27 Best YouTube Challenges Ideas To Do In [year]

Are you an up in coming YouTuber?

Or someone who wants to do popular YouTube challenges with their friends?

We’ve made a list of the top 30 trending YouTube challenges to do and film for your YouTube channel.

youtube challenge ideas

But first, here is why YouTube challenges are great video ideas:

  • They are easy to film
  • They can be filmed at home
  • They’ve proven to get a lot of views
  • Can be filmed in a few hours, in some cases in less than an hour

Why Make a YouTube Challenge Video?

YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet, so big, that it has fully replaced the TV for many people.

So these YouTube challenges are sort of a replacement for reality TV. And it’s been proven that people love watching that kind of content, they are flat out funny videos that will entertain you for hours.

As a result, YouTube Challenges tend to perform A LOT better than your average videos.

Chances are if challenge video is well made, it will see a HUGE boost.

For example: If your average view count per video is 10,000 views, than your YouTube challenge video might get 50,000 – 100,000 views!

Also, you almost always need a partner or a group of people, so it is a great way to collaborate with YouTubers that are similar to you.

This way your video together is not only going to get a lot of views, but you will be exposed to a totally new audience!

List of 27 YouTube Challenge Ideas


We chose to include challenges that are safe and many of them are kid friendly, but we encourage you to still be cautious and make sure not to hurt yourself or others in the process.

There are cases of people trying to become famous and getting hurt badly for it.

1. Eat it or Wear it

The eat it or wear it challenge is a real hit recently. If you can bear being uncomfortable eating something disgusting or maybe a really spicy food, like the hottest peppers, or wearing it on yourself, your video might go viral on youtube. The more it is disgusting, the better. Make sure not to do anything dangerous!

2. 100 Layers of ___

This is where you can get creative, one of the easiest and most popular ones was 100 layers of shirts by H3H3 and you can do the same thing, but what we recommend is come up with something that hasn’t been done at all. The objective is simple, but 100 layers of something on you, hence the name the layer challenge.

3. Try Not to Laugh

Definitely the all-time popular challenge, in any year there is someone doing it. As we all known laughter is contagious and try not to laugh challenges are proven to get the audience of all kinds. And it’s simple, find video compilations that you think you will find funny and try to avoid laughing. But please, try not to laugh at anything insulting or harming.

4. Internet Slang Challenge

You like memes? You are pretty active on the internet and you think you know all the possibly terms that are used on it? This is an excellent challenge for you! You need another person to use a computer or phone and ask you the meanings of certain words, memes and words from urban dictionary. Make it a competition and see who turns out “more educated”

5. Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Just from the title you can see how this is going to turn out. Have your boyfriend do your makeup on video, that on it’s own is going to be hilarious and they turn out to be some of the funniest videos out there!

6. Accent Challenge

Following the accent tag questions, you and your partner in the video answer list of questions that will bring out your true accent, sometimes you don’t even know you have one.

7. The Whisper Challenge

Essentially this is the game of reading lips. 1 person wears headphones that cancel the noise (or improvise with loud music) while other person whispers something and you have to guess what they said. This is also super fun game to play with friends whenever you are bored.

8. Not My Hands

Like for the most challenges, you need a partner for this one. What you or your partner have to do is move around your hands around the other person as they were that person’s hands. And then you need to complete some simple tasks by doing so

9. The Disney Challenge

Find a compilation of Disney movie songs, and have 2 people guess what the song is in short period of time. The winner is obviously who guesses more songs at the end

10. Say Anything Challenge

This one is a little bit more complicated. Point is to say 1 word after each other when it’s your turn, but you only have 1-2 seconds and you can’t repeat yourself. To some of you this might sound simple, try it out for yourself and you’ll see.

11. Baby Food Challenge

Pretty self-explanatory, buy baby food and record the reactions and for the bonus try to guess what is it made of.

12. Chubby Bunny Challenge

This one is a bit older, with a solid twist you can make it work. You need to get marshmallows or chubby bunnies and try to say the word “chubby bunny” and if you can still say it, put more of them in your mouth until you can say it. Of course, the winner is one who put more and can still say the word.

