YouTube Channel Ideas – What Should I Make My YouTube Channel About?

October 6, 2019
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So you’ve got a video camera, or even just a smartphone, and you’ve signed up for a YouTube account—the question is:

What Are The Best Youtube Channel Ideas?

This may be the most important question you ask yourself, and one that you’ve got to answer.

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Just like traditional blogs, your YouTube channel needs to have an attractive theme or at least something that will showcase your personality. It could be in the form of filming aesthetics, content creation, or social relevance— and there are tons of ideas to share.

Top 10 YouTube Channel Ideas

To help jumpstart your career in vlogging and video making, we have gathered the 10 most popular and in-demand video ideas for your YouTube video.

The list is categorized based on interests, and we even broke them down further into subtopics for possible video content ideas.

1. Personal

personal gear

A personal vlogging channel is the easiest and fastest to create. This includes sharing your thoughts and opinions on certain topics as well as talking about your hobbies and interests in front of a camera.

Here are some specific video ideas that you can tackle on your personal vlog:

  • Channel introduction

This is the way of letting people know what to expect in your vlog. Introduce yourself and let the viewer know what topics you are going to talk about and what they can expect from your videos.

  • Life vlogging

Like a diary, you talk about how your day specifically went: what you did, where you went, what you ate. It’s basically all the mundane things of your day from dawn to dusk. Celebrities and famous social media influencers usually do this in their channel.

However, if you aren’t that popular, chances are you might have little traffic. People would not care how your day went unless it is something mind-blowing or strangely interesting.

  • Social event commentary

Some people like sharing their thoughts about certain issues that happen in their country or community. This could generate lots of traffic views especially if you talk about the hottest debates in town. The downside is you have to brace yourself for trollers and haters.

  • Interests and hobbies

It’s always fun to see people talk about the things they love, like their favorite movies, life hacks, whats trending, music, sports, or books. Sharing your thoughts about what you are passionate about can bring you closer to people who also share the same preference as yours.

2. Product/Service Reviews

A popular and effective YouTube channel idea is to make video product reviews.  Talk about features, pros/cons and your opinion of hot new products that just hit the market. This will help a lot of people who are also checking out the same product or planning to book the same service.

  • Unboxing products

Unboxing videos are always fun to watch because of two reasons: viewers get to see what’s inside the box of the latest new gadget, and they get to experience the excitement and anticipation like just as if they were the buyer. It’s like Christmas all over again!

  • Product testing

A video showing you testing a product gives your viewers valuable info on how certain products work. Throw in some instructional information for added value. Make sure that the product is working; otherwise, it will look like a flop.

  • Service ratings

When you pay for a service, like a travel agency or a party planner, you can create a video review of how the entire process went. Start from the planning and organizing phase until the main event. Then, give it a numerical score. For example, a 10/10 or 5-star rating.

The best part of this video idea is you get to heavily influence your viewer’s buying decision. Be honest, as this can affect the service provider’s reputation.

3. Gaming 

One of the hottest YouTube channel ideas right now are gaming vlogs. This is because gamers get to see walkthroughs of the newest online game, get updates on upcoming games, etc.

Popular gaming YouTubers like PewDiePie garners over 46 million subscribers because of funny and amusing gaming videos. Some gaming YouTubers film themselves playing while giving commentaries.

  • Upcoming and latest games

Gaming news channels are very popular because they get first dibs on the latest and upcoming PC and video games. They provide insights about what to expect in the current installment, what upgrades were incorporated, and in-betweens of the game itself.

  • Walkthroughs

Just like a 360-degree live stream, walkthroughs give your audience the first-person feel and sight of a game. Tour them around the arena, show them your arsenal, and let them know how you get past certain challenges and that hard-to-beat boss stage.

  • Show a speedrun

Similar to walkthroughs, a speedrun takes your viewers into a playthrough of the full game, mostly skipping many stages to reach the boss stage. The only difference is you run them through as quickly as possible.

