The Best Speedlight Softboxes For Photography

November 25, 2019
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 Do you often find that your primary subject is underexposed or in the shadows when you take photos? The quality of light is a key factor in photography.

A Speedlight Softbox is essential in helping you take better photographs.

A Softbox is a box designed from soft material that is used to diffuse light from an artificial source and make it even and broader.

A Speedlight is used to describe a type of flash photography that produces a shorter than the standard flash, but it’s brighter, giving better illumination.

However, the Speedlight flash can also make harsh lighting and sharp shadows.

A Softbox makes sure that the flash covers the photography scene smoothly.

All softboxes do not fit every need. Some are more effective for outdoors while some are designed for portraiture or close-up studio.

Here is an exclusive look at the best Speedlight Softbox so that you can easily find the one that meets your specific photography needs.

Note, these are not meant for continuous lighting for shooting video.

1. Godox 32×32 Inch Speedlight Softbox

Godox 32x32 Inch Speedlight Softbox

Godox 32×32 Inch Speedlight Softbox is one of the best Softbox in the photography industry.

This software measures 32 inches squared and includes a two-layer diffuser design with perfect reflectivity.

The inner and outer layer soft cloth helps to distribute the light evenly and enhances the shooting effect.

It is a suitable outdoor photography shooting tool easy to detach and fold.

The software has a unique arch-shaped bone design for light uniformity.

The height is adjustable to your photographic needs and is available for various photographic accessories, including an umbrella reflector and beauty dish.

Lastly, it is light enough for portability and comes with a carrying bag.

2. Neewer 24×24 inches Bowens Mount Softbox

Neewer 24x24 inches Bowens Mount Softbox

This 24-inch square product is black on the outside with a silver reflective surface on the inside. Its size and shape are perfect for indoor portrait work and close-ups.

It is a stand-mount Softbox with a mounting method of the off-camera stand.

The Softbox pop-ups easily, and it has two different removable diffusers.

The first diffuser layer is a standard partially opaque filter that is placed in from the reflexive interior while the second is a grid-style cover that goes closer to the primary subject.

You can entirely figure out how the light falls in your shot as both layers can be used individually.

The Softbox also features a Bowens mount that makes it compatible with other stands and equipment.

The Softbox can be used as a reflector without the diffusers, and although it’s sufficiently large for portrait photography, it might not provide sufficient light for full body shots, it is more ideal for headshots.

The Softbox can be easily folded down and comes with a carrying bag to protect accessories and for portability.

Neewer is a great company that makes quality lighting products, they are most popular for their ring lights.

3. Godox 24″x24″ Portable Collapsible Softbox Kit

Godox Portable Collapsible Softbox Kit

This Softbox ranks highly among the top best Speedlight Softbox. The 60 cm squared Softbox has an inner silver reflective face and an outer black backside.

The product is lightweight, weighing about 1.4 pounds, and easy to set up. It offers you more excellent and even light for professional photography.

It has two different diffusers that include an inner and a soft outer diffuser.

The Softbox can connect to a studio table or to a tripod stand.

The package also contains a carrying bag for easy portability.

It is quick to set up and well-built for the cash. However, the S-Type Speedlite Bracket, light stand, and Speedlite are not included in the package.

4. Neewer Photo Studio Multifunctional 32×32″ Softbox

Neewer Photo Studio Multifunctional 32x32" Softbox

New Photo Studio Multifunctional 32×32″/80x80cm Softbox is a unique and ideal Softbox for professional photography.

The size of the Softbox is 32cm by 12.5 cm by 25 cm. it features an adjustable flash mount size ideal for all brands of Speedlites and devices with a similar design as Speedlites such as Nikon SB910 SB900, Canon 600EX 580EX/11 S50EX/11, reflector umbrella, beauty dish, and others.

The Speedlite can be firmly clamped into the mount both vertically and horizontally.

The Softbox also includes an umbrella input hole as additional support to your lighting direction and studio practices.

5. Neewer 6 x 5 inches/15 x 12.5 centimeters Translucent Softbox

Neewer centimeters Translucent

New 6 x 5 inches/15 x 12.5 centimeters Translucent Softbox is a versatile and portable Softbox that is designed for flashes and Speedlites with a hot-shoe.

This software comes with a standard adjustable L-Shaped mounting flash bracket that practically fits any flash unit.

It diffuses the flash, creating even lighting that enables you to capture the perfect shots.

Additionally, it produces a super-rich photography coloring by reducing blemishes and enhancing skin tone contrast.

This Softbox is effective and convenient to use by simply unfolding the diffuser and attaching the front.

