YouTube Equipment: The Ultimate Checklist

October 29, 2020
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Here we have this complete YouTube equipments list that you need for your YouTube channel. To all YouTubers, it is a must for you to keep these equipments at your end.

As YouTube is a video sharing platform, for this reason, all of these equipments matters and count a lot for the success and ultimate growth of your channel.

In the beginning times, you can try buying a few of the products and devices, and then you can, later on, invest in the rest of the pieces of equipment.

So, check out this list of YouTube Equipments and keep tuned with us:

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel?

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel

Your YouTube channel can only become popular and it can only get maximum views and subscribers at its end if you use this equipment.

Most importantly, these needed pieces of equipment make sure that your published videos look up to the mark and standard.

We know that this platform is an extremely and immensely competitive space. So, keep all your weapons in your hand so that you can come out as a warrior and winner in this YouTube world.

For a YouTube channel, you need a high-quality camera, microphone, and also tripod. Then you need high-end lighting as well as video editing software.

Below you see all details about this piece of writing that is elaborated on YouTube Equipments:

1. Camera:


Possessing a camera for your YouTube channel is one of the most important and critical pieces of equipment that you need to invest in. Furthermore, there are various numbers and types of cameras available out there.

You have to make a careful choice while buying and purchasing this YouTube Equipment. It is completely fine if you end up buying a camera that gives 1080p.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, then you can invest in some quality camcorders or shop for webcams at your end.

On the other hand, you can even get DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for this YouTube channel.

Types of Cameras Specifically Made to Create YouTube Videos:

Types of Cameras Specifically Made to Create YouTube Videos

There are lots of cameras that are specifically and exclusively made to record and create YouTube videos.

Below we have provided you with the complete list of this YouTube Equipment that is going to first discuss the camera types:

#1: Camcorder:


We have this camcorder for you that is commonly used by the YouTubers for recording and making videos for their YouTube channel. Their main purpose and job are to record videos.

These camcorders are immensely lightweight and compact. In addition, they are budget-friendly and can manage all kinds of shooting situations.

This YouTube Equipment is even sufficient and reliable if you want to do vlogging for your channel. These days, some of the modern versions of camcorders are coming into the market.

Before you buy a camcorder, make sure that it comes and is manufactured by a high-end brand. Besides, it has to be injected with a full and high-definition camera.

Top-notch camcorders offer image stabilization and they manage to reduce shaking as well.

No doubt, this important YouTube Equipment can make your job easy. Using camcorders reduces blurring and they allow you to shoot in a high-quality manner.

Most of the camcorders give true optical zoom property so that you do not experience lossless magnification.

#2: Webcam – An ideal kind of Plug and Play Video Camera:

Webcam- An ideal kind of Plug and Play Video Camera

Moving to more of the needed and essential YouTube Equipment, we have this webcam option for you.

If you are looking for a YouTube camera that runs on a plug and plays video property, then try buying a premium quality webcam for your YouTube channel.

Furthermore, it helps you record videos while you are sitting in front of your computer stations. Or if you are a gaming YouTuber, then this is an ideal recommendation for you.

These webcams make your streaming job easier and it is hassle-free for you to connect them with your PC stations.

If you manage to buy a good quality webcam, then you can easily and seamlessly shoot videos with the help of it.

#3: Action Cameras:

Action cameras- Compact and Versatile Cameras Made for YouTubers1

You might be wondering what the use of these action cameras is if you own a YouTube channel, here you can check out that.

This is a needed and high in demand YouTube Equipment that you should buy. Such cameras remain to stay compact as well as versatile.

On the other hand, they are immensely suitable for all kinds of intrepid photographers.

If you are a beginner-level videographer and shoot videos for your channel, then go on investing in a premium model of an action camera.

#5: Mirrorless Camera:

Mirrorless Camera

This is one of the popular cameras that you can use for your YouTube videos making process. It allows you to record videos and even takes photos.

The best part about this camera is that it lets you shoot and record as if you are using a DSLR. And this same camera is composed of a smaller, compact, and lighter body.

No doubt, buying this YouTube Equipment is a definitive and highly needed product for all YouTubers.

This camera offers properties like image stabilization and flips out screen. It is injected with real-time output property.

#7: DSLR:

DSLR- The Most Favorable Option Among YouTubers

You need to know a big percentage of YouTubers make use of this popular YouTube Equipment, yes we are talking about DSLRs.

This camera gives high-end results and that is why YouTubers prefer using it. In addition, this camera is fully and wholly adaptable even in low-light situations.

If you want to experience incredible video recording quality, then get your hands on this option.

Make sure to buy that DSLR camera that offers 1080p quality and needs to deliver you with touch0screen focus.

2. External Microphones:

Be it any YouTube Equipment, the importance of using external microphones cannot be disregarded.

