10 Best Types of YouTube Channels to Grow Subs & Income in 2021!

July 11, 2020
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If You are a Youtube content creator and struggling with new ideas in your genre then you have come to the right place.

Today w are going to discuss the 10 of the best types of YouTube channels to grow subs and income this year. 

Want to know the most amazing part about it?

In this article, we will give you every instruction regarding 10 of the best types of YouTube channels to grow subs and income this year.

We will make sure you know amazing ideas in every genre to excel in your craft.

It will also allow you to create better content that will not only provide value to the viewers but also help you gain more Subscribers.

This will eventually lead your channel to grow better in a number of subs and income. 

So, Let’s get started with the good stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your precious and important time we will head straight towards the collection of all the information you need.

You will be able to know 10 of the best types of YouTube channels to grow subs.

You will also have the ideal ways to know which genre of channels you should create and increase your income this year.

  It will be more than useful for you to know all this and implement it to earn money. 

1. Comedy Channel


If you are a person with a good sense of humor, use it as your tool. In the world of YouTube, this can be a great option for you.

Not only comedy channels are more viral but the content creation also is pretty facile.

Unlike other videos that may need technical stuff and scripts, etc.

Comic and humor are something that almost every other person understands.

Then another best part about a comedy channel is a whole variety of videos you can include.

Comedy ChannelThe videos you upload won’t have to revolve around certain jokes. Instead, like other successful YouTubers, you can also use humour.

Even if the main topic of your videos is something else, with a balanced hint of humour, they can be a blast.

As your videos will bring on a smile on many people’s faces, the response would also boost up.

You only need to maintain your humour positively and avoid any harsh or dark puns.

Then you can upload some videos with pranks, do it with a friend or coworker.

Try not to exceed the limit and keep things on the lighter side.

Or if you upload many videos, you will surely have a bundle of bloopers.

These can also be a great source of entertainment for viewers. Use these and create a short clip to tag along with your video.

2. Beauty Channel


Creating a beauty channel is one of the most beneficial trends we can follow.

Now, who doesn’t love their skin or some makeup?

All women love to pamper themselves with such things. If you have know-how about makeup or beauty products or skincare routines.

Voila, you are all set to start your very own beauty channel.

Teenage girls especially lookup for such videos on YouTube or tutorials.

Like how-to videos, you can create your tutorials with the public.

If you have a skincare routine or a night routine, make a short video and upload it.

Beauty Channel Tag along with all the products you used and mention the benefits while using them.

Then if you are also fond of makeup which every other girl is, use your skills. Share your experiments with makeups and new looks and trends.

You can review beauty and skincare products.

If your channel seems to flourish, you may also get sponsorship.

As many YouTubers today get sponsored by the brands whose products they used.

Apart from the complexities, you can encourage viewers to enhance their beauty.

And nothing can beat DIY videos, so hurry up and share your beauty secrets with others.

3. Gaming Channel


Being a gamer, you have a goldmine of a niche as people are earning from this. Creating a gaming channel can be potentially promising.

Many YouTubers like PewDiePie have 74 million subscribers.

Now, imagine having such a digit of subscribers and how it can help you in earning.

Then apart from subscribers, you get a lot of responses also. While making such videos, you have a whole range of options that you can opt for.

Like rather than only making straight gaming videos. You can do walk-throughs of trending games.

Then you can also provide commentary about all the new games as people love to hear about what’s new.

This even gives out tips and tactics to other people. Furthermore, you can engage more viewers by setting a challenge with friends.

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Invite them over to play along or if they have their channels then collaborate.

Or highlight the best moments from a match with a friend.

GamingIt is a vague notion that people won’t like to see you playing games.

A huge chunk of YouTube channels is doing the same and uploading videos of them playing.

If that only can get so much response then think what variations will do?

Then there are some games that otherwise don’t get much attention but are pretty good.

You can always look up such games and create some videos on them.

Some games are requiring advanced skills that not all gamers can ace.

Again this is your call, upload a video in which you explain how others can play the advanced levels.

Or break down the tricky mechanism for others so they can also play.

4. Tech Channel


If you have any sort of technical knowledge, put it for display on YouTube.

If you find one task simple to do, others can’t conquer the difficulty. So why not help them out and make a living out of it?

Sure, it sounds interesting and appealing. The best example for you to pursue is Gadgets and Technology.

