YouTube Marketing: The Definitive Guide

September 12, 2020
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Here is the definitive guide for you that tells you the basics of YouTube Marketing. We all know that this platform has become one of the video-driven social media platforms.

It had its launch in 2005 and now it manages to bring 11% of global video traffic on its platform. Furthermore, it has over 1 billion users at its end.

How amazing it is!

If you just started a YouTube channel and you want to grow and make it successful further, then try out these YouTube Marketing strategies.

Your channel can only become dominant on this huge and global platform if you know the correct way of using it:

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel?

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

You might be wondering how to optimize any YouTube channel of yours, for that these below-mentioned YouTube Marketing tips and tactics can help you out.

If your channel is optimized, then more views are going to come on your channel and its return, it is going to earn more money and revenue.

In addition, optimizing your channel is a simple and easy job to do so. Below you can check out some of the effective ways:

1- Design a Compelling YouTube Channel Home Page:

YouTube Channel Home Page

First of all, your YouTube channel home page should look compelling and stunning. It is the very first thing that your audience will have a look at it!

Most importantly, this YouTube Marketing zone has always put weight on making your home page professional and attractive looking.

This page needs to encompass and surrounded all of the details that tell what your channel all about is!

So, to make this home page attractive, what you can do is to put up an eye-catchy picture on it. Besides, choose and select the picture that is clear, stunning, and easy to identify.

After that, you have to upload channel art, this is the header image that is located and present on the very top side of your YouTube channel home page.

Besides, carefully add and incorporate your channel schedule and finalize a channel trailer.

You should not disregard the importance of infusing a trailer into your channel. This is an essential YouTube Marketing tip that you have to remember.

This trailer is going to auto-play on its own. If you manage to create a stunning trailer, then more viewers and visitors can become your subscribers.

However, if your channel trailer is dull and boring, then no one will feel attracted to your channel. The duration of this trailer should only be from 1 to 2 minutes.

Moreover, create playlists for your YouTube channel. In these playlists, you are going to feature and incorporate your best pieces of work.

Moving to more of the YouTube Marketing tips and suggestions, you can make your home page appealing by adding featured channels on it.

It means you can add your friends’ YouTube channels or other YouTube channels that you enjoy watching.

Do not forget that you have to make an about page of your channel. This page describes your channel.

On this page, you can write and pen-down a short description of your channel. That description has to look convincing and encouraging.

2- Research Keywords for Tags, Titles, and Descriptions:

Video Title

The next step to effectively do YouTube Marketing is to search for keywords so that you can place them in your tags and titles and also in your videos descriptions.

Most noteworthy, you have to incorporate valuable and strong keywords into your video content.

The right placement and usage of keywords are going to boost your video ranking.

The incorporation of valuable tags gives an additional ranking, rating, and visibility to your channel. Furthermore, your channel receives more suggested views.

Your subscriber base gets bigger! So, it is advised by the team of YouTube Marketing experts to search for relevant keywords at your end.

Even more, your chosen keywords should relate to your content and title. Your whole channel success is dependent on the way you use keywords and tags on your videos.

Hence, this step teaches you how to make your channel easy to get discovered by other people.

Optimize Your Channel and Videos for Watch Time and Audience Retention:

Optimization is one of the crucial and important steps to make your YouTube channel a success.

It is stated by YouTube Marketing experts that if your channel is perfectly and ideally optimized, then your watch time and audience retention stats will keep on getting improved.

There are a few of the ways that we can suggest you increase and boost this channel viewing zone of yours.

Structure Your Playlists:

First of all, you have to structure your playlists so that you can drive and build up a liner viewing experience for your audience.

By creating playlists, you can bring up and generate potential numbers of viewers and visitors for your channel.

This YouTube Marketing tactic gives your channel a long and prolonged viewing experience. In addition, your audience makes it a habit to visit your playlists again and again,

Choosing the Best Titles and Thumbnails:


All YouTube video makers and professionals, they can only optimize their channel if they have chosen and used the best titles and thumbnails for their videos.

Your titles, video content, and thumbnails should synchronize with each other. The perfect and ideal selection of titles, tags, and thumbnails increases your ranking and also views.

So, whenever you follow the expert tips of YouTube Marketing, make sure that you do not forget this one!

The incorporation of the right title, proper thumbnails, and suitable tags gives this idea to the viewer that what your video and its content all about are. 

Using YouTube Cards:

If you want to keep your viewers thoroughly and wholly engaged, then do make it a practice of using cards on your created YouTube videos.

This is an authentic YouTube Marketing tip that you need to implement.

