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What is Looxcie?

Looxcie is here to share ideas, inspiration, and gear with vloggers, YouTubers, and other video makers. We’ll help save you time and money by providing quick answers and quality products for all of your video creations.

If you stumbled onto this site hoping to find the elusive Looxcie video cameras, then you may have better luck at thrift stores. If you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-wear, live-stream camera, then Looxcie.com can certainly help.

Looxcie is a blog dedicated to feeding your creativity. You’re only limited by your imagination, and we want to help you remove that limitation.

What was Looxcie?

Looxcie cameras were award winning, wearable, live-stream video cameras that gave new possibilities to live broadcasters, vloggers, and YouTubers. First sold in 2010, the cameras provided users with simple and effective ways to share first person perspectives.

Unfortunately, Looxcie cameras were discontinued by the manufacturer and slowly lost to the landfills. In 2014, the company announced it will, “Close down the consumer line of cameras, services, and support for the current Looxcie customers and partners,” according to Wikipedia.org.

Eventually, Looxcie became Vidcie, catering to corporate companies to help provide live first person video streaming for professionals.

Looxcie Camera Lineup

Looxcie 1Looxcie LX2Looxcie 3Looxcie HD

From inception in 2008 to 2014, Looxcie, Inc. released 4 live steam cameras: Looxcie 1, Looxcie LX2, Looxcie 3, and Looxcie HD. These cameras centered around the ability to broadcast hands free live stream video using their award winning app, LooxcieLive. The LooxcieLive app allowed users to broadcast live, as well as view and communicate with other users.

The Looxcie 1, 2, and HD were similar in shape and built for every day live streaming anywhere. Looxcie 3, also compact, came in a different size and shape than the others. The HD was more rugged and was rated to be weather resistant.

Live Camera Alternatives

Cell Phones

Due to availability, and accessories, a cell phone makes one of the easiest options to create live videos anywhere you go. Pairing it with the best live video broadcasting apps will give you plenty of options to broadcast live.

The right phone mount will transform most cell phones into wearable first person cameras. Like Looxcie, you’ll be able to broadcast live while moving freely throughout your day.

Action Cameras

Many of the most recent action cameras make up the next best live camera option. With countless amounts of rigging options, you can mount an action camera just about any where, in any way. Even if you can’t seem to find the right mount, there’s no reason why you can’t make one using a few materials and accessories that you already have.


With increasing demand for live streaming on the go, most camera companies offer some sort of live camera option. Looxcie, inc. arrived just as live streaming was beginning to take off. Looxcie cameras and LooxcieLive may have even been a little ahead of their time in regards to live streaming.

We may not be the live streaming camera you were looking for, but we can help you find great alternatives, such as an action camera through our articles.


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