MrBeast Net worth: How Much Did He Earn Through YouTube?

November 11, 2020
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For a lot of people, YouTube is a source of entertainment on which they can watch videos for hours and hours. But for some folks, it is the pathway to making money.

That’s not that, 

Reaching the point where you become a professional YouTuber requires a lot of shoves. It is not a guarantee that your hustle pays off.     


In this article, I am going to draw your attention to the most famous YouTuber who is a philanthropist as well and is famous for his expensive stunts.

Already guessed who he is?

Yes, you are right “ Jimmy Donaldson” aka “Mr. Beast”  who is famous for giving away money to unknowns and friends.

Side by side,

He also became famous through his one of the video series known as “ Worst Intros” and some of the gameplay videos.

Do you want to dig more about him?

If yes then you have to come with me through this article cause in this one you will be given so much information about Mr. Beast.

So what are you waiting for?

We start our journey by knowing basic details about him so,

Let’s the thing get started !!!

Who is MrBeast?


MrBeast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson is an American YouTuber and philanthropist who was born on May 7, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina.

He graduated in 2016 from an Academy of Greenville named Greenville Christian Academy.

Do you know what is interesting?

Some people say that he dropped out of college because he wanted to continue YouTube as a full-time career.

Furthermore, He has a brother who is older than Jimmy and his name is CJ Donaldson who also known a YouTube channel named MrBro. He posted the kind of same content as his brother Jimmy does.

He also featured his mother in one of his videos on YouTube.

Not only this but also,

He is one of the prominent influencers on social media and mostly does giveaways and philanthropy.


Let us have a look at how his career had been started and where he is now in his life.  


He started his YouTube in 2012 when he was just 13 years old. He didn’t get that much popularity at that time.

But when he posted his one video in 2017, it reached almost ten thousand views. And now by 2020, he has almost 44 million subscribers on his channel.

Content and Style:

Attention snatching stunts are the specialty of his videos,  he also donates thousands of dollars to his viewers and sometimes strangers as well.

Even Though,

The videos are sponsored now but in the past, he also made such videos in which he did giveaways without any sponsorship.

This is incredible !!! isn’t it so?

His videos do not only involve giving away, and philanthropy work but also some fascinating videos are also part of his YouTube video list.

Are you fascinated by knowing about them?

I know you are !! so let me kill your curiosity, one of his videos is about him counting to 100,000 which took lots of time. He uploaded this one in 2017.

This video is interesting to watch indeed. After one month of this video, he uploaded another video of the same genre in which he counted up to 200,000.

Carry with me a little more !!

Later in 2019, he organized a competition which filmed and reality-based. The winner got the amount of $200,000.

He organized this one with the collaboration of Apex Legend in Los Angeles.   

Now let us jump in a bit more about him!!

How Much Did MrBeast Earn Through YouTube?

MrBeast Net Worth

The owner of the unique channel Jimmy Donaldson also known as MrBeast is one of the rising stars of YouTube.

And if I say that his channel is one of the fastest-growing channels in history then it won’t be wrong.

Do You know what made his channel to grow this quick?

Let me tell you, he first shifted his focus away from himself and started making videos on trending topics.

Earlier he made videos of himself sitting in the room with an iPhone 5 but now he is a 22 years old boy of North Carolina who runs the fastest-growing channel of history.

That’s phenomenal!

Most of his videos reached more than 10 million views which is a chic number and one can earn a lot through this many views on YouTube.

So does he, he earns a handsome amount through his videos and spend not only on himself but also help needy and poor people.

Also, His fans and viewers also get the advantage of his success by playing in giveaways organized by him.

Do not you think it is exciting?

Average Earning Of  MrBeast:

On a median, YouTubers pay a professional one or the one who got at least 1k views on their videos.

The payment of such videos is $2 on 1000 views.


Let us estimate MrBeast’s earning ;

As we know that the content of MrBeast is so unique and everyone wants to stream it. So his videos got nearly 20 million views on normal. 20 million is truckload indeed.

Wow now, this is marvelous!

Earnings On One Video: 

If he gets $2 on every 1000 views then just imagine the number he gets in his pocket. MrBeast net worth will be incredible.

Help me calculate the money he gets from his videos!

Here if we divide two million with thousand and multiply it with two then we get the number he receives from YouTube for his one video.

(20 million /1000) multiply by 2 =  $4000 per video

Earnings in a Month:

I have read somewhere that MrBeast uploads five videos in a month. So now if we calculate according to this then we got 

(20 million * 5 / 1000) multiply by 2 = $200,000 per month.

This is a handsome amount and you cannot disagree with this.

Earnings In One Year:

Now we talk about MrBeast net worth it will leave you in great shock that I am sure.      

He also does affiliate marketing which means that different brands, organizations, and companies sponsor him.

Implies that,

Other companies pay him money on paying their products on his videos and sites. This doesn’t end here.

Do you know what is more?

His very own merch store. Yes, he has his merch as well through which he gets a chunk of money.

Now let us calculate MrBeast net worth by combing all things.

If he earns $200k per month then according to that $2400k annually, now also add the amount that he gets from his sponsors and the money coming from merch is also taking into account.

$3.6-$4.8 million approximately per year is MrBeast net worth.

How Much is MrBeast’s Worth?


MrBeast is a famous name who impresses folk with his different activities like his give away, philanthropy work, and interesting video.

People also want to know about his annual income or MrBeast’s net worth. Nobody exactly knows about his income. But here is an estimation of his income.

Some people think that he earns nearly $8 million every year but other people think that it is higher than this and is nearly equal to $18 million.

There is a question that in his every fan’s mind that

how MrBeast make his money?

The chase to this quest is already mentioned in this article but to make it more clear to you let me tell you once again that he makes amazing videos and expensive stunts, he has so many sponsors through all these things he makes money.

MrBeast is an American Youtuber who has 45 million subscribers. This number is so cool 45 million is incredible.

Isn’t it so?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers to some questions that people asked about Jimmy Donaldson also known as MrBeast.

Where Does MrBeast Live?

The YouTube sensation MrBeast who is famous for giving away money to some random people and strangers lives in Greenville, North Carolina in the United States of America.

He also got his private island and sometimes goes and lives there.

How Old is MrBeast?   

As he was born on May 7, 1998, So according to that he is 22 years old and his zodiac is Taurus.  

How Tall is MrBeast?

MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson is a massive Viking because of his height as his height is about 6ft and 3 inches.


YouTube is a room on which you do not only spend your time on entertainment but also you can earn through this platform.

Like MrBeast who does not only earn but also spend money on others like on his streamer and some random people. According to him, he feels so good by doing so.

Some people say that his giveaway is fake but as far as I know they are not. MrBeast was a college dropout cause he thought that he wanted to go with YouTube as a full-time career.

And now you can see he is one of the big names in the race of YouTube.


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