Top 10 Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube! – Complete List!

Want to do something that you like. Nowadays content creation is on the bucket list of most people.

Everyone is trying to find their creative side and they do that using different platforms.

Although the best one for video creation is Youtube there are others that share a fair deal of play. 

But when it comes to creating content on YouTube there are several options but everyone wants to do the thing which is comforting and successful.

So, here I will share with you some of the best niches, or I should say topics on which you can create videos or create a Youtube channel based on it.

Top Popular Types of Video you can Make on Youtube

1- Product Review Videos

Product Review Videos

When it comes to the consumers of any product including make kits or electronic gadgets.

They always prefer to refer to having a glimpse of the reviews of that particular product.

So, nowadays everything is based on proper and positive reviews.

There is almost every person who would prefer to consult on the online reviews before they purchase anything.

Now: coming towards the product review basically online review and product review are essentially the same.

But in a product review, the viewer gets to see the product in person and gets to know all the pros and cons of the product.

With that, he/she can see the product in play. This niche is all over distributed around the Youtube community.

And that can make a difference because now everyone is joining this product review community because there is a whole lot of opportunities present in this niche.

Therefore no wonder why this type of video niche is the most popular and actually comes on the top of other niches on Youtube.

2- How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Coming towards the 2nd best video niche the “How-to videos”.

These types of videos are educational and helpful as they act as bread and butter for various influencers to build their careers.

There are several channels who have pursued this type of niche on Youtube and because of that, they have gained millions and trillions of followers and subscribers. 

When we talk about “How-to videos” then we shall say that they are the perfect blend of utility and education that can help and give information to the viewers.

These are the videos that give you tips and tricks and some tutorials on how to do stuff.

And it is also popular because of the tutorials as you are gaining knowledge of accurate things that you want to do. 

There is a whole pandora box that you can achieve in order to join this community.

There are various YouTubers who have created their brand through this niche and now progressing towards new things.

It is the most stable niche present on YouTube requiring low investment and high result.

3- Vlogs


Talking about the 3rd yet the foremost option for most initial Youtubers. Starting a Vlog channel, now this type of niche doesn’t require any special room or studio.

You can do it right from your home but the thing is you share your life with the people who watch you and if you are able to do that then for sure this can be a perfect niche that can make you successful. 

The main question is why do people have so much j interest in what you do in your daily life.

They relate they see you do something and it makes them confident and that feeling is what they want every time when your viewers watch your videos. 

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This niche has two main types which I will discuss shortly, one is daily vlogger in which you vlog daily and share your complete life.

And another one is occasional vlogger in which you share any trip or any adventure that you are on and save it to share it with the world. 

As this niche has opened the door of opportunities who were already pursuing this niche and it has given them a chance no their desired field.

Now: this niche has either started some careers or ended now it is up to you how you want to pursue this niche on Youtube.

4- Gaming Videos

Gaming Videos

Gaming videos, there are several branches of gaming videos. One that shows off your real talent of gaming and yes it is an art and.

If you know this gaming art then you can only join this niche otherwise you will fail. And another one is a walkthrough. 

Now: Gaming videos have been popular and are the best and easy niche to pursue when you want to create videos of Youtube.

Either you can show some skills and talent that you have gained by creating a video and uploading it,

Or you can give a particular game’s review or a game’s walkthrough and there is much more.

This niche also has created a demand in the gaming industry and taught people who we can earn through playing our favourite games.

You can either start a Patreon with this or other stuff and some times if you are lucky then you might get endorsed through various gaming manufacturing companies also.

If you are a professional gamer then you might get endorsed by different game-related firms with their products to review on your gaming channel on Youtube. 

So, if you’re the one thinking that there is no good in games well, some artists and creators have to build a fortune out of it. Now: it is up to you.

5- Comedy/Skit Videos

Comedy/Skit Videos

Here comes the entertainment, there are people who have a gift to make someone laugh and this ability is portrayed by them in comedy skits and sketches.

People who have the remarkable gift needed a niche to convert that gift into a career and with funny videos and comedy videos,

They get to show their ability to make someone laugh, and show their acting skills. 

This niche is related to the entertainment industry and it has created various options for either entertainers and comedians to show their talent on mainstream media.

Consider this as a platform for a variety of things and this niche is one of them.

This is the most popular because it has taken the entertainment in portable media screens and that has created a popularity for such a niche.

Why do people watch such kind of videos, there is a strong reason behind it to feel relaxed not with their body but mentally.

Stress can lead people to suicides and comedy videos if the content is appropriate then it might save someone by relieving that person from stress.

So, if you have the talent and the content then this niche might be the perfect one for you.

6- Haul Videos

Haul Videos

This is a time niche that was created and made famous by various beauty creators.

Haul videos are used as an endorsement method by various companies which introduces new product but need a proper niche to launch it.

Well, here is the niche as this niche accommodates every type of product launch to get the viewer intrigued and change their mind to buy.

7- Tag or Challenge Videos

Challenge Videos

Coming towards a competitive video niche.

No there is no competition in the niche itself but there is competition in the content creation for the niche.

What I mean to say is that this type of niche is all about challenges, and tag along the year there have been various challenges and new trends of tags videos and now it has created a chain of those challenges.

Recently there were several challenges hosted on Youtube itself either those challenges has started from other social media platforms.

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There are many Youtubers who have taken these challenges on another level and created the whole career on it.

This can be counted in the entertainment field but these challenges videos can take extra effort and dare.

So, if you are the one with these qualities then you are the right person to create challenges videos.

8- Favourites/Best Of Videos

Best Of Videos

Now: this format is not for everyone but this niche is popular among beauty and fashion creators.

This can either make or remove the mind of the viewer to buy anything.

This means that it is essentially targeted to the buying consumers mindset thus they get really intimate on the products which are shown in this type of niche.

 This basically is a compilation of a variety of videos either it can be of entertainment or educational videos. But these are nowadays trending on Youtube.

And this may take a little effort and you should know one or two things about video editing,

But if you already know that then this niche can be an easy and convenient way to earn money from YouTube.

9- Educational Videos

Educational Videos

There are some people who not only use Youtube for entertainment but they gain knowledge from wherever they can.

And then for those people comes the Educationals niche of creating videos. This type of niche is all about knowledge and learning. 

Either you need help to fix something on tour computer or you are finding some courses to add a new skill to your resume.

There is everything present here from fashion to electronics and coding whatever there is in education that is present here and the creators have made.

This type of niche popular by giving the viewers quality content and proper education.

Essentially such videos enhance your knowledge either you are watching it for enhancing creativity or education but in all ways, it will help you gain more and more knowledge.

10- Unboxing Videos

Unboxing Videos

Last but not least unboxing videos.

This type of niche is an easy one but an expensive setup you will need first of all a studio to work with then different cameras to make sure you cover every angle and then products that you can unbox.

Now: it doesn’t matter whether the products are endorsed or not because what you are doing is just removing the package and opening the box. 

This helps the viewers to get an idea that if they buy a product then what will they see in the box.

This can be helpful because so.e people buy products because they think there are extra features and products available in the box.

So, you are telling them how to open and what is in the box if you buy it.


Youtube has become a platform for basic earning and that can be the perfect way for those who want to pursue their favourite passions.

Youtube has given people a variety of niche to follow and above I have mentioned the top 10 best niches that you can pursue your career in.

Honestly, youtube has done a favour to those content creators who didn’t have a platform to demonstrate their talent.

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