Where Should I Post My Videos?

May 16, 2023
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As you make your way into the video creating world, there are a few decisions you need to make, one being where to post your videos. There are a lot of free platforms created solely for content creation that you may have never realized. This article will expose you to those resources and teach you more about each one.

Where Are The Best Places To Post Videos?

With the help of Lemon Light, here is a top ten list of the best places to post videos for free…

Your Website

Considering this is your website, it is all about YOU. Having some videos surrounding who you are on it will show the real you without having to read words on a screen. Keep in mind with the website, you will have to promote it on multiple platforms, so people actually know you have a website since that is not normally shared with people of your daily life.

Social Media Platforms

Again because these are your personal accounts, it will get out to people better and they will get to know you a little more. Having followers means people see your content on their page, so why not add your videos to increase viewers and engagement.

Daily Motion

This is a video sharing website where people can upload and browse videos. Going outside your comfort zone to use a new website may benefit you more than you realize.


Another video posting website used by creators to expand their horizons. Once you post a video, it is right on the home page of other active members, resulting in more views. You also have the option to do public or private settings, but public is how you get your videos out to more viewers.

Live Leak

Although this site is mainly for posting videos on world events, they can post any content. Whether you post about a world event or something of your choosing, you are gaining viewers and awareness.


Similar to Pinterest, it allows you to organize videos by interests then make a collection for them. In doing this, you must have public collections, so you are able to post links to your videos.


As one of the most popular content creating platforms, Vimeo is huge on creative, high-quality content. With this, you should post videos as a way to connect with other creators who share the same interests in you and may help you grow if they enjoy watching you that much.


More specifically leaning towards tutorials and DIY’s, this site is a bit more strict on the type of content posted. However, if you get in, that is another big audience group seeing your content on the site.

Videos Hub

It is not the most popular but can still attract a good amount of viewers. Having an account is free but the only limitation is that the video must be under ten minutes. If you want to post a video longer than ten minutes, you will have to shorten it to the most important parts to reach that ten-minute limit.


This site gives creators free will in what they can post and go through the settings with what they choose. It has convenient browsing and if you are successful, you could make some money.


The one everyone knows! As the second largest search engine and the internet’s first video platform, there is no question they are successful. You can post a variety of content topics on YouTube along with as many videos as possible. If you do things right, you can receive a lot of viewers from YouTube alone. One YouTube sees you are successful, they will open up opportunities to you such as brand deals and paid ads plus content.

Where can I post my video to get views?

All of the sites listed above will get you views. However, some are better than others: those being social media, YouTube, and Daily Motion. Since these are the most popular video creating sites, this is where you can see your views significantly increase. These all have had years of success and are still successful today.

How Looxcie Can Further Help?

Now that you know about some video posting platforms, you may want some more help on specific things relating to video creation. Let Looxcie be your guide! 

The site features articles that are simple and actionable with a variety of topics. They want you to feel inspired without reading pages of information. Being straightforward is the best way to quickly start your journey and let it grow from there. 

We hope to have given you some guidance for being a YouTube creator and have exciting things coming your way!


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