What Gear Do Vloggers Need?

May 16, 2023
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As a newcomer in the YouTube world, you might decide to become a vlogger, since that is one of the most popular video topics on YouTube. However, you may not know what you need to become or vlogger or what will enhance your vlogs. Let this give you some tips, which will include the essentials needed to vlog and why each item is beneficial to have.

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A camera can vary from a professional camera to simply using your iphone or ipad. This is the main thing you need since that is how you will record, sometimes edit, and post your vlogs. Having a good quality camera is highly recommended, so your content looks better once it hits YouTube. It will also increase views because people appreciate top notch video quality.


Also known as camera lenses, it focuses on the light to make a clearer image. Like I mentioned previously, this helps with quality and viewers will appreciate you taking the extra step if you do decide to purchase an actual camera.


The purpose of having a microphone is to pick up sounds from all distances. This helps improve the sound quality of your videos, making it easier for viewers to hear you and fully comprehend what you are trying to say.


With these, you are able to block out any outside sounds when using the microphone. Again, this helps improve the sound quality in your videos. It would not be a bad idea to purchase the microphone and headphones together.


You have two options here. First, you could buy a light if you have dimmer areas in your home to help improve the lighting plus you are always guaranteed good lighting. Second, you could just look around your home and see if there are any good, lit places to do your vlogs. If so, that can be useful. People will remember that spot too if you vlog there frequently and that will become something people think about their content when your name is mentioned. It is funny how things like that happen, but people resonate the little things sometimes and it becomes a part of them.


These will help make your videos look more stabilized. If you have shaky hands, this is the right tool for you. You may also like the way you look better when having the camera propped up since you are farther away from it and show more background space in the frame.


Tripods attach to the bottom of the camera and serve as a handle, kind of like a selfie stick. If holding the camera bothers your hands, this is great for you. The grip is also good on tripods, which decreases your risks of dropping or losing your camera. It is a nice touch.


Greenscreens are mainly used for more serious videos such as educational, ad promotion, and company updates. It is not something used on the daily, but if your channel grows more, it may not be a bad purchase, especially when companies start reaching out to you.


Any type of small shade that can protect your camera from excessive amounts of light is a good way to improve video quality. Like I mentioned earlier: better quality equates to more viewers!


If absolutely needed because you have a hard time memorizing or you are given a script from a brand, a teleprompter would be useful as it is right in front of you displaying the words and you just speak as it goes. This is good for brand deals or educational videos to ensure you share the correct information with your viewers, but do not make it obvious you are using one or else people will accuse you of not being real with them.


You need somewhere to store all of your equipment, so why not invest in a backpack? The nice thing about having a backpack is how much room they have, which makes it perfect to store a lot of items. It is a good way to protect all you gear as well and hide it if needed. It also makes your space look cleaner, having it all put away in a single bag.

Now that you have all the gear, it is time to get into the actual video creation. You should be thinking about branding yourself, meaning what you could vlog that people will enjoy. Do some research on the types of vlogs that get the most views and look into incorporating those into your ideas to gain more views.

What Do Viewers Want To See From Your Vlogs?

Viewers want a story. Majority of the time, a vlog is about someone’s journey, whether that journey is their day, week, an event, or something special, those are the things you want to capture. People want to know who you are and what you are doing in your life. Making a story out of your life is a great attention grabber for viewers, especially as a beginner since most people watch vlogs.

Viewers want real. Some Youtubers tend to only show the good parts of their lives, which gives off an unrealistic expectation people will set for themselves. You will get the viewers into believing you have a perfect life. Show the ups and the downs. People like to see you relate to them and may come to you for advice on that particular experience or others they think you can relate to.

Follow these two important pieces of advice for vlogging and you will be set!

How Looxcie Can Help?

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We hope to have given you some guidance for being a YouTube creator and have exciting things coming your way!


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