If you are making a video it might be hard to find places to get GOOD Royalty free music.

Copyright problems happen all the time, so we need copyright free music sites so we can use music for commercial use. In this list, we are covering 6 royalty-free music libraries, 2 that are completely free to use and 4 that require payment for its tracks.

Royalty Free Music Free of Charge

YouTube Audio Library

youtube audio library

You never know when it comes to royalty-free music. Thankfully the most reliable source out there is YouTube itself, which started in 2013 with 150 tracks.

This site is special because it is by YouTube itself. It provides royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use anywhere you want really.

The company has used this as a strategy to crack down on usage without permission. Using this source your video will have no rights issues and you do not have to fear it being taken down. The YouTube Audio Library is available to anyone with a YouTube account.

One might possibly have several parties that are paid from the licensing deal. The YouTube Audio Library was created in order to cut these third-party payments.

Because the sight is easy to use correctly you will not have any problems navigating amongst the many royalty-free tracks.

Also, current music can still be used. Of course, there are some exceptions here and there, and YouTube audio library tells you how to do work with that as well.

Check out YT Audio Library

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

This is a place for Royalty music and YouTube videos that are completely free.

Launched in 2009, Free Music Archive is actually a community of artists that constantly upload new tracks on a regular basis. And yes, you heard that right, all the tracks are free so you have instant access to new music which youtubers love. This allows for your youtube channel to constantly be updated with online videos.

The site has over 100,000 tracks.

They have a vast amount of music genres such as Jazz, Classical, Instrumental, Pop, blues and electronic.

You can search their library for tracks that approve commercial use with the crediting of the author.

You also do not need an account to get into this library as it is an interactive library of legal audio downloads directed by the WMFU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. It models itself after the free music motives of the radio.

Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for uses that might otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws.  The uses however vary and are determined by right- holders who feel that allowing access is beneficial to society as a whole.

All of the audio has been selected by the established audio curators so you know you will get the best audio tracks that you need for your project.

Free Music Archive also compensates artists directly whenever they can. You can find the artist’s albums through links that you can find in the song profiles.

Check out Free Music Archive

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound was created and established in 2009 by a team specializing in music production.

The epidemic sound is special because it goes directly to the source of music and composers, buying tracks for your use. Next, to that, it is one of the most used Royalty-Free music sites.

The main reason for its creation was making potential products for music at all stages. You can find tons of tracks and royalty-free music on epidemic sound but the company specializes both in getting music for people who create music as well as using it.

They have done so by constantly adding music to their library. If you subscribe to this you obtain unlimited use, license tracks per second and equal music clearance on all platforms.  Composers write the tracks and Epidemic Sound buys it automatically before putting it in their library for editors to use.

With over 24K high-quality tracks, Epidemic Sound is a great place to start getting royalty-free music and start creating. Epidemic Sound works with some of the most talented and accomplished musicians in the industry.

All the music is paid for upfront and split revenues go to streaming platforms. Their tracks have appeared on videos viewed 20 billion times over Facebook and YouTube.

Check out Epidemic Sound

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle is one of the best royalty-free websites because of its huge library with over two hundred thousand tracks from which you can choose.

Although Audio Jungle has no free download tracks, their prices for music are generally low.

Audio Jungle is also especially unique because of the way its music professionals handpick the tracks.

When it comes to music genres, you have exactly 22 categories to choose from, most tracks being found in Corporate, Cinematic, Ambient, Rock and Electronica.

Even though the tracks are 6$ to 39$ a download you do not need to have an account in order to download music.

Their latest tracks are all used and reviewed one by one and are created by top composers and professionals.  A new feature is also their new unique music kits. They also offer monthly freebies that include music, video effects, and stock footage, from 3D assets to stock photography.

Check out Audio Jungle


Audio Blocks

AudioBlocks is a subscription-based website. It specializes in three categories when it comes to royalty-free music. Those are Music, sound effects, and loops. All you have to do is pay a one-time only fee and then you are able to download as much as you want from their over 100,000 file library.

This is a good investment if you might need a lot of music for a certain project such as social media sources, your vlog or for YouTube videos. Their music genres include Classical, Ambient, country, corporate, hip-hop, electronic, indie and others. You can also find what you need by searching for specific instruments.

You obtain a royalty-free license for all tracks you download and no account is needed in order to download anything. The one-year membership costs $149. There are no hidden fees once the subscription is made and the site is constantly updated with great music and content.

You can also browse the special option for collections instead of browsing track by track or in the search menu. Audio Blocks also offers different subscriptions and audio plans along with a custom plan to fine-tune your subscription. This allows you to get exactly the worth you need.

Check out Audio Blocks

Machinima Sounds

Machinima Sound

Machinima Sounds focus on providing royalty-free music in the simplest way possible.

The site has a minimal layout so it is easy to navigate and find anything you need.

The clear approach with a fixed price and no hidden free allow you to get your hands on royalty-free music as soon as possible.

Machinima sounds use a small library of very high-quality tracks. They were made before 2015 to download especially for YouTube videos.

You can also buy licensed songs for $8 each which is a relatively small amount for a track considering the prices on other sites.

They have a wide variety of genres such as Glitch, Ambient, Trance, Symphonic, Cinematic, Horror, Jazz Comedy and others. You can find the so-called “Legacy Tracks” section for tracks that are licensed under Creative Commons for monetized YouTube videos without buying a license.

An account is created when you make a purchase. Machinima Sounds were created by brothers Jens and Per Kristof as a response to the copyright issues regarding music. Issues regarding copywriting and obtaining royalty-free music became the main motivation for this site.

Check out Machinima Sounds


That’s it, 6 best royalty-free music sites for YouTube, that you can use for background music and commercial use.



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