PewDiePie’s Gaming Setup and Camera Equipment

October 22, 2019
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If you want to make it big as a YouTuber, following in the footsteps of the biggest YouTuber of all time is a good idea.

PewDiePie is the most-subscribed YouTuber of all time with 78 million subscribers.

We’re going to look at PewDiePie’s equipment and we’ll start by answering: what camera does PewDiePie use?

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Professional Grade Camcorder
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Flip screen Camera
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Professional Grade Microphone
20 - 20,000 Hz range
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Gaming Headphones
Retractable microphone
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pewdiepie's chairClutch Chairz Throttle Series Echo
Gaming Chair
LED lights
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Gaming Mouse
4 DPI settings
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Gaming Keyboard
LED backlit
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Ring Light
18 inches
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1. PewDiePie’s Camera: Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

Canon XA11 PewDiePie's Camera

Quality = 97%

Affordability = 72%

Why I Like It:

  • Impressive aperture
  • High-quality picture
  • Dual slots for SD cards
  • Intelligent video stabilization


If you want quality in the camera that you record with, it won’t get much better than the XA11 from Canon in the camcorder category.

This model is equipped with one of the most advanced sensors on a camcorder of this size.

The HD CMOS Pro sensor will record at a resolution of 2136 x 1362, but the camera will output files in the 1080p format.

This results in a video that looks exceptional when compared to standard models that can shoot full HD. You’ll also find dual SD card slots for enhanced storage capacity.

Other impressive features include the Intelligent Stabilization System, which ensures that the camera is always using the right form of IS.

There is also an eight-bladed circular aperture which improves the look of out of focus areas in the video.

What can be improved:


  • No 4K

2. PewDiePie’s Vlog Camera: Canon PowerShot G7X II

canon g7x II

Quality = 86%

Affordability = 92%

Why I Like It:

  • Full HD at 60 fps
  • Powerful image processor
  • Manual and touch controls
  • Multi-angle touch display

Used By YouTubers: RomanAtwood, Zoella and Casey Holmes


This is the model that PewDiePie uses as his secondary camera, such as when he’s on the move.

This model is one of the more capable point and shoot cameras out there yet it still manages to retain excellent user-friendliness thanks to its interface, which is very well laid out and simple.

While there are still buttons and dials, the capacitive touchscreen means that you can just press on the screen to focus, adjust settings, and much more.

For such a small camera, this model has a surprisingly large sensor; it uses a 1-inch highly sensitive CMOS sensor, though that’s not all.

Even though this camera’s sensor is responsible for the excellent 1080p video quality at 60 fps, it wouldn’t be one of the best if it wasn’t for the DIGIC 6 image processor.

The processor on this camera ensures that you won’t have any trouble with noise or distortion, even in the worst of lighting conditions.

Overall, this is one of the best vlogging cameras with flip screen because of the value for money you get.

What can be improved:


  • No microphone input jack

3. PewDiePie’s Microphone: AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII

PewDie Pie's Microphone AKG C414

Quality = 98%

Affordability = 67%

Why I Like It:

  • Comes with all of the needed accessories
  • Nine pickup patterns to choose from
  • Neutral sound
  • Attenuation levels help when close to the mic


So what can possibly make this microphone as expensive as the G7X camera that we just reviewed?

Exceptional sound quality that can’t be rivaled by many other choices on the market.

The C414 has long been known as one of the best microphones when it comes to fidelity.

For example, this model can operate at a bandwidth that ranges from 20 all the way up to 20000 Hz. You can also choose from nine different pickup patterns with this mic so that you can select the best one for your use.

You can get studio-level quality with this microphone, meaning that you can record everything you need yourself. It also comes included with a range of accessories including a pop filter shock mount, windscreen, and quite a bit more.

If you’re willing to pay for some of the best audio quality possible at home, you’ll love this microphone from AKG.

What can be improved:


  • Price can be lowered a bit.

4. PewDiePie’s Headphones: Razer Kraken Pro

pewdiepie's headphones - razer kraken 7.1 V2

Quality = 90%

Affordability = 80%

Why I Like It:

  • Durable design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Retractable microphone
  • Advanced ergonomics


Razer is known for their quality gaming products, and this gaming headset will immerse you right into your game as well as helping you go over your video’s audio to ensure that all is well.

Featuring 50 mm drivers, this headset is more powerful than you would expect, even if you aren’t using an amp.

This headset manages to reproduce shrill highs just as well as it does with thunderous lows, and you can tell when you play a match. Other than the sound quality, these headphones are also made for excellent ergonomics.

You can wear the Kraken Pro V2 all day without feeling any aches around your ears.

This headset also comes included with a retractable microphone that you can use during your gaming sessions. The in-line remote on this microphone helps ensure that you won’t take your eyes off of the action while you’re playing.

While this headset is optimized for use by gamers, it is a versatile design that can work for music and video editing too.

What can be improved:


  • No noise cancellation

5. PewDiePie’s Chair: Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Echo

pewdiepie's chair

Quality = 90%

Affordability = 60%

Why I Like It:

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Superior back support
  • Better build quality than other chairs
  • Lumbar cushion
  • Headrest cushion


While the features of this chair may not speak of its excellence, you’ll find that this model excels when it comes to the things that you need to experience yourself by sitting on it in the first place.

