Video Editing Softwares for Vlogging [List]

February 22, 2019
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As we know that social media has revolutionized this world. Life has become impossible without social media. Almost every single person uses one or the other mode of social media in their free time.

People are sharing their pictures and videos of daily life on social media platforms.
Nowadays, it has become a very popular trend to share your life on social media platforms such as Instagram Facebook YouTube, and Vimeo with short videos.

Top 8 Best Vlog Editors of 2020

These short videos are called vlogs. More and more people are trying to adopt this trend. Show the first and foremost things which a vlogger required is a good camera and good video editing tools.

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They must be having the basic knowledge of video editing so that they can produce captivating and attractive visual content for their followers or audience.

In this article, we will describe in detail that which is the best video editing tool for vlogging or which video editor you must choose for your YouTube vlog videos.

We will make sure that we will provide you with all the necessary information in such a way that you will be able to select the video editing software very easily according to your requirements.

Some of these video editing rules are completely free to use but some are paid versions because they provide extraordinary features.
We will describe both the free and the paid versions of these video editors.

In today’s article, we will cover a total of 8 best vlog video editors:

  • 4 Free Vlog Editors
  • 4 Paid Vlog Editors

Free Vlog Video Editing Softwares

Avid Media Composer First

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Avid Media Composer First is a very special video editor software. The paid, professional version of the software is actually the industry standard used in Hollywood for editing major movies and TV shows.

It is no surprise then that Avid launched another version with similar quality. The software is free and has most of the options that the paid version has as well.

However, there are some places where Avid Media falls short.

Although it has top of the line options that are needed for a movie like quality, you cannot export videos that are higher quality than 1080p which you will probably need for most professional use.

Being the Hollywood standard and all, Avid is one of the most complex software out there.

It can be very difficult to learn. The good news is there are many resources available in online communities that can teach you. Knowing how to use the most established video editing program in the field is a valuable asset.

It is a very powerful system and all of its functionality in features and tools works perfectly. This means however that it is very important that if you want this powerful software to work you need powerful software to match.

Without a good workstation, performance could be a problem. Even when running on a strong desktop computer it still might have troubles occasionally.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker makes the list for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is accessible and as of 2012 has been made part of the essentials for windows operative systems. Next, to that, it is video editing software that has been helping vloggers ever since its creation.

It also is the best rival for iMovie which was mentioned earlier in this list. The interface has changed over time. It provides only basic editing features like trimming and speed changing as well.

These tools are great however for making videos quickly and efficiently. Because the software is not that powerful, it runs incredibly smoothly and is perfect for bloggers just beginning. Visual effects are also present in the options.

Windows Moviemaker also allows you to quickly record a video from a WebCam or voice using the narration feature that it also provides.

It allows you to directly save and upload videos to Facebook, Flicker, One Drive, Vimeo, or any other social media platform that you might need.

The Software is somewhat lacking however in animations, tools, color correction and text styles. You also cannot clip into various parts in order to set the speed of a particular part. The great thing however about Windows Music Maker is that it is free video editor and it is a great software for beginners to create a basic video.

Although it does not have some of the powerful tools and editing options that other software have, Windows Movie Maker takes care of all the features, tools, effects, and themes that are simplistic but essential for video editing.

The interface also is minimalistic and very easy to use. If there are any problems regarding the software, the windows community is totally active and helpful if any problems need to be solved regarding its utility.


vlog editor

Apple’s video editing software had to make it on this list for its simplicity.

Most of the things you need for video editing are already set into the system.

It uses tools for editing movies and videos such as adding text or voiceovers to videos, adding animations, and picture in picture.

Because of its simplistic outlay, IMovie works as a great new tool for beginner vloggers. Some of the main features are: changing video speed, cutting, and trimming down the video and preset animations.

There are no lengthy procedures when it comes to using any of the tools and the Selection of tools is extremely simple making the iMovie very user-friendly. After editing, imovie takes care of sharing for social media platforms.

Some options and features are preset meaning that it is not much you can do to change and customize any of them.

