How Much is Jackie Aina Net Worth? (Complete Guide)

February 2, 2021
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Jackie Aina is one of the YouTubers that are rather well-known for running their channel on the video streaming platform. Jackie Aina Operates a YouTube Channel under her own name. According to a lot of online sources, the total worth of the lady stands at $800, 000 USD as of now. 

Jackie Aina has crossed the milestone and has over 3 Million followers on her channel. She is well-known for creating online that are mainly concerned with beauty products and the correlated industries. Her content has a vast range that includes a lot of makeup product reviews, makeup tutorials, and other things such as First Impressions. 

She currently resides in Los Angeles and comes from a bloodline of Nigerian Descent. When it comes to being a patriot, Jackie Aina is in front of the trenches; Jackie Aina has also Served as a US Military Veteran.

The YouTuber started her makeup art as her profession as soon as she stepped into the early years of her Adulthood. For training and learning about a lot of new things, she went to Vidal Session Academy.

This is where she learned a lot about the corresponding field and graduated as a licensed cosmetologist from the said school. If you are looking to find out Jackie Aina Net Worth, then read on further. 

Who Is Jackie Aina?

Jackie Aina

Before you know about Jackie Aina Net Worth, It is vital for you to know who she really is. The above lines contain more than enough info which can give you an idea of Who Jackie Aina is.

However, if you want to know about her more, Then for one, Jackie Aina is one of the most renowned YouTubers when it comes to creating youtube videos about beauty products and pretty much anything that is related to it. 

Her channel has gained over 3 million followers and on her video, the average amount of videos is about 350 million. All the other sources that lead to her channel also account for an additional 150, 000 views per day. 

Jackie Aina has gained some fame and has made quite a name for herself. To prove this, we should also tell you about the time when the A-List Hollywood celebrities such as Naomi Campbell featured on the Channel of Jackie Aina. 

Considering the quality of tips and the amounts of views she gains on each of her videos, I think it’s safe to say that Jackie Aina is one of the most Prominent beauty Gurus online. She Used her Skills to make Jackie Aina Net Worth go quite bigger. 

Currently, the renowned beauty Guru lives in Los Angeles. Although her origins are Nigerian, she lives in the United States. She is one of America’s finest and also has served some of her time in the military.  

To start her career as a beauty blogger, Jackie Aina went to Vidal Sassoon Academy. At the Vidal Sassoon Academy, she studied the related courses and studied them to later be graduates as a  licensed cosmetologist. This gave her the confidence and polished the skills she needed to make a name for herself.

After graduating and before going viral by creating videos on her YouTube channel, She worked for renowned businesses in the correlated fields such as. Those Businesses include MAC and Bobby Brown.

After working for these organizations, Jackie Aina wanted to follow her passion and decided to fly solo. She worked as a freelancer for the next five years of her life.

Doing Various jobs in the related field and after doing freelancing as a makeup artist, she was even better than she was ever before.

After working as a freelancer for five years, Jackie Anie took her screen to the big stage of YouTube and earned her well-deserved fame. She follows this path to this date.

How Has She Been She So Succesful?

There have been a lot of cases about Instagram hiding cases and the celebrities suing the social media platform over it. However, with Jackie, We See no such things. 

The reason behind her being so successful is mainly due to the very reason that she does not jump on what is currently trending but is inclined to do something that is rather unique and attractive.

This allows her to stand out more than the other influencers in the related field. The fame of the vlogger has contributed vastly to Jackie Aina Net Worth. 

How Much is Jackie Aina Net Worth?

According to various sources online, Jackie Aina’s worth is about One million US Dollars as of now. There are a lot of ways behind her earnings. Mainly, this comes from Jackies Youtube Earnings. 

Jackie Aina has also been known for collaborating with a lot of famous makeup brands from time to time which contributes equally to the total summed up amount. The Youtube Channel of the focused Vlogger has also been seen to be sponsored by a lot of beauty brands.

These Sponsorships are often noted on her main channel. The most recent of her collaboration was in August 2019. In this sponsorship video, she collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills. This video was about an eyeshadow Palette.

How Much Money Does Jackie Aina Make?

How Much Money Does Jackie Aina Make

From the Youtube Channel alone, The Vlogger is said to have made added hefty amount of 800,000 USD to Jackie Aina Net Worth.

The streaming service pays the Youtubers from $2-$7 per 1000 monetized views. This money is provided to the streamers after YouTube also deducts its cut as well.

The range of the monetized videos from all the total views ranges from 40%-80% of the total views. There are a lot of factors that have a huge impact on the monetizing rate.

Such factors include the device on which the video is being played on, the location of the person viewing the video, The Ad Inventory, The amounts of ads that are included in the video, How many videos have been skipped by the person watching the video,

The Type of advertisement that is shown in between or before the video. The engagement showed with ads, the type of content that is uploaded by the channel, and many more. 

The cost of the advertisements viewed varies and is decided through an auction that is done between the advertisers based on the results of the views. Although every advertiser comes up with a different bid, the bidding starts with the base rule that the minimum bidding rate must be set at 0.01 US Dollar. 

The ad rates in the beauty-related topics higher than the other types of Categories. Apart from the Ads, the YouTubers have also been known to gain money from YouTube Red viewers.

The YouTube Red Viewers are the people that are known to pay a monthly fee to the premium and explicit content on the Platform Youtube Premium.

Youtube Premium is a subsidiary program of the streaming site which allows the users to watch ad-free content but instead, the users free to obtain an ad-free experience that lasts for a month. 

This program requires the users to make a monthly payment of $11.99 USD. However, before asking the users to pay for the services 

Through YouTube, The Deep-pocketed companies are able to target the audience on the top 5% of the trending topics. In this way, the ad rates are higher than the usual rates of the ads.

However, if viewers opt for the Premium version of youtube, it shuts off the ads for a price. But Celebrities and channel owners are still known to earn even through the Premium version of youtube.

However, the paying method in this scenario appears to be slightly different as in this method, the channel owners are paid with respect to the viewing time on their videos. 

Viewing time means the number of times that a user has watched their video. The criteria of earning through this are just to make such content that will keep your users connected.

After all, the longer the users will see the video for, the Youtuber and their respective channel are going to generate the same amount of revenue. youtube premium really took Time is money too seriously. 

However, YouTube is not the only source of her income. Jackie Aina has been known to make some money through her Instagram account as well.

Through Instagram, Jackie makes money through the sponsored posts. The companies are agreed upon paying the YouTubers a lot of money in return for endorsing their newly launched products.

As these celebrities and social media icons are quite famous, This is one of the most effective marketing techniques and brings a lot of money and sales to the companies. The Said  Streamer has known to have endorsed the products of companies like “Boohoo”.


Jackie Aina is usually known for her skills and her talent. However, one thing that she is even more famous for is the reason behind people’s curiosity: Jackie Aina Net Worth

Jackie AIna is one of the most talented makeup artists, and what makes her our favorite is the fact that she has built her kingdom on the feet of her struggles.

She did not take any shortcuts, which proved helpful in the long run and landed her exactly where she wanted to be. 

This is what makes her an icon to her fans as well!


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