What Should I Vlog About? Fresh Vlogging Ideas

April 26, 2023
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It is no secret that vlogs are one of the most popular types of YouTube videos watched. Everyone enjoys seeing their favorite YouTubers vlog about their day or life as it brings a sense of realness and connection. If you are getting into vlogging, you may be thinking about what to vlog about. As you read on, we will provide some of the best vlog ideas used by Youtubers and give you some blogging topics to pursue!

What Are Some Good YouTube Vlog Ideas?

Here are some of the top best vlog ideas for beginner vloggers:


Let people get to know you. Tell them about yourself and your personal goals with your channel. Be honest with your viewers; that will make them stay.

Daily Routine

As you go through the motions of your day, pull out your camera here and there to give a general update on what you are doing. People enjoy watching daily routines and get inspired by others to incorporate something they have in their routines into their own.


If you have expertise in a particular subject area and would like to talk more about it, prove your knowledge to viewers. Then you can review anything related to that subject. People love hearing other people’s feedback because it helps them decide whether to do or get something. You can become an influencer!


If there is something in your life you are always doing and are passionate about, make a video about it. This can be about anything from workout tips to side-hustle ideas. Afterward, sharing advice about how and what to do that makes you successful in that field can inspire and motivate your viewers. 

Mini Therapy Sessions

If you conquered hardships and feel like sharing them online, do it. Bring up your experiences and share how you coped with the situation. Most people will relate to the hardship you talk about, so bringing awareness to it makes people feel less alone, and the advice will be beneficial to people who don’t know what to do or are scared to talk about it.


Add some humor. Bloopers always make people laugh, so why not insert some at the end or make an entire video surrounding them? Bloopers can show your genuine personality and allow for vulnerability – nobody is perfect! Show your viewers that you do not get the perfect shot the first time. In fact, it takes multiple tries. It will be funny to look back on, and you will laugh at yourself.


See what challenges are trending and do them. This is fun, light-hearted content that is enjoyed by many. Grab a friend or collaborate with another creator and let loose. You can never go wrong with a little friendly competition once in a while.

Questions And Answers

There are probably a lot of questions people have about you. Some might even have the same question. Why not take the opportunity to promote on social media that your next video will cater to your subscribers’ questions? Allow people to comment or message their questions. Then, make a video answering what you can. 

Invite A Host

Have another vlogger or friend control everything you do in a vlog. You both get more attraction to your channels out of it. Creating content with friends is always fun!


Next time you go on a trip that lasts for days, take your video camera with you. This is a perfect opportunity to do something cool with your content, like a montage of everything you saw and everywhere you visited. Sharing your traveling experience is excellent for showing more of your life. It could also give people travel recommendations!


If there is something you believe you should educate people on, whether it is serious or not, use your platform. People can learn from you, see your point of view, and realize something they may have yet to hear of relating to the topic. Teaching people is never bad; you will gain respect for it since it shows you care.

Sing Alongs

Everyone loves music, so bring that same vibe to your channel. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs, then share them in a video while jamming out to them. This gives people song recommendations and a little boost of energy once they see how energetic you are.


Nothing wrong with a little meal prep video. Share some of your recipes and visually show them how it is done. Everyone could use more food ideas, which is a great way to increase viewers while being helpful.

Brand Ads

Make a video dedicated to advertising brands who reached out to you. This will show your love for their brand, and on top of that, you get paid. Make sure you are genuinely passionate about the brand and its products. Otherwise, people will think you are just doing it for the money, and you do not want to give them that idea. 

How Can Looxcie Help?

Now that you know some ideas for vlogging, you may want some more help on specific things relating to YouTube or vlogging. Let Looxcie be your guide! 

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