For your videos, the quality of your audio matters a lot and this thing is ensured by these external microphones. Most importantly, there is a variable number of microphones that are currently available these days.

Keep in mind their specs and features and then decide which of the microphone you want to buy for your YouTube channel.

Moreover, if your audio quality is poor and terrible, then no one will watch your videos. So, buy that microphone that brings out the best sound and audio quality factor in your videos.

Types and Different Range of Microphones:

Types and Different Range of Microphones

Below you can see varied types of microphones that you can use and avail for your YouTube video making job. We have collected a complete list for you.

So, see the details that how this needed YouTube Equipment matters more for you:

#1: USB Microphones:

If you plan to use USB microphones, then this is a great option and recommended if you are a YouTuber as well. We are now seeing excessive demand for these USB microphones.

These microphones manage to sound quality and are marked as an important YouTube Equipment in the current times.

You can buy a USB microphone from any high-end company and bring out the best from your video audio quality category.

Moreover, these USB kinds of microphones allow you to do the recording as soon as possible and eliminate all unnecessary noise at their end.

#2: Condenser Microphones:

USB Microphones

Apart from using these USB microphones, you can try out having condenser microphones.

Most importantly, this high in demand YouTube Equipment comes with a built-in headphone jack as well as volume control settings.

It guarantees to give you a mix of control and improves your sound quality. With the use of this exclusive microphone, you can blend and fuse your microphone audio right with pre-recorded audio of yours.

#3: Shotgun Microphone:

How about trying these shotgun microphones! They have become immensely popular these days and all YouTubers are falling in love with them.

If you do not possess this YouTube Equipment, then all your video making experience will become a waste.

These microphones are made and composed of shock mounts and manage to reduce unwanted noise presence on the high and best notes.

3. Tripods:


As we have discussed the importance of cameras and microphones, now comes the part of these tripods.

You may have seen lots of YouTube videos that shake frequently. This happens because those videos were made and recorded without using a good-quality tripod.

No doubt, this is a great and ideal YouTube Equipment that you should use for stabilizing your recorded videos and captured photos.

Moreover, you should get a tripod that is great in quality and budget-friendly as well. It should handle and carry all kinds of camcorders and to DSLRs.

4. Gimbal Stabilizer – An Important YouTube Equipment:

Gimbal Stabilizer

Those YouTubers who opted for the medium of handheld shooting job, they will always end up making shaky and extremely jarring videos.

So, it is best to grab that YouTube Equipment that helps you in making shaky-free videos. For that, you can try out any kind of Gimbal stabilizer.

This equipment is attached and packed with motors and they manage to carefully and keenly balance your cameras.

Furthermore, this YouTube Equipment successfully smoothes out your videos and do not give a shaky experience no matter if you make sudden movements.

5. High-End Lighting:

The presence of high-end lighting matters a lot for any YouTuber. This is a worthy YouTube Equipment that needs investment from your side.

As an example, if you are recording and shooting for videos indoors, then bring excellent quality lighting in that area.

Those videos that are injected with dim light are generally boring-looking.

In addition, your YouTube videos have to be packed with ample and sufficient ambient lighting. Make efforts to brighten up your video shooting set up.

#1: Softbox Lighting:

Softbox Lighting

A large number of YouTubers use these softboxes for the sake of bringing ample lighting into their videos.

Most importantly, with the use of this softbox that is termed as an important YouTube Equipment, you can reduce and bring down the intensity of dark light entering into your videos.

These softboxes lighting is accompanied by fluorescent light units and you can plug them anywhere you want to.

#2: Umbrella Lights:

Then we have these umbrella lights that have become a significant part of this YouTube Equipment list.

With the help and aid of these lights, you can bring a soft lighting effect to your videos.

In addition, these lights are generally budget-friendly and they are highly portable. They guarantee to give better lighting and you can easily use them both indoors and outdoors.

#3: Ring Lights:

Ring Lights

You may have heard a lot about these ring lights and here we are going to tell you why they are marked and recognized as critically important YouTube Equipment!

To all bloggers out there, this is high in demand lighting option that is used and availed by them. The best trait of this light is that it can successfully eliminate and remove shadows from each and every direction.

If you are a beauty vlogger or you mark yourself as a makeup vlogger, then using this ring light is mandatory and compulsory for you.

#4: On-Camera Lighting While Making YouTube Videos:

On-Camera Lighting While Making YouTube Videos

No matter, you are making a short video or a long video for your YouTube channel, it is a must for you to bring continuous lighting in that video. For the reason that you can try this on-camera lighting option!

This is a recommended option for you while you are recording wedding videos and making any kind of documentary channel.

6. Background:

As we have mentioned to you a lot of details on this YouTube Equipment list, now you should know what kind of background synchronizes well with your videos!