  • Raw gameplays

Unedited and somewhat boring raw gameplays show how you play the actual game in a normal setting. This is kind of dull to watch, but there are players who like watching footages of certain games to see how it’s being done or what techniques were used.

4. Gadgets and Technology gadgets

Many people are not tech-savvy, and they seek information and instructions from the Internet instead of reading the manual. Creating tutorial videos to help these viewers is one of the most effective YouTube channel ideas.

  • Software and application tutorials

If you are good at Photoshop or like creating animations, you can make tutorial videos to show how it is done. Start by filming a beginner’s guide and then continue the process on the next vlog, perhaps another set of tutorial but still related to the previous one.

  • PC hardware assemble

Computer technicians know every nook and cranny of a computer. If you know how to take apart a PC’s hardware and put them back together, why not make a vlog showing all the parts that make up a computer?

  • HTML and coding

Web designers and developers are the best people to consult with these kinds of web jargons. If you are a noob in designing your website and could use a little help, vlogs about JavaScript coding is your best friend.

  • Computer troubleshooting

People who experience PC problems often look for solutions on the Internet. If you know how to troubleshoot computers and solve technical problems, create a video showing how to resolve these issues.

There are lots of videos on YouTube that instruct people on how to toggle with the menus on their computer. Simply record your screen while you are in action. And voila! You just saved someone from spending a fortune on computer repair!

5. Traveling

This is probably one of the most exciting and fun YouTube channel ideas. Film the most scenic and breathtaking views of your vacation trip. People get to see how majestic your experience was.

The purpose of travel vlogging as a channel topic is to show people the places you’ve traveled to. Your videos allow them to see places they’ve never been to as well as inform them on things to do at places they want to visit.

  • Landmarks and places

Seeing photos of the Eiffel Tower is nice, but it doesn’t compare to seeing a video of people and things moving around as if the moment is alive. Film yourself while you bask in the sun along the shores of an island and talk to the locales and interview them.

You can also take video selfies on top of the tallest buildings in the world. Take a video of the street dancers and the festivals. Make each video count by compiling footages of your trip that represent the place you visited.

  • Adventures

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you go on spontaneous or dangerous adventures? Vlog about it and show the world how brave and bold you are! You want people to see you live in the moment and experience the thrill of your death-defying stunts.

Skydiving, bungee jumping, roller coasters, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing—these are just a few of the many activities you can engage in during your travel!

  • Food trips

A trip is not complete without getting a taste of the native delicacies and dishes in town. Indulge yourself with the bestsellers of that famous restaurant. If you have the opportunity, you can ask the resident chef about the cuisines and inspiration behind the recipes.

Another exciting idea for a food trip vlog is trying out weird and exotic local foods. It may look disgusting at first, but your audience will definitely have a good time watching you eat that scorpion on a stick.

6. Education

The Internet is a treasure trove of valuable information. Most of the knowledge nowadays can be found in just a few clicks. Take advantage of the accessibility of the Internet by providing helpful data to researchers.

Students, teachers, your mom and dad —basically everyone—is looking for something worth reading. Although dictionaries and encyclopedias are still available, nobody reads them anymore. We already have the info at the tip of our fingers.

  • Researches, studies, and theoretical essays

Students working on their thesis desperately need to find resources and references to support their hypothesis. A vlog discussing educational topics, mostly relating to academic researches, can be of great help.

  • Math and science tutorials

To be honest, the reason I passed my high school geometry class is because of a YouTube channel called ProfRobBob, a professor helping needy students with their math homework.

If you are a wizard at these topics, get a whiteboard and a marker. Then teach students how to solve their problems. You’ll never know if you’ll end up helping the next Einstein.

7. Lifestyle

A favorite amongst vloggers, lifestyle videos are a contemporary approach to achieving overall well-being. Most topics revolve around motivational talks, health and wellness, parenting and adult counseling, sex and intimacy.