It has a stretch opening that enables you to connect the diffuser to several shoe mount flashes. It is compatible with Nikon, Canon, and Other DSLR Flashes.

6. Neewer 32 inches Octagon Softbox, Octagonal Speedlite

Neewer 32 inches Octagon Softbox, Octagonal Speedlite

Neewer 32 inches /80 centimeters Octagon Softbox Octagonal Speedlite is one of the popular Softbox in the market today. It has a light diffusion surface diameter of 32 inches/80cm with a wide range of applications.

The Softbox is suitable for portrait or product photography. This Softbox is compatible with flashes, and several studios flashlights with an umbrella hole.

The umbrella body is made of highly reflexive and high-density nylon material. The Softbox has an internal silver reflective face and a black backside.

More so, it has a double metal frame that is solid but light for easy compatibility. It is an octagon-shaped Softbox.

Neewer 32 inches /80 centimeters Octagon Softbox is easy to use for both professional and novice photographers.

7. Neewer 26 inches Octagonal Softbox with S-type Bracket Mount

Neewer 26 inches Octagonal Softbox with S-type Bracket Mount

Neewer 26 inches/65 centimeters Octagonal Softbox is a quality Softbox that maintains a good reflective performance in a relatively closed Softbox environment.

This helps excessive diffuse flashlight, removing shadows and offering a soft and even lighting. The Softbox is best for portrait and event photography.

This is great for professional photography enthusiasts, semi-professionals, and novices. It has two detachable diffusers for you to control a different level of light output.

It also has a Bowels mount adapter that enables compatibility with most flash equipment and Speedlites, including Canon, Nikon, Neewer, and Other seller’s cameras Flash Speedlites.

Its weight is 1.4 pounds and comes with a carrying bag for easy portability. Additionally, it is quick and direct to use.

8. Godox 24″x 24″ 60cmx60cm Foldable Universal Softbox with S Style Bracket

Godox Foldable Universal Softbox with S Style Bracket

Godox 24″x 24″ 60cmx60cm Foldable Universal Softbox is a one-piece design Speedlite Softbox that does not require any installation. It is made up of high-quality light reflexive material for professional photography.

The package comes with an inner and outer layer soft cloth that makes the light even and softer. They can be used together or alone, depending on your photography needs.

This Softbox is highly adaptable and can be used with various photographic accessories including Bowens-mount Softbox, Snoot, Barndoor kit, Beauty dish, Reflector, Photography umbrella.

The Softbox has a fordable arch bone design for increased durability and portability.

Generally, this is a lightweight Softbox and small enough to get into the right places.

Check out other products from Godox by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

9. Godox 80x80cm Softbox Bag Kit for Camera Studio

Godox 80x80cm Softbox Bag Kit for Camera Studio

Godox 80x80cm Softbox is one of the best portable softboxes. it features two internal diffusers, one near the flash and a larger one at the outside edge, and both of these diffusers are removable.

The Softbox has an internal silver reflective face and a black backside. Similar to a car window shade, the Softbox folds easily.

The size of this Softbox is 80 by 80 cm. it is compatible with a tripod stand.

You can otherwise put it on a studio table. When using this Softbox, it offers greater and even light with no concentric circles or hot spots.

Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to set up the collapsible S-shaped mounting bracket.

10. Fotodiox 6″x9″ Softbox for Nikon Flash, Canon Speedlite

Fotodio Softbox for Nikon Flash, Canon Speedlite

Fotodiox 6″x9″ Softbox is one of the best Softbox for Speedlight flash. It is convenient and offers easy usage for both beginners and professionals.

This Softbox comes in two different sizes 6×9″ and 8×12,” and it is more useful to on the go and outdoor photography.

It functions by softening the light coming from your external flash offering and even light-diffusing while staying out of the way of your lens.

The Softbox is compatible with Nikon, Nissin, Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Canon Speedlite, Vivitar Flash, Sunpak, Olympus, and Panasonic Lumix Flashes.

The Softbox can fit tightly to the flash units due to its rubberized ribs and elastic strap.

The grip surfaces prevent the square Softbox from slipping off during active photography.

The Softbox has a premium reflexive surface inside and an inner removable diffusion panel to assist you to control the light softness.

As compared to other Softboxes made of paper, this Softbox is made with real fabric for effectiveness in professional use.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Speedlight Softbox:

Speedlight Softbox


When you go out to purchase a Speedlight Softbox, durability is one of the essential aspects to consider.

You should ensure to buy a high durable Speedlight Softbox.

The more durable it is, the more likely the Softbox can stand up to outdoor winds or regular active use.

