What Do You Need for YouTube: A Creator’s Guide

March 19, 2023
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Are you thinking of posting videos to YouTube and growing your channel and brand? At Looxcie, we’re here to help develop your knowledge, confidence, creativity, and ambition to enter the online world of content creation. Read on to learn about what you need to be a YouTube creator and how you can thrive in the YouTube world. 

What Do I Need To Become A YouTube Creator?

As you are starting out in the YouTube world, you may be thinking to yourself, “what exactly do I need to do to become successful and generate good content?” This section will discuss those needs.

Here is what HootSuite has to say about succeeding as a YouTube creator:

Pick a main topic

Having a main topic to focus on with your YouTube shows expertise and gives the viewers a glance at who you are. The niche is the foundation for your channel and its success. Keep in mind the general audience you want to target, but don’t forget what you’re passionate about. If you can get that perfect mix of both, not only do you satisfy your audience, but you also satisfy yourself as you are doing something you actually enjoy.

Share your purpose 

We all strive to be purposeful. Ask yourself why you want to create a channel for your content and why you’re so passionate about it. If you know your purpose, it will be easier and more exciting to explain it to your viewers! Your audience will be driven to watch your content if you’re excited to teach it and/or to share it with them. Having a purpose also creates criteria to follow while you’re creating content. 

Who are you targeting?

Ask yourself about your demographics. When do viewers watch YouTube videos? What types of people would watch your content? Why would they watch you out of everyone else? Answering these questions allows you to target your audience better and create an idea board and posting schedule. 

Do you have competition?

Find the top YouTubers in your niche and look at how they do things. It may be similar to your ideas, but try to make your content stand out with the inspiration of those similarities and differences. Always leave room for improvement and growth in case an idea isn’t a best seller. 

Stay organized. 

Creating a calendar with a posting schedule sets you up for success. However, you want to stay organized, so create a routine for yourself. Once you have a schedule, you can market your upcoming videos on social media. This post can include but is not limited to a picture of the thumbnail, a short snippet of the video, or a teaser of what’s coming next. 

Respond to comments

YouTube prioritizes engagement, so if they see you replying to comments, it shows you are active, and they will more likely promote you. Not only is this beneficial for YouTube, but it also enables people to see you genuinely care about them and their thoughts. With this, it builds relationships and loyal fans. 

Self promote

Starting a YouTube channel is like running a business – you want to advertise it so more people will “buy” your product. Marketing, collaborations, and branching off to different social media platforms are just a few ways to promote yourself. 

How Can Looxcie Help?

Let Looxcie help you get started on your content creation journey. 

A little about us:

We want you to feel inspired and confident when creating content and trying to grow viewers. We have new, fresh ideas to share that fit anyone’s budget. We have done our own research into what makes a great YouTube channel. Our website covers multiple topics such as cameras to use, content ideas, YouTube monetization, YouTube start, and so much more!

As stated on our website, we are here to: 

  • Inspire content creativity and growth
  • Provide simple, easy, and inspiring content ideas
  • Help photographers, videographers, and other creators make quick, yet informed decisions for equipment
  • Help you grow as a vlogger and or YouTuber 

Our site features articles that are simple and actionable. We want you to feel inspired without reading pages of information. Being straightforward is the best way to start your journey and let it grow from there quickly. 

We hope to have given you some guidance for being a YouTube creator and have exciting things coming your way with this new part of your life! 


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