How to Increase YouTube Watch Time in 2021 (Best Practices)

September 12, 2020
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There is this simple guide and suggested best practices that can tell you how to Increase YouTube Watch Time!

For the success of your YouTube channel, this concept of increasing watch time matters a lot.

Furthermore, if your watch time is more, then your channel will get a higher ranking from YouTube.

So, let us have a look at these best practices that can guide you on how Increase YouTube Watch Time:

What is YouTube Watch Time?

YouTube Watch Time

You might be wondering what the exact definition of YouTube watch time is, here you can check out that!

This concept works in a different way unlike this concept of audience retention.

This audience retention measures the total percentage of a video that a person watches.

On the other hand, watch time tells us about the total amount of collected and accumulated minutes that audience has spent on your videos.

Now, you can well explore from here the strategies on how to Increase YouTube Watch Time, so let us jump on the details:

Why Is YouTube Watch Time Important?

To work on this category if you have got a YouTube channel, it is highly important for you.

Your whole efforts should be spent and invested to Increase YouTube Watch Time of your created channel.

It was before the time of 2012 that the total number of views was marked and considered as one of the primary measures that define YouTube channel success.

But this parameter is totally changed and revised now!

Your YouTube channel success is now dependent on watch time and the number of subscribers.

Best Practices:

Here is the deal for you!

You can have a look at the suggested practices on how to Increase YouTube Watch Time and then let us know whether these strategies worked for you or not:

Increase Audience Retention:

First of all, you have to make efforts on increasing and multiplying your audience retention rate.

Most importantly, it is this retention report that is going to tell you where your audience and viewers drop-off.

Moreover, you are going to get an idea where your visitors and views stick a lot.

This way, you can make the necessary adjustments and improvements in your future videos.

We can give you a few of the tips to increase this audience retention rate of yours.

And you can apply this same strategy to Increase YouTube Watch Time of yours.

It is recommended to nail the very first 15 seconds of your video. From these first 15 seconds, the success and failure of your created video are dependent on!

Your videos should not look static. In other words, you have to keep on adding music, multiple visual, styles in your videos.

Before making a video, do careful planning. Make a proper script and craft an outline at your end.

Create Longer Videos:

The next practice on how to Increase YouTube Watch Time, you need to create longer videos for your channel!

It is true that longer videos automatically and instantly maximize your YouTube watch time. In addition, longer videos are better ranked by this YouTube platform.

If your videos are longer and they have an increased watch time, then there is a chance that your videos may get promoted and advertised on the YouTube homepage.

This is a proven and tested practice that videos of more than 15 minutes range, they always outperform as compared to shorter span videos.

Besides, apart from creating longer videos, work on its content as well. The content of your videos should be strong, genuine, and original.

Get More Subscribers:

Get More Subscribers

If you get successful in getting more subscribers, then there is a massive chance that you can Increase YouTube Watch Time of your channel in less time.

If your videos are long and engaging, then more and more people are going to subscribe to your channel. So, this is a great piece of advice that we are giving to you.

You need to increase and boost the loyal base of your YouTube channel subscribers.

More subscribers mean more people will watch your videos and this is going to in return increase watch time.

Loyal subscribers always enjoy your video content, so there is a big chance that they will watch you till the end and thus helps you in amplifying and multiplying your watch time.

To build up this subscriber base, you need to make SEO videos. Furthermore, you have to focus your efforts on getting organic subscriber growth.

Moreover, to get maximum numbers of subscribers, you should optimize your YouTube channel and promote your videos on other social media platforms.

You have to generate this social proof that how much popular your YouTube channel is!

Promote Your Videos:

Promote Your Videos

The next strategy that you need to work is on promoting and advertising your videos on all of the social media sites.

This promotion strategy is going to give you tons of subscribers and you no longer have to worry about the success rate of your YouTube channel.

Besides, you can generate maximum views and boost this watch time category by promoting your created videos on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hence, you have to go the extra mile to Increase YouTube Watch Time.

Sell your video content, market, and properly advertise it and become a top-notch video maker on the YouTube platform.

Double Down On What Works:

Once you know the strategy that how this watch time is increased, then you can further work on this area and become the winner of the YouTube platform.

You have to look for that specific factor and USP that can distinguish your videos from the rest of the people.

To work on this practice on how to Increase YouTube Watch Time, what you can do is to access YouTube Studio and click on the option of Interest viewers!

Through this method, you will get the list of all those videos that are accompanied by the highest watch time. Carefully watch these videos and analyze what sets them apart!

Work on your videos length, title, thumbnails, SEO optimization, styling, formatting, and also visuals.

You have to keep on doing this guesswork regarding how your video content can become stronger and how they can have an increased watch time.

Increase Session Watch Time:

Increase Session Watch Time

Your YouTube channel’s watch time can get multiplied if you make attempts to increase its session time.

Most importantly, this session watch time is the total and average amount of time that an individual spends on your YouTube channel during that specific single session.

If your session time is more, then your watch time will get increased too.

All those videos that are embedded with longer session time, they increase your visibility on YouTube.

Hence, to increase and simply boost this session time, it is advised to make use of playlists. This approach brings improvements in your session time.

Upon making a playlist, your videos are going to be played automatically and they no longer need a clicking job from the viewer.

This is a great and reliable way to Increase YouTube Watch Time!

You can even add cards right into your videos. Besides, this addition and incorporation of cards are going to funnel more and more viewers to your channel.

Tips and Advanced Strategies:

Here we have some more tips and advanced strategies for you that explains to you on Increase YouTube Watch Time, so do check out this important piece of information:

Firstly, you have to make consistent as well as branded thumbnails for your videos. By doing so, viewers and your target audience can easily spot your videos.

Plan your thumbnails in a unique and creative manner. Or you can link your videos to playlists with the help of cards and end screens.

Most noteworthy, it is by creating playlists that you can bring a serious boost and multiplied watch time on your channel.

Furthermore, it is recommended to link your videos right there in the comments section.

You have to choose and select those kinds of thumbnails that can perfectly reflect the concept of your video content.

It is these titles and thumbnails that manage to give this clear signal to your audience and viewers that your video content is worthy enough to watch.

Well-designed thumbnails attract more people to your channel.

Moreover, this strategy to Increase YouTube Watch Time is going to encourage other viewers to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Understand the importance and weightage of thumbnails images.

Your videos are going to stand out in this long line of YouTube search results if you keenly and seriously follow these practices.


Now, you know how to Increase YouTube Watch Time! If you have a YouTube channel and it does not get success up to your expected standards, then follow these practices as soon as possible.

We hope that with the careful implementation of these strategies, you can instantly Increase YouTube Watch Time of your channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Do follow this guide and give a positive jumping boost to your channel.

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