Size and Dimensions:

When it comes to Speedlight Softboxes, size is an essential factor. The size of your ideal Softbox varies depending on your applications and needs.

Size is a choice, and bigger is not always better.


While the dimension of the Softbox matters, so does weight. This is mainly if you are moving your stands and softboxes frequently.

Lightweight softboxes are ideal for easy portability, but heavier softboxes are also useful if you carry out your photography at a constant place.

Mounting Method:

The mounting method is an important factor when purchasing a Speedlite softbox.

It helps you know whether the Softbox requires a stand or works on your Speedlight directly.

A Softbox can often accommodate several speedlights depending on its ring mount system.


The shape of softboxes varies from rectangular, square to octagonal. A Softbox is considered a workhorse in the studio due to the variety of shapes.

The rectangular shape is often used as a fill light or primary light source, while octobox creates round catchlights.

The shape of choice depends on your photography needs.


If you are serious about photography, you will need to invest in a Speedlight that will give an excellent photo effect.

However, you will need to factor your budget into the decision when purchasing the best Softbox for Speedlight photography.

How To Select A Softbox?


Before buying any of these products you need to know about a few things. For instance, the location you will shoot at or the subject you shoot.

Once you know about these two factors, it becomes easy to make a choice.

Then only you can pick a suitable size and decide how many softboxes you may need.

In the end, you have a whole bunch of options to choose from.

What Kind of Speedlight do You own?

If you are not aware of the term Speedlight, then it is a type of flash. In the market, you can easily find a whole number of brands. In fact, these light sources or Speedlight are flashguns.

Then there are further types of these flashguns like on-camera, off-camera, etc. On-camera comes with fitting to the hot shoe and required a dome-shaped or mini softbox.

In this way, these won’t interfere with the camera-driven analysis systems and viewfinder.

Whereas off-camera speed lights come in a whole range of shapes and designs.

Though they have pretty advanced features and functions requiring a separate discussion.

Yet for now, the easier way to understand them is they can fit inside the softbox or attach to it. In case, you have more than one, opt for putting them together for intense lighting.

What’s the bottom line?

Before you pick any of the brands to buy a Speedlight/s from, check out the type that fits with the softbox.

As for the softboxes, they are quite flexible and can adjust to various brands. 

What Softboxes Are Best For Fashion Photos?

Softboxes are Best for Fashion Photos

While we talk about fashion and photos, they have a direct link. It requires precision within a parameter in either a studio, outdoors, etc.

Fashion photos often are emphasizing on the angles of the subject.

For instance, you are up for a cover shoot so your emphasis will be on all angles of the outfit. In short, without dispersal, you can’t cover more areas.

Hence for such a scenario, you might need different softboxes. The smaller softboxes will offer primary light to fill the details of the front.

Whereas the larger ones are set at angles where the subject gets highlighted. It features the sides of clothes that are otherwise shadowed.

For outdoor shoots, a key feature is the strength of your softbox. In case of strong winds or harsh weather, you need a sturdy option.

So look for an attachable softbox for such shoots. 

Which Softboxes are Best for Weddings?

Softboxes are Best for Weddings

Now, weddings are the most beautiful and important day for everyone. And the moments captured on this day hold special places in the hearts.

Let’s put it in this way; you need to cover all aspects of fashion photos. Plus, there are a few more options/features to look for.

During weddings, things can be artsy to details to so and forth. For some people, it is all about being artistic with the couple’s side.

Then it might be about small details of the couple, facial expressions, body language, etc.

Apart from that, you may not want to miss out the intimate moments. The entry of the bride, first dance, ring bearer, flower girl, etc.

For all these mesmerizing moments you need a mini softbox framed on the on-camera flash.

Often wedding photographers prefer the portability and flexibility of the softboxes. So some of them will set up large units around crowded areas.

As we all know such places need the most light including the dance floor. On the other side, some photographers opt for the flash bracket.

These will attach the Speedlight to your camera yet maintains a distance. 

What Softboxes are Best for Close-up Photography?

For choosing softboxes for close-up photography 2 factors account.

First, the distance from the subject, and second the size of the subject.

If you know these two factors well, your half problem is already solved.

Now, coming towards close-up which can be anything from a freckle to the foam on a cup of coffee to someone’s eyes.

Here the size of space or subject relates directly to the size of the softbox.

Pretty much the setup you may use at a wedding, you can use the same for interiors or food.

You can bring the details of your subject depending upon the Speedlight angle.

If you have a lower light setting then the Speedlight balances the diffusion too. Moreover, for a full room shot or mid-sized model, opt for larger softboxes.

In case, you have various products on the table then you will need more lights.

