30 Amazing Vlog Ideas to Dominate YouTube in [year]

October 7, 2019
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There’s one question that every vlogger in the world has asked them self: “What are the best vlog ideas to make my YouTube channel more popular?”vlog ideas

If you’re bored with common answers, like “never give up” or “do your best”, this article is the right for you!

Saying that thinking outside-the-box for video ideas is sometimes a good idea, would be an understatement. The fact is that the biggest things in history were achieved through lateral thinking!

Your chance of achieving YouTube fame is much higher if you try new methods than if sticking to traditional patterns. Doing the same thing as everyone else will not make you interesting to the audience – it will make you look dull!

Extreme times require extreme measures – if you want to achieve extreme popularity on YouTube, you need to experiment. In order to get you excited to find your own unique path to glory, we’ve decided to present you with some simple, yet effective vlog topics. So, here they are!

1. Ask-me-Anything Videos

One of the simplest and most effective kind of video/ vlog ideas is to strengthen your relationship with your viewers. One way to do this would be to let them ask you questions which aren’t related to the main subject of your videos. This way, you will have the viewers start thinking you as their friend, and not some random person who creates videos.

So, how are you supposed to do that? We think the best way would be to make a live video and respond to the questions you get in the comments. Or create a Q&A video and use a set list of questions: 80+ Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone

2. Make a VIP Video

Another great vlog idea to get in the habit of doing is to show your subscribers that you’re grateful to them.

Make a special video for their eyes-only. To do that, you will have to mark the video private and manually send them the invitations to watch it. Note that YouTube allows you to invite only up to 200 viewers to watch a private video.

But, because the number is limited, those invited will feel VIP. So, how are you supposed to decide who is a Very Important Person? By taking into account the number of times they shared your video on social media, how frequently they post comments, etc.

3. Ask Your Viewers for Suggestions

If you’ve run out of the vlog ideas for your next video, ask your faithful subscribers to help you out! You can do a live video, in which you will have a conversation with them about what they would like to see in your future videos. Think of all the great, relevant vlog ideas you will capture!

4. Listen to Your Subscribers’ Suggestions

If you listen to the advice of your subscribers and make a video according to their wishes, you can be sure that they will watch it. They will surely want to see a video in which they were involved. Usually their wishes are challenge or personal videos like: Too Much Information Challenge and Get To Know Me Tag

5. Make a Behind-the-Scenes Video

One of my favorite vlog ideas to create loyal followership is to get personal with the viewers. By letting them know more about you, they’ll start thinking of you as their friend. And friends watch each other’s videos!

So, what you can try is make a behind-the-scenes video in which you’ll show them how the videos are made, but also show them the equipment you’re using, etc.

6. Introduce Your Friends and Family to Your Viewers

Another way to make a stronger bond between you and your viewers is to introduce them to your private life. You could create a video in which you’re joined in by your spouse/partner, friends, or your family members.

7. Tell a Personal Story

Storytelling is a central part of most of the successful vlogs on YouTube. It’s not a surprise, as everyone loves hearing a good story. That’s exactly what you need to give to your viewers. The story doesn’t have to be related to the topic of the channel. The only thing that matters is that it’s interesting.

8. A Day-in-Life Video

Have you ever wondered why reality TV shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are so popular? The reason is simple – a lot of people want to see how their favorite celebrities go through everyday life! You can take advantage of this fact and create a day-in-life video for your fans.

Even if you’re a minor YouTube celebrity, you can be sure that there are some fans who would be interested in learning more about how you spend your days give them a room tour so they can see your style. So, try to take your cam with you wherever you go in order to have enough footage to create an interesting video featuring the highlights of your day.

9. Make a Compilation Video

Why not take your most interesting videos and create a compilation. You can be sure that your viewers will be eager to watch your best bits, even if they watch the videos separately.

This is also beginner friendly idea, so if you’re just starting out, this might be your chance to get more exposure!