Yes, that’s right, all these amazing gadgets and the tech behind them. People love to watch such content and you won’t need extra effort.

If you know how-to videos and their working, half of your work is already done.

All you may need is a bit of Photoshop skills and bingo.

There are hundreds of people who urge you to look up for the smallest of technical help.

You can open up a computer and fix it, people want to know that.

Further, if you can add some informative hint or some humour, it would be the icing on the top.

Tech More viewers will engage in your videos and your channel will flourish.

Did you recently buy a new phone or Air Pods or some cool gadgets?

Then make a video and throw it on your channel for others to devour.

Moreover, there are so many options relevant to tech that you can work on.

You can talk about new processor releases, join some beta programs, and review the system.

Concepts like bitcoin, cybersecurity, and net neutrality are something that not all understand.

But if you know about it then break it down into chunks so people can digest them.

5. Lifestyle Channel


We all pursue our lifestyles, some people are too busy with work, others with study and more.

In such cases, they merely find times to pay attention to themselves. This can be your queue to make some living out of it.

You can help people with tough routines by urging them to give themselves time.

Help them with motivational videos, engage them in Yoga, exercises, etc.

It will boost up their spirits and help them to stay motivated in almost every walk of life. 

Guide them so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Suggest some activities to refresh the mind.

Suggest such food which boosts their energies so they can work actively.

The better and well researched your suggestions would be the more impact they will bring to the lives of the viewers. 

LifestyleMeditation and Yoga are helpful and have a positive impact on the mind and body.

Hence you can teach them and start with basic exercise.

The lifestyle genre is one of the most amazing and most-watched genres of all time.

People love to elevate their style and their living standards.

A proper channel for better lifestyle tips can be the best attraction for them. 

A lifestyle channel can also help people to alter their daily routine and add some healthy things to it.

It may also include a guide to adopt some healthy tips that can improve a personal lifestyle and also improve their health. 

A lifestyle channel can also provide you with a chance to help people improve their health. You can also add different tips for maintaining better diet plans.

This will make sure that the viewers feel better and fulfilled. 

6. DIY Channel


YouTube is not a hub for a certain generation, even teenagers watch it and learn from it. Pretty much like how-to videos, you can create DIY videos.

Yes, you heard it right! You can create your very own DIY channel that will help others.

These videos are informative and educational and help people with daily life.

You can pick a certain topic or product for each video and explain how can it be useful.

Or how can you create your very own tools, kits from available items?

Such videos are more popular as you can pinpoint the problems people face in daily chores.

And then provide them with the easiest yet basic solutions.

It can be about decorating your room, teaching kids how to do a certain thing or more.

DIYCan you imagine a video on how to fall asleep has got over 13 million views?

Stunning, isn’t it?

So if you have any sort of skill, or have basic household ideas and tricks, people need to see them.

Especially you can use these videos to grab the attention of new subscribers.

If that skill is amazing you will gain a better and far wider viewership.

Such videos can teach people to create easy stuff at home.

Fashion tips, cooking tricks, and clothing hacks are all included in these DIY videos.

People always love to see creative ways to build new things.

You can teach them better ways to do it and recycle different things in your house for this purpose.

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7. Fashion Channel


Now, who won’t love shopping and know about what’s the new trend to follow along?

Of course, we all do it.

We all prefer to rather be well-dressed and presentable and be up-to-date when it comes to fashion.

Sometimes when we buy new clothes or shoes or stuff, often people ask what we got.

Rather than answering them, why not make a video?

Share with others what things you bought and about your current shopping haul.

If you think you have a fashion statement then help out others with talent.

Share up your favorite brands and products that others can also buy.

You can create videos based on the weather like how to style in summers.

FashionYou can then create videos on a certain look, for instance how to dress for Christmas, how to style a shirt in many ways.

And these are only a few ideas to name as people show a lot more creativity.

Moreover, if you think you can provide others with fashion advice then go ahead.

Create a video in which you can discuss fashion history or about a certain trend.

These are not only fun to watch but also informative. It is not necessary that only girls can create such a channel.

Men also need legit fashion tips sometimes like what to wear for a certain occasion.

Then you can share your wardrobe with the viewers for it will hold interest.

8. Travel Channel


People who are often on roads, either due to their work or because they love to travel.