What Softboxes are Best for Nature Photography?

Softboxes are Best for Nature Photography

People may not consider using softboxes while shooting nature. Yet the fact is we need lights even being with Mother Nature.

When we talk about nature, most of the stunning results are spontaneous and handheld.

In other words, you can’t expect nature to hold up for you while softboxes get changed. Instead, we need to change according to the nature around us to have the most of it.

Hence buy softboxes that attach to the hot shoe or flash bracket, fit to on-camera Speedlight.

One tip here is to have at least 1 large softbox in your gear. This larger one can help you to fill light in a larger setting.

Advantages of A Speedlight Softbox And How It Can Help Diffuse the Light in Photography:

Speedlight Softbox is useful in improving the lighting in your pictures.

The softboxes are effective in incidents when the available light is not sufficient and is ideal for filling in shadows when there is harsh light.

Softboxes are more efficient for photography subjects that you have control over them and the entire situation.

This may be for a product, still life, and portrait photography. As the name suggests, Softbox light is gentle and diffused.

Flash lighting or studio strobes lighting is harsh and produces hard shadows on the photography subject.

A Softbox helps to scatter the harsh light and create softer shadows.

FAQs About Speedlight Softboxes:

Speedlight Softboxes

Here we have answered some of your frequently asked questions to clear the doubts.

Let’s take a quick look at these FAQs because they can help you a great deal. 

What Are Light Sources And Why Are They Important To Understand?

While talking about photos and lights, we focus on 2 sources. First, we have natural light or ambient light from our surroundings.

It can be sunlight for outdoors and general lights for indoors. This one is often known as Key Light but some consider the 2nd source as a key light too.

Now, natural light may not be enough requiring external/artificial help. So we have the harsh light obtained via direct flash like in the cameras or flashguns.

This one though fills light and brightens the subjects. Yet can create a harsh effect on the images as its name explains.

The best choice here is to the fill light with a softer feel. Even though an external flash is still used yet the light gets diffused via softboxes.

The light gets more diffused when the softbox is closer.

What If My Subject’s Face Is Too Dark?

This is one of the worst-case scenarios one may encounter. Consider being outside on a sunny day when the sun shines overhead.

Now, the problem arises as your subject’s face will be hard to position with a bright sun. The surroundings will be over-exposed yet parts will be under a deep shadow.

Next, the features won’t be prominent, the hair might have a halo of sunshine. The camera’s light meter will adjust the brightness and the face will fell into darkness.

Hence your best option here is the fill light as it fills in dark parts. Even if you are under the bright sun, it offers a consistent light quality to your images.

A softbox keeps the background bright while diffuses flash to fill the shadows.

What If My Subject’s Face Is Too Light?

Contrary to the above scenario, consider you are indoors with a flash of your camera.

So you need some exposure to your subject’s face but the flash will fail you.

Instead, it creates excess exposure, face goes too washed out with artificial light. Such problems can’t be corrected in post-production.

This will also result in harsh light, highlighting uneven colors, and imperfections. In the same way, flashguns can also create similar effects.

Want to know the best part?

Fill light is your solution in such a situation too. A diffused effect of flash with softboxes will do the trick. It will soften the light and gives a natural look to capture.

How Does a Softbox Change Light?

A light source kept inside the box is what the softbox relies on. A Speedlight will sync to the shutter release of a camera. Or if the light source is a studio light, it works the same.

Here the goal is to overcome any camera-driven direct or sunlit light. Often known as harsh light, you can use Fill light to overcomes these problems.

The softbox directed towards the subject has a light source attached to it. This source might bounce off a nearby surface also like a wall or floor.

When the light passes via a screen of material across the face, it causes diffusion.

The amount of light diffusion depends on the shape of the softbox. Thus for larger diffusion, you need larger softboxes.

How Is a Softbox Different From An Umbrella?

When we talk about an umbrella, it reflects the light source. The flash source is directly aimed at the open umbrellas. And at the same time, the umbrella aims at the subject.

Thus reflecting back around the light source. Now, this results in harsh light instead of diffusion. Hence, in this case, the serving purposes are quite different.

Coming towards a softbox, you may need both of these. This completely depends on the shooting style, venue, subject, etc.

For beginners, using softboxes is an ideal approach.

It allows them to learn more about the usage of light and later expand the options.

Final Verdict!

The above-listed Speedlight Softboxes are the top best in any professional photography.

So, wherever you are trying to create soft light or natural light for a photo shoot, or just a hobby, we hope you now know the importance of investing in a Softbox.

Depending on your photography needs, you can choose one or more than one that fits your needs.

Happy shooting!


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