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September 14, 2020
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Most of the individuals linked with the YouTube platform, they do now know how to process this process of YouTube Keyword Research!

You can check out this guide and rank your channel on high notes by embedding correct and proper keywords into your videos.

Furthermore, the incorporation of the right keywords manages to grow your channel on extensive notes.

This trick attracts more and more viewers and increases your subscriber base.

Here you can check out this guide and know the simple process of doing YouTube Keyword Research:

Step #1: Map Out A Hierarchy Of Topics:

Map Out A Hierarchy Of Topics

Firstly, you have to map out and create a hierarchy of topics for your YouTube video.

Like, if your video is about selling mobile phones, then craft your content by first classifying different mobile phone brands and then diversify this hierarchy into their sub-models.

Avoid creating and making videos on those topics that are extremely broad. By doing so, only irrelevant and useless viewers are going to watch your videos.

This is an important point of this YouTube Keyword Research process.

Most importantly, you can unbox your video content by making and organizing a hierarchy of sub-topics.

Once you decide which mobile phone brand you are going to review, then you need to further decide which mobile phone models you will review for it.

Below you can check out the second step of this YouTube Keyword Research task.

Step #2: Generate Keyword Ideas and Find Search Volumes:

Generate Keyword Ideas and Find Search Volumes

Keep on generating keyword ideas and look for search volumes. In this area of YouTube Keyword Research, you can make use of authentic keyword research tools.

This way, you can have an idea of what people are currently searching for these days.

In addition, choose and use that keyword researcher tool that shows you YouTube search volumes.

You can use this YouTube analytics tool so that you can well see how many views come from these paid YouTube ads and how many views come from organic search.

With the help of these tools, you can make a super-relevant and super-useful list of keywords.

Once you make this extensive list, then you can further narrow down this search for your convenience.

To search for appropriate keywords for your videos, you can take immense help from the YouTube auto-suggest tool and Google trends.

When you are going to type a seed keyword right there on your YouTube search bar, then a list of autosuggest results will come in front you,

Through these results, you can have this instant idea regarding which keywords are trending these days.

Now, you know how to complete this process of YouTube Keyword Research! There is this pro tip for you as well.

You can combine and fuse these autosuggest results right with Google trends and get the best results. 

Step #3: Check Search Intent:

Check Search Intent

The last step of this YouTube Keyword Research process is to check for the search intent.

If your selected and chosen keywords do not get matched with the search intent, it means your whole efforts are failed.

You have to carefully understand this concept of search intent.

Moreover, the easy way to accomplish this process is to go to YouTube, start searching for the specific keyword, and then look at the top search results.

Through this, you can get an idea of what people are searching for these days! There is another pro-tip for you to carry out this YouTube Keyword Research job.

You can keep in mind and consider analyzing the top YouTube search results and then plan out which keywords you want to use.

It is in the incognito tab that you can check out these top search results.

Even more, you can look for keywords that are accompanied by video results.

Select a specific keyword, paste it on Google and YouTube, and see how many search volumes it has got and received.

This way, you can get traffic for your videos coming both from YouTube and Google platforms.

More Details on YouTube Keyword Research!

Apart from that, you can take assistance from content explorer.

Here you can search and look for keywords by topic. Keep in mind that this content explorer is a kind of searchable database.

It has got a billion numbers of web pages and also lots of social metrics.

 It supports a bunch of search operators and tells you which keywords are trending these days.

You can search for high traffic videos by browsing and checking out the site explorer and YouTube explorer at your end.

Your YouTube channel can only become competing if your videos have been embossed with correct and highly-ranked keywords.

What you can do is access the Videos section of the YouTube platform and see which sort of keywords are used and incorporated by these most watched and most liked videos.

This is the basic guide that you can follow on doing the job of YouTube Keyword Research. By following this strategy, you can well target keywords on your videos perfectly and professionally.

In addition, the follow-up of this guide will bring your channel in a better position. Moreover, your channel will start to get more views and more subscribers.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Re-work on your keyword strategy and share with us whether these tips and suggestions helped you out or not.

We are confident that this guide on YouTube Keyword Research shall bring more traffic to your channel.


You can keep tuned with us so that more details on structuring and refining this YouTube Keyword Research process can be given to you.

Even more, you can let us know how you plan out keywords for your YouTube videos and how much success rate you get.

There is more to come from this YouTube Keyword Research area, so keep tuned and in touch with us.

Avoid ignoring this critical area because is your keyword researching power is not strong enough, then chances of your YouTube channel success are going to be much low and minimum.

For any queries and questions, feel free to ask us.


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