13. Roast Yourself

We all know the diss track trend, and rap battles have been here for a long time. How about you make a diss track of yourself.

Is your ego in check so you can do it? Try it out, it sure is fun to see what people truly think of themselves.

14. 7 Seconds

Receive a challenge and complete it in 7 seconds or less. This is much harder than usual challenge just because of the reaction and surprise factors

15. Ghost Pepper Challenge

Eating challenges are extremely fun, solely because of the reactions of people doing them. And eating a ghost pepper? Uhh, yeah.

Person has to eat the ghost pepper and record his reaction, even funnier when it’s in group of friends.

16. The Floor is Lava Challenge 

You must have encountered some sort of form of this game at least once as a kid or at least have heard of the saying. Basically when someone says “floor is lava” everyone has to find somewhere to stand but not the floor! It certainly can get you into problems if you are in places like supermarket.

17. Yoga Challenge

Here is an actual healthy youtube challenge. Get a friend/partner over and watch some videos of this challenge online and try it out yourself! See how many different yoga poses you can do.

Don’t try something extreme that can potentially injure you.

18. 10,000 Calorie Challenge

You think you can eat a lot? Well, how about eating 10,000 calories worth of food? The point is to eat that much food in 1 day. The trick is usually to get food that’s easy to eat and has a lot of calories, like fast food and candy.

19. Speech Jammer

How does it feel like to not be able to talk because someone is constantly interrupting you? Well imagine having your voice constantly interrupting you speaking at all times. Try the Speech Jammer challenge

20. Speed Drawing

Here is something unique that doesn’t fall into the category of usual youtube tag challenges. Looking at the title you might think this is only for people who have skills, but if you are bad at drawing, that is just as fun, if not even more interesting to watch then professional artist.

The point is to form a group of people and have everyone draw as best as they can in super short period of time, 30-120 seconds is usually the range we would go for. And of course, make sure to mention topics or have some theme for the drawing, rather than going for it totally random.

21. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge 

Again drawing competition, but with a blindfold on! This is really fun to be in, and if you are experienced with drawing, you will obviously have huge advantage. Get blindfolds for your friends, get pencils and papers ready, get a interesting topic and let the fun begin!

22. Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

Can you handle the heat?

23. Hungry Hippo

Drop bunch of jelly beans or other similar food on the table and eat them without using your hands as a competition

24. Duct Tape Challenge

Ever wondered how it feels to be kidnapped? Do you think you would be able to escape? If so, this challenge is super unique and has more action elements that other challenges on this list.

It’s simple, you need someone to duct tape you in a way that it’s really hard to escape, and you need to escape! And by adding more unique drama elements to your video, it will make it even better!

25. Guess The Game Soundtrack

This is for my fellow gamers out there. It’s good to have a third person for this challenge so he/she can randomly put songs and other 2 have to guess from which video game that song/sound is. Even gamers can have youtube challenges, be creative!

26. Guess The YouTuber’s Voice

I assume you are watching a lot of youtube, so this challenge shouldn’t be as hard. The premise is to have someone play youtube videos of popular youtubers and you have to guess which one is who just by the voice

27. McDonald’s Roulette

Like gambling? Well here’s a harmless gamble for you, although it can cost you quite a bit. Go through a drive by of any fast food restaurant and order whatever previous order was without knowing. It might be a huge order made by a group of people that will cost you upwards of $100 or it might a be a simple burger and fries. This is best done with group of people with a car!

Bonus YouTube Challenges

If you really want more, here are some more of the best youtube challenges for you to do:

Be Creative

Another use of this article is to learn about all these challenges and make your own challenge, which can be a lot of fun.

And if your challenge is picked up by most popular channels on YouTube, that’s your 1-way ticket to becoming famous!

You don’t even need to make a new challenge, just take one of the above and ADAPT it to your niche, or just bring 1 new element to it.

BE CREATIVE, you are a creator after all.


There you go, even if you don’t make a viral YouTube challenge video, you will still get experience doing this kind of thing and at least seeing if your audience is okay with it or no.

There is no failure, there is just learning!

Thanks for reading!