It is in lots of ways that you can use these cards but according to experts, the ideal way to utilize them is to emboss them in your videos.

Use Targeted YouTube Keywords:

It is better and always advised to create content based on targeted and suggested YouTube keywords.

You can take help from YouTube’s suggestions feature and see which keywords are trending presently.

Moreover, you can type any keyword in the search box and see what content and keywords the audience is currently searching for.

There can be lots more other strategies linked to YouTube Marketing, below you check out them further for your ease and guidance:

Keep an Eye on Your Target Audience:

You have to keep on monitoring your target audience. This way, you can know how much they have gained or lose interest in your videos.

Your channel can only be successful if you understand your audience fully. Besides, you have to make those kinds of videos that your audience wants to watch.

Analyze your audience’s concerns and demands and then make videos accordingly.

Create Evergreen Content for Your YouTube Videos:

Your overall video production style has to be professional and signature-looking.

Project your video content in a way that it turns out extremely meaningful in the eyes of your audience.

When following YouTube Marketing tactics, make sure to create and design content in an evergreen avatar.

Make the Best Use of YouTube Creator Studio:

Make the Best Use of YouTube Creator Studio

For fully optimizing your channel, you have to make the best and appropriate use of the creator studio.

This category is going to give your channel much-increased visibility and also discoverability. Most probably, this YouTube Marketing tip is going to work for you.

So, to optimize this account of yours, what you can do is sign up for a partner verified account.

By doing so, you can monetize your videos and be able to upload and publish longer videos.

Promote Your Channel on other Platforms:

Once you have made a YouTube channel, then for maximum growth of it, you should promote it on other social media platforms.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily find out regarding which are those common social platforms that your audience frequently uses.

Take Help from Google Trends to Optimize Your YouTube Channel:

If you could not think of a topic and fail to make a video on YouTube, then it is recommended to take help from Google Trends.

This platform is going to guide you regarding which topics and content you can make videos.

With the use of Google trends, you can know about the proposed and trendy topics.

Use YouTube Auto Suggestions to Look for Additional Keywords:

Most importantly, while following the guide on YouTube Marketing, you have to take immense help from YouTube autosuggestions so that you grab more additional keywords for your videos.

Through this tool, you can easily hunt and be able to find the most popular keywords in less time.

This tool helps you in finding effective keywords for your content.

How to Advertise On YouTube?

Advertise On YouTube

Now, the next step is to how to advertise on this platform of YouTube. We have also collected an extensive guide for you on this YouTube Marketing topic. 

So, let us have a look at it:

It is this platform of YouTube that allows and permits you to run advertisements on someone else’s videos.

Through this aspect, you can create and be able to build up brand awareness for your business.

Apart from advertising, you can generate revenue through the modes of remarketing and also retargeting.

Like, if you have a YouTube channel that sells certain products but it is not giving you enough revenue and profits, then it is suggested to remarket its campaigns and also to retarget its audience.

When you are going to plan out to remarket your channel, then this ad will only be shown on those users channels who you want to retarget.

Through this advertisement, you can give them this reminder that how effective your products and services are.

Furthermore, you can remind them all about your offerings, discounts, and coupons. Your advertising message should match and synchronize with your audience’s mind.

The way you are retargeting your audience, it should reflect and show on your marketing and advertising campaigns as well.

You can even make use of Google AdWords account so that you can further promote and popularize your YouTube videos.

This approach can strengthen your channel base. To make this account, you can sign up for free.

In addition, this YouTube Marketing tip refines your channel growth phase.

How to Monitor Analytics for YouTube?

Monitor Analytics for YouTube

Most of the beginners do not know how to monitor analytics for their YouTube channel. You can check out this explanation on this YouTube Marketing definitive guide.

Through the regular use of Google Analytics, you can understand and be able to know which ads are working for your channel and which one is a failure.

Most certainly, this is an effective YouTube Marketing strategy that all YouTubers can inculcate in their channels.

You have to understand that Google Analytics works in synchronization with YouTube. This tool measure conversion for your channel!

Always use this tool for your channel growth and success so that you can know beforehand from where your audience and viewers are coming from.

Before you can use this tool, you need to first set up it right there on your YouTube channel.

Once the account is set up, then you are going to get the ID number. This ID number has to enter and type into your YouTube channel advanced settings section.

More Ways of Monitoring Analytics:

If you do not want to use Google Analytics, then there are other options as well to measure and analyze your YouTube channel performance videos.