10. Create a Blooper Compilation

Apart from making compilations with your best videos, you can do the same but with your worst videos. Furthermore, you can even make a compilation with bloopers, which didn’t end up in the final cut.

11. How-To Videos

A huge number of people are using YouTube to find all kinds of tutorials, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that fact? If you know a lot about a certain topic you can also create some “how-to videos” in order to share the knowledge with your viewers. This works especially well if your YouTube channel is focused on a specific niche. This is a popular style for a DIY blogger.

12. Challenges

Taking a part in a YouTube challenge is one of the hottest vlog ideas to make your vlog viral. Challenges are fast and easy to record, don’t require much time, and are very entertaining to watch. But, the only way to ensure you will get the most of it is to pick a trending challenge. Otherwise, no one would care about it.

For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a big thing in summer 2014, but its popularity dropped since. It’s true that there were some attempts to make it viral again, but they didn’t prove successful.

13. Quiz

To get your viewers engaged, you can create a quiz. Basically, all you got to do is ask them a bunch of quiz questions in the video, while their job is to write the correct answers in the comments section!

14. Make a Documentary

Make a YouTube documentary focused on the main niche, covering everything from the very beginning. It is true that people prefer shorter videos, but if you can get them to watch a long video till the end, it will be a sign to YouTube that you’re doing a good job. As a result, all of your videos will get more exposure.

15. Cover an Event

You surely don’t want your channel to be out-of-date. Another good vlog idea to tackle this issue is to cover a live event, which will interest your viewers. For example, you can go to a movie premier if your channel is dealing with movie news.

A good idea for those running a sport-themed vlog is to make a live video from a match via a mobile phone. You can give your viewers your first-hand impressions at the halftime of the game.

16. Make a Karaoke Video

Even if signing is not your thing, you still need to consider making a karaoke video. Why? Because it will show your viewers that you know how to party. It doesn’t matter if your channel is about comedy or some serious subject, making such a video would definitely be refreshing.

17. Make Song Covers

Another good music-related idea for your vlog is to start making videos, in which you cover your favorite songs.

18. Make a Song About Your Vlog

Did you know that 95 out of top 100 most-viewed YouTube videos are music-related? Obviously, people love listening to music, so why not get in on the action? How? By making your channel’s theme tune! Make sure to use YouTube royalty free music as your background sound!

Or, you can make a music video to celebrate a special milestone in your vlogging career, like this guy did!

19. Tell a Good Joke

If your channel is dealing with serious subjects, such as politics, technology, health and so on, you might want to add a bit of humor to it. Not everything has to be doom and gloom. A funny video might just be what your channel needs.

Furthermore, the sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. So, if you manage to make your viewers laugh, they will respect you even more.

20. Make a Prank Video

Another great way to put a smile on the face of your viewers is to make a prank video. To make this video blog idea reality, you can just do a prank on your fellow YouTuber or a member of your team.

21. Top 10 Lists

If you often review products in your videos, one of my favorite vlog ideas would be to create a video in which you list your favorite products. You can do the same for personal stuff, such as picking your favorite movies, songs, athletes, etc.

22. Worst 10 Lists

This is a totally opposite approach. Rather than telling your viewers about your favorites, you can tell them about the things you don’t like.

A great thing about this type of videos is that they almost always initiate a response from the viewers. On top of that, such videos have endless topics – you can discuss literally anything that goes on your nerves.

23. Exploring New Niches

You could create a video on a topic that you know nothing about. This might sound counterintuitive, but viewers think such videos are cute. For example, if you’re a male vlogger, dealing with men’s stuff, you could do one video about women’s makeup.

24. Be Very Different to Your Competitors

Regardless of the niche of your channel, you can be sure that there are hundreds if not thousands of other vloggers already dealing with it. If you want to get famous, you need to stand out. No one wants to watch just another vlogger who tells the same story as everybody else.

Finding a unique subject, with no competition, but with a large interest of the users, is practically impossible. A better solution is to come up with a vlogging style that’s different to your rivals. Take a look at Nardwuar for example – a rather goofy interviewer, whose main topic is hip hop.