  • Motivational and inspirational vlogs

People suffering from depression need someone they can relate to and know they are not alone. Talk about why there’s more to life than taking it with your own hands. Tell them they are loved. Try to make someone believe that life is still great despite their problems.

  • Health, wellness, and fitness

Girls love skincare. Guys love getting in shape. Make a video showing your beauty regimen to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Take a clip of your abs workout at the gym. Talk about the difference between vegetarianism and veganism.

  • Parenting and adulthood

Family counselling should be done by professionals, but reaching out to moms and dads gives your audience firsthand advice from someone who has gone through it all. Share tips about raising tiger kids. Tell them the struggles of being a single parent.

  • Sex life and relationships

The twenty-first century brought us a lot of changes in aspects of social issues. Even until today, sex is still considered a taboo topic. However, there are many websites and videos that tackle the wonders and dangers of sex.

People with open minds know that sex is a part of natural selection and it is something that we should not feel embarrassed to talk about. Share your thoughts about current issues surrounding it like premarital sex, use of contraceptives, and common diseases like HIV.

8. Entertainment

There are many entertaining videos you can find on YouTube, and they range from funny to bizarre to inspiring.

  • Humor and comedy

If you are a natural-born comedian and you can drop pick-up lines like a pro, use your talent by providing amusement. Bloopers are an easy way to add comedy.

  • Challenge videos

Remember that famous Ice Bucket Challenge? Why not let your followers ask you for a dare and see if you can take the invitation. Once you’ve accomplished it, tag a friend to do the same challenge!

  • Song and instrumental covers

The Internet is now a stage and it’s easy to share your love for music by doing a cover of your favorite songs or making a funny music video. Most famous singers nowadays are discovered through YouTube. Who knows, you might be the next American Idol!

  • Arts and crafts

Are you an artist? Take your viewers into the whims of your painting process. Do you like making DIYs? Show them how to make origami or how to do a mosaic. Channel your creative spirit through a vlog showing your love for the arts.

9. Animals and wildlife

Who doesn’t like cute little pets? If you have an animal pet at home or you frequent the zoo, you can make a simple vlog about your favorite animals.

  • Taking care of pets

Your pets need that tender loving care, so why not show the world how you do it? Film your pet while you feed it, take it to a veterinarian, or just cuddle with it in bed. It doesn’t cost a thing, but it’s going to be priceless.

10. The “What’s in My ___?” 

Here’s a neat Youtube channel idea that plays to curiosity. We like taking a peek into other people’s stuff—admit it or not, you want to know what essentials your favorite vlogger owns. There are tons of “What’s in my ___?” series you can create, and it’s definitely going to be fun!

  • What’s in my bag?

Dig into your purse and let people know the essentials you have. Wallet, phone, makeup kit, keys—nothing is too small. But beware of snatchers and pickpockets. They know what to steal from you once you post your vlog.

  • What’s on my iPhone?

Show your collection of apps, your favorite photos from the gallery, and basically everything that’s stored in your iPhone. Still, be careful. You might let people see your passcode when you unlock your phone.

  • What’s in my closet?

Calling all fashionistas and models wannabe—this is your chance to show off your designer clothes and shoes! Whether you have a tiny cabinet or a walk-in closet, people want to know what your fashion statement is and how you mix and match clothes.


Vlogging for YouTube gives tons of fun. Your channel is your outlet of ideas, a source of inspiration, and a platform of self-expression. The most important thing about vlogging and properly executing YouTube channel ideas is preparation.

You need to have ample knowledge about the topic you want to vlog about. You can’t just walk in and face the camera saying things that absolutely mean nothing at all. Do a little research, incorporate some personal experiences, and you’re good to go!

Remember, your first video sets the bar. If people like your vlogs, they’ll subscribe and come back for more. If you get haters and trollers, don’t mind them. Focus on your craft and the right people will notice your videos in no time!

Coming up with good YouTube channel ideas is just the first step! Find out step-by-step on how to make money on YouTube!


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