However, the software only provides a surface level of simple editing. iMovie is not exactly the best choice for a professional video but rather for the hobbyist or beginner.

Because iMovie os was released by Apple, it only works with Mac OS X.

However, iMovie does take its simplicity to the next level and allows for 4k-resolution movies. It is also compatible with different Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

It offers a good amount of built-in things like music and sound effects that you will not usually find in other video editing software. When all these features come together it makes iMovie effective as much as it is simple.

Movies edited on the software also can be sent via Messages if you want an instant reaction.

What We Like About iMovie:

This software is free for Mac users.

The thing which attracts the user is that you can also use it on your iPad or iPhone to edit your vlog videos which makes it very convenient and reliable ease of use.

What We Don’t Like About iMovie:

One of its drawbacks is that it has only a limited number of features and effects. With its limited features and effects, a beginner will have difficulties to go to the professional level.
The other drawback is that you can only use this software for Mac for iOS users. It is not supported by the other PCs.



What makes Shotcut different and stand out from the other software on this list is that it is a relatively balanced and strong system that is actually free. It has also been around for some time, ten years to be exact.

Shotcut has been constantly updated in order to help with video development at no cost whatsoever. The open-source developers constantly work on the software and it has gone a long way because of them.

It supports most video and audio formats that a vlogger might need. It allows you relative freedom with your videos and interfaces as it is highly customizable and combines both simple and advanced tools for editing videos in the best possible way.

There is not much guidance available for the software so it is a lot better for vloggers who are somewhat experienced when it comes to working with Video-editing Software. Curious editors, however, can find support on Youtube and other sites and find the program’s community.

When it comes to the tasks and features, most of them are simple and effective. Things like trimming, exporting, and just the general functionality of the program work great.

The shortcut is also one of the few programs that are free but offers an extensive library of audio and video files.

Most of them are powerful as well.

You can add many filters to a file, arranging details and images exactly how you want them. Most professional tools have this as well but it is rare to find a free program that does all this.

The shortcut also has an interface that is clean and simple. A lot of the tools do not even show up on the screen right away.

After you click on some buttons, however, you find that there are a few different views and elements that appear, allowing you to customize by resizing and undocking. 

The interface can be tailored to your exact needs.

Best Paid Softwares for Vlog Editing

Pinnacle Studio

vlog editor

Pinnacle Studio is another professional level vlog editing software that is available for windows.

This software is special because of its creation with 64-bit architecture, making it run incredibly smoothly in the latest computers and laptops.

The system has complex settings in which vloggers can find a large number of professional options that help the vlogging experience.

It is also distinguishable because it also works smoothly with high-resolution videos like 4k.

It has different available versions, such as the ultimate that takes away the noise and enhances the audio quality by a considerable amount. It also distances itself from most other video software because of its support in creating amazing 3D videos side by side.

You can add titles to your videos, overlay graphics, or create custom titles with motion and animation. However, it is not a cross-platform application and only works for Windows PC. The learning interface is not the cleanest.

In fact, the program is a very complex meaning you will have to spend time learning it.

However, once you do learn the program you will gain access to a great number of professional vlogger options that you might find lacking in other vlogging software.

Because of its complexity, Pinnacle Studio is one of the most flexible vlogging software out there. With the Keyframe creating option you are able to affect almost every single detail of your video. Precise control gives you the ability to edit videos in ways you might have not thought possible.

They offer themed templates, multi-camera video editing, split screen video, and more. P

pinnacle Studio can also export to all popular formats and devices. But it is not too difficult learning how to use the software; Pinnacle Studio offers free training to make the process as smooth as possible.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro X

If you plan on making vlogs or pretty much anything from educational videos, high-quality music videos or small movies, Final Cut Pro is exactly what is needed to get the job done effectively.

The Final Cut Pro is for mac and apple took care to make it capable of editing high-quality videos to make incredible projects for vloggers. Supporting a huge range of formats such as MOV, Mp4, AVI, AVCHD, H.264, it is used by professional cameras and camcorders.

You also need a professional Mac in order to edit your videos because the software does not work on every Macbook or iMac. What is important about this software is its features.