Here are these YouTube Marketing monitoring analytics tactics for you:

You can assess and analyze the watch behavior of your videos. In other words, you can do this assessment with the help of the creator studio.

This one is a powerful and strong analytics data that gives you this evaluation regarding how your videos are performing on this platform.

When you access Creator studio, there you have to go to the Watch Time reports section.

The second method is evaluating and assessing your audience engagement rate.

Most probably, this is one of the straightforward ways to see how your published video is performing.

In this method, you just have to count the number of likes and dislikes and also the number of shares and comments.

On the basis of this numbering, you can evaluate your video performance.

Or you can use this YouTube audit tool to know and be able to track the metrics and performance scale of your videos.

By doing so, you can get the performance patterns and traffic rate coming to your channel.

This is an important insight while doing YouTube Marketing and this tip will for sure give your channel a massive success.

How to Generate Leads With YouTube?

How to Generate Leads With YouTube

For generating leads, there is a simple strategy for you. This platform offers you with massive numbers of features and sub-tools so that you can gather more leads for your channel.

So, when doing YouTube Marketing, make sure to use YouTube cards. This is an easy way of generating leads.

You can add these cards to your videos and thus creates a clickable call to action button. This approach is going to prompt and push your audience to watch your videos.

Furthermore, with the help of these cards, you can add a large number of visual components to your videos. Your videos become more engaging as well as interactive.

These cards appear on your YouTube videos during any point of the time. You can transform these cards in the form of outside links or in the form of downloadable content.

There are different variations of YouTube cards that one can come across with! In this YouTube Marketing guide, we will like to give you a little information about these cards.

You can make a playlist card to promote and advertise your video content. In addition, you can redirect your audience to watch and visit another channel of yours.

Or you can encourage and push your audience to take part in any quiz or give a link of your website to your viewers and ask them to check out that.

More Ways of Generating and Gathering Leads for Your YouTube Channel:

You should design a landing page that comes with end screens. Most importantly, such pages are always mobile-friendly.

These sorts of landing pages instantly prompt your audience and visitors to check the rest of your channel content as well.

Besides, these landing pages encourage your audience to hit the subscribe button, like your videos, and give it a thumbs up.

If you have penned-down a detailed description of your videos, then this YouTube Marketing tactic can also generate lots of leads for your channel.

It is seen that in-depth and in-detail video descriptions, they manage to make your channel more discoverable and visible.

In these descriptions, you can add some contextual keywords that are immensely searched on the Google and YouTube platforms,

You have to understand that longer video descriptions do not only entail this fact to use single long-tail keywords. You have to go beyond that!

The experts and professionals linked to the category of YouTube Marketing have given weight to this tactic and they have encouraged YouTubers to pen-down a proper description of their videos.

Your whole video making phase becomes useless if no description or any explanation is written on it.

So, always make it a practice to write and craft a proper description for your channel videos so that you increase the chances of getting higher ranking and better visibility on this YouTube platform.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

The last part of this piece of writing and heavy discussion on the YouTube Marketing guide tells us how to monetize your channel.

It is with the help of sponsorships that you can start to monetize this channel of yours.

You can plug products in your channel, mention them, review them, and in return get paid for it.

These are one of the common sponsorship types that monetize your channel in less time,

As you will be the host of that video and it will be you who is going to introduce that product and review it honestly as well.

This sponsorship is done with the help of demonstrations and promotion outreach campaigns.

Moreover, you become the influencer in the form of YouTubers and encourage your views to use and try out that product.

That company in return will pay you! Most importantly, you can sponsor any product or service by revealing it through conversation.

We mean to say that you are going to introduce that product to your views in a conversational style. Just tell them randomly that you have tried this product and you can give it a try too.

Or you can review products by properly showing off and displaying them on your videos. That product will be the center of discussion of your created video content.

In this kind of sponsorship, you are going to talk about the pros and cons of that product.

Furthermore, you inform your audience regarding the desirable and undesirable aspects of this reviewed product.

Even more, you can create proper and full-fledged product reviews. Here you are going to create a genuine hype about that product.

This is the sponsored review form and you tell your audience whether it is worthy to buy this product or not.

Hence, this is how you can do YouTube Marketing if you have created a channel on this platform.


So, what’s the bottom line? This is the only exclusive and simple way to make your channel popular and recognized on this global video-making platform.

If you want to give your feedback on this YouTube Marketing guide, you can do that as well.

We have only told you the basics and there is a lot more endless information that is yet to be given and conveyed to you.

You can keep tuned with us so that rest of the details on the YouTube Marketing guide can get grabbed by you on time.


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