25. Rant About a Topic that Annoys You

People find passionate people inspiring, so don’t be afraid to put some emotions in your videos. You can make a rant video that will take you to YouTube stardom. Of course, our advice is to do that only if you’re very familiar with the subject.

You can’t rant about the things that you don’t know anything about. Not only will you sound ignorant, but your audience won’t care about what you’re talking. Instead, focus only on the things you’re expert on!

26. Make a Reaction Video

If you are looking for a subject for your rant videos, perhaps a good idea would be to react to one of your competitor’s videos. That could be your chance to show the viewership that you’re better than your rivals.

Furthermore, you could make a reaction video based on a YouTube comment, a tweet or a Facebook post, recent news, and so on.

27. Get into a YouTube Battle

Why not get into a feud with another YouTuber, whose opinions are totally opposite to yours? This is your chance to actually fight for your beliefs. Apart from that, you can be sure that it will bring you a lot of attention from the users.

Of course, it’s crucial not to forget about fair-play. Try to win arguments only with true facts! On top of that, pay attention to keep your nerve and stay polite no matter what. Otherwise, you’re risking losing some of your viewers or even get suspended by YouTube.

You might not think that vloggers’ beefs are a good views-boosting method, but Daniel “Keemstar” Keem is there to prove you wrong. He runs a channel called DramaAlert, which deals with YouTube celebrity feuds. Currently, this channel has over 3 million views!

28. Make a Debate Video with Your Opponents

You can take your feud with another YouTuber to a whole new level by having a face-to-face argument. Basically, you two need to meet up and make a debate video! Of course, if you live far away from one another, you can always use Skype to have a debate.

By bringing out your arguments, you have a chance to improve your reputation on the subject in question. Of course, this can backfire easily, which is why you need to be very careful. We advise you to do an extensive research before the debate.

But, even if you don’t do too well in the debate, it doesn’t mean you will lose your audience. On the contrary! A debate video can only do you good in terms of viewership. Not only to you, but to your debate rival as well, as you two will share your YouTube audiences!

29. Make a Collab Video

People love happy endings, which is why a good advice is to end your feud with your rival YouTuber by creating a video together. In fact, collaborations between vloggers are a fairly common thing. The main reason is that by joining the forces, YouTubers are expanding each other’s audience.

But, there’s another reason – working together with a likeminded person is likely to get your inspired. Some of the best YouTube vlogs have come into existence as a result of collaboration between two creative individuals.

But, how are you supposed to choose the right collab partner? The main thing to pay attention to is the number of users subscribed to their channel. The bigger, the better is the rule, as the collab video will be presented to those subscribers. If they like it, they’ll probably want to subscribe to your channel as well! Collab videos make it easier to join forces and often can be used to do a giveaway and send out new products that you both are interested in that may have been donated to you or offered a discount code to purchase.

30. Interview a Celebrity

Surely, the success of a collaboration video depends on how interesting it is. But, an even more important factor is the popularity of the collab partner. If you get a celebrity YouTuber to do a collaboration video with you, you can be sure you’ll get a lot of new subscribers!

But, who says you should focus only on YouTubers? You can make a video with any famous person and it is going to attract a huge number of viewers. If you manage to make an interview with a celebrity, your views are guaranteed to go up extremely fast.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. The fact is that celebs don’t want to give interviews to everyone. In order to get to talk to them, you need to have a massive reputation. So, what can you do? Our advice is to take one step at a time.

Instead of trying to get an interview with Justin Bieber right away, try first to make a YouTube video with a minor celebrity. The best way to get in touch with them is via sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Maybe it would be good to take a look at this IMDB list of celebs who talk to fans on social media.

Final Advice

So, there you have it – 30 YouTube vlog ideas to become more successful. The whole point of this article isn’t to tell you exactly what to do, but rather to inspire you into coming up your own ways of making your vlog successful. Hopefully, we’ve achieved our goal!


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