You should find and look for a good spot right there in the zone where you want to shoot.

Furthermore, that zone should be presentable looking where your videos are going to shoot.

Most of the YouTubers, they prefer covering their background with some plants and stunning pictures. 

You can even use the combination of colored LED lights, we are sure that they will look amazing as your video backdrop.

7. Use of Good-Quality Video Editing Software:

Use of Good-Quality Video Editing Software

Once you are done making and recording videos, then the next important step is to edit them.

We all know that the YouTube platform possesses and packs with its video editing software, but you can use some others as well.

It is recommended to use this Adobe Premiere software, this is a popular choice among lots of YouTubers.

With the use of this software, you can utilize editing options like video trimming and also freeze frames.

This software lets you use properties like bounce-back effects and an extensive range of animations.

Moreover, there are lots of free video editing software too like you can Windows movie maker. Availing these software options is a great place to start with your YouTube channel making process.

Before you buy any video editing software, it is suggested to use a free software package and then later on you can buy the software.

8. Field Recorder:

Then we have this field recorder for you that is the most significant YouTube Equipment. You can use this equipment while you are recording videos for your YouTube channel.

This is excellent equipment even from an audio standpoint. Just get the high-end model of it and you can experience the best use of it.

To use it, you have to use an SD card so that you can offload and download files whenever you want to.

9. Headphones:


Be it a YouTuber of any level, one needs to get and purchase headphones for his channel. This is a needed YouTube Equipment that we are here discussing for you.

To enhance the audio quality, this is an important device that you have to buy. Moreover, it can capture great audio quality for you and at the same time gives you a satisfactory audio experience.

Most importantly, you should always buy the pro-level headphones for your YouTube channel and that top-notch headphones can be used in your music production videos.

These days, we have extensive headphones quality available in the market.

Make sure to shop for those headphones that are cost-friendly and manage to deliver the best and reliable audio playback time.

High-end headphones always give the true and genuine representation of high and superior fidelity audio time.

10. Rolling Desk:

There is more to come from the side of the YouTube Equipment list, so stay tuned with us.

The next important piece of equipment that you should buy for your channel is this rolling desk.

Most noteworthy, this piece of equipment brings a studio environment to your end.

Go on buying a rolling desk that comes and is accompanied by a flexible angle base.

Such a kind of desk offers YouTubers much and an extreme amount of flexibility while they are shooting videos!

You can shop for a rolling desk that supports height as high as 5 inches and as low as 3 inches.

In addition, these rolling desks allow you to experience the best kind of high-angle and low-angle shooting times,

No doubt, this is a great addition that you need to incorporate into your must-have YouTube Equipment list.

11. SD Cards:

SD Cards

There are a bunch of new and beginner-level YouTuber photographers out there that are always and constantly in need of SD cards.

One needs to consider this YouTube Equipment as important and commonly needed equipment that they should keep in their bags.

With such cards, you can upgrade your cameras easily and conveniently.

Most importantly, these SD cards speed up your downloading and offloading speed and you can transfer any file in seconds.

12. Tablets:

The next YouTube Equipment that you can shop for is this tablet. For the sake of re-touching your YouTube videos, you need a PC station or laptop and here we have recommended you buying a tablet.

With the help of tablets, you can seamlessly edit any of your YouTube videos and photos. Less effort is needed by a tablet when you utilize them for the YouTube video-making process.

There are many tablet models that you can try for yourself. Just buy that tablet that you are comfortable in using and then you can avail it for editing, re-touching your videos, and YouTube photos.

It is advised to upload and publish your videos using a tablet or laptop and avoid publishing them by using a phone.

With the assistance of such tablets, your videos can hassle-free be uploaded, posted, and published.

13. External Hard Drives:

External Hard Drives

The last piece of equipment that you should get for this YouTube platform is this external hard drive.

This is a much and immensely needed YouTube Equipment that you have to shop for.

Beyond, with the use of these external hard drives, you can store lots of your video files contained in it.

The best property of using these external hard drives is that your video content data never gets lots.

You should always get that hard drive for this specific YouTube video making job that is compact and reliable to use.

These hard drives ensure that you experience long-lasting file storage time. There are many good options available in the market, you can try out any of them.

But the only shop for those hard drives that carry a good repute and worth in their past and avoid buying those hard drives that got negative and unsatisfactory reviews from their previous customers.


You can keep in touch with us as more details on this YouTube Equipment list is coming sooner.

Furthermore, you can only start a YouTube channel of yours if you have all this equipment in your hands. These are just the basic products that you should buy.

And if you are planning to make your channel more advanced and high-end, then think about some other YouTube Equipments that you are in need of.

Stay connected with us as we have more tips for you regarding how you can make your channel powerful and discoverable.

If you are using some more advanced and top-notch equipment for your YouTube channel, then share that with us as well.


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