Best Action Camera: GoPro and Alternatives

vlogging while parasailing

Aside from your cell phone, action cameras provide the easiest way to capture your life. From vlogging and YouTube, to your next vacation video, the best action camera can easily keep up. Using customer reviews, pro guides, and personal experience, I hope to help you choose a better action camera than I recently did. After buying the GoPro HERO10, I … Read More

6 Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners – Best of 2021

A friend recently asked me if he could get a good camera for his wife as a Christmas gift. With plenty of great mirrorless cameras for beginners under his budget of $1000, it could take quite some time to sort through the piles of options. It seems that most people new to cameras get stuck on the wrong questions and … Read More

10 Best Drones Under 200$ In 2021 Review Guide

Best Drones Under 200$

Drones happen to be a thing of the modern world. Since their invention, they have made the job of professional photographers and cinematographers much easier.  However, for the perks and worth they come with, this modern piece of art happens to be expensive and out of reach of middle-class people.  Considering the needs of middle-class people, some of the brands … Read More

10 Best Dash Cam For Truckers In 2021 (Complete Review)

Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Everything on the road may happen, and you might be accused occasionally of doing something you haven’t honestly done. Moreover, in incidents like road rage, accidents, rash driving, etc., solid evidence requires understanding that anything happened. Furthermore, shopping for a best dashcam for your truckers may be a daunting and time-consuming job. Fortunately, we’ve collected 10 top dash cams for … Read More