How to Make a Perfect YouTube Channel Logo? Best Practices

December 2, 2019
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In order to boost your YouTube followership, a good idea is to learn more about branding.

By making a brand out of your channel, your videos will become instantly recognizable.

This way, not only will you leave an impression on the viewers, but you will make them remember you!

One of the best ways of creating a strong brand is by coming up with an eye-catching logo for your YouTube channel!

What is a Channel Logo?

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First thing first lets us clear our concepts about the logo. A logo is a small image or a pictorial representation that is applied to characterize your services.  

On the same spectrum, 

A channel logo is also a small picture that is used to identify your YouTube channel, appearing usually on the YouTube search area.

In addition to this,

An eye-grabbing channel logo helps a lot to create a brand through which you can easily promote your channel and people can remember your channel through that tiny graphic illustration.

What is the bombshell?

You don’t need to be professional or elite to create a logo for your YouTube channel.

Flashing off your brand or YouTube channel with the help of a chic logo can help you a lot to get an audience.

Let us cruise!

Why You Need a Good YouTube Logo?

The logo is a great way of creating first impressions. Like when choosing your YouTube name, if the viewers like it, they will probably want to learn more about your channel.

Having a professional-looking logo shows the viewers that you mean business. Because creating a good logo requires time, effort, and even money, people will know that you are serious about your channel.

Another reason why having a memorable logo is important is that it will help you out to stand out from the competitors. Differentiating your channel from the others can crucial in winning the battle for subscribers.

However, all of this is true only if your channel icon looks awesome. Otherwise, it can trigger a completely opposite effect. In order to help you out, here are a couple of tips on making an amazing YouTube channel logo!

Do Some Research:

Simply having a beautiful logo might not be enough. It needs to carry a message so that when people look at it, they’ll know what your channel is all about.

So, if you run a beauty channel on YouTube, there really is no logic to use a football for your logo. Instead, you need to go with something more appropriate, such as a makeup brush, for example.

Of course, you surely don’t want your profile picture to be one of the millions that all look the same. It needs to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, coming up with a unique logo won’t be easy. The chances are that someone else has already thought of it.

This is why you need to think it through before making your final decision. Doing a little bit of research can surely help you get inspired. A good way to do that is to browse YouTubers that run a channel similar to yours.

Keep It Simple

The best thing about creating a logo is that thinking up an awesome idea is not that hard. In fact, the rule is the simpler, the better.

The days when logos were lavish are long gone. These days, it’s all about simplicity.

Think about the logos of worthy brands like YouTube, Nike, Apple, Mercedes – all of them are simple, thus very easy to remember.

Famous Brand Logos

The same goes for YouTube channel icons. Take a look, for example at PewDiePie’s logo, the clenched fist, or the cat logo of ElRubiusOMG. Both of these are easy to draw and simplicity is what makes them very hard to forget and can be categorized under the best YouTube logos.

Why Is Your Channel Logo Important?   

It has been observed that the logo of your channel displays at many of the locales of YouTube rather than any other component of your channel.   

Like it can be shown on the watch page, search engine, the community tab, video comments, and many other areas. 

Besides your content and branding, the channel logo is another important trick that you can adapt to attract the audience.

It is crucial for the reason that it facilitates you in the distinction of your channel from the rest that is available on YouTube.

Isn’t it fascinating?    

The logo of your channel actually catches the attention of your viewers so make sure that the logo you are going to use is a charming and attractive one.

Adding on,

If your logo is next of kin to the channels name then it springs a more genuine and professional look.

Seems incredible, no?

4 Cool YouTube Logo Ideas:

When it comes to choosing the logo design, the sky is literally the limit. But, despite the fact that there is an unlimited number of different options, some types of logos have proven to be more attractive to the viewers than others. Here are some of them:

  1. Word/Letter – Probably the simplest of them all is the logo with a letter of a word. Such a logo simply can’t fail. It’s probably the easiest type of logo to create, not to mention that it will send the exact message that you want to send to your audience.
  2. Image Another good idea is to use an image for your logo. If you’re a vlogger, who likes having face-to-face conversations with the viewers, keeping your face image as the logo will allow them to easily recognize your videos. A good sounding alternative is to use a sketch drawing instead. If you’re not very good at drawing self-portraits, hiring someone is the right choice.
  3. Symbol – These kinds of logos have been around for ages, not only when it comes to YouTube, but in all other areas of life – business, art, etc. Think about famous companies like Nike or Apple – all of them are using simple symbols for their logos. The only problem with this is that finding a cool-looking logo that’s not already taken is not going to be an easy job.
  4. Letter/Symbol Combo – Most YouTubers like using a combination of letter and symbols for their logo. Apart from creating a visual image, this way they’re also telling the viewers exactly what their channel is about.

How Do YouTubers Make Their Logos?

You have several choices before you. Picking the right one depends a lot on your needs and wishes, but also on your technical skills. Here are a couple of suggestions!

