9 YouTube & Vlog Tips To Help Beginners Succeed Faster

YouTube is the dominant platform for vlogging today and the competition is stiff. In order to increase your chances of success, as new vloggers, it’s wise to listen to vlogging tips to help you stand out from accomplished YouTuber vloggers.

You can try to learn through trial and error, but that will be long and costly. You will be making rookie mistakes that could have been avoided.

Before you launch your YouTube channel, here are 9 pro vlogging tips to help you avoid those rookie mistakes.

1. Make a Good First Impression

You would need to live a million years in order to view all the videos that YouTube has to offer. That’s why users simply don’t have the luxury to give your videos the chance they deserve. Because of that, you need to grab their attention!

If your channel looks dull, viewers will have no intention of watching your videos. This is why you need to make it look as interesting as possible. Here are some vlog tips to catch their interest:

Entertaining Intro Video

Your introduction video needs to be fast-paced and full of useful information about the videos you make. This way, you will be able to keep the viewers’ attention, while trying to persuade them to give your channel a chance.

Check out this guide on how to make a killer intro video

Create an Eye-Catching Logo

Your YouTube channel logo is what will get stuck in the mind of users. If you make it really easy to remember, you will be able to create a brand for your channel.

On top of that, an awesome-looking logo is bound to spark an interest in them about your videos. Take a look at how to do that on your own.

Channel Art

Same as with the logo, YouTube channel art can also be a powerful tool for boosting your followership. By creating a beautiful banner, you will let the users know that you mean business!

2. Don’t Bore the Viewers

The attention span of an average YouTube user is very short. It’s not a surprise given that millions of new video content get uploaded on a daily basis. In fact, according to official stats, approximately 400 hours of video get uploaded to this platform every minute!

All of this means that the competition is huge so that in order to succeed, you need to give your best from the very beginning. Take out the big guns and make your most interesting videos right away. While this won’t bring you thousands of instant subscribers, it will create a solid foundation for the future.

3. You Will Suck At First

No one is born an expert. Even the YouTubers with the largest followership had to start somewhere. If you take a look at their debut videos on YouTube, you will see that they were far from amazing.

Take a look, for example, at one of the first online videos of Smoosh. It’s fair to say that it’s not his proudest videos:

So, even if your first video ends up as a total disaster, it doesn’t mean that your vlogging career is over. You need to learn from your mistakes and move forward!

4. Pro Vlogging Tip: Get Proper Equipment

These days, anyone can become a vlogger. But, if you want to be a successful one, one of the most overlooked vlogging tips would be to invest some money in proper YouTube equipment.

Although a vlogging camera is ideal, using your smartphone camera could be a good initial solution, especially if you own one of the newest smartphone models. Just get a tripod and a microphone, and you’ll be good to go!

Furthermore, buying the best camera for vlogging, or blogging, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll spend too much cash. For example, for the price of a new iPhone X, you can buy 2 amazing cameras.

5. Learn To Edit!

By taking advantage of the modern-day technology, you can get the most of your videos. You can make them fun and interesting to watch, thus keeping the viewers in front of their computer screens. We’re talking about the use of editing software!

By adding transitions and effects to your YouTube videos, you will make them more dynamic. In turn, this will prevent the users from getting bored, something that can happen even if you’re talking about super-interesting stuff in your videos.

In order to make your videos look good, you can use software like Adobe Premiere Elements or iMovie if you’re a Mac user. A great thing about these programs is that they’re very easy to use. Even if you’ve never edited a video before, you won’t find it hard to create an awesome clip.

The only bad thing about these editing tools is that you can use them only if you pay for the subscription. Luckily, there are some video-editing programs that are free of charge. The most famous of those is Windows Movie Maker. Unfortunately, Mac users won’t be able to use this program, but there’s an amazing alternative – Lightworks.

editing music for video

Another vlog tip to think about is adding background music to your videos. Of course, you won’t be able to use your favorite song due to the copyright laws, but YouTube offers you a wide choice of free music. You can browse the list of copyright-free songs at YouTube’s Audio Library.

6. Don’t Be a Lone Wolf!


One of the most rewarding vlogging tips is that you can grow your viewership by teaming up with another vlogger who shares your interests. In fact, finding a YouTube partner who deals with a similar topic as you is extremely important. The reason is that you two will have a similar audience that you could share.

There are many different ways of exploiting a YouTube collaboration, the most popular of which are the following:

Collaboration Video

You and your collab partner need to make a video together. The catch is to divide it into two parts – one goes on your channel, the other is uploaded by the collaborator. This way, the viewers will have to check out both channels in order to watch the full video.

Exchanging Mentions

This is the simplest way of collaboration. All you need to do is mention your collab partner in your videos, advising your subscribers to check out that channel. The collaborator needs to do the same for your YouTube channel.

Guest Appearance

Think about making an interview with another vlogger, in which you two will discuss things related to your channel’s topic. This way, you will introduce your collab partner to your viewership. The same goes vice versa.

To learn much more in-depth about collaborating and exactly step by step how to do it, check out our guide.

7. Explore More Topics

Make side-channels, which deal with other topics than your main channel. For example, if your main channel is dealing with beauty product reviews, you can talk about travels, dating, or other topics in videos on other channels.

Think of it as a way of expanding your audience. Even if they’re not interested in the topic of videos on your main channel, new viewers might come there because they like your vlogging style.

You don’t need to upload videos there too often, but when you do, make sure you mention your main channel. This way, you will bring traffic to the videos that matter to you the most.

Best way to do this is to branch out into the topics that are related to your current main theme of the channel.

8. Use Close-Ups

Here’s one of the lesser-known vlogging tips: By shooting a video from different angles, you will make it more dynamic. Over time, you will probably be able to master this skill, but there’s one thing you need to insist on from the very start – close-ups!

According to the research done by Steve Stockman, the author of How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck, the key to transfers emotions to your viewers lies in close-ups.

Think of it this way, when conversing with someone, you probably prefer talking face-to-face with them, rather than having a long-distance communication. The same rule applies to YouTube videos – the best way to send them the right message is by having your face in the focus.

The trick is to be close enough to the camera so that the viewers can clearly see the whites of your eyes. Of course, it might not be ideal to use the close-up for the entire length of the video. Instead, it would be better to combine the footage from two different cameras – one close to your face, and the other a bit further away.

The problem is that not many new YouTubers have two cameras. The good news is that this issue is easy to tackle. Most editing programs come with features that enable you to zoom and crop your video.

9. Utilize All Social Media Platforms

Being a YouTuber doesn’t mean that you should give up on other social media sites. The best would be to combine them all together.

One of the most simple yet effective vlogging tips is to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, to promote your YouTube channel and send traffic to it.

By regularly uploading quality videos and updates about the channel on those social network sites, you will let your followers know that your channel is very much alive.

In order to bring people from other platforms to your channel, all you need to do link them all together. Simply add a link to your channel when creating a social media post.

Wrapping It Up

Making mistakes is an integral part of being a vlogger. The good news is that the mistakes you make as a beginner will not haunt you forever. With enough determination, you will be able to overcome any obstacle on the road to becoming a successful vlogger. Make sure you vlog about things that you are passionate about so you seem like you really know how to get the point across confidently, while still creating a high-quality vlog.

Still, determination alone is not enough. Try and follow at least a few of the vlog tips we mentioned in this article. By paying attention to all the vlogging tips above, you will increase your chances of getting a massive YouTube channel in the shortest time possible! So get to it, get yourself in font of a camera and create your first vlog!

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