Their traveling can be very beneficial and promising for them. If you are also one of those who keep traveling then using your journeys as an income source.

Confused? Well, let us clear out the things for you. Not every other person is capable to travel so often.

Or sometimes people prefer to look up famous spots at their destination.

Either way, you can use it for your benefit.

Many YouTubers create videos of the places they travel to.

TravelIt can be a short documentary on famous places or a vlog or other such video.

For instance, you have had a chance to travel around the same city quite often.

And you know all its tourist attractions and places to go to.

So on your next trip, take out that camera and start capturing the beauty and scenery and moments.

You will need some editing and Photoshop skills only to bring forth an amazing video.

Someone who recently has a plan to visit the same place will use your video as a guide.

Others who may not be able to travel can enjoy the beauty of the place, thanks to you.

9. Health & Fitness Channel

Health & Fitness

Today people want to opt for a healthy lifestyle and the internet is their first option.

Rather than looking up tips, they prefer to watch videos on YouTube where they learn real-life tricks.

You may not believe it but a large section of videos is about such niches.

Things that promoted health, fitness, healthy food, and lifestyle, etc.

Such videos and content seem to grab far more attention than any other niche.

So being a newbie, you can always create a fitness channel. Or if you have yourself been through some weight loss/gain journey.

If you know people around you who did so, this can be of use.

You can create videos of your or other’s journeys and help people to learn more.

You can create workout sessions, so others can tag along and get some tips in hand.

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People who tend to work out at home always prefer YouTube. It is easier for them to follow a video guide and continue their session.

You can even start with small sessions and exercises like stretching, squats, etc.

If you are a trainer or instructor then this field can be beneficial for you.

FitnessYou can reach millions of people from your home, teach them the basic exercises. Something that people at home can pick and won’t need the gym for.

Then some people are diet conscious and need guidance. This can again be a source of benefit for you.

As you can share which food contains energy for them? Or what sort of food you took in your journey and much more.

Apart from these, another thing that people urge is a Q/A session.

Even we sometimes carry so many queries about a thing or two.

To start such sessions with the viewers, they will feel more engaged with you.

Then if your channel reaches a certain number of followings and responses.

You may get sponsorship or other such opportunities.

Or may get video marketing offers.

10. Vlogging Channel


If you don’t have any other skill in hand then personal vlogging is definitely for you.

Not only it is pretty easy to do but a fine start for the YouTube channel.

We often feel like our lives or routines are quite boring and the same things we do each day.

VloggingBut for others who are total strangers, this can be something fun, fascinating to watch.

The same old routine that didn’t hold your interest can be interesting for others.

Then the best part about blogging is you won’t need any special equipment.

Instead, you can even use your phone to record the happenings of the day.

Your opinion about any particular thing and your thoughts, etc.

In other words, consider it your diary where you enter all the details of your day.

If you are witty or humorous then it will only add up to the videos. Your jolly personality will for sure hold more viewers.

And eventually, it will boost the channel’s followings and views.

How to Do Business Channel:

Business Channel

There are a lot of channels we see on youtube where businessmen share their experience and teach people how to start a business with low investment. 

The best part is that these businessmen earn a lot of money through their youtube channels.

In fact, there are a lot of people who are not doing business, they also came up on youtube and now giving ideas about business.

There are a lot of business ideas that they share. Business ideas related to Amazon have been very popularized in the past few years.

You probably observed that on every scroll of youtube, a video comes that is related to how to do business on Amazon.

Moreover, there are a lot of Youtubers who use to give ideas related to opening a clothing brand, e-commerce businesses, restaurants, and tech businesses like making appliances, etc.

So these kinds of youtube channels are so popular on youtube.

If you think that you are an expert in business or have a lot of ideas to share and want to help people to grow their business then youtube is the best option for you.

You can share a lot of things as we discussed above.

There are a lot of options that you discuss with people such as freelancing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing. etc.

Freelancing is the most popular way that you can discuss with your viewers for making money on the internet.

You can also share information about Amazon. In recent years, a lot of small businesses have shifted to Amazon and are getting a lot of benefits there.

They are earning a lot at Amazon. So you can also do the same thing and can grow subscribers and income through it.

1. Tutorial Channels

Tutorial Channels

There are a lot of youtube channels that are providing free courses on using the software.

Especially, softwarelikeAdobePhotoshop, illustrator, premium, Microsoft excel, PowerPoint, and word, etc.