1. Hire a Professional:

If you want your logo to be unique, while also appearing professional, it’s best to let the expert deal with it. The good news is that you can find a lot of amazing designers offering their services online.

You can hire an agency to do the job for you, by simply Google-ing the phrase “best logo design” or something along those lines.

An alternative is to hire a freelancer to do it. You can find literally thousands of them on freelancing websites like Fiverr and UpWork. Furthermore, some sites like 99design even allow you to create a contest, which will allow you to choose the best logo from a number of different entries.

Our friends at have even created a quiz to help you figure out which design service to use. After answering a few questions about your project needs and budget, they will suggest a few design websites for you to use. Currently, they cover 11 design websites.

cheap logo services

The best thing about this is that logo design usually doesn’t cost much. Of course, the price varies from designer to designer. If you want a famous artist to do a logo for your channel, you will probably have to pay a lot. But, if you’re open to working with newbies, you will probably be able to get a decent logo for just a few bucks.

2. Create It Yourself

Hiring a freelancer doesn’t mean that the job will be done the way you intended. In fact, the only person that can turn your idea into reality is you.

But, in order to make a good-looking vlog logo, you need a little bit of talent and a lot of time and effort. You also need to have the proper tools. In order to create a logo for your YouTube channel, you will need to software that you might not have on your computer.

As logos are usually in bitmap format, the software used for their creation needs to be vector-based. Such programs include CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and so on. Unfortunately, most of these programs come only with a paid subscription.

The good news is that you will probably be able to get a trial period for those products. Alternatively, you can use one of the free online vector tools.

3. Use a Logo Template

There are sites that offer free logo templates for free. By making a few simple corrections, you will be able to create a unique logo for your YouTube channel.

The best thing about this option is that it doesn’t require investing too much time. In fact, creating a logo on sites like or is something that should not take more than a couple of moments of your time.

All you need to do is choose a logo concept and make some small changes to it so that it would match your channel better. You can add your YouTube username, change the colors of the logo, etc.

Tips & Tricks:

There are some tiny tricks that can help you create a more effective logo that will leave an impression on all your viewers. One of those is the font size if you plan to use letters in your logo.

Comic Sans might be the perfect solution for those who are running a comedy channel. However, you should stay away from it and stick to a more conventional font if your channel deals with serious issues.

Whichever font you choose, there’s one thing you need to pay special attention to the letters need to be readable. If your logo looks like gibberish, the viewers will not be able to read it, meaning that your effort was worthless.

It’s a similar case when it comes to the color of the logo. It needs to be pleasant to the eye so that the viewers will be able to understand what it implies right away.

Another color-related thing to be careful about is to ensure the logo colors match the theme of your channel. If your subscribers associate your channel with certain color combinations, you shouldn’t use other colors for the logo. Or, at least don’t use those that would stand out.

YouTube Channel Logo Size:

Finally, you also need to find the perfect size for your logo. According to YouTube, the best dimensions you can pick are 800 x 800 pixels, although the logo will render at 98 x 98 pixels.


When creating a logo for your vlog channel, you need to think about other platforms as well. The logo is what makes your brand, or in this case your channel, recognizable. That’s why it needs to look nice on other social media websites, as well – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

By using the same logo on all of your social media profiles, you will be able to create a brand for your channel. When people see your posts on Facebook, for example, they will instantly know it’s you, this is very important if you plan to go big and eventually get sponsored.

Best Practices to Create YouTube Logos

The following are the practices you should carry out to create YouTube logos.


MKBHD headshot Logo

The headshot is going to be the best option if you are featuring one person as a star. A clear headshot can assist you to make it to your channel appears attractive and appealing. 

Want to spice things up?

Then you can also headshot that is relevant to your channel’s name. 

Your Logo:

If you do not intend to create a logo with the help of a headshot you can use your logo instead.

This is the choice of many popular brands as well. One thing that you need to keep under consideration that the icon of your channel is really small especially in the video comment section so you need to resize and alter to fit in limited space.

A Visual:

Next, we are going to discuss A visual that represents the video on the group icon. The visual makes the logo of your channel uniquely.

Channel Icon Dimensions

The size of your Channel Icon should be an 800 x 800 px image so it can be easily visible.

In addition to this,

The icon of your channel has different varieties and shape so make sure that it fits within the given space. 

Final Thing to Remember!

Although an awesome YouTube channel logo can mean a lot for your online presence, it’s your video content that still matters the most. Even the best channel logo won’t mean anything if the videos you upload are not interesting to watch.

Also keep in mind that it will help if you create a good channel name,  channel art, as an avatar, that associates to your channel name, for ease of recognition, high-quality videos, and a cohesive color scheme.

You’re a vlogger – your job is creating viral videos. If you’re not that good at creating a logo, it’s not a big deal. You can have someone else do it for you. Luckily, you have so many options before you, as described earlier in this article. All you need to do is choose the best one.


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