TMI Tag | 100 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Before

April 16, 2019
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Today we are talking about TMI Tag, one of the most popular tag questions on YouTube.

And the reason for that is simple:

Viewers love to get to know more about their favorite content creators!

Best way to do that is through personal tag questions nobody ever asks because they are incredibly fun!

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What does TMI mean?

TMI stands for Too Much Information, and indeed, when someone answers these questions, it’s expected from them to share really deep details.

In my opinion, TMI questions are funniest to listen to as they are really intense, so if you are a bit shy and don’t want to share really personal secrets, this might not be for you!

100 TMI Tag Questions

2 friends

    1. Who was your first crush?
    2. Please tell me, do you believe love at first sight?
    3. Have you ever used other person’s toothbrush?
    4. Please tell me, which TV show is your favorite show from childhood
    5. If you have the favorite basketball team, which game do you remember perfectly?
    6. What was your first word before you started talking about your childhood?
    7. Which album can you listen till your death?
    8. Do you believe in aliens and if Yes, then why?
    9. Have you ever secretly wished to be a YouTube famous?
    10. Whom do you love most, mother or father?
    11. If there were Zombie Outbreak, What you going to do first?
    12. What was the last book you read?
    13. Do you believe that we can travel on Mars and live there?
    14. Do you believe in Aliens? If yes, then do you think they know about us?
    15. How many push-ups you can do without rests in between?
    16. Have you ever thought about the life without you?
    17. Please tell us, who was your favorite singer in childhood?
    18. Which is better, Rap or Rock? And explain why
    19. If you could turn back time, what you going to do first?
    20. Do you believe in Religions? and in which one?
    21. Please tell me, what the favorite compliment you have ever received?
    22. Have you ever had boyfriend/girlfriend?
    23. If you won 1 billion dollars in Lotto, what you going to do first?
    24. Which one you prefer, Lamborghini or Ferrari?
    25. Which one is your favorite, Basketball or American Football?
    26. Have you stayed awake straight for more than 24 hours?
    27. Have you ever done something then terrifies you till today?
    28. What was your GPA at university?
    29. Have you ever secretly wished to study abroad?
    30. Have you ever secretly wished to have other parents?
    31. Have you ever secretly wished to have other friends?
    32. Have you ever secretly wished to date your close friend?
    33. Please tell me, have you ever cheated on someone?
    34. Please tell me, have you ever cheated in exams?
    35. Please tell me your celebrity crush?
    36. Tell us 5 habits you wished to give up?
    37. Please tell us, what’s your current relationship status?
    38. Have you ever wished to have a relationship with the person same gender?
    39. What is your favorite TV show right now?
    40. Have you ever been at the GYM?
    41. When was the last time you were in a physical fight?
    42. What is your favorite flower and why?
    43. Which subject did you like most of all, during high school life?
    44. Do you like pest and if yes, then why?
    45. Is Mohammed Ali is the greatest of all time?
    46. What time can you live without any food?
    47. What time can you live without water?
    48. Have you ever played Counterstrike?
    49. Have you ever eaten Chinese food? Did you like?
    50. Please tell me, what’s your favorite number?
    51. Please tell me, what’s your lucky number?
    52. Have you ever secretly wished to date with your teacher?
    53. Have you ever been in love triangle with a family member?
    54. What is your favorite color?
    55. Do you have any tattoos? What their meaning?
    56. Who was the last person you messaged on social media?
    57. What do you listen, when you feel down?
    58. What you do, when you feel depressed?
    59. Which is your favorite pizza and why?
    60. Have you ever had unprotected sex, was it with the person you shared your first kiss with?
    61. Did you have sex before 18?
    62. Did you have sex with the older partner?
    63. What is your favorite sex position?
    64. Have you ever had one-night stand partner?
    65. Are you married, if not when are you going to get married?
    66. How many kids do you want to have?
    67. Please tell me, do you watch cartoons?
    68. What was your favorite cartoon in your childhood?
    69. What is your least favorite TV show and why?
    70. Do you have favorite actor or actress? Why do you like them?
    71. Please tell me, do you miss someone now?
    72. Please tell me, how do you feel right now?
    73. Have you ever cried because of movie or cartoon?
    74. Are you proud of your parents, if yes then why?
    75. Do you have siblings? Do you love them?
    76. Do you have a favorite political party?
    77. Do you know minimum 5 presidents of United States?
    78. Do you know who founded the United States?
    79. Do you know you invented the light bulb?
    80. Which one is better, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon?
    81. Have you ever had a terrible breakup ?
    82. What is your favorite place to rest?
    83. Would you give up everything and travel the world?
    84. Do you love traveling and please tell us, where was the last place you traveled too?
    85. What is your favorite place to visit first in a future?
    86. Do you believe that people can travel in time?
    87. Do you believe that there are secret organizations which rule the world?
    88. Have you ever secretly wished being president of your country?
    89. Have you ever played tennis and do you love it?
    90. What is the last thing you ate?
    91. What is your zodiac sign?
    92. Do you love reading books of Stephen king?
    93. Which is your favorite Stephen king’s book?
    94. Do you enjoy living in this technological era?
    95. Which one is your favorite, IOS or Android?
    96. Which one you prefer, Mac or Windows and why?
    97. Have you secretly wished to be the billionaire and doing nothing but enjoying your life?
    98. Which billion dollar ideals you like the most, Google or Facebook?
    99. Do you have your own channel on YouTube?
    100. Do you love watching YouTube shows and why?
    101. Which one you choose, being immortal or power of persuasion?
    102. Do you plan starting your own business or you want to work for someone till your pension age?
    103. Which one is the most important right of all the ones?
    104. Do you love hiking, and what you love about it?
    105. What is your favorite movie and what is the favorite thing about it?
    106. Have you ever made your parents proud of you?
    107. Where do you live and are you happy with it?
    108. Please tell us, if you could choose which time would you go back?
    109. What is your favorite time: past, present or future?
    110. What are the questions that nobody asked you ever?
    111. Which one you prefer, being alone or in relationship?
    112. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    113. Do you have a pick up line or favorite quote that impresses the other gender?
    114. Do you prefer loud music or very mild music?
    115. What was the last song you and your best friend sang together, was it your favorite song?
    116. Who would you want to be stuck with during the covid pandemic lockdown orders?

TMI Challenges on YouTube

That’s It

Now that you got a huge list of TMI tag questions you can use, pick the best ones, get your equipment and start recording the challenge!

I always recommend making your own video unique, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at how other popular YouTubers did it and get inspiration.

Check out Never Have I Ever Game and Most Likely To Challenge.

Also, don’t forget to YouTube tag your friends and challenge them to answer the same too much information tag questions!

Thanks for reading!


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