in and put your data at risk. However, even with using the Public network, the risk to naive users stays very huge as they stand to lose too much from it. 

When hackers know that they cannot hack into the network due to being protected by the security protocol, they design click baits which they later post on a lot of websites. These Websites in some cases stay privy to the fact that their website has been hacked and put the users at risk as well. 

When a user clicks on this link, they are redirected to some other page which will either be a blank page. However, if you run into a hacker that likes to put on a show, a webpage will open where you’ll see yourself getting mocked as the hacker would’ve already played you for a fool.

By using downloaded software to reach the means, you remove a lot of these factors. For Offline Use, We recommend using software known as “MiniTool Power Data Recovery.”

This tool not only allows you to recover YouTube videos, but you will also be able to access different kinds of files that include video, word, pdf, and ppt. Moreover, this software allows you to access over 70 different kinds of files.

The Free version of this software, however, remains limited. It only allows its users to download a deleted Youtube Video that goes up to the size of 1 Gigabyte. For people that are unaware of the term, 1 gigabyte of data equals 1024 Megabytes. 

How to Use The Software?

How to Use The Software?

If you are looking for steps to operate the software, let us tell you that they are pretty basic. Nevertheless, we’d like to see it for yourself, in case you want to know. 

  • Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery software on your computer by pressing left-click on the icon twice. You can also right-click on the option and select the “Open” option from the drop-down menu that is going to open. 
  • Your Operating System will likely break your total storage space into different partitions. If you have one or more storage devices, then the computer is going to list all the available devices that it can utilize. Then, all there is left for the user to do is to select the disk where they want the file to be stored and sit back as it installs. 
  • Note: This method will only work if the uploaded YouTube Video was stored in the partition or the disk where the YouTube Video was saved. After The Software is done installing, scan the partition or the disk for any saved videos that you want to recover.
  • After scanning, the software is going to detect the files on your computer’s hard drive. Considering the size of your hard drive and the performance benchmark of your computer, this can take a while. After It is done detecting the files, the computer will list all the files that are available and can be restored. Select the files that you want to restore and let the software work. Sooner or later, you will have your video returned. 


Losing a video on YouTube can be a pretty infuriating thing. If you are one of the people that have lost a video, you would understand. However, if you want to reverse these effects and are tired of getting useless results on your search on “How To Find Deleted Youtube Videos”, then you should try out the mentioned methods.

These methods have proven to be working and require you to spend no money on them.

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