For example, it may seem like this model has the same old lumbar support cushion you’ll find on other gaming chairs, but it manages to provide support and exceptional comfort at the same time.

This chair also features a high back which will keep your spine in alignment all the way up to your neck while sitting down.

What can be improved:


  • Price can be lowered.

6. PewDiePie’s Mouse: BenQ Zowie FK1+

Pewdiepie's mouse - benq zowie FK1

Quality = 90%

Affordability = 94%

Why I Like It:

  • Adjustable lift-off distance
  • Excellent build quality
  • No drivers needed
  • Reasonable price


The FK1+ mouse from BenQ may lack the flashiness of many of its counterparts, but it makes up for it when it comes to reliability.

If you need a gaming mouse with some pretty basic features yet excellent performance, then you’ll love this model, and it’s also reasonably affordable compared to its competitors.

While there are only two buttons on the left side of this mouse, this is usually all that you’ll need for highly competitive games that aren’t MMOs.

Even though the dpi on this mouse isn’t manually adjustable, you can choose between a range of four different settings: 400 dpi, 800 dpi, 1600 dpi, and 3200 dpi.

If you like to lift your mouse while you play and you want to personalize it, you’ll benefit from the adjustable lift-off distance, ensuring you don’t accidentally move it when you don’t mean to.

You also won’t have to download any wonky drivers for this gaming mouse, which is a huge benefit over the vast majority of its competitors.

7. PewDiePie’s Keyboard: CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

pewdiepie's keyboard corsair

Quality = 90%

Affordability = 85%

Why I Like It:

  • Cherry MX switches
  • Full anti-ghosting
  • Program any key or macro
  • Red backlighting
  • USB pass-through


The Corsair STRAFE has long been considered one of the best mechanical keyboards for those that are gaming on a budget.

Even though this keyboard doesn’t come equipped with a wide range of additional features, you’ll find that the designers put in effort where it matters most: in the switches themselves.

Using Cherry MX key switches, this gaming keyboard will have satisfying keypress that you’ll grow addicted to the first time you try it out.

Featuring full anti-ghosting, you can press 104 keys at the same time, and this keyboard will still be able to detect every press, which is a bit excessive but it ensures issues won’t arise.

Every key on this model can be reassigned, so you can set up this keyboard for whatever game you hope to play, even if the controls can’t be adjusted through the game itself. The USB pass-through on this model also ensures that you can plug in your headset or mouse without worrying about the cable being long enough.

What can be improved:


  • Software is not user-friendly

8. PewDiePie’s Lighting: Neewer Camera Ring Light

Neewer Ring Light

Quality = 92%

Affordability = 87%

Why I Like It:

  • Ease to put together
  • Stand won’t sag
  • Neutral light color
  • Dimmable
  • Powerful

Used By YouTubers: jacksepticeye, Markiplier and Jesse Wellens


This ring light from Neewer is one of the more popular options out there thanks to its excellent build quality as well as its effectiveness.

This ring light has a power rating of 75W which is about the same as a 600W incandescent bulb, and you can dim the intensity for your needs.

When it comes to the color of the light, this model emits it at 5500K, giving you a neutral enough hue for videos of all types.

If you want to adjust the color further, you can simply use the included orange and white color filters.

The included light stand is also highly reliable, ensuring that you won’t have trouble with sagging or any other durability issues.

Overall, this is one of the best ring lights around thanks to its simplicity, ruggedness, and ease of assembly.

What can be improved:


  • Packaging isn’t designed well

About PewDiePie:

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is a Swedish YouTuber who started out in 2010 while he was in college.

After dropping out shortly afterward, PewDiePie looked around for work and then decided to focus on his Youtube channel after his job search was unsuccessful.

Through working menial jobs and selling art prints to fund his YouTube channel, Pewdiepie was able to expand. Within two years, Pewdiepie’s channel had over one million subscribers and was showing no signs of slowing down.

Throughout his channel’s history, Pewdiepie has had a strained relationship with networks.

Formerly part of the Machinima network, PewDiePie left relatively shortly after joining due to the changes that were taking place in the network as it became more restrictive.

After this, Pewdiepie signed with Maker Studios, operated by Disney, though he was eventually sacked after some controversy that the outwardly family-friendly Disney couldn’t be involved in.

PewDiePie’s videos tend to transcend genres, but at the end of the day, his channel can best be described as one that is focused on humorous let’s plays.

Pewdiepie will typically present gameplay and his reactions to it. These videos tend to be described as a fusion of gameplay and comedy.


As you would expect from the most popular YouTuber in the world, the vast majority of PewDiePie’s setup equipment is top-end.

Although this list will show you that none of his gear is astronomically expensive, all of it is exceedingly capable, which is the key to a proper setup. Now that you have all the intel on a proper gaming setup, give it a shot!

Make sure to check out Markiplier’s gaming gear as well.

Thanks for reading!


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