How Do You Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners?

Suppose you want to start your career on YouTube. Looxcie is here to help! Let us guide you through this integral process to make your channel successful and fun!  Take a Looxcie! How do you start a Youtube channel for the first time? Buffer provides a three-step guide on making a Youtube channel: What should a beginner Youtuber do? That … Read More

Cheap Cameras for Vlogging and YouTube in 2022

Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber on a budget, or a seasoned vlogger wanting to add some sweet new angles to your videos, finding high quality cheap cameras for vlogging and YouTube can feel like navigating a minefield. There are countless numbers of low cost cameras that would be decent for vlogging and YouTube, but many are not any good. To … Read More

The Best Video Format for YouTube [Updated Guide]

best video format for youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms that gains remarkable traffic from all over the world. It is a platform where most video content is watched and shared all over the globe. This is the reason why it plays a significant role in marketing your brand and reaching out to a large number of people with your content.  But the … Read More

What is a Brand Account YouTube & How to Create One? (Guide)

Brand Account YouTube

A brand account is a special account for your brand. This is not your Google Profile directly. When a channel is connected to a brand account, many people can use their Google Account to manage it. For using a Brand account to manage YouTube channels,  you do not need a different user name or password. You can link to a … Read More

Best Free Video Hosting Platforms [Complete Review]

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There are many free video hosting sites available online. But only a few are worth considering if you want exposure. In this article we will take a look at the 6 best video-hosting websites in 2021: YouTube There should be no surprise here as YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website currently available. Statistics tell us that YouTube has over … Read More

16 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters of 2021 – (Updated List)


Today, we’re sharing a list of YouTube to MP3 Converters. So, let’s get started! YouTube happens to be one of the best websites for listening to music. This might at first seem odd as YouTube is primarily a video-sharing website. Nevertheless, it outdoes a lot of dedicated music websites in its scope and the quality of its music content. Sometimes, … Read More

How to Start a Vlog Channel and Become a Vlogger: Ultimate Guide

2 people filming a vlog

If you’re thinking about starting a vlogging channel, you are one of the many. That’s not a surprise, given the fact that YouTube vloggers have become real celebs, with millions of subscribers on their channels and millions of dollars in their bank accounts! Of course, becoming an influencer is far from being an easy job. But, before you start, you … Read More

How to Make a Perfect YouTube Channel Logo? Best Practices

logo example

In order to boost your YouTube followership, a good idea is to learn more about branding. By making a brand out of your channel, your videos will become instantly recognizable. This way, not only will you leave an impression on the viewers, but you will make them remember you! One of the best ways of creating a strong brand is by … Read More

Open Source Video Editors

open source video editing softwares list

Whether we are making videos for YouTube or making a project for work or school, video editing is an essential part of the video creation process. That said, video editing software can be quite expensive. Although some operating systems do come with their own video editors (Windows Movie Maker etc.), if you want something of higher quality, then it is … Read More

5 Steps To Choose a Good YouTube Channel Name

find a youtube name

One of the most important things to consider when starting a YouTube channel is its name. You might think that any channel name would do, but the truth is just the opposite. The competition is huge, so every little trick helps. If you choose a creative name, the chances are high that it will help you attract more viewers. Unfortunately, … Read More

YouTube Channel Ideas – What Should I Make My YouTube Channel About?

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So you’ve got a video camera, or even just a smartphone, and you’ve signed up for a YouTube account—the question is: What Are The Best Youtube Channel Ideas? This may be the most important question you ask yourself, and one that you’ve got to answer. Just like traditional blogs, your YouTube channel needs to have an attractive theme or at … Read More

9 YouTube & Vlog Tips To Help Beginners Succeed Faster

vlog tips

YouTube is the dominant platform for vlogging today and the competition is stiff. In order to increase your chances of success, as new Vloggers, it’s wise to listen to vlogging tips to help you stand out from accomplished YouTuber vloggers. You can try to learn through trial and error, but that will be long and costly. You will be making … Read More

How To Make a Good YouTube Channel Introduction Video

editing a youtube channel introduction video

There are literally millions of channels on YouTube, which is why an average viewer simply can’t give all of them an equal chance. The competition is high, so if you want to get a big number of faithful followers, you need to do your very best, from the very beginning. Same as people judge a book by its covers, they … Read More

10 Best Royalty Free Music Sites in 2021: A Complete List

royalty free music sites yey

If you are making a video it might be hard to find places to get GOOD Royalty free music. Copyright problems happen all the time, so we need copyright-free music sites so we can use music for commercial use. In this list, we are covering 10 royalty-free music libraries, 2 that are completely free to use, and 4 that require … Read More

Video Editing Softwares for Vlogging [List]

vlog editing programs

As we know that social media has revolutionized this world. Life has become impossible without social media. Almost every single person uses one or the other mode of social media in their free time. People are sharing their pictures and videos of daily life on social media platforms. Nowadays, it has become a very popular trend to share your life … Read More

14 Best Full Documentaries on YouTube

documentaries on youtube

You might be surprised by the number of good quality documentaries YouTube has to offer. It just goes to show you that you do not have to look all over the internet or even turn on your TV to find a good one. YouTube offers a wide array of great documentaries for just about any subject matter. For an first … Read More