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March 12, 2019
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Insanely quick and fun This or That quiz, it doesn’t even matter if you play with friends, as a couple, or even with new acquaintances, it’s just fun to play and can be great for conversation starters.

It consists of questions involving only two choices in which the player is forced to pick his or her answer. It’s very similar to the game would you rather, but it’s much faster paced.

This or that (also known as “either or” game) is also great for getting to know someone, so don’t be afraid to play it with someone you are not close friends with, there is no correct answer just lots of fun questions. It acts like a mini personality quiz.

How To Play This or That Game


  • a) Simply ask each other questions in turns
  • b) Ask your partner series of questions fast and don’t give them too much time to think
  • c) Guess what your partner would answer, read their minds

Best This or That Questions List

This 110 questions range from mundane to ridiculously outrageous and dirty.

Some of these this or that questions are about food and other fun stuff:

  1. born with one arm or born with one leg?
  2. baby having a meltdown or dogs barking loudly?
  3. drink orange juice thinking it’s milk or drink milk thinking it is orange juice?
  4. truth or dare?
  5. get tased in the back or get punched in the face?
  6. TV star or Youtube influencer?
  7. one week diarrhea or one week constipation?
  8. stressed or depressed?
  9. cry your eyes out or scream at the top of your lungs?
  10. side soup or side salad?
  11. Dutch wooden clogs or Chinese iron shoes?
  12. peek into your future or change something in your past?
  13. sweat mayonnaise or sweat tomato ketchup?
  14. smell someone’s fart or smell someone’s bad breath?
  15. lash on your eye or hair strand on your tongue?
  16. shoot your leg yourself or be shot in the leg by surprise?
  17. eat an entire stick of butter or drink a shot of canola oil?
  18. female with a male voice or female with a masculine face?
  19. Kanye or Drake?
  20. live without knees or live without elbows?
  21. paper cut or thorn prick?
  22. bitten by a vampire or bitten by a non-venomous snake?
  23. achieve world peace or end global hunger?
  24. survive 10 more years but unable to leave your house or live for only 6 months more and be free to go wherever you want?
  25. frappuccino or ice cream?
  26. know when you will die or know how you will die?
  27. speak multiple languages or play different musical instruments?
  28. fight 50 ducks or fight 1 ginormous duck?
  29. flying car or amphibious car?
  30. sing in public or dance in public?
  31. non-stop hiccups or non-stop sneezes?
  32. look like shrek or look like the Hulk?
  33. have children with no money or have no children but with loads of cash?
  34. lose your hair first or lose your teeth first?
  35. a size bigger or a size smaller?
  36. telekinetic powers or teleportation powers?
  37. watery eyes or runny nose?
  38. life imprisonment or death by lethal injection?
  39. lose your mobile phone or lose your wallet?
  40. starving artist or struggling musician?
  41. poor yet kind or rich yet mean?
  42. infamous or forgotten?
  43. overdressed or underdressed?
  44. freeze in Antartica or burn in Sahara desert?
  45. free coffee or free donut?
  46. eat garbage that tastes just like chocolate or consume chocolate that has the taste of garbage?
  47. in n out or shake shack?
  48. missing one finger or having an extra finger?
  49. no electricity for a day or no water for a day?
  50. eat one rat or eat 10 cockroaches?
  51. trained dog or a comical cat?
  52. talk in rhymes or sing your answers?
  53. kill a puppy or kill a kitten?
  54. never grow older than 16 or never grow older than 45?
  55. vengeance or apathy?
  56. salmon sushi or salmon roll?
  57. be a subject of gossip or never be mentioned in any discussion?
  58. sprawling modern mansion or 100-year old castle?
  59. snitch on a friend and lose him or lie for a friend and keep him?
  60. ferrari engine or bugatti engine?
  61. fake British accent or fake Valley girl accent?
  62. kiss a frog or kiss a lizard?
  63. knee-deep flood or knee-deep snow?
  64. al dente pasta or chewy and bouncy ramen?
  65. one nipple or two belly buttons?
  66. head pillow or back pillow?
  67. $100,000 annual income with $100,000 debt or $500 monthly income with zero debt?
  68. stranded in the Amazon or stranded in the African savanna?
  69. too sweet or too salty?
  70. be friends with someone you are in love with or be married to someone you secretly hate?
  71. jack of all trades or master of one?
  72. mouth-watering appetizer or delectable dessert?
  73. drowned in the ocean or burned in a wildfire?
  74. the only beautiful house on the wrong side of the tracks or the only ugly house in a swanky, gated neighborhood?
  75. puke in the airplane or puke in front of your sports hero?
  76. free wifi but super slow connection or paid expensive internet service but faster connection?
  77. feel constantly itchy or feel constantly sticky?
  78. peaceful life in a log cabin or chaotic life in a mansion?
  79. dream of evil clowns or dream of zombies?
  80. live in a yacht or live in an RV?
  81. eat a sandwich without knowing there is a roach inside or eat a sandwich knowing there are ants inside?
  82. be a homeless person or be completely crazy?
  83. chapped lips or hair with dandruff?
  84. fun on the outside, lonely on the inside or boring on the outside but fun on the inside?
  85. Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?
  86. hairy chest or hairy back?
  87. caught using illegal drugs or caught selling illegal drugs?
  88. popular but ugly or unknown but attractive?
  89. no hot water or no room heater?
  90. Tabasco sauce or Sriracha sauce?
  91. getting up early or staying up late?
  92. silent but deadly or loud but harmless?
  93. trapped in an elevator or stuck in a ferris wheel gondola?
  94. powdery white-sand beach or crystal-clear waterfalls?
  95. video games or board games?
  96. give bad advice or receive bad advice?
  97. extravagant but useless gift or cheap yet thoughtful gift?
  98. a month without communicating with friends or a month without internet access?
  99. chat with Jennifer Lawrence or chat with Emma Stone?
  100. run into an estranged ex or run into a former boss?
  101. date a Hollywood superstar or date an Olympic gold medalist?
  102. hot dogs or tacos?
  103. meet Pope Francis or meet the Dalai Lama?
  104. netflix and chill or go to the cinema?
  105. Mcdonald’s or Burger King?
  106. go to Mars and reset your life or stay on earth and deal with your mounting problems?
  107. know everything or have everything?
  108. second chance to a cheater or second shot at love with someone new?
  109. be alone and lonely or be around people you don’t really like?
  110. always forget who you are or always forget who everyone else is?
  111. Who would you rather be stuck with during covid lockdown, family or friends?


This or That Tag Videos

To see how others play this game and if you want inspiration for making your own YouTube video, google these 2 links:

Kevin Hart plays a game of This or That quiz on a live show!


That’s it for this or that tag game, I hope you had fun with the trivia questions and learning about some of each others favorite things.

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