How to Make YouTube Videos Step-by-Step

April 5, 2023
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Would you like to become a YouTuber but need help knowing where to start? This article will teach you more about content creation, how to make your content stand out, and the basics of making a YouTube video. 

How Do I Start Making YouTube Videos?

Uscreen provides a practical beginner’s step-by-step guide on how to make YouTube videos:

  1. Do some research 

Watch other content creators’ videos that resemble topics you want to create videos for. Using these videos for inspiration will help give you ideas on how to format your video and seek what you can improve. Having preexisting knowledge before creating content can give you a step up in the YouTube world. 

  1. Have a set plan 

You want to follow a storyline, as if you wanted to write a book. You want a beginning, middle, and end. Consider your main topic – what point do you want to get across? Consider the subtopics you want to cover in the bulk of your video. Staying organized throughout your video ensures a lack of confusion, and your viewers won’t get lost in a random jumble of your raw thoughts. Have a rough script to follow so you don’t have to edit out most of your content later on. Create a storyboard and structure for your video.

  1. Create a title and thumbnail

The thumbnail is the first thing your audience will see before playing your video. Make sure it grabs their attention and is relevant to the video itself. For the title, make it something catchy but not misleading. Some YouTubers will use a deceiving title to get more views, but once people actually watch the video and it does not relate to the title, also known as “clickbait.” Be creative and honest.

  1. Consider SEO 

Also known as search engine optimization, this is a way to take advantage of YouTube’s algorithm. Look into what keywords are most used on YouTube relating to the topic of your video. Of course, do not use someone’s exact title but get inspired by what they use. 

  1. Buy proper equipment 

Some items you should look into buying to make your videos to a higher-quality standard are a video camera, go pro, external microphone, tripod, video editing software, hard drives, and a ring light. Buy good quality equipment that is affordable for you.

  1. Plan your filming 

Think about the locations best to film at and most relevant for the video topic. Having little to no distractions is super helpful when filming to ensure your videos are made properly without the stress of distractions or interruptions.

  1. Get camera ready

Stay relaxed as you get ready to film. It may seem nerve-wracking at first and hard to act natural, but at the end of the day, it is just a conversation – almost like a Facetime call. 

  1. Record

Talk to the camera as if you were talking to your friend, and show that passion! Remember to look into the lens rather than your reflection – this will make you appear more direct and personable. 

  1. Edit the video

After recording, this is the time to make the video how you want it. Pull all the footage together, incorporate smooth transitions, and add music or fun images. Don’t be afraid to cut out content you’re not in love with. You can always go back and film again if you missed something integral to your video. 

  1.  Post on all social media platforms

Promote, promote, promote! Posting the thumbnail or a quick snippet of your video on all social media platforms is a great way to let people see what you have been up to and will encourage them to watch it.

Do you have your video all recorded and edited but need to learn how to use the YouTube app? Here is a step-by-step guide on posting your video to YouTube for everyone to see.

How to post a video on YouTube?

Follow these quick steps provided by Google Support:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account: Simply search “YouTube” on Google and log in. If you do not have an account, make sure to create one, as that is the only way you can post. 
  2. Once logged in, click “Create” in the top right corner, then select “Upload videos.” 
  3. Pick the video you want to upload.
  4. Click “edit” to write a title and description for the video. 
  5. Press “Upload.” The video will automatically post in the highest resolution available so that viewers can play the video on any device. 

Are you thinking about what specific videos to make that will attract viewers? Let’s explore the types of videos commonly posted on YouTube.

What should a beginner do on YouTube?

BigVU suggests the following ideas:


Data indicated that more than 44% of internet users watch vlogs every month. Many people even watch vlogs every day, especially if they watch YouTubers who are daily vloggers or post often. This is a great way to engage with your audience and show them the real you.


Sharing products you care about or have seen trending can help people decide whether to buy those products. Recommendations and reviews are always helpful before purchasing a product. This is an excellent way to give your personal, honest feedback.

How-To Videos

If something you love is trending and you think other people may need help understanding or creating, these videos are a great way to reach out to your audience and teach them your skills. 

Informative Videos 

Informing and educating people can be very beneficial as we are all learning new things every day. Tutorials and step-by-step videos are useful to short-watch or one-time viewers. 


A stat from Google indicates that about one in every five consumers has watched an unboxing video. Seeing what the new product looks like or how it works gives a sense of surprise. 

Want more YouTube Inspiration?

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