The range offers the basic, primary level of editing along with some amazing effects that professionals mainly use.

It offers the feature of the smart collection, meaning it totally organizes your library. Like other software on this list, it uses 64- Bit architecture and uses all the memory on your computer to make the program work as smoothly as possible.

A huge amount of effects are already set up in the program allows you to use them without making new ones. However, because of its professional and high-quality system, it is important to go through the complete tutorials so you can put Final Cut pro to its best usage.

Also, the program takes a lot of RAM considering how powerful it is, so if you do not have enough the program will probably lag. Final Cu Pro all around has a great layout and set of features like its magnetic timeline making trimming easy, to its compound clips that bundles and separates videos.

All of them give the user a wide range of customization. It has the most professional tools of almost any other system. The System can be found for $299.99 so it is one of the more expensive items on this list, however.

What We Like About Final Cut Pro:

The best thing about this software is that it has plugins which make it very powerful.

What We Don’t Like About Final Cut Pro:

Its only drawback is that you can have this software only on the Mac computer or iOS. This is not supported by PCs.

This software is not very easy to start. Only the professionals can easily start and use it.


Adobe Premiere Elements

vlog editor

This is another vlogging software that is different from the others because of its extensive tutorials that come with the program. It also has automatic curation and content meaning it does a lot of the work for you.

This makes it a software that is incredibly easy to use and get the hang of. By choosing the option of “guided prompts” you are able to go through all the common video editing tasks while the software shows you exactly how to make the most out of them.

This all works through guided mode and it has all kinds of other categories, showing you how to use Video Adjustments, Audio, and a large number of fun edits.

The software also comes with multiple modes that do most of the work when it comes to making the videos.

One is called “smart trim” and grabs mini- videos from a larger one. “Instant movie” allows you to set certainly guided perimeters and then the program totally edits the video for you on its own along with the media you might have included.

Most bloggers who use Adobe Premiere Elements are beginners and hobbyists. Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best software out there for learning that is for sure. It assists you in all you need to do.

And when you do strip out all of the modes that do most of the heavy lifting, you will find that the software is neither overly simplistic nor is it overly complex. A great number of features are easy to use but are somewhat limited in customization.

Adobe balances out its video making software.

The guide modes are always there just in case you need them. Some of the Al-Driven features, however, do sometimes produce strange results and unusable videos.

What we like about Adobe Premiere Elements:

The best thing which you like about the Adobe Premiere Pro is that it gives you a high level of controls about the footage of vlogs

What We Don’t Like About Adobe Premiere Elements:

One of its negative is that it is very expensive.

An ordinary man cannot afford it easily. And the other part is that it needs a lot of editing experience to handle this software. Only the professionals can handle it easily. For a beginner, it will be complex and he will need time to get used to it.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate X10.5

vlog editor

This software is known for its high-quality special features. It has an elegant interface and the software has a whole range of features when it comes to tools and it just seems to have everything covered.

It exports to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Vimeo.

This makes Corel Video Studio one of the most versatile and efficient vlogger software on the market. Corel Video Studio merges all the things a user could need when it comes to software and videos.

A huge library of effects is available, a multi-track video editor and other features are always close by on the interface for easy use. The interface is also designed in a very modern way, letting you know you are working with software that is using cutting edge technology.

Corel Studio Ultimate can be used professionally and if you are only a hobbyist, though a more powerful system might be recommended if you want to go all out when it comes to vlogging.

The community and tutorials regarding Corel are also great.

They have examples of live previews displaying many of its effects, showing you exactly what you are going to get before you even apply it.  Unique formats are also supported by Corel. 360-degree and VR videos all work perfectly well and it also supports the demands of the official 4K Ultra HD format.

The VideoStudio does not have the advanced media library system that some other software has. It is also somewhat lacking in curation features. Though It does not have every feature that other products have, it is still one of the most versatile and efficient video editing software out there.


That’s it folks, we presented you with 8 best vlogging editing software, we hope you will be able to choose one that’s best for your needs.

Thanks for reading!


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