What Computer is Best for Editing?

March 6, 2023
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As you start your video creation journey, you may be thinking, “what computer would be best to use for editing purposes?” We will share in this article the type of computer ideal for editing, other cheaper alternative computers that can get the job done, and what editing apps we recommend. Take a Looxcie!

What kind of computer do you need for editing?

You need to consider what specific computer is suitable for editing and what features a computer needs to have for sound editing. 

Almost any computer has some editing capabilities within it these days, but of course, some are more advanced than others.

Here is a small list of things from Desktop Documentaries to consider when choosing a computer:

Which computer will:

  • Handle large amounts of information (big and small files)
  • Edit lengthy videos (capability to bring all clips into the editing system and make a video as long as you like)
  • Incorporate multiple layers of video, audio, and graphics (You want clips to be moved around and to be able to add sounds and images where necessary)
  • Provide your editing software needs (Make the editing process a lot less stressful)
  • Have good processing power (Can pick up and store information)
  • Has more RAM (Stands for random access memory and gives the computer places to store certain data or files)
  • Have higher-end graphics cards (For better-quality images and videos)
  • Finally, be a decent screen size or one that fits your needs https://looxcie.com/

Is a PC or Mac better for editing?

PC and Mac have been in competition for years and so many people have both. But which one can get the editing job done better and more efficiently? 

According to Filmmaking Lifestyle, the Mac is overall better because it has more advanced features than the PC, like tools to manipulate photos and videos without having to install additional software. 

Best Video Editing Computers

If you do not want to buy a Mac because of price, here are some alternative top computers to get the job done found by Tech Radar:   

  1. HP Omen 30L (Great for gaming and video editing, one of the best out there)
  2. Dell Precision 3650 (Best for power users and a silver bullet for video professionals)
  3. HP Envy 32 (Best all-in-one video editing computer)
  4. Lenovo ThinkStation P620 (Best computer for expansion, affordable, great performance, and room for growth)
  5. Asus PB60G Mini Business PC (Best value computer and great power for being medium-sized)

All of these computers have their own unique features that make them so great. Buying any of the options listed above is well worth it for your editing experience.

Is a Laptop or PC Better for Editing?  

There may also be the question, “is it more beneficial to have a desktop or laptop for editing purposes?” Photography Academy has the answer to that question.

Although a laptop has its benefits, the overall device best used for editing is a desktop for a few reasons people may not realize:

  1. Powerful processors (Quickly pick up information and store it)
  2. Large storage space (Computer boots up fast and saves all files)
  3. Bigger screen (More files can be displayed at once)
  4. Sometimes cheaper 
  5. Extra security (Keeps your information protected from potential hackers)

What Cheap Computer is Good for Video Editing?

Price can be a huge factor in determining the computer you decide to purchase. RTINGS recommends purchasing the “Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3” 2021 laptop. It is a 15-inch laptop with enough storage to handle video editing and complete the overall job. This laptop can range from six hundred to seven hundred dollars, depending on the company you buy it from. Other laptops, like Macs, start at over one-thousand dollars alone. 

How much should I spend on an editing PC?

If you are willing to spend a little more money to ensure you get what you need, Editstock recommends professionals spend around $2,500 – $3000 on an editing computer. They suggest that students or part-time workers should pay around $1,500. Either way, you are getting your bang for your buck as you are provided with storage and everything else needed for editing.

What Software is Best for Editing?

At Looxcie, we provide the best app recommendations for editing and video-creating.

Some of the top free software options we recommend are Avid Media Composer First, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Shot Cut. 

Some of the top paid software used are Pinnacle Studio, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Corel Video Studio Ultimate X 10.5.


Overall, the best and most recommended computer for editing is a Mac. Apple products have become very popular and more advanced yearly; many are loyal to Apple. They have built such a great customer base during their time in business. 

Be sure to use this guide to choose the best computer for you in order to fulfill your goals as a video creator that is within your price range and specifications. We hope this article was helpful in your computer research and wish you the best of luck!


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