A tutorial channel is one of the best ways that you can grow subscribers and can earn a lot of money through it.

There are a lot of people who are utilizing youtube for learning and gaining knowledge.

I personally learned a lot of things on youtube. It is a good opportunity to serve your services.

You can earn a lot of money if you get more than 10000 views on your youtube channel.

If you think that you have some skills that you can share with people, then youtube is the best option for you.


Many people who are teachers by profession shifted on youtube in the corona pandemic.

They are earning a good income that is helping them to make their dream come true.

Because these teachers are earning a lot on youtube as compared to those institutions where they used to work.

If you are a teacher by profession then we recommend you to make a youtube channel and teach the courses in which you have expertise.

2. Youtube SEO Training Channel

Youtube SEO Training Channel 

SEO training channels are one of the best choices for gaining more and more subscribers and earning a lot of money in a short period of time.

There are a lot of people on youtube who are giving suggestions about how to SEO the youtube channel.

Because of the increasing youtube trend in public more and more people are joining youtube and making channels.

For this purpose, people want to learn about how they can SEO their channel’s videos so that it comes on the top of the youtube page.


Other than that, there are a lot of options that the YouTubers discussed with people such as freelancing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing. etc.

These all steps are nowadays in implementation by many people.

As we have already discussed above, freelancing is also one of the most popular ways that you can go for making money on the internet.

3. UnBoxing ChannelUnBoxing Channel

In this channel, the host used to unbox different products such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, sceneries, and a lot of things that related to households, profession, or other necessities.

It is very similar to product review channels.

After unboxing the product the host starts giving reviews.

A host used to talk about different features of the products.

A host used to talk about the pros and cons of the products.

Specifically, iPhone lovers and Samsung users used to make these videos when the new model comes on the market.


People like to watch these videos to know about the new model of an iPhone or Samsung.

Moreover, a lot of Youtubers talk about laptops and tablets.

They used to discuss their features and brand.

They used to talk about the price of these techs.

People earn a lot from these videos. They use to grab a large number of followers that visit their channel on a daily basis.

If you want to earn money through youtube, you can go for this method.

4. Survival Tips Channel


These channels are going viral. People earn a lot of money through these videos.

Usually, these channels grab a high viewership.

People love to see their techniques to make a house in the jungle.

The group of men in the videos show or you can say teach some tips on how you can survive in the jungle by not using a single piece of technology.

They use wood by cutting trees. They use water of lack to drink or for other purposes.

Even sometimes they show that you can make a well by making a whole on the ground.

They show how to build a house by cutting the woods of trees. Literally, it amazed the public.


So if you are living in a remote area of your country, you can do the same thing.

If you get a bulk traffic reach in your videos then you can earn a lot of money.

Moreover, you can make guides for camping. For example, you can show what things a person should pick before going camping.

This will help others in their camping trip.

What’s the Best Type Of YouTube for You?

Best Type Of YouTubeThis is a question about what talent you possess.

Youtube is a place where you can create any type of video content and post it online.

It can be any of the above genres because they are the top 10 popular ones. 

You can opt for the ones which are related to the skill you have.

Take some time to search for the ones you are good at and then try to experiment with them.

It will make sure you create better content. 

Nowadays making creative vlogs is easy to do because all you need is to choose a topic and provide useful information on it.

You can turn it into a motivational channel if you are a good communicator.

In this way choose the right thing according to your passion and create content around it.  

Final Verdict!

These are the 10 of the best types of YouTube channels to grow subs and income this year.

You will have the information on which genre suits your talents and how you can excel in it.  

I am sure that you will love the contents of this amazing review.

It contains all the important things that can be helpful for you to create and run a Youtube channel and earn more money from it. 

All the content here is well researched and properly organized. It makes it easier for readers to understand everything perfectly. 

We hope that as you go through the 10 of the best types of YouTube channels to grow subs and income this year, your doubts would be elevated.

But if there is still some margin of doubt then there is no need to worry about it at all.

You can ask us anything which you find a little bit problematic in this whole review then ask us about it without hesitation.

We will properly analyze all your queries to make sure you gain all the viable and best solutions for your problems. 

In the end. We just want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing and juicy updates.

All the content will spark interest in your mind.

Until then we wish you to know all about Youtube channel growth and earn better this year.


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